Translated version of "En las buenas y en las malas": Because there's nothing stronger than sibling relationships. Ron's relationship with each of his siblings when he was little.

· Characters: Ron and Ginny – Family. And a little of Molly and Arthur – Family/Romance
· Word Count: 1641
· Rated: K
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· A/N: I was going to make it when they were older too but I got stucked and couldn't write Bill's when they were little and the ones during their adulthood. I hope I get un-stucked (lol) soon and could continue this idea both in english and spanish.

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Chapter 1: Secret promises

It was a peaceful spring night at the Burrow. Everyone had been sleeping peacefully for hours now, since it was half past three in the morning. But the heavens didn't want that tranquility to remain for long. Or, as their mother had told them, Merlin was just angry and wanted all the witches and wizards to know that. At first, the beautiful moonlight was disturbed by some lightning. But little by little they became more intense. The wind was roaring against the windows of the forth floor of the Burrow, where a very freckled little redhead was sleeping peacefully. That is until a huge thunder woke him.

-"Ahhhh!!" His breathing agitated due to the shock of being awakened that way. Despite denying it in front of his older brothers (especially the twins), his fear of storms was as big as his fear of spiders. But he couldn't go running to his parents' bed, he was too old for those things. He had just turned six; he was no longer a baby. However, he was terrified... another thunder sounded even louder than the previous one.

-"Oh Merlin. Nooo" He whispered, shaking with fear under the orange blankets of his bed when suddenly the door banged open and someone, entered with hurried little steps, throwing itself directly over his body.


-"AAAHHHH!!" Answers the intruder.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-"Arthur… Arthur, wake up. Arthur!"

-"Mmm... What is it Molly?" Her husband asked with his eyes still closed.

-"Did you hear that noise? Seemed like the kids screaming." She said starting to hurriedly get out of the bed and looking for her robe.

-"I'm sure it was just a dream dear. Come back to bed. Don't worry." Arthur murmured with a sleepy voice.

-"I'm going to check on them at least" Barely finishing the sentence, she went to the last door of the corridor to see her only daughter.

-"OK, I'll wait here…" Snores filled the room once more seconds later.

Meanwhile, Molly was opening quickly the door, which had a sign that said "Ginevra" with small pink butterflies decorating it, just to find out that her daughter wasn't in her bed.

-"Ginny!" She hissed horrified. Without hesitating another second she rushed to the forth floor of the house, where the only door of the small hall with a red and orange sign that said "Ronald" was slightly open. Through that small space she could see her youngest kids talking softly on the boy's bed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The little boy was desperately struggling against the sheets that had tangled around him to defend himself from any magical creature that wanted to kill him in a stormy night like that. When he does free himself, he discovers that that weight over his back was only a little redhead girl with big brown eyes.

-"Ginny! What are you doing here?" He whispers a little irritated about being scared like that by his little sister. At that moment a lightning iluminated the room letting him see the tears that were running down the girl's face.

-"Sorry that I... woke you Ron... but Merlin… he's very… angry to-tonight and… I was scared… and… I didn't want to… to wake m-mum and dad… so I came he-here. I'm... really... scar- Ahh!" Ginny sobbed trying to tell everything to her older brother until another thunder interrupted her. She jolted over the bed and launched herself over the other redhead.

Without thinking twice, Ron took her in his arms and they hugged tightly until the loud noise passed.

-"Don't worry Gin." He said, trying not to show his fear while he put a red lock behind her ear. He must be brave as the Gryffindor he wanted to be in five years, just like his older brothers Bill and Charlie and his parents. He couldn't show weakness in front of his little sister. Even though he was only a year and five months older than her, he always felt a huge responsibility over her. He always felt compelled to protect her from anything, he was the one that had to make sure she was safe at all times; after all, that's what big brothers are for, aren't they?

-"Come in" Ron said making room for her under the covers. With another big thunder the little girl throw herself under the sheets and hugged her brother as if life depended on it.

