Bridget stood in front of the mirror admiring the lovely emerald green silk dress that Lila's friend Cindy had created.
"This is stunning. I love this. I absolutely love it!" She exclaimed. "It's so beautiful." She then turned to Cindy and Lila. "What do you think?"
"Darling you look gorgeous." replied Cindy. "Simply gorgeous. Doesn't she look gorgeous." She asked of Lila.
"Yes." smiled Lila. "Very. But you do need something." She dug through her purse and found a small box.
Lila walked up to Bridget and handed it to her. "Here. I want you to have this."
Bridget opened it up and saw a stunning emerald necklace. "It's beautiful. I can't..."
"Oh don't say I can't." interrupted Lila with a laugh. "You can too take this. I want you to take it. Alan gave it to me."
Bridget shook her head. "No I can't..this must mean a lot to you."
Lila held up her hand. "It's okay. Trust me. It was the one thing I wished Alan never bought me. Yes it is gorgeous but I have no use for this necklace. I told him he shouldn't have bought it. I think I wore it once to make him happy. Really I want you to have this necklace." She placed it around Bridget's neck and fastened it in the back. "It looks great on you."
Bridget smiled. "Thank you. I appreciate it. I do. I swear I'll take good care of it."
"I know." said Lila.
Bridget then thought of something. "Hey why don't you two come to the party."
"Us? Honey no no." said Cindy. "We don't want to impose..."
"You wouldn't be imposing." insisted Bridget. "I would love to have you two there. Please say you'll come."
Lila looked at Cindy. "I don't think she is going to take no for an answer."
Cindy laughed. "Okay alright. If you really want us there. Lord we need to find something to wear."
"Don't worry." said Bridget. She walked to her closet. "I have just the thing." She pulled out a black cocktail dress and a red gown. "You can wear these." She said handing them to the two women.
"Bridget honey we can't wear your dresses." said Lila.
"Oh they aren't mine." explained Bridget. "Actually my sister's husband Tony designed them. He was going to auction them off for charity but the event got canceled. I've been holding them in my closet forever. Please...take them. I think they will fit you okay.
Cindy shrugged. "Well damn if some top designer made this dress." She said fingering the black dress. "How can I say no."
Bridget turned to Lila. "I assume this red one is okay?"
"It's perfect." She said. "I love this matching wrap that goes with it. Okay I'm sold."
"Great." said Bridget. "I think I have the shoes that go with them too."
Lila laughed. "Your sister's husband thought of it all."
"Yes." said Bridget as she went back to her closet. She pulled out two shoe boxes. "He couldn't auction off a dress without the proper shoes." She grinned.
"You are too much." said Cindy hugging her. "No wonder Deacon loves you. You are a angel. A doll." She kissed her cheek.
The two women dressed and Bridget helped Lila with her hair. "You look great in that dress." She said as put a bobbi pin in Lila's black hair. "That color suits you."
"That's what Alan used to say. He always loved red on me."
"From what you told me and Deacon told me, he sounds like he was a great guy. I wish I could have known him."
"He was a great guy. I do still miss him. But I try not to think about it too much."
"Hey no sad talk!" said Cindy as she sprayed her hair with hairspray. "We are going to celebrate!"
"Speaking of celebrating I have some news to share." Bridget said. "I'm going to have a baby!"
Lila's eyes went wide and she smiled. "Oh my... That's so great!" She hugged her. "I'm so happy for you!"
"Oh darling that's fabulous!" said Cindy hugging Bridget. "Congrats!"
"It's so amazing. I'm going to marry my wonderful Deacon and have his baby! It's like a dream!"

David drank his third scotch and set the glass down. No luck. Deacon's ex was not interested in his offer. She said she didn't want to have anything to do with "that loser" and her life was better now. What was he going to do now? He had to get those shares of Forrester! There had to be a way! Someway of getting Bridget back. But how? How was he going to possibly do that. He put his head on the back of his white couch. How. How How. Then he thought of something. Lila. He knew that Lila was back in town. Maybe he could...he could make it look like there was something going on between her and Deacon. Yes! That was it! It wouldn't be hard. She and Deacon were pretty tight. He could make it look like it was more than that. Make it look like Deacon was running around behind Bridget's back. Bridget would be crushed. Her happy little world would come crashing down and she would go running back to him in no time!
He had to plan it carefully though. The reason the videotape and marriage thing didn't work because he was too careless. This time he would do it right. Little innuendos in the press. A picture here or there to plant a seed of doubt in Bridget's mind. When she would see Lila talking with Deacon, she would think it could be more than just friendship and then she would begin to not trust Deacon. The fights would start. Constant bickering and with any luck he could possibly GET Deacon and Lila to get in bed together! It would be the almost the same thing he did to Alan. Making him think that there was more between him and Lila than there was. Yes this was the perfect plan. He would do whatever it look to manipulate Bridget into thinking that her prince wasn't a prince after all. And then she would be his again. All his.

