Chapter 16

Nel just holds him in place. "What? You really think I would plan to show up as an adult here in bed with you?" she asks grinning.

Ichigo rolls his eyes, "The thought never occurred to me."

Ichigo struggles again but Nel holds tight. "What's wrong little brother? You don't have any issues with sleeping with little me."

"Because I don't like it. Isn't that good enough?" He growls at her finally getting her arms off him.

After getting away from Nel, Ichigo hurries to the shower and prepares for school while she settles down to go back to sleep. He is getting ready extremely early but he won't lay in bed with Nel. After finishing his morning hygiene ritual, he returns to his room in just his pants and stops as he sees something he missed earlier in the morning gloom. On the other side of Nel, Rukia is curled up, sleeping soundly. He eases over and looks down at her face. She looks so beautiful when she sleeps; so calm as if she has no worries. He really likes that look on her.

Take a chance King.

You're up early.

I'm a hollow, I don't sleep.

Nel does! Shut up! Why am I arguing with you, what do you want?

Just to tell you to take a chance.

Ichigo gulps and is surprised that, for once, he and his hollow have the same idea. He leans forward and ever so softly presses his lips to hers. She doesn't react and he entertains the idea of kissing her more, hoping she wakes. He smirks at her before heading into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. It doesn't take long for the other residents of his bed to wake to the smell of bacon and he grins as he hears the shower come on. He checks the clock realizing it isn't even 6:30 yet.

Oh well, he says to himself as he prepares plates. He already misses Yuzus' cooking but he will have to make do. After a short while he hears the sound of feet on the tile floor of the hallway and looks. Little Nel is walking towards him.

"Umm…Nel, what happened? You were in your adult form just a little bit ago," he asks.

"I changed to early Itsygo. Not ready yet," she replies giving his leg a hug. Ichigo reaches down and ruffles her hair. Sure he is a little ticked off about what she did, but he can never stay mad at her for very long, especially when she is like this.

Orihime watches as Ichigo and Rukia enter the school. She made sure that she and Tatsuki arrived early just so she can put her plan of watching Rukia in action. She decided that she was going to focus all her attention on Rukia and not Ichigo. For today anyway. Seeing the two walking together makes her heart hurt but she watches anyway. It is possible that they are just friends but he never walks a girl to school or is nice. Tatsuki has been his friend for years and he isn't nice to her.

She watches until they disappear through the doors of the school then hurries after them.

Tatsuki groans as she sees Ichigo walk to school with Rukia again. She is angered that he is even talking to that girl when Inoue has been trying to get his attention for years. Why that girl? She wonders. She hates that Ichigo isn't with Inoue but a part of her wants her childhood friend to be happy. She has tried many times to talk Inoue out of her obsessive infatuation of Ichigo but it seems the only way that will happen is if he hurts her. She will make him pay for it but it might be needed.

Suddenly she realizes she is alone and rushes after Inoue.

Finally in the classroom, Orihime takes a seat behind Ichigo, happy that the usual student is out for the day. Keeping quiet she watches them closely. Her heart races as she sees Ichigo steal glances towards Rukia and Rukia do the same followed by several blushes.

After Ichigo walks into the room with Rukia, he feels eyes drilling into him and a shiver shoots down his spine. Figuring it is just some jealous guy, he decides to let it go and take his seat, pulling out his math book. Rukia sits beside him and he dares a quick look at her attractive figure. He can't stop looking at her. Her small body does things to him that no other has ever done. She is an addiction that he doesn't want to get rid of.

Rukia blushes as she feels Ichigos eyes on her but she tries to ignore it and focus on class. Thankfully the teacher walks in and class begins. All during her morning lessons, Rukia feels eyes upon her; unwanted eyes that seem to be judging her. Every time she glances at Ichigo, the air seems to thicken and her body warms. She wants him badly. Being interrupted sucked and last night she didn't get to snuggle up against him.

