Chapter 16 – Complete

After the game, Tanya and her coven became close with us. Seeing Edward with me, Tanya remained objective with him. They explained that lived they the same lifestyle as we did; they fed on the blood of animals. "We came to this belief on our own," Irina explained. Like us, some of their family members had abilities. Kate had a special ability as Edward did; she had the ability to repel them. To repel them, she gave her victim the sensation of being electrocuted. It was demonstrated on Emmett.

His knees buckled as Kate shocked him. He doubled over, breathing deeply. Emmett shook his head, "Wow. That was strong." Kate's ability worked on everyone but me. Was there something wrong with me? The one named Eleazar was fascinated with me. His ability was sensing the power in others. Edward couldn't read my mind and Kate couldn't shock me. Edward turned his head, "A shield?" Eleazar and Edward talked about the topic, but it was lost on me. Did I have an ability like Edward and Kate? "A very powerful, one of the strongest I've ever met." Eleazar's eyes appraised me, "She's blocking me even now."

Tanya invited us to stay with them. Edward and I declined the invitation and returned to our home. Edward explained to me what Eleazar meant about me being a shield. "No one can penetrate your mind. That is how Kate's ability works. Her victim gets the mental feeling of being electrocuted, or its equivalent. I can't hear your mind. Your shield is very strong." I nodded slowly, but I had to ask about another matter that was plaguing me.

"What happened when they first found you?" Edward froze for a moment, "Nothing." My eyes narrowed, "What were they thinking then?" He gritted his teeth, "I'd rather not say." My body didn't move an inch, waiting for Edward to answer me. My eyes bored into his face, compelling him to answer me. "They were anxious," he finally confessed after enduring my icy glare. Edward told me that they were excited when they saw him, Carlisle and Emmett. They were hoping for mates. I nodded solemnly, "Oh."

The taste of metal was on my tongue from rage. The emotion of jealous was making me feel murderous. I wanted to hurt Tanya and let her stand as representation to any woman who dared to think of Edward in that way.

Surprisingly, Edward chuckled, "I didn't know you were the jealous type." My cold stare turned on him, "How could I not be jealous? Those were the most beautiful women I've ever seen." Remembering the gracious stance, it made my stomach twist. Any man would have fallen to their knees to praise Tanya and her sisters' beauty.

His head tilted to the side, "Not for me." His fingers brushed along my parted lips, "You give them too much credit. They're merely pretty." His arms snaked around me, "You're the most beautiful in my eyes and that's all you need to worry about." I smacked his chest lightly, "You would say that." He smiled his crooked smile, "Only because it's true. From a calculating human to the most beautiful immortal to ever walk this earth, I only see you."

I could fight my smile, "Very convincing." Edward brushed his lips across mine to the hollow by my ear, "Bella, I see only you." My eyes closed as he pressed a kiss there. "Hmm, but if Tanya ever looks at you like that again, I can't be held responsible for my actions." Edward shrugged nonchalantly, "Be good. I know you can control yourself."

Tanya was a woman of honor. Once she learned that Edward was a married man, she didn't give him any special attention. It still made me cringe internally when I was with the blond, statuesque Denali sisters. Along with Rosalie, I felt so out of place and inadequate. I was shorter with dark hair. Carmen understood how I felt. "I know what you mean, young one. They can be intimidating if they want, but trust me, they have nothing but good hearts."

Even though they respect our marriages, I still didn't like Edward around the Denali sisters. Despite Tanya's wandering eyes, she was very nice, as were her sisters. It was our family's way to move from place to place every few years, but Alaska was almost ideal for us. Going to certain parts of the state, the sun never rose. Also, it had a wide variety of wildlife for us to feed on. Life was returning to normal. Edward and Emmett took to wrestling almost every day. Carlisle helped the humans when he could, but for the most part, he enjoyed his time off. Esme mentioned this was one of the few times he didn't work as a doctor.

We lived near the Denali clan for over ten years, but we couldn't stay much longer. With two large covens in the area, we drew attention to ourselves from the neighboring villages. While living in Alaska, Edward and I celebrated our ten year anniversary. He had a custom-made Cullen family crest locket made for me. The chain hung down to my neck. Emmett got Rosalie similar locket, but hers was bigger and it hung down to her chest.

