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"Where is Pat?"

Dylan's voice the silence that had been filling the waiting room for the past ten minutes. It was getting late, or early, and it was almost 5 AM. Most were falling asleep, though they didn't show it. Grace didn't care though, and she was completely asleep in Wayne's lap. Cho was holding the toddler, and Dylan's eyes were closed. He had been asleep, but it seemed he had awoken.

"I'm not sure. I'm surprised you're awake." Dylan shook his head, yawning widely and rubbing the back of his hands on his eyes.

"Patrick calls me a early riser. I am always awake before him." Dylan said, yawning again. He blinked a couple of times, and Cho nodded.

"Well, that's a good thing I guess." Cho said quietly, seeing Grace stir.

The room fell quiet again, and Cho looked at the double doors. In his head, he counted hours. Sure enough, Teresa would have given birth by now. Taking Dylan with him, he stood up straight. His knees and ankles protested, as they had been in active for so long, and he felt the need to stretch his arms. But, he couldn't as he was holding Dylan. He moved to the game area, where he plopped Dylan down. The young kid looked up, confusion taking over his face for only a moment. He shrugged his shoulders, turning his head as he reached for the Lego's. Cho made sure he was playing before moving to the doors. He stood in front of them for a minute, readjusting his shirt before putting his hand on the door.

For some odd reason, the door pushed back.

Cho let go of the door, and it swung open. He had to shake his head as Jane walked through the door, wearing a hospital gown and looking as tired as hell.


As if on cue, Grace woke up. In doing so, she woke up her sleeping boyfriend. They both made their way over to Cho and Jane, along with Dylan. The child grabbed Patrick's hand, and Patrick picked him up gently.

"Hey buddy. How did Cho here treat you?"

Cho glared at him, before getting back to business.

"Jane, how is the baby?"

The question seemed to bring back Patrick, and he smiled a wide smile. He kissed Dylan's cheek, and smiled at the three in front of him. His smile only made them more impatient, and Grace lightly slapped his cheek.

"Earth to Patrick, Earth to Patrick!" She said, causing Dylan to giggle.

"Shush child. The baby is fine. She's with her mother right now. Well, Teresa is falling asleep at a fast rate, but the baby is wide awake and being checked out." Patrick said, and Grace took in a deep breath.

"We can go see her right?" Patrick nodded, and he was slightly pushed out of the way by Grace. She disappeared through the double doors, Wayne behind her, and Dylan watched her go.

"Can I go with them?" He asked, and Jane put the child down. Dylan disappeared through the doors as well, and Cho and Patrick could hear him calling for Grace to wait. Once Patrick was sure that the child was with an adult, he turned to Cho.

"How was he?" He asked, and Cho shrugged.

"He's a good kid. He fell asleep last, and woke up right after me."

They stood in silence for a minute, before Cho spoke up.

"How are you?" He asked, looking at Patrick as he thought of an answer. He rubbed his face, but he smiled as well.

"I am fine, thank you." Patrick said, and he hobbled back and forth on his feet. Cho put his hand on Patrick shoulder, steadying him so that he couldn't move. It was a little too dizzying for the Asian man.

"If you want to leave, you are more than welcome. I don't want to keep you from your child." Cho said, and Patrick smiled.

"I'm not going until you go."

Cho looked at Patrick's insane face, dark circles and all, and sighed.

"Fine." Cho said, surrendering and following Jane. They went through the double doors, heading down the hallway. Patrick led them to Teresa's room, where Cho saw she was sleeping. Grace, Dylan and Wayne were standing next to the baby's bed, whispering quietly. Cho didn't bother asking where Patrick was going as he moved around him and to Teresa's side. Cho moved over to the babies crib, looking over Graces shoulder.

The baby in front of him was asleep, obviously done being poked, prodded, and made sure to be healthy. It was a girl, as it was wrapped in pink and had a small purple hat on its head. How small she was struck Cho, as she was possibly the smallest baby he'd ever seen. The card attached to the crib said Kelsey Jullianna along with her weight and height.

"How are you feeling?"

Cho pretended not to listen as Patrick whispered to Teresa. He couldn't see her answer, but he then heard something that sounded like a kiss. Grace turned around, putting Dylan down onto the ground. The child waddled over to Teresa's bed, obviously tired. He climbed up onto the bed, snuggling into Teresa's side. Teresa shifted in her sleep, tilting her body so Dylan could snuggle next to her. No one could stop themselves from smiling.

Three Months Later

Wayne lifted Dylan off the bed, throwing him into the air. The child laughed a high shriek, and Teresa frowned. She walked into the room, giving Wayne her best death glare. She had just walked from the nursery to her bed room, just to see what was going on. There were so many people in her house; she didn't know where to start. She heard Sunflower bark, and she sighed.