Lunch is finally sounded and Ichigo looks at Rukia, giving her a silent order to stay. As the students file out Ichigo motions her to follow, giving her a quick wink.

"Where are we going Ichigo?" Rukia asks softly as they travel down the quickly emptying hall.

Ichigo looks around to make sure no one is watching as he pulls her into the auditorium. He knew it was going to be empty and as soon as the door closes behind him, he sets upon her.

Rukia is surprised when Ichigo pulls her close and crashes his lips to hers but she quickly responds. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him closer, deepening the kiss. She takes the imitative and shoves her tongue into his mouth and his moan causes her lust to escalate. Just having him this closer causes her heat to rise and a boil to begin in her lower belly.

Ichigo pulls her even closer so there is no space between them. One hand goes to her hair while the other latches on to her butt and gives it a soft squeeze. Rukia breaks the kiss to moan and he attaches his lips to her neck.

"You have been driving me crazy," he says huskily in between kisses.

"I've been thinking about this all day," she replies in a breathless voice as she runs her hands under his shirt and presses her lips to his again.


Ichigo growls as he hears his cell phone go off. He reluctantly pulls away and checks the message.

"What's it say?" Rukia asks agitated that again they were interrupted.

"It's from Urahara. He is going to pick you up after school," Ichigo grumbles, not liking the idea of her being away from him.

"Why would he? We walk by his place on our way home," Rukia inquires.

"Don't know," Ichigo replies before putting away his phone and taking her lips again.

Standing outside the door, Inoues' heart shatters after she peeked on them. Seeing Rukia wrapped in the arms of her love snaps something inside of her and she feels something she has never felt before. She now hates Rukia and is determined to get her away from her Ichigo. Now she just has to figure out how to do it.

"Oh don't forget tomorrow we have a presentation from the health teacher so try to get some sleep tonight. I don't want to hear how some of my students fell asleep during one of her speeches." The teacher calls out as the bell tolls.

As soon as school ends Ichigo is barraged by questions from Tatsuki while Inoue just sits and watches.

"Where were you at lunch Ichigo?" Tatsuki asks curiously.


"We went to the library to see if they had any text books I can check out since I haven't gotten mine yet. Kurosaki was nice enough to help me," Rukia answers.

Ichigo grins inwardly at how quickly she can come up with excuses. She's craftier than I thought.

"Did you find any?" Tatsuki asks suspiciously.

"Nope they only had last year's so lay off," Ichigo growls.

A big man walks up to the group and Ichigo grins as he stops before him, "Hey Chad, what's up."

"I could use some help," Chad responds.


"After school."

Ichigo takes a quick glance at Rukia before nodding his head and Chad walks away.

"Well it's time for me to go," Rukia says as she stands and grabs her practically empty bag.

With all his friends around, Ichigo doesn't want to get up right after her but when she stops at the door waiting, he relents. He urges Rukia out with his eyes and follows behind after she is out the door.

"Chad I'll meet you out front," he calls over his shoulder as he leaves the room.

Sure enough, everyone looks after the two with wondering eyes except for Inoue who sends a soft glare at Rukia as she disappears.

As promised, Urahara is waiting right outside the gate in a beat up sedan that has definitely seen better days.

"Ahh, Kuchiki. I am glad you waited. I have something that we need to discuss and I am afraid it couldn't wait for you to come by my store," Urahara says in his sing song voice. He is still wearing the same green Kimono with that hat.

"Do you ever change?" Ichigo questions with his scowl prevalent.

"Why what do you mean?"

"Clothes. You wear the same thing every day." Ichigo nearly shouts.

"Oh I change twice a day. I just happen to own several of these wonderful garments and it just feels right," Urahara replies from behind his fan.

Rukia reaches out and quickly touches Ichigos arm before she gets into the car.

Ichigo watches her leave and turns around to see Chad standing behind him.

"Uh...You ready?" Ichigo asks startled. Hoping he didn't see that little interaction. Drama at school is not appealing to him.

