Author's Note: This one is rated T, because there's cussing. In Kaiba's defense, he's had a bad day… .

A is for Ankle

Joey knew his lover was tired the moment he heard the front door close; usually, it was slammed shut, so the brunet must have been too exhausted to slam it properly. Then, instead of the careful, obsessively meticulous placement of his briefcase and shoes, there was the thump of metal hitting the ground and twin bangs of shoes being kicked off and—most likely—hitting the wall.

Peeking into the living room, the blond found his lover strewn across the couch. …Sort of like a dead person. Okay, that was a horrible thought.

When the brunet didn't even acknowledge he was there, he softly called, "…Seto?"


Joey rolled his eyes. Well, he sounded like a dead person. The only way he would have sounded more like one was if he had said, "Braaaains…"

"How was work?"


Joey frowned. Seto hadn't made a move to remove his face from the pillow he'd shoved it into. Was he trying to smother himself? "Seto?"

Seto groaned and at least got into a sitting position—with his head thrown over the back of the couch. The pillow was left on the cushions, where it belonged. …Not smothering him. "I want to die."

Sighing, the blond shook his head, then walked over and sat down in front of him on the floor; the CEO hadn't even noticed that he was only wearing a pair of boxer briefs and an over-large t-shirt because it was so late. "Was work that bad today?"

"…Scratch that. I want to live—all of my employees should die."

"Ah." Joey smiled a little as he lifted one of the brunet's feet and began to rub it. When the older boy moaned loudly, he giggled a little. "That feel good?"

Seto slouched against the couch even more. "You have magical hands, Joseph Wheeler."

"What happened at work today to make you so tired?" the blond asked, glancing up at him momentarily before looking back at what he was doing.

"I had a meeting with stock holders this morning. Then the idiots downstairs did something to short-circuit the mainframe. I had to run around the entire building trying to figure out just exactly where it happened because everyone was too cowardly to tell me—fired the bastards when I did find them—"

"Mm hmm…" Joey leaned in and began placing gentle kisses along his ankles as he continued to rub his feet.

"—So I had to fix every— What are you doing?" Seto asked, looking down at him in surprise. "Puppy?"

The blond ran his tongue along the bone on the inside of his ankle and hummed softly. "Do ya not like it?"

The older boy groaned and let his head fall back again. "No, I like it, I just…"

"Then stop complainin' and just sit and enjoy it," Joey ordered, going back to what he was doing, before nibbling gently on his Achilles tendon. He took particular pride in the long, drawn-out moan he got from the older boy at that.

He listened to the brunet mumble about his day for a few more minutes, then frowned a little when he trailed off. Glancing upward, he sighed, then giggled a little. His lover was fast asleep, snoring softly. Well, it wasn't how he'd planned to end the day, but it wasn't too bad.

Laying the passed-out CEO flat on the couch, he placed the pillow that had once smothered him beneath the brunet's head, then went to get a duvet from the nearest closet. Once he had it in hand, Joey went back to his lover and pushed him as far back against the back of the couch as he could, then lied down and snuggled up against him. He took a few moments to situate the duvet over them comfortingly, then turned and nuzzled into his chest, sighing softly as he pondered whether Seto would be just as tired if the mainframe hadn't short-circuited or not. Then, he decided it didn't really matter.

Because sometimes Seto just needed to be spoiled and pampered.