I'll bet all of you had a few choice thoughts when you saw this was "updated" but no, this is an update or an announcement of a sequel or prequel or a sneak peak this is a temporary announcement and all responses to it please PM me rather than leave a review since I WILL delete this, i just couldn't think of a better way to contact everyone.

Now, I wanted to thank you all for your wonderful reviews of Dragon's Rose: i loved them so much and they meant so much to me and that's why I wanted to announce to all of you, as I mentioned I wanted to turn Dragon Rose into an original story but I didn't want to just edit up the fanfic, change the character names and basically keep it exactly the same: I wanted to do more, and today while having a small freak out on the way to the library about my journey as a writer and my worry that the stuff i came up when i was younger was more original than what i do now, but I found I just have a lot of awesome ideas and not a lot of plot.

That said, i went back over a much older idea I had that i started in high school which was a vampire story that came off sounding a lot like Beauty and the Beast but with four main characters and four heroes: the premise was the boys were living in a mansion in the heart of the woods outside Salam and had been cursed to live as vampires for 200 years, and would kill and feed off anyone who entered the woods, they were cursed by an Alchemist who was one of the heroes biological father, and two court visors whose children sought revenge against them and one of the heroes' uncles, and they kept immortality basically the same way Sigefried did in the fanfic, you can see the similarities the difference is it took place and Salam and the four girls are best friends and felt like outcasts in their "small town" and their family lives all suck, so one night they snuck out of, to attend a gothic fair that came to town for the October holiday. While there they meet three of the vamps, who take a liking to them, and decided to take the woods home, the boys kidnapped their respective love interest and the fourth girl for Air, the defacto leader of the group and tell them since they didn't kill them they now have to stay with them, and from there it proceeds like the story except I had the end where only some of the girls get the chance to go home, but one has no home to go back too, the other is convinced by her dad to go back home and the other two are kidnapped by the Followers (the villains) so the boys would think they ran away and when they learn the truth they break into rescue them.

Now its obvious i wrote this in high school and why i stopped writing it: i didn't realize until now, that I hit writers block with it, because the style was off, the plot was too condenses, everyone "got together" way too fast and early and none of the characters had a single personality and their actions and reactions seem to be all over the place and I think the main reason i started writing it was because i stopped as a freshmen in college, when i started writing Fanfics and around that time I got inspired to, and started writing Dragon Rose: in fact several ideas that were originally meant to be in the original such as Yami getting attacked by a monster in the woods and using magic to save Seto, the idea of him and his siblings being descendants of witches (which got changes to Gyprises), the dream ideas and the girls having a love and appreciation of art which they used to express their dreams, and the origin of Siegfried's dark magic and monstrous appearance were all ideas taken from the original, so when i ent back over them, and some of the other ideas I had: like two of the characters arguing who was he better cook and one of them trying out of curiosity, only for the gang to realize everything he makes is terrible, a scene of them all playing in the leaves, which one of them thought was too childish until his love interests pushes him into a leave pile and leaves him chasing her (which I think subconsciously become the snowball fight) and I realized: I could combine both ideas into a really cool original idea!

Why am I telling you all this! Because of course I want your helps and i need feedback: I have a few ideas but once again, just when I finally get a goal and some direction I read over all my old notes and ideas (I swear sometimes I think I need to scrap everything old and just start from scratch) I have multiple ideas and I'm not sure which direction to go in-though typing them out always helps: alright so here's what i want to do.

Originally, I was gonna scrap Raze and Selena (they were characters in a short story i wrote, that I admit was inspired by a vampire fanfic I read, and i wrote it in high school so I was worried it was too similar, since i hadn't read it in forever, but was very happy to go over it again and realize that was not the case, but it made me realize that those two characters were based on the original Raze and Selena and though I want to expand their story, I decided to separate them into another old story idea I had that took place in Victorian England with a secret war between vampires and shapeshifters (werewolves) who are in turn hunter by witches, and the hero is a vampire who was turned by a vampire queen after his family and sister were murdered by the leader of werewolves, only to find himself clashing with a very powerful witch. It needs work too, but not important...(tangents)

