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Okay, this is slightly random. I was sitting in the car on the way home from my friend's house and I thought this up.
I thought it was funny while I wrote it.

"Look what I found, you guys!" Sirius exclaimed.

"What is it?" asked James.

"It's obviously a stone.." said Remus.

"It's not just a stone! Watch this.." Sirius then whispered something into the stone and then a set of dungbombs appeared at his feet.

"Holy shit, Sirius! Lemme try!!" James snatched the stone out of Sirius' hand and whispered into it and a brand new Quidditch broom appeared at his feet.

"Give it back, I found it!" Sirius went to grab the stone from James, but Remus snatched it away instead.

"I'll try..." Remus whispered to the stone, and yet a third item fell to the floor. It appeared at Remus' feet... it was a box of chocolates. Remus picked them up, smelled it, then grinned.

"Holy crap..." Sirius said, taking it from Remus and pressing it to his lips. "I wish for a bottle of strawberry shampoo."

"Strawberry shampoo?" said Remus, looking slightly afraid that his friend had gone mental.

"For Snivellus...I'm going to put a note with it that says 'Love Lily'." said Sirius, smirking trotting away from his friends.

James and Remus looked at each other, then walked after Sirius.

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