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Chapter Six – Sibling Rivalry – Part I

Lavender's stomach lurched as the long-distance port key spiralled her through time and space, taking her to Romania where four hunky redheaded Weasleys would be waiting for her. She'd always hated this form of travel, but it was the quickest and easiest way to get to her destination, even if it meant the possibility of losing her lunch on arrival.

The spinning began to slow and in a matter of minutes she felt herself dropping to the ground. It was only seconds later – when the snow crept up and spilled into her knee-length leather boots that had cost more than she cared to admit – that she realized that somebody had made a grave error in judgment.

She heard Romilda drop to the ground behind her and by the sounds of it the other witch hadn't landed on her feet. She bent over to tug at her boots, but they were stuck fast in the snow.

"Ah, Romi, a little help?" she called back, seeing a set of practical red rubber boots enter her vision.

Romilda towered above her, giggling at her friend's predicament.

"Way to make an entrance."

Lavender rolled her eyes.

"Just help me out, will you?" she sighed, holding her hands out to grip the brunette's wrists, trying to pull herself out one foot at a time.

After a moment of intense tugging, Romilda pulled back with a sigh, straightening her matching red coat and fixing her hair.

"It's no use, you're stuck," she said, pointing out the obvious.

Lavender bent over, trying once more to tug her feet out when she noticed her friend's attention had wavered from the situation at hand.

"You must be Charlie!" Romilda was saying, abandoning her in the snow to address the man who had just appeared out of the trees.

"Lavender?" he asked Romilda, reaching her easily in the snow, his sure footing showing just how used to the mountainous conditions he was.

Romilda giggled, tucking a few stray curls behind her ear as she corrected him.

"No, I'm Romilda. That's Lav, stuck in the snow."

Mortified, Lavender gave a feeble wave around her friend before she returned to her now-desperate tugging.

"Need a hand?" Charlie asked, walking around Romilda and grinning when he saw just how stuck she was.

"Yes, please," Lavender almost sighed, looking up and into the man's amused face.

The first thing she noticed was his eyes, the pale blue standing out against the dark tan and freckles. He had small laugh lines around the edges, as if he spent a lot of the time grinning like he was now. He reached out to her with large calloused hands, gripping her wrists with sure confidence and with a soft whoosh, her feet came free of the boots and she was standing inches from his broad chest in nothing but her sheer stockings.

"Um," Lavender said, swallowing hard as she fought to regain control of her cognitive functions, "Thanks."

Charlie smiled broadly, letting her go as he bent down and plucked her soggy boots out of the snow.

"No problem," he said, handing her back her boots and throwing her a sexy half-smirk that would have ordinarily had her knees knocking together had they already not been knocking together because of the cold.

"Don't mean to interrupt, but this is supposed to be a 'shirts versus skins' Quidditch match, and I'm afraid the pictures won't turn out very well if the boys have turned all blue," Romilda's voice sailed over to them, and Lavender wrenched her gaze away from the broad-shouldered, muscular redhead in front of her to glare at her friend.

"Someone should have checked to make sure it wasn't bloody snowing," she said accusingly, stumbling slightly as she wrenched her soaked leather boots over her wet stockinged feet, wishing to Merlin that Playwitch had sent a different editor on location.

"Didn't I mention it would be?" Romilda asked airily, shooting Charlie a broad smile as he came to walk beside her. "Thought I'd owled..."

Lavender continued to glare at her friend's back, struggling through the snow and trying to contain the urge to set that expensive red coat aflame as Romilda lay a delicate hand on Charlie's bicep.

"You don't mind being one of the two who have to go shirtless, do you, Charlie?" the curly-haired brunette asked with a flirtatious lilt to her voice. "After all, we figured you were used to this type of weather."

"Yeah, no problem," he said, glancing behind him and catching the look of frustration on Lavender's face as the blonde tried desperately to navigate the perilous ground. "Having trouble, Lav?"

"No," she said half-heartedly, but found herself sprawled on the ground seconds later as her foot made contact with a snow-covered rock.

She wiped snow from her face and wished the ground would swallow her whole as she saw a pair of thick brown hiking boots appear in front of her. Looking up into those cerulean eyes, she felt a deep flush start to build up her neck and over her face, and tears of embarrassment threatened to spring to her eyes.

"C'mon," he said kindly, offering his hand. "You didn't know it would be like this. It only just snowed last night. I wouldn't have thought to wear hiking boots if I hadn't slid on a patch of ice outside my cabin."

She smiled gratefully, once again taking his outstretched hand and pulling herself up. She squealed, however, when he swept down and picked her up, cradling her in his arms as if she weighed nothing as he trudged back toward Romilda.

"That being said," he added with a chuckle. "I do worry that my twin brothers might get the bright idea to pass the time by starting a snowball fight, so I would rather not have to watch you wobble around in those thoroughly impractical but undeniably sexy boots."

Lavender's blush deepened but shot Romilda a look of triumph as she saw the younger witch's nostrils flare in mild jealousy.