The redhead boy, thankful for having company at the moment, was hugging her back terrified, shutting his eyes and hopping that the strong wind and horrible sounds Merlin was making would stop.

-"Ron, you're shaking too" Ginny whispered moving back just enough to see his face but holding his hands with all her strength.

-"I... erm... yes" whispered the boy giving up. "I'm scared to death. Good thing you decided to come here instead of going with the twins. This way you're keeping me company too."

-"Are you crazy? The twins would only make fun of me for that my whole life... Plus, I feel safer with you" The redhead confessed.

-"Really?" He couldn't believe it. Who would feel safer with him, the most fearful and little all the Weasleys?

-"Of course silly! You're my big brother and you always help me and we do everything together" Ginny listed. "You are the only one that plays with me when nobody else wants to or has better things to do. And you almost never take the mickey out of me, opposite to what Gred and Forge do." The girl said rolling her eyes when she mentioned the nickname the twins were insisting on other people using.

-"You know... if they were here they would be glowing with joy because someone finally called them that way." Ron smiled.

-"Yeah…you're right. I hope it is like mum said: just a pase" The girl laughed.

-"A phase Gin" He corrected.

-"Whatever..." Unable to finish the gesture she was using a lot lately, for it was interrupted by a yawn. "It seems like Merlin calmed down a little, doesn't it?" She continued looking out the corner of her eye to the window.

Ron turned his head to look too. "Yes, it does. Finally! I don't know what could have make him that angry at this hour of the night. Maybe he had a nightmare about spiders..." The boy seriously speculated.

-"Oh Ron... You and your fear for spiders. They are little and harmless!"

-"That's what you think!" Ron answered alarmed.

Smiling, but with a serious tone Ginny said "I love you Ron. Thanks for protecting me big brother" while she hugged him one more time.

Blushing, but with a huge smile on his face the boy hugged her back. "I love too, very much." He whispers as if it was a big secret. "But don't tell anybody. I'm a boy and men shouldn't say those things." Ron said backing away a little.

Ginny laughed. "OK. It could be our secret. What do you think?"

-"I think it's a brilliant idea. I promise to love you and protect you forever and always 'till the end of time Ginny" He solemny swore locking his pointing finger with hers (that was the secret Weasley way of promising.)

-"I promise too to love you and protect you –and to not tell anybody about this secret- forever and always 'till the end of time Ron" She answered with a smile.

Silence fills the room for a few minutes. The storm had stopped and sleep was taking over both kids once more.

-"I'll go to my room Ron. The storm has passed and if mum doesn't see me there tomorrow, she'll get angry" Said Ginny getting out of the bed.

-"No. Stay. If she gets angry I'll invent something so she doesn't tell you off. I'll tell her it's my fault. Don't go… Besides, you are so sleepy that you'll surely fall asleep on the stairs... and the light is off... and- and-" The boy whispered desperately looking for excuses.

-"OK Ron. I'll stay, don't worry. I have to tell you that I was a bit scared of going downstairs alone in the dark." The little girl smiled going back next to her brother.

-"Goodnight little sis. I love you." Ron said yawning and closing little by little his eyes while he put a protective arm around her.

-"Goodnight Ron. Love you too." She answered, imitating her brother's actions.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Meanwhile, Molly couldn't help listening to the conversation between her youngest children through the door with tears in her eyes and a huge smile on her face.

After watching them both fall asleep and hearing Ron's soft snores, she decided to go back to bed with her husband.

Once again under the covers of her bed she couldn't help giving Arthur a strong kiss full of love on his cheek. After this Arthur turns to look and hug her, but not before returning the gesture with a peck on the lips.

-"You look happy. May I ask why?" the man murmured with a rough voice.

-"Because we have the best kids in the whole world. I love you, Arthur." She replies with a smile on her face, cuddling over her husband's chest.

-"I always said it. We are the luckiest parents in the universe. And I love you too Mollywobbles. Sleep well." He said kissing his wife's head one more time and going back to dream about his beautiful family.

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