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"Sasuke I know you've been dreading this day for a while now, but you have to tell him otherwise he'll continue to ask; and wouldn't you rather he learn the real truth than what the village knows?"

The young couple were currently in the kitchen of their home. Sakura was washing the dishes from dinner and Sasuke was sitting at the table, trying to figure out how to handle the current situation that was brought up by their youngest son.

A few months ago when Karin reappeared, Itachi was brought up in the conversation and ever since Shiori has been asking questions about his family. Like why are they referred to as the 'Uchiha clan' when in fact they are the only family. And where are their other grandparents, and this so called uncle, do they live in another village?

Sasuke has been able to avoid the questions, or Sakura has changed the topic of discussion whenever they were brought up; but the past couple of weeks Shiori has been determind to get a straight answer.

Sakura placed a warm cup of tea in front of her husband, hoping to calm his nerves somewhat. "You can't hide this forever from them, you've done to many things in your life, made a lot of enemies and encountered to many other shinobi while looking for your brother. You scared them enough to remember your face and name, if the boys go on more higher rank missons it's only a matter of time before they come across one; they won't understand why they're being targeted and I won't have them dying because you wouldn't answer a simple question!"

"They're not simple answers Sakura."

"Sasuke... it's been nearly twenty years, you have to let the past go and think about all the good times before it happened. Yes tell them what happened, but also tell them what you remember. Tell them how kind and loving their grandmother was, tell the boys that is was their grandfather who taught you the fireball jutsu, and how proud he was of you when you got it right. They deserve to know, and it's much better if they hear it from you; if you want I'll go up with you," she reached over and gently rub his knuckles of the hand that was laying on the table in a comforting manner.

"Hn... no, this is something I must do alone," he finished his tea and stood from the table, gave her a kiss on the cheek as to thank her for the encouragement, and then headed upstairs where the children were getting ready for bed; tonight there was going to be a different bed time story.

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