As a family, we decided to move to Tacoma, to put some distance between the Quileute treaty line and us. We enjoyed the west, mainly the Olympic Peninsula. Emmett, Rosalie, Edward and I began attending Washington State University and Carlisle resumed his work as a doctor. For our public stories, Rosalie and I were sisters and Carlisle's nieces. Esme, Emmett and Edward were brothers and sister.

It was interesting attending college in the 1950s, especially for Rosalie and me. Our male peers were always trying to challenge Rose and me in academics. They all but had strokes when Rosalie and I were the ones with the highest grades. There were some that envied us, but several more admired us. It was known we were married, but some admirers didn't care. "Travis, I appreciate that, but I can't. I have to get home to my husband." I was leaving my late class, when Travis offered to take me to dinner.

My pace quickened, trying to get away. "Oh, well, your husband doesn't have to know." I stopped in my tracks and turned, "Excuse me." Travis leered at me. Rosalie was coming from the left and stepped into my light of sight, "My sister said 'no'. Besides, if you ever disrespect her or my brother in law again, you're going to deal with me." Rosalie pulled me away to her car.

I scoffed, "No matter the time, men have no respect." Rosalie shrugged, "What are you going to do? That's how people are. You just can't let them get to you."

Edward told us that some believed we were only in school to get husbands. It was fun proving them wrong, when Rose and I graduated at the top of the class with Edward and Emmett. Edward graduated the valedictorian and I was so proud of him, that I bought him a new car, a silver Jaguar XK140. On the morning of our 20th wedding anniversary, I had the car delivered to the house. His eyes lit up when he saw the vehicle. "This is a graduation and anniversary gift." That afternoon, we took me for a drive along the coast. Edward loved the faster engines of today, but it still wasn't fast enough for him. Rosalie would have to work on it for him.

After graduation, Edward began working as Carlisle's assistant in the hospital again. Emmett and Rosalie kept themselves under control, enough to live with us. Rosalie and I browsed through the shops, talking about that. "I liked having my own home, but it felt strange being away from you and the others. I love living as a big family." I smiled t her, "Yea, it grows on you. I felt that way when we lived in Niagara Falls."

While Carlisle, Emmett and Edward were out hunting, we had some strange visitors. As I reached the door, there was the scent of vampire, but it wasn't one I recognized. The door opened to two strangers; a man and woman. He had curly blond hair, with several crescent shape scars on his neck. The female was shorter than me, with black hair in short curls. She smiled a wide smile, "Hello Bella." I stepped back, have I met her before? "Is Esme and Rosalie home?" How did she know our names? Esme and Rosalie came to the door and saw the bewildered look on my face.

Esme invited them in. "Thank you, Esme." She looked back to the gentleman with her and he followed her into the house. Rosalie tilted her head, indicating for me to stand by her, "Who are they? Do you know them?" I mouthed to Esme. She shook her head. "No, Bella, you've never met us. But Esme, I have a question?" Esme faked a smile at the cheerful woman, "Yes?" "Which room is ours?" she pointed between her and her male companion. Rosalie and I stared at each other, "Room?" Rosalie asked.

The pixie like girl smiled, "Yes. I liked the one that over looked the river." I was snapped out of my confusion, "I'm sorry, but that is mine and my husband's room." Her smile fell slightly, "Oh I know. But I like it, it has the best view." I raised an eyebrow, "I know. That's why it's our room."

She giggled, "Oh, Bella, you and I are going to get along beautifully." Who was this and how did she know our names? The pixie girl smiled brightly, "Let me explain. We are Jasper and Alice Whitlock. Jasper and I came here, because I had a vision that this was where our lives were heading." Esme, Rosalie and I looked at each other. "Vision?" I had ask. "I have a special ability, like Edward," she looked at me, "I have visions of the future. But my visions are based on people's decisions. Jasper has a special ability too."

She looked to him and he nodded to her, "I can feel the emotions of people near me. I can feel that the three of you are suspicious and nervous." His voice had a slight southern accept. Jasper stood erect, just like a solider. My body suddenly relaxed. The act was completely involuntary. "I can also control people's emotions. I literally just calmed the three of you and I could," I suddenly very anxious, "I can make you feel very anxious." My sudden anxiety disappeared as rapidly as it appeared.

