Music was blaring, light flashing and people were dancing in the club. Patrons hung out at the bar, some sat on stools at small round tables. It was a very happening place.
Bridget Forrester smiled as she walked in with her two best friends Alexis or Alex as she was called and Molly. It seemed like forever since she was able to hang out with her friends. The hospital had been crazy for weeks and plus flying out to New York to see her boyfriend David. He was helping his friend James with the opening of a new office for his company. Bridget has actually met David through James. Sort of. James McHenry took over his grandfather's fashion house. It wasn't as successful as Forrester Creations but it did very well over the years.
After his grandfather had died, James had wanted to merge the company with Forrester. David was sent to Forrester to broker the deal when he met Bridget. She thought he was very cute and soon they began to date. Bridget enjoyed spending time with him a great deal. They would go to movies, charity events, dinner. Bridget was very taken with him. Of course his business took him away alot. She would try to fly out to see him when she could. He would of course write to her and send her e-mails which she immediately shared with her friends. They gushed at how romantic he was. Always saying how much he missed Bridget and couldn't wait to see her again. Right now he was away again on business and Bridget had a free night to spend. She called her two friends and they decided to head to The Lair. Alex had mentioned something about hearing about a hot new bartender but Bridget didn't pay much attention. She had David. She didn't need anything else. The three headed over to a table and sat down. Alex immediately began looking around. "Okay...he has to be here somewhere."
"Who?" asked Molly.
"Duh." said Alex rolling her eyes. "Hello...don't you listen...I told you..Sara told me about this really hot bartender who is working here now. She says she thinks he owns the place now or something...I want to see what he looks like."
Bridget shook her head. "Who cares? I'm sure he's not as great as my David." She smiled.
"I know I know." said Alex. "No one is. " She said smiling at her friend.
A waitress came over and they ordered their drinks. Strawberry daiquiris all around.
"So." said Molly as the waitress brought over their drinks. "Speaking of David, what's going on with him? He still away on business?"
"Yes." sighed Bridget. "I know he has a very demanding job but still...I wish it didn't take him away so much.
"Well Bridget come on, he works for Wallston Enterprise. They are big deal."
Wallston Enterprises was a big time investment firm with holding in many major corporations. David was their chief financial officer.
"Yeah I know. And I know that I get pretty busy at the hospital too and Forrester. I just wish we could spend more time together."
"Well you will be soon." said Alex. "You are practically engaged."
"Not practically." grinned Bridget. "We ARE. We just haven't really made it official. I mean it IS official, Mom knows and Dad knows and everyone else in my family...but we didn't make an official announcement yet and haven't even set a date yet."
"Then you need to get on his case girl!" said Alex cheerfully.
Bridget laughed. "Yeah I suppose I do. Okay...when he comes back...I'll force him to set a date."
"There's the spirit" said Molly. She then got down off her stool. "I'm going to the ladies room to freshen up a bit." She said.
"I'll come with you." said Alex. She turned to Bridget. "You coming?"
"No go ahead. I'll stay here."
"Aright. Be back in a minute provided Miss Thing here doesn't see some hot guy and then decide she needs 10 minutes..." joked Molly.
"Oh shut up." Alex said smacking her friend's arm.
The two headed to the ladies room and Bridget sat by herself at the table. She smiled as she gazed at the diamond ring on her finger. Alex and Molly were right. She did need to get a date set for the wedding. She would definitely speak to David about it when he got back.
While she was waiting for her friends, a male patron approached her. "Hey there." He greeted.
Bridget turned her head. "Hello." She said politely.
"You here by yourself?" He asked.
"No. I'm with friends." Bridget said taking a sip of her daiquiri as to dismiss him.
"I know that." He said sidling up to her. "I meant you with someone?"
Bridget could smell a faint scent of beer on his breath. "Please...go away." She said firmly. "I'm not interested."
"Oh come on." The guy said undeterred. "Have some fun..."
"No..Leave me alone." She said getting angry as she flung his hand off her shoulder.
"I'll make it worth your while..."
Before Bridget could respond she felt herself being pulled down from her stool by someone. "She's with me." The voice said.