"Who's torturing my dog?" She yelled, and it got quiet. Sunflower was suddenly next to her, and she smiled down at her ever-growing dog. She heard a cats meow, and just knew Patrick was walking her way.

"Starbucks, give it a rest. I was trying to sneak up on her, and now you've ruined it." Patrick said, scolding the cat as he walked into the room. Sunflower jumped towards Starbucks as she followed her favorite companion, and the two disappeared down the hall.

"I have my eyes on you." Teresa teased, and Patrick smirked at her.

"I can tell. These animals are totally against me." He joked, and she laughed. He reached out and took Kelsey from her, holding the baby against his shoulder. The young girl was still waking up, and she snuggled into her fathers shoulder.

"You're missing out on Cho teaching Dylan how to tell what his presents are." Patrick said, grabbing Teresa's hand and pulling her out of their room and towards the kitchen. She smiled at him.

"Do I want to see it?" She joked, and he shrugged.

When they walked into the kitchen, Grace smiled at them from her place at the stove. Wayne and Cho were in the backyard, playing catch with Dylan. The young boy was growing up as well, and he was trying his hardest to reach the ball flying high above his head. Minelli was sitting at the table, and he smiled at his friends.

"Hey, there she is. Can I hold the girl of the hour?" He asked, and Patrick smiled. He handed off his daughter to Minelli, and the baby instantly smiled at her "grandfather". Teresa down next to him, and they both cooed as Kelsey started to make noises.

"Christmas dinner almost done?" Wayne asked as he poked his head in, holding the football over Dylan's head.

"Hey!" He said, grabbing Wayne's arm and pulling himself up. He hung from him, his legs dangling and wiggling.

"Dylan, don't do that." Patrick said, and Dylan dropped himself. He walked over to Patrick, next to Grace, and smiled at his adoptive father.

"He won't let me have the football." He said, and Patrick shrugged.

"You have to work for it, I guess." He said nonchalantly, and Dylan crossed his arms. He walked over to Wayne, who was making faces at Kelsey, and lightly kicked his shin.

"Hey, ow!" Wayne said, reaching down. Taking advantage of the situation, Dylan grabbed the football and ran outside. Everyone in the kitchen broke into laughter, Patrick smiling smugly. They could all hear Cho's exclamation at the sight of Dylan running through the backyard with the football, and it caused them to laugh even harder.

"If that isn't Jane's kid…." Minelli trailed off, and Teresa laughed. Kelsey was watching everyone, her eyes wide and bright. She looked at her father, reaching out quietly. Patrick picked her up, smiling at Teresa somewhat smugly.

"Hey beautiful girl. How are you?" he cooed to her, and she smiled. At only three months, she had no teeth and no awareness of everything around her. She just smiled at her father, her blue eyes bright and trusting.

"Dinner's ready!"

The kitchen was suddenly full with people, as everyone got ready to eat. Cho helped Dylan take off his coat, and sat him in his own chair. Patrick put Kelsey in her high chair, between Teresa and him, and everyone else grabbed a plate. Grace smiled at them as she pulled the tops off the waiting pots, and grabbed a plate herself. She made herself a plate before letting Teresa make two plates for the children. After that, it was every man for himself. When everyone was done, they all sat down. Patrick was the last, and he smiled as he took Teresa's hand. Everyone followed suit.

"Thank you, God, for letting us get together on this day and be a family. Thank you for gracing us with this food, and the presents under the tree. "

No, he actually didn't say that. He smiled to himself, peeking at Teresa. With the tree lights behind her, she looked like she had a halo. And his daughter in between them, watching everyone as if they were aliens, smiled when she saw her dads eyes. He smiled back, shutting his eye again.

"Thanks for the food, big man. See you next year."

There was a burst of laughter before everyone dropped hands and dug into their food. Teresa glared at Patrick, and he smiled.

"Wonderful grace, Patrick." She said, and he shrugged.

"It's not like he's actually listening." He said, putting some mash potatoes on a spoon before offering it to Kelsey. She liked her mash potatoes, and Teresa said it was only because it was the first baby food they gave her.

"But Dylan is." She said back, and the young man smiled at her.

"Love, calm down. I know it's our first Christmas as a family, and I know you would have liked me to say a better grace, but deep down, you liked it."

Everyone was listening slyly, each looking at each other as they ate. Cho caught some food dropping off Dylan's face before it hit his shirt.

"Fine, I might have liked it but-"

Patrick waved his hand, smugly smiling as he fed Kelsey some more food. Teresa glared at him.

"Merry Christmas, dear. Merry Christmas to everyone." Patrick said, raising his glass. Everyone raised theirs as well, even Dylan. Cho smiled to himself as he took a drink, watching everyone dig into his or her food, the lighting low and calm. Kelsey laughed, and everyone seemed to share her happiness.

Yes, it was a very, very Merry Christmas.

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