Translated version of"En las buenas y en las malas": Because there's nothing stronger than sibling relationships. Ron's relationship with each of his siblings when he was little.

Characters: Ron, Fred and George – Family.
Word Count: 1650
Rated: K
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Chapter 2: Fighting for some seriousness

It appeared that England was in flames. It was July; summer and a sun that could fry an egg in five minutes. The heat was unbearable. Even so that Mrs Weasley stopped nagging her children to get them degnome the garden. Everyday, for the past two weeks, the twins, Ron and Ginny were forced to clean the house and leave it spotless by the end of July. Bill and Fleur's wedding was taking place in the Burrow's backyard and Molly insisted on having the house in perfect shape even though the guests wouldn't go inside.

However, with 104º nobody wanted to do anything. It must have been the first time in years that Molly didn't cook anything other than sandwiches and pumpkin juice for lunch, and that no explosions were heard from the twin's room. A blue-eyed redhead was bored in his room reading a Quidditch magazine shirtless over his bed; though not much reading was done since he used it mostly to ventilate his face.

There wasn't much to do. He was practically alone. Harry couldn't come until he turned seventeen thanks to a spell his mother did, and Hermione was only arriving tomorrow. He didn't have someone to talk to about the things that he was really worried about. He didn't have his two best friends with him, who surely shared his concerns and with whom he could start planning the trip to look for the Horcruxes. The "adventure" they were going to affront after his brother's wedding has been the only thing in his mind for the last two and a half months. Since they'd decided to join Harry wherever he went, he couldn't stop imagining situations, planning strategies (thanks to chess) for the battles they'll surely have and thinking about the best way of protecting his best friend and the love of his life. Yes, Ronald Weasley was in love with Hermione Granger. It only took five and a half years for him to realise that.

Lost in his own thoughts he jumped with surprise when two loud cracks reached his ears. Opening rapidly his eyes, he found Fred and George.

-"What are you doing here? If mum finds out you've been apparating around the house instead of entering through the door like normal people she'll get really angry at you. And if you're here to bother me don't think I'm not gonna tell her." He threatened, angry for the interruption.

-"Well well Ronniekins...How cranky we are today!" Answered George happily.

-"Yeah! As if you were doing something important. I see you spend the whole day sleeping. that I think about it, you've been dreaming about some bushy haired girl we know...what do you think George?"

-"Mmm. I believe you're right Fred. Is our little Ronnie in love with his little friend Hermione?" Both redheads started teasing their little brother, big smiles on their faces.

-"Shut up! I have more important things to do besides thinking about Hermione. Not that she's not important… ehm… I mean… she's my best friend after all. Harry is too. But I don't think of him the same way I think of her of course... No, that's not what I meant. I'm only saying that-" Ron start mumbling and getting trapped in his own thoughts. He was so confused with his explanations that his head was starting to ache.

-"Wow, wow! Relax Ron. There's smoke coming out from your head now!" Fred joked.

-"We're not here to just bother you and look for some fun…"

-"Though that wouldn't be bad either... There's nothing to do with this heat."

-"We can't experiment"

-"Because the heat of the cauldron"

-"Is unbearable-"

-"Guys stop! My head hurts and I'm not in the mood to listen you two exchanging lines as if it were a play." Ron huffed, lying back again on his bed.

-"Sorry." Answered both at the same time.

-"What we were trying to say is that we came to talk to you. And seriously; not just to bother you with Hermione." Said George sitting next to Fred on the cot next to Ron's bed that Molly had already set for Harry.

-"What's up? I've never seen you so serious. Is something wrong?" Ron sat on his bed in front of them.

-"No... Well, yes... We don't know." Fred looked confused.

-"What this sucker means is that we've been talking about you..." George started.

-"Yes... About you, Harry and Hermione" Fred continued.

-"We know you're up to something. We're not idiots."

-"All those years planning things... we are experts at detecting when somebody else is doing it."

-"We don't pretend for you to tell us exactly what you three are planning to do. We just know that Dumbledore told Harry to do something before he died and that you and Hermione are going to do anything you can to help him."