So I decided to remove their story entirely and then narrow it down to six characters, Ari and Tamara/Tara, Cris and Jari (name may change) and Kaiser and Iris. The two main characters who I had the most fun doing were Ari and Tara as they were the main pairing in the original, and they're the most like Yami and Seto, and originally Ari was the one who was cursed and was torn up over his guilt about it, and Tara was more rebellious and living with an conventional social-climbing mother. However, when I went back over the original draft, their personalities were completely opposite what i wanted so when i went back over them I decided, that in coordination with my original plan for the rewrite: Tara would be the "beast" character and Ari would be the "Beauty". The Tamara, I imagined was more like Seto, she's a princess, trained to rule, and is very authoritative and doesn't like when people disobey her, but she's cool, collected and intelligent, but she's also blames herself for what happened to her family (in the original her father died while driving to her recital and she felt so guilty she stopped playing music) but she keeps these feelings secret as well as her deep feelings that she could belong, and thus hates the world for rejecting her except the palace staff. So while she's manipulative as most royal woman were and knew how to get what she wansts and is used to it, she's surprised that she doesn't find this with Ari, who can see through her and only wants to get to know the "real" her not the "Queen".

Ari on the other hand, is much a bit mousey, 'cause he hates fighting and is very polite and much kinder and sweeter than his Yami counterpart but headstrong and does act out if pushed too far, but his time at the castle and having to deal with Tara stiffens his he quickly befriends everyone and part of what allows him and Tara to bond is their inner feelings of loneliness by their respective positions and feelings of isolation similar to Yami and Seto (but again with different personalities), and Ari only acts out when he's pushed to far. So that was my plan, however, originally I wanted to add Jari (who is sort of like Chazz and acts as a younger brother of sorts to Tara) and Kaiser, who is her guard and tends to be the "Zane" figure who is cold, and collected and stotic, and his love interest would be Iris, who is antisocial and shy but around her friends and thoe she care about she's sweet, perky and lively (I based her off a friend of mine, but I considered scrapping the anti-social aspect an show that she's shy and comes off as cold but her real personality is the opposite of this, but I might even scrap that and might just giver her a more perky personality that would rub off on Kaiser, and Cris (who I admit was a character i based off myself once upon a time when i went through that stage and scrapped them all cause they all started turning into mary-sues), so i reimagined her: instead of the fiesty and independent writer living with a bitch aunt and dreams of being a writer, i fixed it so her father died and her mother, as a result, becomes very social and involved in parties and such and dates and sees various men searching for a replacement for her husband, something Cris dislikes, while Cris is more of an adventurer, in the original she was a book one, but i might give Ari that trait and instead make her sort of the anit-lady: she's a tomboy, and she loves being outside and loves to garden, which is "unlady-like" and though she loves to travel and see new things, she's content if she can be in a place that's close to nature. Jari, I might have replace Duke as the Gardener or maybe the Apothecary's apprentice (finally figured out what Duke's title three months after i finish that story!)-and the first debate I had was whether or not to include the three pairings, or if I should just make it Tara and Ari (or maybe make the other two "secondary pairings" but they'd have MUCH more development and scenes than TeaxDuke and SyrusxJaden (which didn't get much at all and were more implied with a scene or too) but that was my original plan. Writing it out, always helps put those thoughts into persepctive

So what do you guys think? Should i keep it to Ari and Tara, who were really the inspiration behind this fic and if its anyone's story, its their's, or should I go with all three which was my original plan once I figured out the characters personalities.

The second is with the beginning and the end: everything in the middle I can take all the smaller ideas I have and the current ones and work them together, that's not a problem.

