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Saph: So, if you've got something that you would like seen in this story, just review this chapter and tell me from there, or take a little bit more time out of your day and send me a message. And if nobody really gives any ideas, then this story will probably be put on permanent hiatus; unless someone wants to adopt it, if that situation occurs.

Naruto: you just had to get bored with me in this one didn't you!

Saph: well, I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2 and then I discovered the pairings and the stories-

Itachi: so you basically abandoned us for them.

Saph: No!

Demyx: -walks in with Axel and Roxas- hey Saph, are we still on for ice cream tomorrow?

Saph: Yup!

Naruto: you did so abandon us!

Saph:...okay so I did, but how can you not love this guy? -hugs Demyx-

Demyx: not that I don't like hugs, but why are you hugging me?

Saph: because you're just that awesome.

Demyx: Works for me!