"That's not the worst idea, actually," Lavender said, a thought coming to her head after she had spent a few seconds revelling in Romilda's reaction. "A snowball fight, I mean."

Charlie glanced at her.

"You clearly have never had one against Fred and George," he joked.

"No, I mean for the photo shoot," Lavender said, glancing at Romilda. "Instead of Quidditch? I mean, we already have a 'Quidditch Hotties' section. Why not make this one a snowball fight? Boxers versus briefs."

Romilda's expression turned from mild envy to sparkling interest in less than a millisecond.

"That's perfect," she grinned. She fell into step with the two of them, her red boots crunching easily over the snow.

"I was kidding," Charlie said, looking down at the woman in his arms before staring at the woman at his side. Lavender twisted in his strong grip, capturing Romilda's excited gaze as they shared the brainwave.

"They'd have to be quick, spontaneous shots, which is perfect," the brunette said, pulling her pad and paper from one oversized pocket, "I haven't quite got the hang of Ginny's spare camera."

"Fred and George in boxers?" Lavender asked, watching Romilda write down notes furiously as they continued to walk through the dense tree line, coming out to a clearing that housed a dozen log cabins.

"Yup, Charlie and Bill in briefs. This is perfect, this will be perfect," the other woman said with conviction, dotting her 'I's violently.

"Um, sorry to interrupt," Charlie said, not sounding sorry at all, in fact he sounded quite concerned. Lavender was suddenly very aware of the muscles bunching in his arms and his hand resting against the back of her thighs, dangerously close to where the hem of her skirt and jacket fell.

"Not at all," Romilda said, blinking up at him with a smile that could have melted the snow around them.

Charlie didn't return the smile, but he did adjust his grip with a small bounce, the movement the only indication he was uncomfortable with the sudden, unwavering attention.

"It's just, you guys realize how cold it is out here, right?" he asked.

Romilda frowned, then blurted out the one thing Lavender wished she hadn't.

"You're worried about shrinkage, right?"

The blonde cringed, suppressing her groan at the complete lack of tact and how unprofessional the question came across. Charlie seemed to be just as taken aback, his hold on her slipping for just a second before he recovered, his hand a little higher up her thigh than it had been a moment earlier.

"Shrin…no, well, yes. I mean…that could be an issue…" he stuttered.

Lavender snuck a glance up at his face, finding the man blushing to his roots. The fact that anyone could make such a seemingly-confident and sexy man get flustered was intriguing, as if he wasn't used to bold female attention. And Romilda was never one to be subtle.

"You'll be out in the snow, ten minutes tops. I promise," the very-much-taken witch simpered, blinking up at him with a look that promised much more than a quick photo-shoot.

Lavender felt an irrational surge of jealousy course through her, watching her friend flirt with the man who was currently acting as her knight in shining armour. She made a mental note to remind Romilda about the boyfriend she had waiting at home. Surely even Cormac McLaggen, the most self-absorbed man since Merlin himself, would care that his girlfriend was flirting with other men.

They were interrupted from their discussion on shrinkage and weather when the door of the nearest cabin was flung open and Bill Weasley stepped out to greet them.

"Where the fuck have you been?" he asked, though the easy smile on his handsomely-scarred face showed his good nature.

"Sorry, Bill. Lav here had some issues landing," Romilda said with her dazzling smile, her attention on Charlie all but forgotten as she skipped over to the eldest Weasley. "I'm Romilda."

"Oh, yes," Bill said, giving her a smile of equal wattage. "You'd be the Romilda that Cormac McLaggen keeps going on about."

Lavender felt a smirk form on her lips as her friend blushed slightly.

"Er...yes. Cormac and I..."

"Are lovers," Lavender interrupted, milking the moment for all its worth as she jumped out of Charlie's arms, smoothing out her skirt and sauntering over to Bill, her hips sashaying from side to side to give the man behind her a good view of her curves. "Hi, Bill. We've met once, I think. At the Burrow."

She extended her hand and felt a wave of triumph once again as Bill gave her a sexy smirk, bending over her small wrist and dropping a kiss upon it while Romilda's nostrils flared in jealousy.

"Yes, I remember. Kept wondering what it was about my baby brother that made all the gorgeous birds flock to him. First Hermione then you and now Tonks...granted, he's met his match with Tonks," he said, his blue eyes sliding over her body with an appreciation that only the most discerning of ladies' men possessed.

"Yeah, they're a pair," Lavender agreed, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder as she regained the confidence she had lost when she had found herself hip-deep in snow. "Now, as much as I would love to catch up, I feel it's my duty to forewarn you that Romi and I have changed the plans a little bit."

Bill arched an eyebrow.

"Have you? In the," he glanced at his watch. "Five minutes since you landed?"

"They've decided to put us in briefs," Charlie said, and Lavender glanced behind her to see him leaning casually against a post, muscular arms crossed comfortably over his chest. "They've also told us not to worry about shrinkage," he added, a smile threatening to cross his handsome face.

Bill swallowed hard.

"Of the numerous things I was worried about, that wasn't one of them...until now," he said, running his hands over the faded leather jacket he was wearing.