However, I have issues with the beginning: obviously if this is going to be a multip-pairing story the issue of getting everyone there becomes an issue: here's what I was thinking:

Ari is reading his favorite book "The Dragon Princess", then goes into town with his little sister Eva (debating her age and such since i want her old enough to have traveled with the family, but i was thinking maybe she was born on the road, and they traveled since she was a baby and Hawthorne Hallow, the name of the town, is her only real home-which was the issue i had with Yugi in the original) and while in town he meets up with his friends Cris and Iris, Cris, complains about the "ball" the Duchess is throwing that night which her mother is taking her too, and akss them to come with her, as Ari and his family were invited as well, they laugh and accompany Ari to the town library where the Librarian is the only one in town who understands them: Ari, everyone says is "too pretty for a boy", too bookish and unmasculine and is the favorite of the Duchess, Iris is "a cold fish" unware that she just doesn't like to answer stupid questions and is just shy around new people and only appears cold but is actually very perky and lively, and Cris, with her unlady like love of gardening and plants while most girls like balls and dances. They also have similar dreams and Ari shares with them the poem he wrote, and the chapter ends with them approaching Ari's home and the smoke pooling out of the kitchen.

The encounter with the Duchess Gabrielle Hawthorne (one of the villians of the original idea, who had a thing for Ari but he never noticed her and hated Tara, and i admit i though of her went i went through my Anzu[bash phase, but like Rebecca she become a product of my "redemption through the desire for love") at her ballroom-style party where she again makes it clear she wants Ari to marry her, and its again clear that he doesn't like her but is very poleite and doesn't wish to offend her. She's also jealous of Iris and Cris who are his friends. We also see Cris's dislike of balls and dances and find them boring and prefers being outside on the balcony overlooking the gardens, to her mother's chagrin. She talks with Iris and Ari's sister, and we also see Cris and her mother don't get along because of her mother's flirtations and obsession with social status since her father died (her father was the love of her life and she now seeks to replace him which Cris despises). Iris also contemplates her own feelings of insecurity and not fitting in as no one will talk to her because they think she's cold (her and cris only met because Cris saw her drawing and asked her about them). Ari joins them and the three of them contemplates their dreams and what'd they like to get out of life including love and freedom, before heading home for the night.

When they leave the Duchess and her attendant are along and the Duchess agin goes into her desire for Ari and her dislike of his siblings and friends who she believes are the reason he is reluctant to marry her. While Ari returns home, with his sister, they see their brother has completed his latest painting which he hopes to sell in the next town so they can leave and travel together, and Ari hope to bring Iris and Cris with them. Cris also finishes the night by tending to her window plants and becomes offended when her mother suggests simply cutting them and putting them in a vase where they can "die slowly", and Iris lives alone with her father (still thinking about this one; like maybe he's become obsessed with his work since her mother died and doesn't have much time for her, if any thus she's forced to raise herself and is independent and good at housekeeping: little woman inspired me to look at the domestic sphere as its own form of independence but I wasn't sure, and I want her to have a talent of her own but right now she doesn't know what that is and at the castle she helps discover it-like maybe she finds out she's an excellent cook? not sure ideas?)

The next part is what I'm having problems with. The DR version happens like in the film: Yugi and Atem get lost, find the castle, Seto gets pissed, holds them prisoner, Yami has to deal with Rebecca, and then find the castle and makes the deal with Seto to stay.