Bridget stepped out of the bedroom and to the living room where Deacon was waiting for her. He was in awe of how beautiful Bridget looked. "Baby you are so beautiful." He said pulling her close to him and placing a kiss on her lips. "I love you."
Bridget returned his kiss and smiled. "I love you too." She said.
"Hey Hey Hey now." said Cindy pretending to pout as she walked out of the bedroom with Lila in tow. "Please. There are single people here! Cut that out."
"Sorry." grinned Bridget.
"No we are not." said Deacon kissing Bridget again. "She's beautiful and should be kissed all the time." He said as he then kissed Bridget yet again.
Bridget giggled. "Isn't he wonderful?" She said to Cindy and Lila.
"Puke." said Cindy.
"You two make me sick." Lila in mock disgust.
The two pretended to storm out and Bridget laughed. She and Deacon followed them and the four went down to their cars. Bridget and Deacon drove in his car and Cindy and Lila drove in Cindy's car.
Cindy got in and started up her red BMW. She pulled out of the space and began to drive. "This is so amazing. I've never been to a fancy place like this before. Never hung out with famous rich people. It's exciting. Don't you think so."
"I suppose." said Lila forlornly.
"What's the matter?" asked Cindy briefly looking at her friend then back to the road.
"It's nothing."
"No it's not nothing. Spill it."
"I...I just...I miss having what Bridget has with Deacon. Having someone love me like that."
"Hon I know that you miss Alan. Miss what you two shared."
"It's not just that. I just...I haven't found anyone. I mean no one. No one interests me. There is no one interesting out there. No one. "
"Oh come on there are."
"I'm not like you Cindy. I can't play the field."
"Honey I know that's not your thing. Listen I'm telling you that you will find someone again. Trust me."
"I'll try." Lila said with a small smile.
"Hey it happened once. It can happen again." assured Cindy.
"I know but you know how picky I am. Even with Alan I was unsure."
"Until he made you see that you two were perfect for eachother."
"True." said Lila. "He was a great guy. And he loved me. Maybe I'll find another. Someday."
They arrived at Crystal Grille and got out of the car. Lila adjusted her wrap and walked inside with Cindy.
"Hello. We are with the Forrester party. Cindy Sanchez and Lila Flowers." She said to the matre'd.
"Yes. Ms. Bridget Forrester did call and say you would be joining them. Right this way." He said as he lead them to the private dining room that Eric reserved. They walked inside and were in awe. It was simply stunning. Everything was so elegant and classy. "Wow." Cindy amazed. "Just wow."
Eric walked up to the two women. "You must be Cindy and Lila. Bridget told me she had invited you."
"Yes." said Cindy trying to appear as if this was a normal thing. "I'm Cindy. This is Lila."
Eric kissed their hands. Cindy was taken back at how handsome he was. Just then an older woman came up to them. She had short white hair and had a smile on her face. "Hello. I'm Stephanie Forrester."
"Hello Mrs. Forrester." said Lila. "I'm Lila Flowers."
"Nice to meet you." She said shaking her hand. She turned to Lila's companion. "You must be Cindy."
"Yes I am. It's a pleasure." Cindy said taking her hand and shaking it.
"Please come join us." She said leading them over to where everyone was.
Cindy looked around. "Damn." She said.
Lila looked around and was impressed. Sparkling crystal glasses, shining silverware, sparkling white plates. Pretty blue linen table clothes. A huge crystal chandelier. It was very impressive. Her eyes then went to a handsome man standing by one of the tables holding a glass of champagne in his hand. Cindy's eyes followed hers. "Hmm..he's cute." She said.
"Back off. This one is mine." grinned Lila. She walked up to where the man was standing. "Hello." She greeted. "I'm a friend of Deacon's and Bridget's. Lila Flowers."
Thorne turned to her. He was taken aback. Wow. He thought to himself. "Uh...hi..Hello. I'm Thorne Forrester. I'm Bridget's brother."
"Nice to meet you."
"Likewise." smiled Thorne. "Bridget said you dated Deacon's brother."
"Yes I did. Well we were a little more than that. But I don't want to talk about that."
"I understand." said Thorne. "Quite amazing isn't it. My little sister getting married. She's quite a gal."
"Yes she is." agreed Lila. "I just met her and I love her like a sister. She's so sweet."
"That's my sister. Everyone falls in love with her after they meet her." Thorne said proudly. "She's our princess."
"And what about you?" asked Lila. "Are you the prince of the family?"
Thorne laughed. "Not quite. I think my older brother Ridge may hold that title."
"Oh come on." said Lila. "You are a Forrester man too."
"I know but Ridge is the favorite."
"You sound resentful." remarked Lila.
"I'm not actually." said Thorne honestly. "I actually am proud of him. When it comes to fashion, I don't think there's anyone better. He really knows he stuff. I just sometimes wish I had the same ability."
"Growing up in the Forrester family I'm sure that you are just as bright as Ridge when it comes to fashion."
Thorne shook his head with a smile. "Not quite. But I do enjoy what I do at Forrester. I was put in charge of marketing recently. The fact that Ridge and Brooke and my father trust me enough to handle that means a lot to me. I like coming up with different marketing ideas to sell a line. It's challenging."
"Well there you go. That's something." said Lila.
"What about you?" asked Thorne. "What do you do?"
"Well I was in the fragrance business but after Alan died I sort of put that on the backtrack. I got into writing. I really enjoy it. I have a few books out."
"I'd like to read one sometime." said Thorne.
"I'll bring you one." smiled Lila.
Eric then clinked his glass with a fork to get everyone's attention. "Everyone...I want to thank you all for being here for this special occasion. Celebrating the engagement of Bridget and Deacon. I want to offer my congratulations and wish you both the best!"
"Here here!" chimed in Brooke.
Everyone raised their glasses and took a sip. Bridget turned to Deacon and kissed him. She then turned to her family.
"I love you all. And I'm so happy you are all here because I have some more incredible news to share." She took Deacon's hand in his. "Deacon and I are going to have a baby!"
Eric's jaw dropped and Brooke's eyes went wide with shock.
"A baby?" Brooke squeaked. "A baby? My baby is having a...Honey!" She rushed over to Bridget and hugged her. "Honey this is so great!"
"Thank you Mom."
Eric walked up to his daughter. "I'm happy for you. I am. This is wonderful news!" He said hugging Bridget.
"Thanks Dad." Bridget said letting go.
"Well." said Ridge happily. "This is an even bigger celebration! To Deacon and Bridget and their new baby!"
Everyone cheered and took another sip of their champagne.
Deacon took Bridget's hand in his and lead her out to the dance floor. Tony Bennett's The Way You Look Tonight began to play.

