Hey guys…it's me…


Don't hate me please!

I am really terribly sorry that I haven't updated in forever!

School started for me on August 12 and since then my life has not

been my own. I haven't had time for ANYTHING. However, I might be able to

update my things this coming week.

I'm going to a trip to Virginia and maybe- just maybe I'll have time during my break from school to post an update or two for my stories.

I feel horrible because I wasn't able to meet the challenge for my story "Mandy Returns." I was feeling good about the story and everything but I don't have TIME. That's the worst part about this all. You can look forward to updates during Christmas break though. xD I know I'll have free time then.

So, I just thought I should let you know what I'm up to.

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Please understand that I'm in my senior year and I am buried under AP work, after-school activities and college applications.

xoxo Krys.