Todd smiled. Today was a happy day.
Johnny had ventured out of his house to come and visit. After a few hours of pretending they were a cohesive family of four Tenna had gotten up and sprinted out of the house screaming about Moose.
Todd had excused himself shortly after, he had homework to be done.
He climbed the stairs to his room opening the door but not entering just yet. He still had a vast number of horrors out to traumatize him. Thank the powers that be fore desensitization.
Finding nothing but his empty room and teddy bear Shmee smiling from his bed he went in. He shut the door quietly behind him.
He sat down at his desk and pulled out one of his schoolbooks. He didn't really have homework, nothing that couldn't wait anyway. He had left them alone on purpose. It was his hope that they might, just maybe, actually get together.
It was a long shot but he'd seen stranger things happen.
He tapped his pencil on his desk and idly wondered where Tenna had gone. Spooky had driven her to a teenybopper like state of insanity. With one redeeming factor, she didn't obsess about boy bands or pink things. Instead she would go into squealy ranting fits about an boy she saw chasing an alien or a little pink bunny she saw taking up space in her room.
None of her rants ever made much sense anymore. Shemee had said she was close to break down. Humans couldn't live without all their emotions. And since Tenna never felt sadness anymore she was nearing the end of her cycle.
He had asked how he could stop it but there was no way beyond going into her head and destroying the part of her brain that Spooky resided in or killing her and being done with it. Neither of which Todd was up to.
He slid his books away. He was thirsty, maybe he should go for a Freezy from the 24/7. He checked his pockets for money and upon finding it started back down the stairs.
He went as quietly as he could, which was incredibly silent. He peeked superstitiously in on Devi and Johnny.
His eyes bugged on seeing them sitting together in the recliner. Which was a decidedly one-person piece of furniture. But Devi was quite a thing woman and Johnny was barely thicker than a stick.
Todd crossed his fingers in hope and watched as the two leaned in to each other. Their hands searched slowly as they grew closer until they finally kis-
Todd jerked in his seat causing an unwanted line to streak across the page he was on. He blinked rapidly wondering where he was for a moment. Then his heart sank.
He glanced down guiltily at the green notebook in front of him. It was filled with his handwriting in black ink. He sighed and closed it.
His father opened the door glowering distastefully at his unwanted son. "You were writing again weren't you." He growled.
"No daddy." Todd said as he discretely dropped the notebook over the edge of his desk away from his father.
The man huffed sounding unconvinced. "Get your coat, we're going to go see your grandpa."
Todd flinched. Grandpa Hatey, a horrible old man that thought Todd was his next meal. He glanced at his clock, it was nine o'clock at night and quite dark outside.
"Why are we going to go see him?" He asked as he got out of his chair.
He was about a week or so back from the asylum. They couldn't really and honestly find anything wrong with him and since they had received a whole load of experimental animals not long ago they didn't really need him. So he was back home, joy.
"Because the old codger decided it would be nice to have us come see him on his death bed. And don't you bring that damn teddy bear." His father said stomping down the stairs.
Todd stopped reaching for Shmee. He was too afraid of his father to really argue. He darted down to the coat closet and got his coat pulling it on quickly incase his father decided to drag him to the car again. He looked up slowly to his mother wishing desperately that she really was Devi.
"Honey, that strange little boy is here again." She said emptily.
His father shook his head and glared at her but didn't say anything. He did mumble about her disgusting addictions though.
"Mom, it's me, your son." Todd said zipping up his coat.
"No, Josh is at school." She said, her eyes were quite glazed.
"My name's Todd mom and school let out a month ago." But it was no use.
His mind wandered back to his story. He knew vaguely who Devi was. The Neighbor Man Johnny had told him about her. And her friend Tenna. Seemed Nny kept an eye on his one-time love interest.
He climbed into the car and strapped himself in. It was kind of warm out, his birthday was couple months ago, he was nine now. He sighed as he remembered the package of tic-tacs he'd gotten from his parents. The best part had been when Johnny had given him a little pocketknife. It had a few hardened bloodstains on it but it had been the nicest thing anyone had given to him that day.
His eyes wandered over the buildings built along the over pass they were coming up on. His eyes strained but he could have sworn he saw a thin dark figure darting along the street just on the other side of the concrete breakers.
His mind flickered with a sense of déjà vu just before brilliant lights filled the car.
"Oh Fuck!" His father screamed.
His mother was too out of it to notice much but she cooed. "Pretty lights."
Todd's stomach lurched as the car swerved, the inertia snapped his head to the side spraining his neck and then-

The End