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Lily awoke when she felt the sun warming her face, burning through her eyelids, causing her to see red. She turned her face into the silky pillowcase. She wasn't ready to wake up yet. She tried to ignore the fact that she was semi-conscious, and hoped that she'd be able to sink back into the wonderful dream she'd been having about James.

It was then that Lily realized that something extremely hot and solid was pressed firmly against her back. Something heavy was resting across her torso, pinning her arms to her sides. Her eyes flew open.

These were not her sheets. None of the furniture in the room belonged to her. The arm draped across her was definitely not hers. The only thing that did belong to Lily was the emerald green dress crumpled on the floor next to the bed. Lily squirmed, turning around. A second later, she was face-to-face with none other than James Potter.

Memories of the night before came flooding back to Lily's groggy brain as she looked at James' sleeping face. He looked so peaceful and innocent. The sheet, Lily soon realized, only covered either of them to the waist. She pulled it up to cover her naked breasts, and stared down as James tanned, masculine body. She could see the perfect 'V' shape his hips made, and she followed the trail of dark hair down from his naval until it disappeared underneath the scarlet sheets. Only it wasn't a mystery anymore what the trail led to. Now Lily knew.

"Are you checking me out, Evans?" James murmured sleepily.

Lily's eyes snapped back up to James' face. His hazel eyes were open, watching her in a way that seemed tentative. She held the sheets over herself bashfully. She knew James had seen everything last night. There had been no inhibitions, and Lily's embarrassment had faded as he had moved inside of her, causing her the greatest pleasure she had ever known. But now, in the morning sun, it felt like things were different.

Lily looked away, sitting up against the many pillows. She sighed heavily.

"One would think that, after last night, you'd be calling me by my first name," she murmured, realizing belatedly that she sounded hurt and slightly angry.

James was closer to her in a second, suddenly sitting beside her, his arm wrapped around. Lily blushed furiously as James slid up and she sheet stayed where it was, slipping down to his thighs, baring him to her. He obviously didn't notice or didn't care because he didn't bother covering himself back up. He was fully concentrated on Lily, and she found that she liked having James' undivided attention.

But she couldn't take her eyes off of his penis. It looked so different in the light. He was hard, standing at attention, ready for a repeat of last night. Lily's anger faded as she wondered wildly if James would have sex with her again.

"Sorry," James said, pulling the sheet back up to his hips when he realized what she was staring at.

"It's okay," Lily murmured. "Is it...do you always have an erection when you wake up?"

"Yes," James said promptly, still focusing completely on Lily. "I'm sorry, Lily. You have a beautiful first name, and I promise I'll use it from now on. It's just a hard habit to break, you know? I've been calling you Evans for so long...I'm just kind of used to it... And I was honestly joking about the checking me out thing. Sorry."

"Don't apologize," Lily heard herself saying. "James...you don't...regret last night, do you?"

"No!" James said immediately. "Lily, I could never, ever regret being with you. I told you last night and I'll tell you again: I love you. I enjoyed last night more than I could ever tell you...much, much more. And I hope you did too."

Lily felt the blush creep back up her cheeks. Her neck and ears burned. Slowly, nervously, she turned her head and pressed her lips against James' neck, murmuring, "I did."

"Good," James sighed, relaxing against the pillows.

Lily cursed nature. Suddenly, she had an urge to go to the bathroom that simply could not be ignored. She looked around, trying to find something to cover herself with. James must have noticed, because he handed her a fluffy black robe and made a show of closing his eyes.

"Thank you," Lily murmured, taking the robe. "James, I'm sorry. It's not that I don't want you to look, it's just—"

"I know," James said. "Don't worry. I won't look while you put it on. I promise."

Lily got up quickly, turning her back to James as she pulled the robe on and tied it securely in front. She didn't look at James as she headed for the bathroom, and she made sure to close the door behind her securely.

After Lily went to the bathroom, she washed her hands and face and looked in the mirror. Her hair was a mess, tangled haphazardly around her head. She looked flush, and immediately knew what people meant when they referred to an afterglow. Lily took several deep breaths before opening the door and entering the bedroom again.

James was still sitting in bed, and he smiled at her, patting the place beside him. Lily walked slowly to the bed, and sat back against the pillows again.

"You look adorable in my robe, Lily," James said quietly, and he kissed her neck lightly.