"You won't be straddling a broomstick either, just in case you were worried about that," Romilda said, trying to bring the attractive redhead's attention back to her. "In fact, we're not putting any of you on brooms."

Bill frowned.

"How are we meant to play Quidditch if you're not giving us brooms?" he asked.

"They want us to have a snowball fight. You and I versus Fred and George," Charlie answered, a broad grin now pasted on his face as he watched the horror creep over his elder brother.

"You want us to fight against Fred and George? Are you insane?" Bill hissed.

"Did we hear our names?" a cheerful voice said behind the older man, and Lavender could have sworn she heard Bill groan as a pair of mischievous red heads popped around the door of the cabin.

"There are ladies present boys, behave yourselves," Charlie warned, smirking the whole time.

"Ah if it isn't Lav-Lav & our beautiful muse, Romilda," Fred grinned, holding his arms out wide as if to encompass them in a hug. Both women took a step back suspiciously.

Romilda's eyes widened and her cheeks became strained red, "Mu-muse, I don't know what you're talking about," she stuttered.

"Of course you do," George said, ignoring the witch who was now frantically shaking her head, turning to address his older brothers, "Romilda here is the one who gave our Ronnie that love potion back in his sixth year."

"Yup, she was our inspiration for the entire WonderWitch line," Fred piped in, laughing when she turned an impossible shade of red.

Bill laughed, "I didn't realize you were the same Romilda."

Lavender felt obligated to jump to her friends rescue, "That was a long time ago," she defended.

"Ah yes, can't say we were too disappointed to have missed you and Won-Won snogging behind all the tapestries at Hogwarts," George said, making a face.

"From what I heard there was a few times when they didn't quite make it…" Fred started but was abruptly cut off.

"Pants off. We don't have all day to be standing around in the snow," Lavender said, her voice sounding shrill even to her own ears.

Fred and George burst out laughing but began to remove the top layers of their winter clothing, "I love a demanding bird," one of them commented.

"I love how you two just take your clothes off without even knowing why," Charlie marvelled, pushing away from the post to tug at his overcoat.

"Any excuse," they chorused, shrugging.

Lavender and Romilda shared a look as the four men disrobed in record time. It was hard to know where to look, whether it was acceptable to just stare at them all in awe or to look away in some meek show of modesty.

Lavender found her eyes surreptitiously sliding in Bill's direction where he unashamedly displayed the scars left by the same werewolf that had scarred her. They drew attention to his broad shoulders and wide muscular chest, the barely visible smattering of hair adding to the effect of overall manliness.

It took her a moment to realize he was watching her too, the smirk on his face having nothing to do with the present conversation and everything to do with what he knew she was thinking. She blushed but met those blue eyes for a moment, letting him know just what a turn on those scars were.

"Oh my freaking Merlin," Romilda suddenly squealed in her ear, bringing her back to stark reality.

"Real professional," Lavender muttered out of the corner of her mouth, her eyes drifting away from Bill, who was taking off his pants as slowly as he could.

"Do you blame me?" her friend muttered back, her eyes fixed to the line of Bill's torso as he stretched his long body, thoroughly unfazed by the fact that he was, in fact, wearing yellow briefs.

"Gotta admire a man who can wear bold colours," Charlie teased, shucking his jeans to reveal a more conservative pair of grey briefs. Lavender swallowed hard as she tried not to notice the impressive bulge that both of the older Weasley brothers sported.

For the sake of her own sanity, she tried to avoid looking at the twins.

"How did you know Bill and Charlie would already be wearing briefs?" Fred asked as he pulled his jumper over his head.

"Or that we would be wearing underwear at all," George added, kicking off his boots as he stood comfortably topless in the snow.

"The only one I wasn't sure about was Bill, but clearly he decided to go with a cheerful theme today," Romilda said, turning toward the twins and her eyes immediately going to their groin. Lavender had known them too long to really be taken in by their boyish good looks but Romilda was far enough on the fringe of their social circle to be unabashedly admiring of the twins' good looks.

"Why weren't you sure about me?" Bill asked, trying to sound wounded and failing miserably.

"Really?" Charlie deadpanned to his brother, eyebrow arched. "This is the first time I've ever heard of you owning a pair of underwear, let alone seeing you wear a pair."

"Well, it was cold…"

"Alright!" Lavender said loudly, knowing that any conversation that started with undergarments could lead to places she wasn't entirely sure she was ready to confront while sober. "Let's get this show on the road."

"Not that I don't enjoy a brisk winter day in the semi-nude, but could you tell us why we had to disrobe?" Fred asked, dancing from one foot to the other as he got used to the cold ground.

"And I think it's only fair that you ladies shared the wealth. After all, we did show you ours…" George added with a playful wink that had Romilda blushing.

"You'll see nothing and like it," Lavender said, though from Bill and Charlie's heated gaze she wasn't entirely sure the idea was without merit.

"Spoil sport," George said.

"But back to the original question…" Fred asked again.

