A/N: I probably shouldn't have started any new chapter fics, but I've been reading the Kissed By An Angel trilogy for a week or so, and I'm halfway through The Power of Love. Anyway, this story is AU, because Tristan isn't dead, the events in the books mostly never took place. Ivy and Gregory are still stepsiblings, however you won't see any of Suzanne or Eric in this.

Beth finally couldn't resist it anymore and finally, after many fantasies, kissed Will passionately, with no intentions of letting it end.

Beth's fingers hovered over the keyboard as she tried to think of more ideas for her story, one that her friends would never get to read. It was a story not intended for any eyes but her own.

She had, for a long time, had a crush on Will, and found that her story inspiration was lacking unless it involved her and Will, in some sort of relationship.

Beth sighed and tried to think of what would happen next, would it have a happy ending? No, she had written so many happy ending stories already, this one could end with her broken hearted.

Will, however, pulled away, and pushed her. "Beth," he said, looking deep in thought. "Beth. I'm sorry, but I don't and probably never will feel that way about you."

"But…Will…" She was at a loss for words.

"I'm sorry. But you're not the one for me."

"Is there someone else?" she asked, thinking of Ivy, her best friend, someone very, very close to Will.

"No, there isn't anyone else, but you're just not the person I can see myself with romantically," he said.

"But, Will, I told you, I love you more than anyone ever could. I know in my heart that we're meant to be together."

"No, Beth, I'm not going to tell you again. I do not love you."

And Beth was left by herself, in tears.

Maybe that was a little out of character for Will, Beth thought, then shrugged it off. Oh well, these situations make people act differently than usual.

She saved the document and looked at her clock. She was shocked to see that it was past midnight.

Wow, I really got into that, she thought, then decided it was time to go to bed. Her last thought before falling asleep was that she wished someone could actually read these stories.

A/N: Alright, that's only the prologue, in the first chapter she decides to put her stories on deviantART, plus some new ideas involving a certain best friend, said best friend's boyfriend, and said best friend's stepbrother, thinking no one would ever find them. She forgot Will uses deviantART to upload his drawings.

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