Some day, when I'm awfully low,
When the world is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking of you...
And the way you look tonight.

Yes you're lovely, with your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft,
There is nothing for me but to love you,
And the way you look tonight.

With each word your tenderness grows,
Tearing my fear apart...
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
It touches my foolish heart.

Lovely ... Never, ever change.
Keep that breathless charm.
Won't you please arrange it ?
'Cause I love you ... Just the way you look tonight.

Mm, Mm, Mm, Mm,
Just the way you look to-night.

Deacon's lips brushed against her hair. "I love you baby." He whispered to her. "You are everything to me."
Bridget cuddled up closer to him. "I love you too Deacon." She said softly.

An hour later

Deacon went outside to get some air while Bridget was inside talking wedding plans with Brooke and Stephanie.
He looked at her and how happy she was. He was going to make sure she stayed that way. Which reminded him of something. He spotted Ridge talking with Thorne and he walked over to them. "Hey." He said.
"Hey. What's up?" said Thorne. "Congrats on the baby by the way."
"Thank you." said Deacon. "Listen I have to ask you both something."
"What is it?" asked Ridge.
"This afternoon. Those reporters. They knew about my marriage. I'm trying to figure out how they would have known about it. And where that video came from."
Ridge nodded. "That is something that has puzzled me. It was almost as if it was planned. I mean this video appears out of nowhere and all of a sudden the press is asking about your marriage. It all seems a little too coincidental."
"I agree." said Thorne. "Someone planned this. The question is who."
"I think I have an idea. I think it was David."
"Wallston?" asked Ridge.
"Yes. It's definitely something he would pull. I just know it. Listen Lila has an investigator friend, Adam, I asked him to meet me. I'm going to have him find out what David is up to."
"In the meantime I think we need to find out who got a hold of the tape from the security camera. If it was one of our employees or if it was swiped."
Thorne nodded in agreement. "I'll ask Megan to contact Lt. Baker first thing."
"Good." said Deacon. "In the meantime, can we keep this under wraps. I don't want Bridget worrying about it."
"I understand." Ridge said. "Don't worry. We'll handle this. If Wallston is behind this, he won't get away with it. I promise you."