"Snowball fight. Boxers versus briefs. Go!" Romilda shouted, having pulled Ginny's spare camera from one of her many massive pockets and was starting to snap away as the ginger-haired men started running around the compound like schoolboys.

"Is it just a little weird that the twins are wearing identically-patterned boxers?" Lavender asked her shutter-happy friend.

"I'm not nearly as interested in the print as what's beneath them, Lav," Romilda replied, to which Lavender couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"Sometimes it amazes me that someone as man-crazy as you was even considered to work for this magazine," she said.

"I think it's a prerequisite, actually," Romilda replied, and the pair shared a grin.


"Hey!" Romilda screeched, "I will not be held responsible for your sisters camera being ruined. Aim for each other!"

Fred, or perhaps it was George, dropped the second snowball he had aimed at them and ducked as another flew his way. Lavender bit her lip as she brushed the powdery snow from her friend's jacket.

On the other side of the compound a few of the other Tamer's had ventured out into the cold to see what all the noise was about. The mostly male population of the Dragon Reserve seemed to have sensed that a sporting competition was taking place and were gravitating toward it.

"Romilda, we might need to wrap up before things get out of hand," Lavender pointing out, while her friend continued to snap away, the little light at the top of the camera popping up as dark clouds settled above them.

"Are you seriously suggesting we call an end to this gorgeous display of man flesh in action?"

"Who are you to be admiring their flesh? Don't you have McLaggen at your beck and call these days?" Lavender replied with a smirk, watching as one of the other Tamer's picked up a handful of snow, shaping it in his gloved palms.

"I wish. Cormac is too enamoured with himself half of the time to pay attention to the legions of women around him," Romilda replied with a sigh, following Bill and Charlie with the camera as they worked as a team to magically create an army of snowballs.

"The way you talk it's as if you see yourself as a passing fling," Lavender commented, chancing a glance at her friend before returning to the increasingly violent match.

"I just… it's only…" Romilda failed twice, cringing when a snowball hit Fred squarely in the chest, flinging him backwards into the snow.


"I just wish he would look at me," she blurted out, pulling the camera away from her face to stare at the blonde.


"I just want him to look at me. You know, the way Ron looks at Tonks, or Harry looks at Draco, or the way they have been looking at you since we got here," she finished, flinging the hand holding the camera in the direction of Bill and Charlie.

Lavender blushed, turning to look at them as they moved around the compound with ease, "He does look at you that way," she replied, feeling a little thrill to know that the heated looks shared between the three of them weren't all in her imagination.

"He does?" Romilda asked, clearing her throat quickly and bringing the camera back up to continue taking snaps.

"Of course, you're just so blinded by his perfect bloody teeth that you need sunglasses every time you look up at his face," Lavender snorted, effectively lightening the mood.

A few more shots of the scampering men had Lavender and Romilda satisfied that they would have something to show for their day in Romania. A few shots of each brothers separately - except for the twins, who Bill suggested be photographed together as no one would be able to tell them apart otherwise - and the two witches were putting the camera away.

Romilda didn't hide her displeasure as the four red heads quickly jumped back into their clothes.

"You know, if you want to stand around in your underwear, you won't get a complaint out of me," she said flirtatiously to Bill as he buttoned his jeans.

Lavender rolled her eyes.

"In the off-chance that you'd like to avoid hypothermia and frostbite, however, we understand," she added, nudging her friend as Romilda was once again distracted by the burns and scars that criss-crossed the eldest Weasley's body.

"Am I safe in assuming that your thinly-veiled attempt at flattery is only directed toward Bill, and the rest of us are free to avoid the aforementioned climate-induced consequences?" George asked lightly as he rubbed his arms, grinning ingenuously as Romilda threw him a glare.

"Jealous, boys?" Bill replied smartly, flexing his biceps with a grin at his brothers.

"Don't flatter yourself, darling brother. We have a pretty young witch waiting for us back home," Fred replied, though he flexed his own not-unimpressive bicep when he saw Romilda steal a glance his way.

Charlie shook his head with a chuckle, throwing his shirt over his shoulder as he strode topless toward his cabin. Lavender found herself following him with her eyes, admiring the way the second eldest Weasley's back muscles moved as he passed her. She swallowed hard as she watched drops of melted snow slide a path down his tanned skin.

George sighed.

"Fred, I believe we are once again out-matched by the brawn that is our dragon-tamer brother," he said.

Fred shrugged.

"That's alright. I'd rather continue being known as the brains of the family."

Bill snorted.

"Brains? You've been spending too much time huffing potion fumes, boys. Everyone knows the brains of the Weasley family is..."

"Ginny," both Romilda and Lavender interrupted, to which all four men turned and stared indignantly as the two witches descended into giggles.

Gathering her wits about her, Lavender looked at her watch and jumped slightly.

"Oh dear. Speaking of Ginny, we promised her we'd get her camera back to her by seven, Romi. We'll have to leave now if we want to make that very strict deadline."

"Must you go?" Charlie asked, leaning against the door frame of his cabin.

"Would you have me risk the wrath of your little sister? I haven't done anything to you."

