OMFGSkittlez: Yeah! I'm back and if you read any of my other stories then you should know why it took so long though I decided that this story is an acception to the rule because this one is mostly you guys and because I have some major writters block for the chosen spacific and I'm not making much sense or am I just rambleing? Oh and I do not own InuYasha!

I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: A little of both

Taylor: Is KougasGirl4eva back with Kouga yet?

OMFGSkittlez: No they're still on their honeymoon. But... I got a post card from Vagas!

Taylor and I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: Let me see! Let me see!

OMFGSkittlez: Not yet!

Taylor and I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: Awwwww...

Taylor: Why aren't we in the studio?

OMFGSkittlez: The new one or the old one?

Taylor: The new one

OMFGSkittlez: The boys are but the girls are out here with us thanks to a special request from Blooddance which just for your information I put a twist on

I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: What was it?

OMFGSkittlez: You'll see I'm sure every one will notice

Taylor: Come on

OMFGSkittlez: Nope. I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell I want you to blind fold all the girls got it?

I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: Got it! *blind folds all the girls* Done!

OMFGSkittlez: Good Now OPEN THE DOORS!

Miroku: *Sing Song voice* What's the password?

OMFGSkittlez: *Sighs* I'm not gonna say it

InuYasha:*sing song voice* We won't let you in until you doooooo!

OMFGSkittlez: If you don't let me in I'll kick you where the sun don't shine

Sesshomoru: *Giggle* *Girly Voice* It's shining there now!

*All the girls mouths drop*

OMFGSkittlez: Did you open the curtains!

Naraku:*Prettyest Gay Boy voice Ever* I burned them down down down*you can hear Fun House by pink playing in the background* Eh-Hee!

OMFGSkittlez: That's it this door is coming down Help me out I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell

I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: Got it

*I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell and OMFGSkittlez charge the door and break it down*

InuYasha: *Girly Voice* Ahhh! Evasive Manuver Alpha-Delta-Squirrel

*All the blindfolds fall off the girls faces and thier jaws drop and cheeks flame red as the see all the male InuYasha Characters Running around naked and flipping over tables just to hide behind them with buckets full of whipped cream*

Sesshomoru: *Girly voice* The Perimeter's been breached fire at will!

All the Guys: *Girly War Cry* Fire! *Throws whipped cream at the girls who are dodging and throwing it back*

Kagome: Throw it down South Girls we don't need to see that! Ahh!*gets pegged in the face with whipped cream*

Sango: We've got a girl down! I repeat we have a girl down!*scoops the whipped cream off Kagome's face and throws it a Miroku who gets hit in the chest and fall down with a girly squeal* Live Kagome Live!

Kagome: *Gasps dramatically* I'm Alive! Now help me get em all down

Sango: Yeah!

I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: What was the request and what was the twist! *dodges a handful of whipped cream and throws two back sucessfully knocking over Sesshomoru and Naraku*

OMFGSkittlez: Naked guys and whipped cream fight was the request and I added them all being on major Sugar Rush *Dodges one handful of whipped cream and pegs InuYasha in the ear with another*

I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: Who would ask for that?

OMFGSkittlez: I told you already and I don't care what you think I'm enjoying this whipped cream fight!

*eventually all the whipped cream melted and they had to take showers and everyone (even the boys) came out in clean clothes*

OMFGSkittlez: *still laughing* Oh that was so fun

I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: Yeah it was

Taylor: Okay let's get started on the dares

I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: Okay so here's our first set of Dares for this Chapter


2010-07-27 . chapter 5

Your stuff is awesome plus funny which equals amazing it would be sooo awesome if i could co-host so i can personally KILL kikiyou well here are my dares

1 make sessy and kagura make out

2 kanna gets emotions and falls in love with shippo

3 naraku has to be gay until he dies and kisses jakousto

3 all the girl (maybe you) have to kiss all the guys randomly

Inuluna:*laughs evily*

Can you make kikyou kill herself and then come back to life and eat bankosto with hot sauce then try to strangle jaken after that can she die?