The male patron was suddenly apologetic. "I...I..I'm sorry...I had no idea..." He stammered as he walked away.
Bridget turned and was about to thank the person when her breath caught in her throat. Standing before her was the most sexy man she ever laid eyes on. Brown hair with a blonde highlights, the sexiest blue eye she ever saw in her life. She studied his chiseled features and was suddenly blushing as she noticed the sensual way he was looking at her. Bridget felt his eyes traveling over her body as if he was undressing her and a part of her didn't mind one bit. Bridget was then pulled into his arms and the music changed into a sensual slow love song. She could feel his strong arms around her and his hand touching the bare skin of her back. God she loved that cologne he was wearing. It was driving her mad. Her breathing heightened a bit as he held her closer. Her arms went around him holding his muscular body tightly. His breath was on her neck and she swallowed. Bridget felt herself being moved around the dance floor effortlessly. The stranger's hand gently caressed her back and thrills went up her spine. All she could think of was how much she didn't want this to end. Bridget felt another sensation run through her body as his finger slowly slid part of the thin spaghetti strap of her dress down a bit. Bridget sighed as his lips touched her shoulder ever so slightly.
"Oh God..." She moaned softly. Never before in her life as she had been as turned on as she was at that very moment. Everything this stranger was making her feel...she never felt these things before. She didn't know it was possible. Hell she didn't know they existed. The fire that ran through her. The song came to a close and Bridget was guided back to her table. Without a word the stranger kissed her hand and walked away. Bridget touched her hand and watched as he left.
Alex and Molly arrived back. "So..did she you see him?" asked Alex.
"Huh? See who?" replied Bridget.
"The hot bartender. Did you see him?"
"Uh no...I don't think so."
"Damn." sulked Alex. "I'm dying to see if he's really as hot as Sara said he was."
Bridget nodded and said nothing. She was still feeling flushed from her experience on the dance floor. She looked around but didn't see that mysterious stranger anywhere.
"So you definitely going to set a date?"
"Huh?" asked Bridget.
"What we were talking about before. Setting a date."
"A date?" Bridget said blankly.
" going to talk to David?" Molly asked.
"David?" Bridget had no idea who David was. Her mind was still on that sexy stranger.
"Your fiancee.." said Alex confused by Bridget's behavior. "You okay?"
"I'm fine." Bridget said nervously sipping her drink.
"Something wrong?" asked a concerned Alex.
"No. Everything's fine."
"Oh I know what it is." grinned Molly.
"You do?" said Bridget. How could she know? She didn't see them did she?"
"You are missing David." Molly answered.
"Uh yeah I do.." Bridget said relieved. "That's it."
"Don't worry. He'll be back soon. And you get get planning on that wedding. And we ARE going to be bridesmaids right?" said Alex.
"Of course." answered Bridget.
"Hey there's Amy!" said Molly spotting another friend of theirs. She and Alex got up to bring Amy over.
Bridget remained at the table. She looked up and saw that sexy stranger looking at her from across the room. He was standing at the pool table rubbing chalk in the end of a pool stick. He winked at her and Bridget again felt flushed. She cast her eyes down on the table briefly and then looked up. The sexy stranger was still gazing at her and she again felt like he was undressing her. She didn't know why but it thrilled and excited in so many levels. Unconsciously, she lifted her hand and gently caressed the top of her breast peaking out of her low cut dress. She met his seductive stare as he then leaned down and made a shot.
Bridget was about to mouth something to him when her friends arrived back with Amy. Her view was then blocked as they brought over another chair for their managed to peak over Molly's shoulder but she didn't see him. "Damn." She said aloud.
"What?" asked Alex.
"Nothing...I...My drink is empty. I didn't realize it..." She fibbed. "I'm going to go get another one."
Bridget hopped down from her stool and walked over to the bar. She looked over at the pool table but it was now crowded and she couldn't tell if he was still there. She ordered another daiquiri and brought it back to the table. She didn't know what it was about that stranger. But she was very intrigued. Wait. What was she doing? She already had a terrific man in her life. She loved David. She did. But this stranger..she was drawn to him. The reason she didn't know but she was. Forget him. She told herself.