"You mean, aside from making us strip to our skivvies and prance around in the snow?" Fred deadpanned.

"You loved every minute of it, so don't you start complaining now," Lavender replied smartly.

Fred sighed.

"I did enjoy it," he admitted. "But you present a good point, Lav-Lav. Some of us have work to be getting to. Why don't we share the port key back to Diagon Alley and you ladies can skip off to tell our darling sister of your scandalous afternoon with us?"

Romilda chuckled.

"She asked us, as a professional courtesy, to be as spare with the details as we can manage," she said. Then she turned to Lavender, whose gaze had drifted back to the topless Charlie and the smirking Bill. "Coming?"

"Huh?" Lavender asked, blushing as she caught both Charlie and Bill grin.

Romilda looked from her friend to the elder red heads and sighed.

"I suppose four people is one too many for the port key. Why don't I take the camera to Ginny and you can come back to London later with Bill?" she suggested, though her eyes met her friend with a mixture of mild disapproval and wild jealousy.

"Oh. No. I couldn't," Lavender said, though her sincerity was thoroughly unconvincing, which just made the men's grins broaden.

"I swear, you will spare me no details the minute you get back," Romilda murmured before Fred and George grabbed her firmly by each arm and started to walk away.

"Have fun, you three," Fred said genially, throwing a wave.

"Use protection!" George added, to which Lavender responded with a rather rude hand gesture.

When the three were out of sight, Lavender turned to the two men who were now watching her as if she were a delectable morsel of something.

She gave a small smile.

" wouldn't happen to have any firewhiskey, would you?"

Charlie smirked, gesturing toward the open door of his cabin.

"Right this way, m'lady," he said.

Looking between the two of them, Lavender crossed the threshold. A small shiver ran through her that had nothing to do with the cold when she felt one large hand settle on her lower back, guiding her into the warm cabin.

The interior was…neat. Well, as neat as a bachelor pad could get, Lavender concluded.

Two threadbare, but comfortable looking couches; a functional kitchen table with mismatched chairs and walls lined with bookshelves. Lavender had never taken Charlie for much of a reader, so she wasn't surprised when she saw his bookshelves weren't filled with books as much as small odds and ends he had collected over the years, as well as tarnished Quidditch trophy and a small, feebly-fluttering snitch. It all made for a very cluttered looking living space. A door to the left showed the narrow, dimly lit kitchen and a door to the right showed the single bedroom with the huge, unmade four-poster bed.

Charlie moved ahead to tend the low burning fire and Bill left her side and headed toward the kitchen. Lavender was left to remove her coat as she surveyed the modest surroundings and revaluate the situation she was walking into.

She had to repress the almost girly squeal that bubbled in her chest when it fully occurred to her that she was in the presence of not one, but two of Hogwarts hottest graduates in the last several decades. Charlie and Bill had become the stuff of legends in the girls' dormitories, their exploits chronicled in detail in many a girl's diary and more than a few gory details could be found on the inside of scattered lavatory doors.

Placing her coat neatly on the seemingly little-used coat rack, she walked slowly around the room to sit down, sternly reminding herself that she could be misjudging the situation and the two older men could simply be offering her a drink – a mere gesture.

But then, there was the way they both kept looking at her…

"Hot toddy?" Bill asked as he re-entered the room, breaking her confused thoughts.

"Thanks," she smiled, feeling a shiver down her arm when their hands brushed.

She took a grateful sip of the steaming drink, finally taking into account just how cold she was. As Bill took a seat on the couch next to her and Charlie settled back comfortably on the rug in front of the fire, she began plotting the best way to remove her now snow-encrusted leather boots as gracefully – and surreptitiously – as possible.

"It's funny, we're the ones who have been running around naked in the snow, yet you're the one who's looking a little blue," the younger of the two men commented with a chuckle before putting down his mug and moving toward her.

Lavender felt her pulse speed up when the muscular redhead reached for her left foot, as if he had been reading her mind the entire time. His deft, calloused fingers ran up her ankle and calf, stopping at her knee to grip the edge of the ruined black leather. Before she could take a shuddering breath, the soggy footwear was tossed to the side and his fingers seemed to be creeping higher still.

"You really will freeze to death if you stay in these wet clothes," he grinned up at her.

If it weren't for Bill's quick reflexes, she would have dropped the streaming drink down her lap. As it was, he caught the mug just in time, setting it to the side out of harm's way while simultaneously sliding closer to her.

"I think we can think of a few ways to warm you up," Bill breathed in the witch's ear, and Lavender was certain she had died and gone to heaven when she felt hot, teasing butterfly kisses press lightly against her neck.

"I…I…" she stammered, trying to come up with something pithy and coherent but Charlie's fingers were dancing nimbly over her skin, kneading into her tired muscles while Bill's sinfully-salacious lips worked upon every nerve ending she possessed.

In the end, she decided to give up on speech altogether and let out a long, breathy moan.

Charlie chuckled.

"Seems to be doing the trick," he said, and Lavender was certain the comment was directed toward his brother because both men seemed fully aware that she was melting into a puddle of thoroughly-seduced female fantasy.

