Spoiler alert for early season nine references. It's not that I like writing anxious Abby but I do like writing white knight (with so few words) Gibbs.


Striding into LAbby in response to her call the first thing he notices is that there's no music playing and then that Abby is seated at her desk hugging Bert.
"What's wrong Abs?"
She slams Bert down on her desk and begins to pace the lab avoiding looking at him. "Nothing Gibbs. Nothing. I mean apart from everything. It's all wrong and everything is changing. You know I don't like change." She stops and glares at him. "Ziva and Ray, rumors Timmy might be offered a job in Japan, my family stuff, Jimmy about to be married, Mike dying. What is happening around here Gibbs? Are the planets out of alignment or something? Did someone break a mirror? It's all too much."
"I'm here. Whatever happens we'll deal with it together." He takes a step toward her.
"No." She glares and steps back. "You've left before. Do not make me a promise you can't keep."
He just stares at her for an increasingly uncomfortable minute. "You should know better Abby. I can't promise you I will always be here but you know where-ever I am if you needed me I would come."
With a hesitant smile she steps towards him again and nods. "Yeah, I do know it. Sorry. I think the late nights on the case this week are getting to me."
"Well come on then." He holds out an arm to her.
"Where are we going?"
"I'm taking you to get something to eat and then home to get some rest. Things will look brighter when you're rested."
"But first there's something I need to do." She grins.
"Can't it wai.." his response his cut off by a typically bone crushing hug.
"Thanks. Now let's get out of here." She begins to gather her things.
"Don't forget Bert."
She picks him up and they leave the lab arm in arm.