In the original adaption, I had the girls sneak out to attend a Halloween festival in their town where they meet three of the guys who then kidnap them and bite them (they're vampires) but I debated scrapping this since it made the boys come off as stalkers and attackers and the one thing i did NOT want to do with this story like the fic was Stockholm syndrome, but I still liked the idea, but I'm having trouble connecting it, especially since I plan on making Phantom Cris' horse instead of Ari's since it makes more sense to me, and would offer some cute bonding scenes for her and Jari (the scene where Yami takes the boys riding because they've never done that before comes to mind), but then that becomes a problem since its Phantom who tells them what's going on, but I could have Cris let them borrow him since she trusts them and Phantom likes them.
Here's one idea: Instead of a festival a caravan comes to town and the girls Take Ari there to cheer him up, Jari and Kaiser, who are closest to Tara and aren't restricted by the protection spell that keeps her bound inside the kingdom's territory and they can maintain human form cause its in a clearing in the forest, and they go there to try and find Tara a key, (or rather Jari goes as he's like her brother and Kaiser accompanies him because he's their guard) but instead the meet Cris and Iris respectively and go home feeling bad: I debated the idea of them kidnapping them and taking them to the castle but I'm really against is for as i said above. I'm also unsure on how this would tie into the story unless, the girls take Ari there to help him feel better after Gabrielle's selfish proposal, and Phantom runs into the clearing, and they all go to the castle together.
The other idea I had was that Ari's family gets captured, Phantom runs to Ari who, decides to go alone to find them, and then makes the deal and Tara has her servanta take Phantom and the two siblings home, who try to get help from Gabrielle who of course refuses them, and the girls over hear this or, they worry about Ari and go to see him only to see Phantom and the servants dropping off the boys and they take Phantom to find the castle but are unsure how to find it and are THEN captured by Jari and Kaiser who recongize them and bring them to the castle where they reunite with Ari, who convinces them to leave but they refuse and Tara doesn't care and says they're free to go or leave as they wish, but Ari stays.I want to do something different with this but again I'm having trouble connecting them and having something that doesn't sound like the fairy tale or the movie (good thing I'm researching fairy tales for another project)I also have another idea for when Ari and Tara "bond for the first time" since Tara will be wounded in the battle and that was such a difficult scene to write and i am NOT looking forward to editing it: that's right I'm talking About the Truth Behind the Mask where Yami and Seto have their heart-to-heart. I actually came up with a scene back when this was about vampires where Ari passes out and Tara fixes him up and since the sun is rising they hide under a tree until the sun goes down since Ari can't go out in direct daylight and Tara doesn't know the way back to the castle and this allows them to this story i was thinking it could be along the same lines but instead of it being their heart to heart its when they talk and apologize, Ari about going into her room and Tara about freaking out, and the palace is freaking out where they are and they come back at dusk and Ari is determined to make sure she's bandaged up first and they spend the night and then the next day is where they have the real heart-out after Ari cleans up her room (and scowls at being forced to do women's work again) but I'm not thing: the original was vampires which allowed me to focus a lot on the real feeling of isolation and the hatred of what they are, but I'm not sure if I want to stick to that or have Tara be a dragon, not sure what to do with Jari and Kaiser yet, since their "monster" forms will be animals in the original and they'll be shapeshifters and "weres" rather than duel monsters-or perhaps mythical animals, i haven't decided yet and it would be a waste to throw out all that mythical beats research I did for Moreland Manor... any ideas) but that's another question i need help deciding?Finally the ending: like i said middle parts I got and just need to resort and rearrange/The ending i have a couple ideas, and by the ending i mean the battle with Ziggy since the final two chapters will stay the way they are with some minor , in the original of course, its Ziggy who plays role of princes and sorcerer, for the original i wanted to split it, so one is the spoiled prince who hates woman and wants to destroy Tara, and he'll still have his thing for Ari (again he hates woman so it makes sense he'd be attracted to him, though this may also be cause I saw Young Catherine and apparently Peter had a thing for soldiers-she only got him to consummate the marriage by dressing as an acting as a soldier). So anyway, he still manipulates the duchess and can control the alchemist's beasts and traded his soul and body for immortality and power but the Alchemist is the one who casts the spells and sends the beasts and spies on everyone at his command (though is a reverse master-servant thing: the prince thinks he controls the sorcerer who obeys him, the Alchemist obeys him but lets the prince do what he wnats because he has his own agenda-the Alchemist was banished to creating monsters and practicing the dark arts and I want him to have a connection to either Jari or Kaiser, possibly a biological father, but its unknown because the boys mother kept it a secret-for reasons i'll explain later, and in actuality he has uses magic his whole life and sacrificed his humanity, his body and all of it and thus his body and soul are disintegrating and he wants to continue to live