Charlie's fingers slid further up her thigh at the same moment that Bill's teasing teeth nibbled at her earlobe. Whether it was the idea that she was careening towards a decidedly non-platonic encounter with the two men, or the realization that she was about to have sex for the first time in longer than she cared to think about, Lavender sat up straight, nearly kicking Charlie and head-butting Bill in the process.

"Everything alright?" Bill asked, eyes slightly hooded as his gaze travelled down her body, taking in her heaving breasts and long, stockinged legs.

"Er…yes," she said, smoothing out her skirt nervously. "Um…but this whole thing…"

"Are you saying you don't want to?" Charlie asked, and had Lavender been in a better state of mind, she would have been slightly aggravated by the cocky disbelief in his voice.

"I'm not exactly sure what…what I'm agreeing to," she stated, as delicately as she could.

The brothers exchanged a look.

"We're not going to do anything you don't want us to do to you," Bill said.

"And that list can be as short – or as long – as you'd like it to be," Charlie added, a smug half-smirk gracing his freckled face.

"I just…the dynamics of…that is to say, I've never…"

She couldn't get the words out, and feeling rather like a blushing schoolgirl, Lavender closed her eyes to avoid looking at the amusement that lay in the matching sapphire orbs of the older men.

"Lav…love," Bill said, and she almost jumped when the voice came from right next to her ear. "I'm more of a…hands-off…type of bloke. I prefer…dictating."

Lavender opened her eyes and turned to look at the man's scarred face, utterly perplexed.

"Dictating?" she asked.

"Yes," he said simply. "For example, I have a feeling Charlie really wants to kiss you. And I think he should. Now."

Before she could comprehend his words, Lavender found herself engulfed by the dragon tamer, his lips descending on hers and stealing her breath. Momentarily frozen, her confusion was no match for his fiery insistence, and within seconds she had parted her lips to him, fingers raking through the tumble of red locks she had wanted to run her hands through since the moment he had appeared from the woods.

Kissing Charlie was like nothing Lavender had ever come close to experiencing before. He took her to a level of eroticism she hadn't realized existed. Clothed or unclothed, he brought out a need that made her tug his hair and press her body wantonly against him. She needed to breathe but felt absolutely no compulsion to do so if it meant leaving his lips for even the briefest of moments.

It was like consuming heat itself, tinged with an icy edge that kept her from bursting into flame. He tasted like firewhisky, snow and a crisp winter. She knew, somewhere in what was left of her conscious mind, that it was silly to think that someone tasted like a crisp winter. But to her, Charlie tasted like that magical moment when the weather hinted at the season that brought fireside hot chocolate and warm woolly socks.

Perhaps it had been the snowy romp, but Lavender didn't care where the feelings came from. She just let herself be consumed.

"I think," Bill's husky, disembodied voice floated through the air, "That we'd all be more comfortable in the bedroom."

Lavender barely had time to process the suggestion before she once-again found herself in Charlie's arms, moving toward the small bedroom with the enormous bed. This time, however, there was no pretence of modesty on his part. His calloused hands gripped her thighs beneath her skirt, their strength promising everything as she took the opportunity to breathe and regain some sense of reality.

He tossed her upon the downy duvet and she bounced, pulling herself up against the pillows and watching as he slowly slid his belt out of his buckle, the thick strap of leather slapping gently against the muscle of his upper thigh as he left it to unbutton his trousers.

Bill stood motionless at the doorframe, staring at Lavender's heaving body upon the bed.

"Take off your blouse," he demanded of her, his blue eyes dark with desire.

Lavender swallowed, her gaze moving from the undressing redhead to the fully-clothed one and still having absolutely no idea which one was sexier. As she brought her trembling fingers to the buttons of her cream blouse, she couldn't help but hope that Bill didn't remain clothed for long.

She slipped the admittedly-prim garment off her shoulders and dropped it over the side of the bed, aware of the scars that criss-crossed her skin but for the first time in her life she found that she was not self-conscious about it. Both men in front of her had their share of scars. They wore them with honour. She felt she should as well.

"You are stunning," Charlie whispered as he sat at the edge of the bed, his fingers starting to dance up her arms to trace the delicate lines of scar tissue over her neck and shoulders.

"Close your eyes, love," Bill said, his voice allowing no room for argument while still maintaining its gentle, sexy tenor. Lavender shivered, letting her eyes drift closed in order to focus completely on Charlie's touch.

His fingers slid down the tops of her breasts before making sensual circles around her lace-covered nipples. She let out a breath, the electricity racing over her nerves before bolting to her core, gooseflesh coating her skin. He didn't, however, linger. She felt his warm palms flatten against her bare stomach, both hands caressing her as if she were made of clay and he the master sculptor.

It was, by far, the sexiest thought that had crossed her mind in a very long time.

As one hand slid to rest under the waistband of her skirt, still against her stomach, the other moved to the zipper. He brought it down so slowly and in her hyper-focused state, she could feel the tiny vibrations of its metal teeth against her skin.