We spent hours listening to Jasper and Alice's story. Jasper was an officer in the Confederate Army and Alice did not remember her human life. Her earliest memory was waking up to this life. She saw that her life going towards Jasper and coming here and becoming apart of our family. Jasper was very charismatic and Alice was vivacious. I let them have mine and Edward's room, as a gesture of kindness. Rosalie helped me move, "I think he used his abilities to make me say yes," I confessed. Rosalie smiled, "I think so too, but let Edward handle it."

Alice walked into the room, "Here comes Edward, Carlisle and Emmett." Rosalie's and my head snapped up. There was nothing moving in the trees. Two minutes later, there was the sound of Emmett, Edward and Carlisle's approach. Jasper went downstairs and stood at the bottom of the stairs. The front door opened, "Who the hell are you?" Emmett ask. The three of us laughed and went downstairs.

Alice and Jasper explained their story again. Carlisle was very intrigued by Jasper's history of training newborns. He explained that the newborns caused all the scars on his skin. "Umm, Edward?" I was hesitant to tell him that we moved. Alice stood and brushed my arm, "Edward, Bella gave me and Jasper your bedroom. Is that okay?" I smiled at him and he smiled back, "Of course." Edward must have heard something in Alice's thoughts that he liked. For the rest of the night, everyone exchanged their stories.

My eyes glance around the room and saw how much our family had grown in a short time. From three to eight. Alice and Jasper blended in with our family. Alice, Rosalie and I enjoyed shopping trips, museums, plays and many other things. She loved working on interior designs with Esme. Jasper and Emmett had their wrestling matches. They didn't like to fight with Edward, because he could hear their thoughts and countered their moves. Edward and Alice began playing chess together. The first time I watched them, I wondered why they were just staring at the board. Then Edward just knocked down his king. Alice bounced in her seat. Edward shook her hand. He turned toward me, "We don't have to move the pieces. With our abilities, we play the game in out heads."

Our large family was very happy together. We moved back to Alaska, to Paris, Ithaca, Alaska again and to a small town known as Forks. Now, it was the new millennium and we had to start high school again. When we moved back to Forks, Carlisle had a house built for us in the outskirts of town. For the public story, I was Isabella Hale, the younger sister of Jasper and Rosalie Hale and foster children of the Cullens. Emmett, Edward and Alice were brothers and sister, adopted by the Cullens.

We pulled into the parking lot of our new school. I was in Edward's silver Volvo and Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice were in Rose's red BMW. As we walked to our classes, we received the usually reception. The boys staring at Rosalie, Alice and myself. Girls giggling at Emmett, Jasper and Edward, but we kept to ourselves. On the first day, a student name Mike Newton asked if I liked the school. I flashed my dazzling smile and heard his heart rate increased. I loved messing with human teenage boys. Whenever a new student started at the school, they would notice us.

A young lady started at the school today. As we entered the cafeteria, she was intrigued by us. "Who are they?" she asked Jessica Stanley. Rosalie and Emmett entered the cafeteria first. "The Cullens," Angela Webber answered. Alice and Jasper entered next, holding hands. "That is Rosalie and Emmett. And that is Alice and Jasper." Edward and I entered the cafeteria last, "And they're Edward and Bella." We sat at our usual table, listening to Jessica gossip about us. Alice, Rosalie and I planned a trip to see a new play in Portland. Edward put his arm over my shoulder, which meant he heard improper thoughts about me.

I looked at the faces of my sibling and my husband. All of us were once alone and now we had each other. It has almost been a century when Rosalie and I were preparing for her wedding. We lived a long life and it was only the beginning, for the both of us. She and I found wonderful husbands, a great sister in Alice and a charismatic brother in Jasper. Esme and Carlisle were wonderful parents to us. Rosalie feels she is still missing something in her life, but I was complete with having Edward and our family. Edward looked at me and pressed his lips to mine. "Are you alright?" I smiled, "I'm great." I had an eternity with my family and I am happy.