You have David. This is nothing. Just an tiny attraction. No big deal. Bridget's eyes glanced over to the pool table and saw he was still there. Why did he have to be so damn sexy!

Bridget was sitting at the table by herself later in the night. Her friends had left and she had decided to stick around for awhile. The place was a little less crowded then it was before. She was drinking a Diet Coke and set her glass down after taking a sip. David had called her before and she was happy to hear his voice. He said he would be back as soon as he could and said he had a surprise for her. What that was she had no idea. She mentioned to him she wanted to discuss setting a date for their wedding and he told her not to worry. They would be married before she knew it. Bridget smiled down at her beautiful engagement ring. To be Mrs. David Wallston. It had a nice sound to it. She was a very lucky girl to have someone as wonderful as he was.
Sighing she turned her head and saw that sexy stranger and like before all thoughts of David went right out of her head. He was over at the pool table again and he motioned for her to join him. Bridget got up out of her chair and walked over to him like a moth drawn to a flame. His eyes were so captivating. "Hello." He greeted her.
"Hi." She replied as she looked upon him with a mixture of intrigue and lust.
"Ever play?" He asked of her as his eyes looked her over again in that sensuous way.
"No." said Bridget shaking her head.
Here." He said giving handing the pool stick to her.
"I uh..I really can't..."
"Yes you can." He said dismissing her protest. Bridget took the stick and walked over to the side of the table. Feeling awkward she leaned down to make a shot only to have the ball go flying off the side of the table. Bridget wanted to crawl into a hole. He had to think she was so stupid. "Oh God..." She said feeling like a klutz.
The stranger just smiled at her. "It's okay." He said. He walked over and picked the ball up. He put it back on the table. Bridget shook her head. "No...No..I'm not.." She said putting the stick down.
"Yes you are." He said as he put his hand around her waist and his fingers lightly touched her stomach. Bridget wriggled slightly from his touch.
He looked at her amused. "What's wrong? Ticklish?"
A powerful thrilling sensation ran through her core from his words. It wasn't just his words. It was the way he said them. That seductive tone....suggestive manner...It was driving her crazy. Bridget's cheeks felt hot. Her nipples were hard under her dress. She was getting very wet inside her underwear. How much more could she stand? This man knew how to push her buttons and her resistance was wearing thin. "Um...No...." She replied not knowing what to say.
He grinned not believing her. "Here take this.." He said handing her the pool stick.
Bridget swallowed and took the stick.
"Just let it slide in your hand." He instructed. "Nice and easy....How does that feel?" He asked.
"Good." Bridget replied in a tiny voice.
"Don't hold back..give it everything you got..."
Bridget wimpered to herself. She suddenly hit the ball with the stick and it went straight into the corner pocket. She grinned and stood up. "I did it!" She exclaimed happily.
"Told ya." He said winking at her.
Bridget blushed and smiled slightly. "Thanks for your help." She said.
"You're welcome." He replied lifting his hand and touching her face. His finger tips caressed her cheek and went down to her neck. His eyes bore into hers and he moved closer to her. Bridget gazed back at him.
"Anything for a beautiful woman." He said softly. He dropped his hand and walked away.
Bridget stood back slightly disappointed he hadn't kissed her. She watched him walk away and her heart was pounding in her chest. Her eyes then noticed the ring on her finger. David. She was engaged to David.
What was she doing? She wasn't supposed to be looking....She had to get out of there. She had to forget that incredibly hot stranger and never come back to The Lair again. She couldn't lose David. He meant too much to her. Or did he? If she loved David so much why was she so damn attracted to a total stranger? It was crazy. Bridget shook her head and got her purse. She headed out of the club and to her car.
Once in her car she opened her cell phone and saw the picture she had of her and David on the display. She smiled. Yes. That was what she wanted. David. Her wonderful David. She was just missing him that's all. Feeling better, Bridget started her car and pulled out of the parking lot to the road.
The stranger was standing outside of the club and watched as she drove away.