-"Which we think is great. You're both excellent friends. And if Dumbledore thinks... thought you were capable of doing it, so do we. But..." Fred lowered his head once he realized his mistake. Even though it had been a couple of months since the funeral it was still hard to accept that the great Albus Dumbledore was dead.

-"Uhm... but we just wanted to tell you..."

-"Tell you that..."

-"What guys?" Ron asked.

-"We wanted to tell you that we don't want anything bad to happen to you." Said Fred.

-"You are our little brother. And even though we're always teasing you"

-"You have to know that we love you very much"

-"And that we would never want you to get hurt"

-"We want you to promise something"

Ron, taken aback by his brothers' words, just nodded.

-"Promise us that you're going to take care of yourself and that you'll come back safe and sound" Said George

-"We are not asking you to promise to protect Hermione and Harry because that is obvious; it's something that you carry in your blood."

-"But we know you"

-"And we know that you put others over you"

-"We're not saying it's the wrong thing to do!" Quickly clarified George.

-"It's just that there's a balance you have to find and you have to take care of yourself because you're our little brother and we don't know what we'll do without you." Fred continued with tears in his eyes.

-"We know we are not the kind of people to say what we feel. But that doesn't mean we don't feel it at all." George's eyes filled with tears too.

-"Guys, I...erm..."Ron touched the back f his neck and looked down trying to hide his own tears. "It must be something on the Weasley's genes. It isn't easy for any of us to say what we feel, isn't it?"

-"But when it's needed those genes are forgotten for a while, don't you think?" Said George while a few tears streamed down his face.

-"We love you Ron." Fred said looking into his eyes.

-"A lot little bro" Added George.

-"Wow, I think it's the first time in my life you say that to me." Said Ron still surprised.

-"That's not true! You just can't remember but when you were one year old we- AWW!" Fred punched his twin's ribs to shut him up.

-"That doesn't matter. We are saying it now. And what a way to ruin the moment uh! I think Hermione was right about that teaspoon thing..." Fred thought aloud.

-"Don't say that! I'm sorry, you just surprised me. But you know I love you too with all my heart. You are my brothers, I can't help it." Ron said seriously. "And if you hadn't pulled so many jokes on me maybe I would love you more" Ended up joking.

-"You prat!" The twins laughed while launching over their little brother to start punching him playfully.

The three Weasleys played for a while until they were so breathless they couldn't continue. Trying to even out their breaths, the trio sat on the bed of the youngest.

-"I promise to take care of myself if you promise me the same thing" Ron said with a serious expression on his face giving them his right pointing finger.

-"Oh! I've forgotten our secret way of promising. We haven't done it in years." Said George.

-"You at least..." Murmured Ron so softly that the other two couldn't hear him.

And then, the three, joining their fingers, promised not taking too many risks, taking care of themselves all the time and coming back alive so they could have more serious and fun conversations like this in the future once the war is over.

-"Ok. Now that the cheesy part is over. Tell us about your hopeless love for Hermione" Fred smiled giving little bounces on the bed.

-"Yeah, yeah. We want to know everything! Have you told her that evil Krum is nothing compared to you yet?" George continued.

-"Or did she realized by herself that that's a lie?" Fred joked.

-"Ooh…you're screwed if that happens Ronniekins…Imagine flying on your broom all the way to Bulgaria screaming her name to rescue her from the bad professional Quidditch player..." George said making a pain face while thinking what could happen to Ron in that situation.

-"Enough! I want you to stop that! Especially when Hermione is here. You're gonna make her uncomfortable and I'll kick your asses to next week if you keep bothering me. Can't you just stay serious like you were half an hour ago?" Said Ron with his face and ears red from anger and embarrassment.

-"Noo!" Both start laughing like crazy after seeing their little brother's face, who was hitting them with his pillow starting another struggle that interrupted the silence of that quiet afternoon at the Burrow.

-"These boys...what am I going to do with them..." She whispered to herself smiling at the noise of her sons' laughter that could be heard coming from upstairs.

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