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Maddie stared at the keyboard before her. Could she really do this? Her real talent was in drawing, not writing, but it had been three years since she started dating Chad and she wanted to do something special.

She cursed the day a love poem struck her as something special.

Alright, here we go. You've faced worse before, Maddie, you can do this, she thought, and the blackette began to type.

Once upon a time

I wasn't anything

But the object of bullying

I had nothing but myself

No friends to fall back on

Until a day

When I found you

Oh, I knew you already

I had done my fair share

Of watching you

And wanting you

But feeling that I couldn't have you

No, this was a different you

That I found that day

Someone who would befriend me

Someone who saw who I really was

Someone that I fell in love with

And the other you

The one everyone else knew

I began to fall for him too

Torn between both of you

The same person

But so different

Once upon a time

I was a girl

Without anyone

But a you that no one else knew

My knight in shining armor

And the other you

You helped me come out of my shell

You made me realize that not everything

Is exactly how it appears

And when it was revealed

That the two yous that I knew

Were both the same person

And both just as in love with me

As I was with them

Now it's been three years

With you still at my side

My knight in shining armor

Maddie signed her name and shook her head. It was one of the stupidest things ever written. She was good at coming up with story lines for a manga, but when it came to straight poetry…eh, not so much. She wanted to just tear it to shreds, but it was already nearing time to meet Chad and she didn't have time to get him anything else.


I should have done something else, she thought as she waited for him to come get her. They were going to the same diner she had been at with Matt and Blackie when he had joined them at their table.

There was a lot of stuff I could have done that I'm actually good at, but no, I had to try something I would fail at. It's the thought that counts, though, right? After three years, I guess Chad wouldn't care if I lacked poetry skills anyway.


"Chad, for our anniversary…I wrote this for you," Maddie said, handing the crap poem over to him.

"Really? I wrote something for you too," he said, locking his blue eyes onto her brown. He handed something to her, which, to her surprise, also turned out to be a poem.

When I hear the name Maddie

I think of the one girl I love

I think of her sweet brown eyes

Of her silky black hair

Of her fun personality

And all the good times we have

I think of the day I first saw her

Of how I wanted to laugh

I think of when I re-met her

As the real me, online

I saved her neck

And we became friends

I didn't know it was her

She didn't know it was me

But it was almost like I

Had known her forever

At school, I got to know her

I began to fall in love

With both of them

My tough-as-nails princess

Now it's years later

I know who she is

I'm still in love with her

And I hope that she's

Always in love with me

When I hear the name Maddie

I think of our kisses and hugs

Our times when we just goof off

When we play online together

I think of my friend and my love

And of my tough-as-nails princess

"Wow, Maddie, that…"

"Really sucked?" she offered with a laugh.

"Well, I was going to say that I loved it. I think 'really sucked' should be used to describe my lame excuse for writing," Chad replied.

"No, it was wonderful," said Maddie. "I would love it even if it did suck, because you wrote it for me. Now, if we're going to talk about lame excuses for writing…"

"Maddie, you wrote this from your heart and just for me," the blonde said firmly. "It was amazing."

"Do you…do you really think so?" He nodded.

Maddie smiled and leaned across a table to kiss her knight in shining armor, and Chad willingly kissed his tough-as-nails princess back.

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