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Chapter 1

Unknown Suspect

Cloe, Yasmine, Jade, and Sasha were riding down the street in their own rockin' roller blades. "Hey Jade did you ever get that latest Crash Cd?" Sasha asked.

"No...my parents wont give me my allowance til' after spring break.." Jade answered.

Cloe itched her head, then rode over to a bench. "Why not?" Cloe asked. Everyone rode over to the bench that Cloe was sitting on.

Jade made a sad face then slumped over, and sat down. "My parents don't have enough money. And Dad isn't getting paid until after break."

Sasha sighed, and Yasmin looked at the ground with her hands on her hips. "Well that's not fair." Yasmin said.

Jade's face returned to normal after a second. "Well the good news is....Dana's coming back from her trip to England." Jade looked at Everyone's faces. "She also said that she had some surprises for us."

Cloe clapped her hands. "I can't wait. I love surprises!"

"Come on, I'll race you to the park." Yasmin said.

"I'm in for some action!" Jade agreed. After everyone got off the bench, they all raced to the park.

Then it all happened in a rush. When Yasmin went off into 5th lane avenue, a cop car came flashing toward her, and then she flew up onto the windshield and down off the back of the trunk. After that Yasmin was screaming at the top of her lungs and clutching her leg and her left arm wasn't doing anything.

Jade turned around on her blades, and with that they made a screeching noise. She came over and yelled to the others. "Cloe! Sasha! Call an ambulance.." She said that without taking her eyes off of Yasmin.

Yasmin took one last gasp, but then everything turned all blurry. And then she heard sirens. An Ambulance maybe? She thought. She heard Jade yelling to someone.

20 minutes later, she was being lifted up onto a stretcher and driven away to Stylesville hospital.

Cloe, Jade, and Sasha were in the lobby waiting to hear from their friend. But Cloe was losing her patience. "Okay! I can't take it anymore! What if she died, or the surgery was to much for her? I'm worried. I wanna just run down there and get in and see Yasmin. I feel so horrible..." Cloe put her hand over her eyes to hide the tears that was falling from her blue-green eyes.

Jade put her hand on Cloe's back. "It's okay Angel....She'll be fine..." Jade said soothingly.

Sasha looked at Cloe with pleading eyes. "Yeah Cloe, everything will be okay."

After that a doctor came walking out. She had her hair parted sideways covering her eye and the rest of her hair was in a side ponytail. "You may visit Yasmin now." She said in a boring voice.

Cloe ran down the hallway and jumped over a janitor's mopping bucket. Sasha and Jade followed behind walking and Jade apologized to the janitor for Cloe's bad behavior. He was fine with it so she kept on walking.

Cloe thrust open the door and ran to Yasmin's bed. "Oh no, she's old!" Cloe exclaimed. There was a wrinkly old women in a bed, with gray hair and an oxygen mask covering her nose and mouth with a feeding tube in her arm.

Sasha came into the room and pulled her into the room across from it. "Oh my bad." Cloe said sadly.

Yasmin was plopped up in the hospital bed with stitches on her wrist and a cast on her leg.

"Oh Pretty Princess I am so sorry...It's all my fault....I'm so sorry.." Cloe complained.

Yasmin shifted in the bed and looked at her confused. "How is it you're fault?"

"Yeah Angel you did nothing." Sasha looked at Cloe who was now having tears leak from her eyes again.

Jade walked over to Cloe. "It was the cop's fault not yours." Jade explained.

Cloe sniffled and then looked at Kool Kat. "I guess your right." Cloe smiled, and helped Yasmin off the bed.

Sasha grabbed her crutches and they all walked out of the hospital.

Cloe's house, 5:31 PM

"I have an idea, how about we do each others make up?" Cloe asked.

"Yeah!" Everyone agreed and Cloe ran upstairs and when she got to her bedroom, she saw a boy sitting on her bed. A boy her age. A total stranger. She froze. The boy then sat there frozen too.

Cloe screamed. Then the boy ran over to her and got a gun out of his pocket and covered her mouth. And put the gun up to the side of her head. "If you scream.." He paused to think, "...or move, I'll shoot." He said icily through his teeth.

Cloe just stood there frozen. She looked around her room. Then the boy pushed her onto her bed. "Good you're weak and scared. Let me hang out here."

'Is this guy crazy?!' Cloe thought. "How....d-did...y-you get he-here." Cloe shaked all over. 'he didn't say anything about not talking.'

He walked over to her bed. "Followed you...Jumped through your bedroom window." He stroked her blonde hair and collapsed on her bed. "I gotta say this is a nice home for just a plain school girl.." He said.

"T-tell me you're n-name. A-and you can hide here..." Cloe looked at him up and down. His facial features made his personality stand out. He was a criminal. He had greasy hair, a tan skin tone(like Yasmin's), red eyes that sent a shiver down your spine, and if you looked really closely you could see a little brown in his hair. His outfit, was just a black shirt, with dark blue jeans, and roughed up running shoes, that were also black.

He grunted at that possibility. "My name is Jake....Okay? But I go by Jacob..." He said. "My mom calls me Jail boy sometimes though.."

Cloe sighed. "Fine.." Cloe felt kinda guilty letting a criminal in her house but she had to do it or else she'd get murdered by a single bullet.

"Hey can I know your name?" He called after her.

"It's Cloe..." She mumbled. And She grabbed her make up kit and ran out the bedroom door.

"I got the stuff." She yelled to everyone. "Sorry it took so long, a tornado hit my closet." She lied.

Sasha clapped her hands. "Yay! Makeover!" Sasha yelled

The rest of the night flew right by. The girls slept over and they had a good time. Except for Cloe, she kept on worrying about Jacob upstairs. What was he doing? Then she fell asleep on the floor in her sleeping bag.

Five miles away, was the police station.

"Did you get a catch on the kid?" A police officer asked.

"Yes...Oh....he is so busted." And the other officer smiled at the tracker. "Good bye, Jacob Dian..." The officers took out a Phone looking device and then plugged it in the computer and downloaded the location. And then they went out to get Jail Boy.