"Thanks," Lily gasped. All the sensations of the night before returned to her with that one gentle kiss. The gentle touches, the soft sighs, the salty taste of James' skin that seemed to still linger on the tip of her tongue. Lily felt the now familiar tingling sensation at her center, and blushed even as James pulled his face away from her.

"You're perfect," James murmured, resting his hand on her hip, so lightly that it was barely there at all. He moved his face closer to hers. "You had no reason to be nervous last night, Lily. You're a natural..."

James closed his eyes, and Lily watched as his face moved closer and closer to hers in a way that was nerve-wracking and sexy at the same time. As soon as his lips touched hers, her eyes fell shut, her breathing hitched in her throat, and her hands flew to his wildly sexy hair.

Lily fisted chucks of the soft black tresses, clutching him to him, kissing him with vigor she hadn't known she possessed. James moved slowly over her, halfway on top of her, one of his legs between both of hers.

"Lily," James murmured, pulling away gently. "You don't have to...I'm not expecting anything."

"I know," Lily panted. "It's okay. I want to."

James grinned and continued to kiss Lily. Slowly, his hands moved to the knot holding the front of the robe closed, and he untied it expertly without looking. He let it fall open as his hands ventured inside, sliding over Lily's flat stomach, palming her breasts. And then his hands moved south, and Lily gasped as he placed one finger inside of her.

"I'm sorry," James murmured. He pulled his finger back out. "Did I hurt you?"

"No," Lily sighed, spreading her thighs farther apart, welcoming his hand. "No, that felt good."

James chuckled a little under his breath. "You're dripping," he murmured as he pushed the finger back in, curling it gently. Lily felt her legs bend at the knees as she pressed her feet into the mattress. She couldn't even spare a blush of embarrassment.

"That feels so good, James," Lily moaned quietly. She stared at the ceiling, wide-eyed, as James inserted another finger.

When James inserted a third finger, Lily cried out, and clamped her thighs together, trapping his hand. He looked up, frowning.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Did that hurt?"

"No," Lily said. "No. I just..." She blushed. "I want the real thing."

James face darkened in color just a shade, and he grinned. "You have to give me back my hand first so I can put on a condom..."

Lily spread her thighs and James slowly removed his hand, leaving Lily feeling thoroughly empty. He moved away for a moment, and was back fifteen seconds later, sliding back on top of Lily. She spread her legs as James positioned himself over her. Before she knew what was happening, he slid quickly inside of her, filling her immediately.

Lily gasped, clutching his shoulders. She was desperate for something to ground her to Earth, because she worried she might float away if she wasn't holding something solid. It felt like gravity didn't exist anymore. Her breathing stopped, her stomach clenched, and she felt herself tighten around James impossibly hard shaft.

He began moving immediately, shifting his hips so his penis moved gently in and out of her. Lily heard herself let out a shaky laugh as the tingling intensified a thousand percent. James was already panting in her ear.

"If you wrap your legs around my waist I can go deeper," James grunted, and his voice, though quiet, seemed to fill the room.

Lily did as he'd instructed, feeling only slightly awkward. She crossed her ankles behind his thighs, and the next time James slid into her, he did go deeper, and the different angle was much better. She felt his pubic bone rub against her clitoris, and her hips thrust upward of their own accord.

"Lily..." James groaned, sounding helpless. He was panting, and she felt his chest heaving against hers.

Lily gasped again as he pushed in with slightly more force than before. She felt him press his hands flat against the mattress on either side of her head, and he pushed himself into a more upright position, increasing the angle between their bodies.

Lily closed her eyes tightly, panting uncontrollably. She felt the pit of her stomach stir, and then she climaxed, clutching James tightly. James grunted, and then Lily felt him pulsing inside of her. When he had finished, he pulled out of her, still panting and lay beside her.

"Jesus," James groaned, wiping sweat off of his forehead with the back of his hand. "Lily, that was fantastic."

The pair lay quietly for a moment before James got out of bed and began getting dressed. Lily pulled his robe back on.

"Where are you going?" she asked him.

James turned and looked back at her over his shoulder. "You go get dressed, too," he said. "We are going down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Sex that great takes a lot of energy. I'm starving."

Lily smiled and shook her head, remembering that – no matter how perfect and accomplished James Potter was in bed – he was still a teenage boy. And teenage boys were always hungry.