by transfering bodies but can only do that if its with a blood for the end I have two ideas: for Ari, the Prince wants to break Tara by separating her from Ari and sicking the Duchess on her, and he has the Alchemist put dreams in his head of his siblings, his brother mad and his sister sick, which he does, which compells Ari to leave and return home to care for them and leads to the village uprising lead by the , after Ari leaves feels guilty about keeping Cris away from her home after she agreed to stay with him too and she begins to worry about her own mother who she practically abandoned, so he takes her and Phantom back to the village and tells her to stay and be happy, and he leaves before the spell weakens him, which she doesn't want to but agrees After she talks to her mother who was worried and scared for her, the two manage to reconcil but before she can explain further they hear the racket outside and she sees the crowd and her mother explains what the prince has been doing and Cris realizes Jari and their friends are in danger and doesn't see Ari so with her mother's reluctant blessing, she goes and helps "syrus" and Phantom, free Ari and his family and they all ride Phantom to the castle where everyone is warding off the guards, but Gabi looks for , around the same time the Alchemist sees the prince leading the ride and says his work is done and makes his move, and kidnapps Iris (leaning towards Kaiser) and keeps her prisoner at their castle so Kaiser would think she left him, and claims she ruined his experiment, and claims she's bait for him. He then goes to the castle to take a weakened Kaiser in the chaos but Cris and Ari arrive in time, and Jari and Cris find Kaiser and everyone peices together that Iris is gone, before the chaos: she went for a walk, and they realize the Prince couldn't have done this on his own, Kaiser realizes the alchemist has been helping the prince and in a fit of rage goes to save her, while Ari runs away to find Tara (to his brother's fury) and Jari and Cris take everyone into the castle to find Gabi and instead find the Alchemist who is furious Kaiser isn't there and takes them captive to steal his body cause he can only steal the body of a blood relativeFrom there the end is in three pieces: Kaiser finds Iris and frees her, and they go to the castle, Ari encourages Tara to beat Gabi which leads to them all ending up in the ball room with the Alchemist and the Prince, who scolds the Prince and Gabi for ruining his plans. The Alchemist tries to take over Kiser's body but Iris stops him and the Prince kills him stealing his power and he starts to disintegrate and age while trying to cling to Kaiser but fails. the Prince then tries to claim Tara's soul but can't because she's in love with Ari and he's furious that his plan failed and wondering where it went wrong, the Alchemist then laughs ans says its because the girls are gypsies and explains the origin of the magic. I'm still debating on who the final battle should be against the prince taking the alchemist magic and going monster or the opposite.
I also want Cris and Jari to have a final ending since it feels they'd be under developed if they didn't. In the original it was his uncles and I had the image of him flying up to attack him. but I also had the idea of Jari wanting Cris to get to safety but she refuses to leave him alone and see him get hurt too, and Cris is the one who realizes that Jari is the boy from her dreams, but ultimately all three of them will admit they love each other. but I'm afriad this might be too ending will be Tara vs the prince/alchemist beast thing using the magic she learned but like in the original it drains her and she ties telling Ari she loves him when she didn't think she was capable of it, and Ari in tears tells her he loves her too and this breaks the final rest of the end will continue as the fic did with minor differences such as Jari and Kaiser meeting Cris mother and Iris' father respectively, the music box restoring the Trio's families and everyone deciding what to do now that the curse is what do you guys think? I could really use some feedback on the major ideas i mentioned. the characters, whether it should be three or just Ari, the dragon vs vampire thing, Jari having an "enemy" or just some way for him and Cris to have a final event to convince them that they love each other, ideas for the changes to the end and the beginning. I could really use the help guys? I am REALLY excited for this project! Finally I have a chance to take the original idea and the much better fanfic idea and makes something incredible and original that I LOVE and something that is just mine: which of really what i needed lately, i needed to remind myself that these ideas are mine and create them with characters that I love and whose stories i WANT to tell, not just edit up someone else's (and I do love these characters i have for years i just had no idea what to do with them but now i do! So i cold really use your help! I want to plan this out first and then go over the original draft: which is terrible but there are some good scenes in there i might want to reedit, and of course I got DR which will be the original copy, but I've taken everyone's advice and will definitely edit up the earlier chapters and changes some scenes around and edit it up. I mean my style has changed so I don't expect the new one to be exactly like the fanfic but if direct scenes or passages are in the original for publication its my work so its not plagarism or prior publication right?anyway I'd love your feedback! you guys were awesome and gave me some great critiques on the fanfic and I'd LOVE to see your ideas for the original:DO NOT DO THIS AS A REVIEW TO THIS CHAPTER! PM ONLY! This is a TEMPORARY CHAPTER and I don't want this to have tons of reviews everyone can see, cause I like keeping my original stuff private, I just trust your guys. SO PLEASE PM ME ONLY!THANKS SO MUCH!