The mattress dipped as a third body joined them in bed. She opened her eyes briefly to find Bill had pushed off from his position against the door frame and felt her pulse begin to thrum harder against her throat.

Her eyelids fluttered closed again when Charlie's hand dipped beneath the waistband of her skirt, his rough digits seeking the heat that threatened to send her out of her mind. She arched her hips, her behaviour leaving no question about exactly what she wanted.

He removed the remainder of her clothing with great dexterity, distracting her with yet another mind searing kiss that left her breathless with passion. His lips moved down her body, teasing her nipples, tickling her ribs and naval, before pausing above the neatly trimmed patch of hair between her thighs.

She felt Bill move beside her before he whispered in her ear, "Open your legs, love."

Lavender couldn't stop the shiver that coursed down her spine at his roughly-spoken command, nor could she stop the almost involuntary spreading of her thighs. She felt wicked and more than a little exposed as both men made indecipherable sounds of appreciation.

Charlie's fingers coursed a track back up her bare legs, his hair falling in his eyes as he made his way up her body. She felt the tension she hadn't known she was carrying around her shoulders leave her body in one long breath when he finally touched her.

He pressed his entire palm against her core and gently flexed his fingers; his lips searing hers as the most unexpected pleasure arose from the simple move. Her hips arched in response, the sensitive skin pulling against his hand and she was forced to let out a shuddering breath against his lips.

He kissed her for several long minutes, until she was almost out of her mind and close to the point of begging for more. Somehow she had become sprawled across the bed, and it was a moment longer before she realized that it was Bill's thigh she was using as a pillow. Charlie chose that moment of clarity to move down her body, his tongue delving where his fingers had been, and those same fingers moving on to explore deep inside her.

She threw her head back in a silent scream of pleasure, her eyes meeting the eldest Weasley brother as he watched on. She noted the slight parting of his lips and the way his chest rose and feel a little too quickly – he really did get off on watching.

He spoke into the heated silence, his eyes never leaving hers, "Just get on with it, Charlie. Fuck her already."

Lavender tore her gaze away from Bill's when Charlie crawled back up her body, her breath leaving her in one long jagged puff as she caught the look in his eyes. The stories whispered around Gryffindor Tower hadn't done him justice.

His heavy member brushed between her legs, seeking her wet heat with determination as he settled into her arms. Lavender's whole body quaked in anticipation as his throbbing length once again bumped into her swollen nub, deliberately sending her wild.

"Do you like him touching you?" Bill whispered in her ear, "Do you want him to fuck you?"

She could only manage a garbled moan as a delicious heat began to spread from her belly and out to her limbs.

"Just say the words Lav, tell us what you want." The whisper had turned into a rough growl, "Tell him how much you need his cock inside you."

Charlie chose that moment to grip her ankles, bending her legs up and out at an angle that would afford all three an unobstructed view. Lavender was so turned on by this point that it didn't occur to her that she should be embarrassed by the exposure.

"Oh sweet Merlin…" she gasped when he brushed against her again, "Please."

Her head fell back when Charlie brushed a little lower, allowing just the tip of his cock to enter her waiting heat. The overwhelming sensation didn't last long, however, and he withdrew and went back to rubbing against her, finding a rhythm that told her he could go on like that for quite a while. She was certain she was going to burst into flames at any given moment.

"Please, Charlie," she begged, thrashing her head from side to side in frustration.

Bill was once again back in her ear, his fingers snaking into her hair, holding her still until she was forced to focus on him, "Tell him, be specific."

Lavender stared into his eyes, watched the excitement build in them as she formed the words, "Fuck me. I want you to fuck me."

Charlie needed no more encouragement than that, his body tensing as he stopped his teasing and thrust into her, long and hard. Lavenders toes curled, her fingers biting into Charlie's forearms as he arched his spine, flexed his hips and filled every inch of her.

"So hot, so tight," he gasped, holding still as her body adjusted to his size. He pulled out slowly, making sure she felt every delicious inch before thrusting back into her with equal care.

His pace was slow, leisurely and controlled. She quivered beneath him, her thighs shaking as small gasps escaped her at every pump of his hips.

"More," she moaned, looking down at where their bodies met, the erotic sight causing her to cry out.

Charlie readjusted his grip on her ankles, pressing her limbs almost to the mattress in a test of her flexibility. Not only did he increase the pace of his thrusts but he also changed his angle, as if sensing the spot deep within her that had her seeing stars. With each inward thrust he would brush against it, and each time he withdrew – never quite leaving her body – he would drag back over it again.

She closed her eyes and her head fell back against Bill's thigh. She felt her orgasm begin to build, the heavy sensation beginning and an overwhelming fullness taking over her. It was suddenly hard to catch her breath, her chest rising and falling with great gasps.

Charlie began to increase the speed of his thrusts, never once losing his rhythm or missing that sensitive spot. She felt her inner walls beginning to clench, and all at once she forgot to breathe as her release swept over them, wave after wave of contractions making it nearly impossible for him to remain in control.

Lavender bucked wildly against him, her nails raking down his forearms as she became lost in the most magnificent, toe-curling orgasm she had ever had.