OMFGSkittlez: Okay lets welcome to the studio Inuluna

Inuluna: *Randomly appears in the studio on a computer typing rapidly*

I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: Ah-Hem Inuluna

Inuluna: Huh? Wha... Where am I?

OMFGSkittlez: Like I said lets welcome Inuluna to the studio!

Everyone: *Claps and Cheers*

Miroku:*Cat calls*

Sango: Down Miroku!

Miroku: *slammed face-first into the ground*

I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: Welcome and here *pulls Tokijin from Sesshomoru*use Tokijin(sp?) to kill kikyou!

Kikyou: Hey!

Inuluna: Yeah! *Uses Tokijin to push kikyou off the roof of an 80 story building*

Kagome: *Kisses InuYasha*

I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: Hey look your dares already in play!

Inuluna: Cool!

Taylor: Sesshomoru Kagura!

Fluffy and Kagura: *Making out*

Taylor: Well that was fast...

Kanna: I feel

Everyone: *Gasp* What!


Everyone: 0_o?

Shippo: *Backing away slowly* Uuhhhmmm...

Kanna: *Kisses Shippo*

OMFGSkittlez: Look there it goes again!

Inuluna: *Happy Dance*

Naraku: *Prettyest Gay Boy voice Ever* Eh-Hee! *Standing on a unicorns back as it galops over a rainbow twords Jakoutso's open arms on one foot with the other out behind him and his arms open like a bird and then jumps off the unicorn and into Jakoutso's arms then kisses him and falls over dead*

Everyone: WTF! 0-0

Kikyou: *is magically revived then kills herself and is dead again*

Everyone: =^..^= =D

Inuluna: *Kisses InuYasha*

I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: Look see it's even working on you!

OMFGSkittlez: *Kisses Sesshomoru* Ewww... I kissed my Dog! It says he my dog on my profile page.

Eveyone: Ewww...


I-Hate-Kikyou-to-Hell: Next Dare


2010-07-05 . chapter 5


heres a list of dares and truths for them all (evil smirk :D)


-kag marry inu

-shippu LET ME HUG U 4 EVER ^_^

-inu drink 50 cans of a soda and be forced to wet your kimono on camcorder, then give the footage to shippu for blackmail uses

-miroku eat your weight in oreos without puking

-sango give miroku a piggy back ride to canida and back

-sess act like a cute little puppy

-rin turn inu and sess into 5yr olds with the free super powers im about to give u (*gives super powers)


-kag do u want your babys to have puppy ears?

-inu what is your worst (most embarrising) fear or phobia?(e.g the dark or spiders or somthing)

-shippu do u think of inu as your dad because kags ur mum?

-miroku if u could swap bodys with any of the gang, who would it be?

-sango is mirokus (u know what) big or small?

-sess was there ever a time u loved your brother?

rin- would u date shippu?


(OO) wooooot goooo apple PIE!

Kagome and InuYasha: *Walk off to go get married in demon terms because human terms can wait*

Sango: *Sigh* Lets go

Miroku: Yeah *hops on Sangos back as he sets in on his 12th case of oreos*

Sang: *Sighs and starts for Canada*

Sesshomoru: *crawls up to Rin and rolls over on his back panting as he waits for Rin to scratch his belly*

Rin: *Scratches Sesshomorus belly and giggles as he starts to kick his leg*

Kagome: *walkes back on screen and sighs contentedly waiting for InuYasha and Shippo to come back with the camera and the empty soda cans*

Rin: *Magically zaps InuYasha and Sesshy into 5 year olds*

Kagome Yeah I do want them to have his ears

InuYasha: *Shivers* Spiders

Shippo: Yeah I do kind of now

Miroku: Sango

Sango: *blush* Small

Sesshomoru: Not really

Taylor: *walks in with a pie in her hands* Well that was rather boring

OMFGSkittlez: Well watching men frolic in all their glory is tiring

Everyone: *Nods and eats apple pie*

Taylor: Read and review!