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One eye came open at the sound of rapid pounding on the door. Devi sat up finding herself on the couch in front of a canvas covered in varying shades of blue that made up a faceless figure. "What? Hmm?" She blinked, the pounding continued.
She got up and stumbled to the door. What time was it? "Tenna! I swear I'm going to tie you up with duct tape and hang you up side down in my closet till next week if you don't stop that!" The banging stopped.
She unlocked the door and opened it a crack to find a crouching figure in black. His head turned up to greet her.
She almost slammed the door but his hand reached out and stopped it. "Help." He said in a hoarse voice. He let go of the door to help balance something in his arms. It was covered in blood.
"Johnny, oh my god, are you bleeding?" She said trying to grasp onto a shred of a clue as to what was going on.
"No. Help." He said showing her the child he held. A boy his face was spattered in blood.
"What did you do?" Devi nearly screamed. She didn't know if Johnny killed kids, probably when he was younger, did he kill when he was younger?
"Not me, car." He seemed to be out of it and rocked the unconscious boy a little.
"Quick, get him in here, I'll call 911." She turned into the apartment.
"No!" He cried frantically. "They'll take him away!"
"He could be dying!" She countered reaching for the phone.
"He's not, I swear, I checked him. Not internal bleeding, no broken bones, he had on a seat belt. Don't call them damn it!" He sounded afraid. He was afraid of loosing the kid? Why?
"Alright, alright!" She stopped reaching for the phone. She figured somewhere in her dazed head that Johnny knew more about whether or not if the kid was dying than she did. "What about his parents?"
"Dead." He said simply. "Plowed into concrete breaker. Mother decapitated, father broken all over." He sat on the floor beside her couch and held the boy gently. "Found him alive in the back. Saw it happen, I watch him, make sure he's safe. Nice kid."
He seemed to have trouble tracking what he was saying. Probably just upset, and with his frazzled mind that was hardly the state you wanted him in.
"What do you want me to do?" She asked sitting on the couch next to him.
"Take care of him."
"Nny, I can't." She said falling into an old pattern of calling him by his nickname. She had known him for a while before their first date after all.
"I only trust him to you." He looked up. "No one else."
"I'm not equipped to take care of a kid." She said trying to get him to understand.
"Then just for awhile. I can't have him right now. I'll take him back later."
She didn't know if Johnny taking care of the kid was the best idea. But she agreed. "Okay, for awhile. We'll put him in my bed for now." She lead Johnny to her room.
He laid the boy down and wrapped him in the blankets. "Thanks Devi." He said quietly then practically faded out of her apartment. He had a habit of doing that.
She glanced down at the bed seeing the kid sleeping and sighed. The things she got herself into.
* * *
Todd shifted in his bed reaching for Shmee. But his hand came up empty. He opened his eyes finding his most terrifying prospect come true. He was some place he didn't recognize!
He sat up pulling blankets up around him. His clothes were covered in something dry and itchy. He didn't have the faintest idea as to what it was or even where he was.
Maybe his parents were here. He ventured a call. "Mommy? Daddy?" Nothing happened and then the door opened. A woman poked her head in, he couldn't see her face but she was defiantly not his mother.
"So you're awake." She came into the room. "Shield your eyes."
He lifted his hand to his eyes as she turned on the overhead light. He let his eyes adjust and looked up at her.
She was pale with a mole on her cheek and violet hair done up in two pigtails that looked anything but childish.
"I thought you might like to have this." She handed him a toy bear she had been holding. "He had staples in him, I fixed him up better."
"Shmee!" He squealed hugging the bear tightly. "I wondered where you went!"
She didn't tell the kid that Johnny had dropped off a garbage bag filled with his stuff including the bear.
"I'll be right back." She left the room then came back holding a change of clothes. "Can you change yourself?" She asked.
He nodded then looked down at his clothes. They were blotched with dark red. He picked at the stains he recognized as blood.
"Hey." She said putting a hand on his shoulder. "It's okay. Let's get out of these and into these." She said motioning to the clean clothes.
Todd nodded again and changed his clothes oddly happy that the woman turned her back to let him.
"I'm done." He said pulling nervously at the hem of the clean striped shirt he wore. She collected his old clothes and took them away. She came back again smiling at him.
"Are you hungry? You've been asleep for a long time. I have some soup in the kitchen. It's condensed vegetable beef, but it's good."
"I am a little hungry." He said hopping off the bed and holding Shmee tightly. He let her lead him to her kitchen where she sat him down and gave him a bowl of soup. He started to eat then looked around quizzically.