It was several long minutes before her body came back down to Earth, her breath still coming in short gasps. She slowly became aware that Charlie was still imbedded firmly inside her, hard as a rock – her body gave a feeble pulse at the knowledge.

He was kissing her neck, one hand leisurely playing with her nipples, waiting patiently for her to pay attention to him. Lav reached out a hand to brush the hair out of his eyes and he grinned up at her before moving up to capture her lips.

"Can you kneel?" he whispered huskily a few moments later, barely pulling back from her mouth.

Lavender felt as limp as a noodle and wasn't even sure she could keep her eyes open, let alone move her whole body. Charlie took her silence as a yes, however, and slid her arms around his neck. She suddenly found herself upright, his body dislodged from his as he manoeuvred her around to face his brother on her knees, with little to no effort on his part.

Bill grinned up at her, his body relaxed against the pillows, his eyes sweeping over her flushed, naked body with appreciation. She licked her lips and took note of the bulge in his jeans, wondering once again what he would look like without his clothes on.

"It's probably best you hold onto the bed post," he informed her, indicating the carved timber pole behind him with a tip of his head. The look in his eyes told her that it wasn't a suggestion, and she felt a thrill go through her when she obeyed with almost no hesitation.

Charlie used his knee to nudge her legs apart. His palm slid up her waist to cup her breasts and once again she felt the brush of his rigid manhood against her swollen core. The sensations were different this time, her body still trembling from her first orgasm, anticipating what it now knew was coming.

He entered her the same time one hand slid down to play with her tight nub, making her cry out. His chest plastered to his back as he held her to him, her head falling back against his shoulder as he pumped into her pliant body with almost forceful strokes.

Charlie supported her entire weight, dragging her body against his, his fingers never stopping their relentless movement over her. She couldn't stop the pleasured screams from escaping her as he took her with such utter possession.

It wasn't long before she felt his rhythm begin to falter, her own body becoming impossibly tight, the harsh breathing in the room turning to inherent cries. It took her another moment before she realized she was almost sobbing, begging him for the release that seemed so close.

Charlie's fingers dug almost painfully into her breast, the hand that sat at the junction of her thighs stopped their restless movement and for one impossible second there was no sound or movement in the bedroom.

He broke first, his cries loud and ragged, his hips pumping so quickly she would have fallen if she hadn't been gripping onto the bed post so tight. She felt her second orgasm sweep over her, making her whole body quiver with the force of it.

By the time he released her from his arms, her exhausted body slumping over Bill's maddeningly-clothed form, her voice was hoarse and she feared her breathing would never return to normal.

"Sweet Merlin," she gasped, turning languidly onto her back, her arms stretching above her head, "That was…" Amazing, erotic, mind-blowingly hot, she thought, "…wow." She ended with a sigh, tipping her head back, her body aching in places she wasn't aware could ache.

She felt movement near her feet and raised her head enough to watch Charlie push himself up to sit at the end of the bed.

He turned around and winked at her, "Hungry?" he asked, already standing, unabashedly naked. Her stomach chose that moment to growl loudly, reminding her that breakfast had been almost eight hours ago.

She couldn't stop the smile that formed on her lips, "Starving," she replied.

Charlie strode from the bedroom and she was suddenly left with Bill. She raised herself on her elbows and twisted her body to look back at him.

He reached out to twist a strand of hair around his fingers, a look of satisfaction on his face, "What?" he asked.

Lavender opened her mouth, wanting to ask a thousand questions but not knowing how. Bill leant forward, his lips brushing over hers so lightly she would have barely called it a kiss at all.

He pulled back enough to whisper in her ear, "I know it doesn't make much sense to you, but I really did enjoy watching. The sight of you in the grips of such passion will be the thing of my fantasies for a very long time."

Lavender shivered with the erotic thought, remembering Bill's commands, his control of the situation and the look in his eyes when those commands had been blindly followed. In a strange way it had all added to the heightened sensuality of the situation.

She turned her head and kissed him quickly, her lips still tingling from Charlie's mouth, "I wouldn't have minded if you had decided to…"

Bill cut her off, "You never know. There is always next time."

Lavenders eyes widened, "Next time?" she squeaked.

The mattress dipped as Bill slid off the bed, holding out his hand to her, a wicked grin transforming his handsome features.

Charlie called out from the other room, "It doesn't look like you two will be going anywhere soon. The snow's set in."

Her eyes whipped to the windows but the dark had set in and couldn't see anything. Bill took her momentary distraction to tug her off the bed, pulling her toward the smell of cooking bacon and the warm open fire.

Charlie looked up from where he stood hanging off the fridge door, a sexy grin spreading when he caught sight of her naked form coming toward him.

"I hope you don't mind, you're going to have to wait out the storm until morning," he said, his eyes sweeping up and down her body with appreciation, the glint she saw there making her body quiver. Bill's promise would definitely be coming sooner rather than later.

No, indeed, Lavender thought, stretching her body to give both men an eyeful. I don't mind at all.

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