Chad nods and they begin walking toward his apartment.

"What did you need Urahara?" Rukia asks as she watches Ichigo disappear from her sight.

"Just need to make a few modifications to your gigai and to inform you that Division Zero is here," he replies nonchalantly.

"WHAT?" she demands shocked.

"Oh the procedure is quite simple…"

"No you idiot! Division Zero? Why didn't you tell Ichigo?"

After pulling into the garage behind the store he turns to her with a serious gaze. "You know Ichigo just like I do. If he was to learn that a whole division of captain strength shinigami was around, he wouldn't feel safe having you here and would push to leave. Maybe even run off with you."

Rukia understands what he is saying since if they were after only Ichigo, she would insist the same.

"Now about those modifications…"

"What kind of modifications?" Rukia asks hoping that he isn't going to change anything about this body. She enjoys the way it reacts and the effect it has on Ichigo.

"Nothing major, just a few slight alterations," Urahara replies casually as if he was rewriting a paper.

"Don't change it any, I like it the way it is!" she shouts at him as she follows into the store.

"Oh I wouldn't do anything like that. I am just going to…improve it." Urahara explains with a mischievous glint in his eye.

After nearly three hours of helping Chad move his band equipment into his new place, Ichigo finally says goodbye.

"Man if I had known I was going to do that much work, I would have turned it down," Ichigo says to himself as he walks towards his new home. "I wonder if Rukia is home yet."

He is still about twenty minutes from home when he feels two reaitsus headed towards him. He can tell they are captain level since they are about equal with that Tousen character he fought. He double checks his wrist for his bracelet and continues on his way. That is until the two shinigami stop directly in front of him with swords drawn.

"He fits the description," one says and Ichigo keeps walking, pretending her doesn't see them.

"Is it him though? I don't feel anyway spiritual power coming from him." the other asks.

"Doesn't matter, kill him anyway," the first replies and the second releases his zanpakuto.

Ichigo can't believe this. He is just minding his own business and they are going to attack him because he looks like someone. Of course he is the one they are looking for but they don't know that. He quickly weighs his options. Let them kill me to protect his family…wait, they aren't even here. Their safe with dad. He grins as he decides to fight. I will just lead them away from Rukia then defeat them. Where are Hyori and Love? Aren't they supposed to be taking care of this.

Ichigo surprises both men as his body suddenly goes lax and he stands there in his shinigami robes.

"So you found me. Now WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Ichigo roars at the two men.

They look at one another before rushing him.

Ichigo releases his reaitsu so quickly the bracelet can't hide it and it cracks then falls away. The two men stop in their attack to marvel at him.

"You think you stand a chance against us boy?" one asks laughingly before charging ahead.

In a building on the other side of town, two people stop what they were doing and quickly rush out of their temporary home.

Rukia is watching Urahara to make sure he doesn't do anything in appropriate to her gigai. "So you're just looking at it? What about these so called modifications?"

"Oh they are already done. I am just admiring my work. It looks just like you don't you think?" Urahara asks the now furious woman.

"What are you-" she breaks off as she feels Ichigos reaitsu soar to an impressive level and seems to keep climbing. It is almost as great as it was before but that isn't what is bothering her. Its' the two other presences with him.

"Ichigo!" she screams as she runs out of the building.

Ichigo focuses on one shinigami at a time as they don't give him time to go into bankai. He hits one then uses his speed to strike the other but unfortunately, the two have worked together for a long time and their teamwork is impeccable. They are slowly drifting apart and Ichigo takes the fight to the nearest one. He is having minor difficulty in handling his opponent but he has to keep all his attention on him.

(binding Kidou) shouts the other shinigami and Ichigo feels his body freeze in mid movement.

"What the hell!" he shouts but can't move and looks up just in time to see the other shinigami deliver a strike to his torso. Ichigo groans as he falls to the ground.