"How did I get here?"
"A friend brought you." She answered.
"Where's my mommy and daddy?"
She had been about to sit down and did so nervously. "Do you remember what happened before you woke up?" She asked.
He blinked. "I remember, being in the car. Daddy was yelling at me and mommy. Then a bunch of lights. And a crunching, then, then, I don't remember." He started to eat again, but slowly and deliberately, like he was forcing himself. "They're dead aren't they." He said dully, more of a statement than a question.
She nodded slowly. "Yes they are." She expected the boy to break out in tears. Instead he stared at her incredulously as if she had just told him something and was afraid it was some kind of joke.
"Really?" She raised an eyebrow at the edge of hope in his voice.
She nodded. "Really."
He hid a smile and went back to eating. But it was less forced now, he was enjoying it.
Devi couldn't believe it. Had the kids parents been THAT horrible?
"What's your name kid? I'm Devi."
"Todd Casil." He said. "People call me Squeegee. The neighbor man calls me Squee."
"Neighbor man?"
He nodded vigorously swallowing some soup. "Johnny. He's my neighbor. I think he likes me but he's kind of scary."
"He's that way sometimes."
"You know him?" Todd asked finishing off his soup.
"Yeah I know him." She leaned back in her chair. "He brought you here"
Todd pushed his bowl away quietly contemplating this and squealed in fright when Devi shot out of her chair.
"Holy nuggets! Work!" She had forced herself not to curse in front of the kid. She glanced at him. "But I can't take you, and I can't leave you alone. Tennas' off to who knows where and can't baby sit." She had called her friend shortly after Nny had left getting an answering machine that had both Tenna and her doll Spooky on it.
"I can stay here. I'm real quiet."
"You're not supposed to leave kids as young as you alone." She said pacing.
"My parents did."
She stopped pacing. The kid was obviously self-reliant. "Okay Todd. You can stay by yourself if you want. But don't let anyone in. Lock those doors when I leave I'll knock three times then twice to let you know it's me." She rushed around the small apartment and gathered her keys and her pocket book. "The TV remote is on the coffee table. I really have to go or I'm in so much trouble!" She stopped just before she closed the door. "I'll be back Todd, I promise."
Todd had gotten out of his chair and waved 'bye' to her from the living room. He walked over to the door and locked the bolt and the chain. He then turned and leaned against the door feeling slightly amazed.
She had called him Todd.
* * *
Devi pulled one of her pigtails out as she trudged back to her apartment. What a day. She had gotten her job back at 'Dragon Books' and it hadn't changed from the last time she worked there. Only now she didn't have a tall skinny guy with dark eye to keep her mind from imploding in rage.
She stopped before her door, knocked three times, then twice more. There was a rattling behind the door and it came open.
Todd's little eyes widened and his grip on Shmee loosened. "Hi Devi!" He opened the door wider for her and closed it when she was in.
Devi smiled and looked up and froze. Her apartment was CLEAN. She gaped at the room a moment.
"You like it?" Todd asked nervously. "I do cleaning at my house. I thought you might like it."
Devi shook herself out of it. "Wow."
"I didn't clean the room with all the paint in it. I didn't know what you were doing in there so I left it." He edged nervously away from her.
"This is. It's." She bent down and hugged him. "Thanks."
When she let go he looked dazed. He was never hugged.
That night Todd sat in the 'other room' that Devi had in her apartment. She had fixed it up with a bed for him and a place for his clothes and the toys Johnny had brought.
She had read him a story and tucked him in bed. It was the best time he'd had being put to sleep ever.
But now he was sitting up staring into the room. Wondering if this was all a dream.
Something tapped on the window. He had been so wrapped in his own thoughts he hadn't noticed Johnny our on the ledge at the window. He scurried over and opened it. Warm air filtered in because it was still summer.
"Hey Squee." He whispered. "How are you?"
"Fine." Todd said quietly.
"You like it with her?" Johnny asked.
"She's nice."
"Yeah she is." Nny said leaning his head on his arms.
"What will happen to me now? My parents are gone."
Johnny lifted his head again. "Hopefully Devi will be able to take care of you, but if she can't I will." He reached out and mussed Todds' hair. "I promise you don't have to go with mean strangers."
"That sounds nice."
Nny pushed off from the windowsill. "You should go to bed. It's late."
"Okay." Todd curled back up in his new bed. Johnny reached in through the window and pulled the covers over him.
"Night Squee." He left the window drop.
Todd smiled sleepily. "Night daddy." He said absently.