Author's Note: OHMYGOD it's the last chapter! D: Well, it was nice while it lasted, right? I may add other chapters later, but don't hold your breaths, okay? Because I can't guarantee when it would be.

Anyway, rated M because this is the end of the whole "before" thing. I know, I said it was ending at part two, but… I lied. Besides, I decided I'd end with something fluffy and smutty at the same time. In that case, it would be called smuffy, right? :D

Z is for Ze End!!!

"Seto… I… Do ya wanna have sex with me?" Joey asked timidly, reaching up to anxiously play with his bangs.

All of the papers in Seto's hands promptly fell to the ground as he turned to stare at the blond in shock. "…What was that, puppy?"

"You wanna have sex with me… right?" the younger boy repeated, feeling more than a little insecure. Had he been wrong? He'd thought that… Perhaps Seto didn't want to have sex with him…

"What are you talking about? Of course I want to have sex with you!" the brunet exclaimed, throwing his hands up in disbelief. "Do you know how many cold showers I've had to take after we make-out?! The only reason I don't jump you when you bend over to pick up the laundry is because I want to make your first time special!"

Joey jerked backward in surprise, then frowned. "Okay, ya don't hafta yell." He fidgeted a little while longer before smiling up at him nervously. "…Ya wanted t' make it special for me?"

Seto sighed and cupped the blond's cheeks. "Of course I do. It's your first time. I want to make it a night you'll never forget." He smiled a little. "Contribute it to ego if you want, but I want you to remember it as the best night of your life."

Blushing, the blond averted his eyes for a few moments, then looked back up at him. "I… I want that. I think I'm ready now." He frowned when this didn't force an immediate reaction of his bones being jumped. He grew concerned when a few minutes later, the older boy continued to stare at him, blinking occasionally, but not saying anything. "…Seto?

Hearing the insecurity and worry in the younger boy's voice was probably what snapped him out of it. The brunet blinked at him for a few more moments before immediately turning away. "I will be in the bedroom tonight. Be there at nine."

"…Seto? Why at nine?"

"I need to get Mokuba over to one of his friend's house without telling him exactly why and I need to find the lube I want to use with you."

Joey blushed and covered his cheeks. "Eep! Don't say things like that out loud! Someone could hear ya!"


Joey wasn't sure whether he should knock or not. Sure, it was his room too, but Seto had shut himself in there at eight o'clock and hadn't come out since. He picked anxiously at the red nightgown he'd been given earlier and bit his bottom lip as he tried to decide whether or not to just go in. Seto had forced it on him and demanded he wear it. He didn't really have a problem with wearing it, since the brunet had actually said please, but he was a little offended that he was treating him like such a girl.

Well, Seto had said to come at nine o'clock. Just to be safe, he tapped lightly on the door and pulled it open. "Seto?"

He blushed brightly as he saw the dozens of red and white candles lit around the room, leaving a sweet, alluring scent, and heard soft, sweet music playing in the background. The covers were turned down to show red satin sheets, and the pillows that usually sported simple white cotton were covered in red silk. Everything was beautiful, but… where was Seto?

Joey gasped and jumped as a pair of hands grabbed his hips, then sighed and turned his head, frowning. "Don't scare me like that…"

"How do you like it?" Seto asked quietly, sliding his hands around to rest on the blond's stomach before sliding around further to trap him in his embrace. "God, I didn't really expect you'd do this. The shirt, maybe, but never the panties…" He began placing small, short kisses along his neck. "Thank you, puppy."

"Ah… You… Ya said please, an' I… Seto—" The blond mewled as the older boy's lips caught his weak spot, then parted to allow his teeth to turn him into a puddle of puppy goo. "Oh, Seto… Please…"

The brunet reached down and slid his fingers over the crease where the younger boy's thigh met his hip. "Shall we take this to the bed?"

Joey blushed again and hesitantly nodded. "Okay." He gasped again as the brunet scooped him up and hurriedly wrapped his arms around the older boy's neck. "Oh Seto-! …A little warnin' would be nice…"

Laying the blond on the bed, Seto chuckled and began to climb over him, leaving one leg on the ground in case he had to go get something. "But then I wouldn't get to see all of your adorable expressions, puppy. Besides… I don't want you to do anything tonight but feel pleasure."

"Oh!" The blond's cheeks turned a darker shade of red as the older boy's fingers trailed between his cheeks, taking great pause to press at his entrance. "S-Seto!"

"You look so beautiful in red, puppy. Especially see-through, lacy nightgowns," the brunet whispered, smiling. "And panties. I was expecting to deal with boxers, but when you wear these…" His fingers trailed upward over the younger boy's cock, making him mewl and arch his back wantonly. "…I can touch you more intimately without having to take them off. I always knew your ass would look cute in lace."

Joey bit his bottom lip anxiously as the brunet spread his legs with one hand, the other slipping up his nightgown to leave trails of fire along his torso. "Oh… Oh, Seto… Please…"

"If you could see yourself now, puppy," the older boy cooed, placing his hands on the blond's hips and slowly dragging them down to hook his fingers in his panties. "God, I've fantasized about what you'd look like, but none of the images my mind made up will ever compare to how you look now."

The blond blushed even more as his panties were pulled down his thighs. "…Really?"

"You're so beautiful," Seto assured him, then hooked his arms beneath the blond's legs. Moaning quietly, he rubbed his cheek against his inner thigh before beginning to kiss and nip it. "So beautiful…"

"Oh…!" Joey squeaked in embarrassment and covered his mouth. "S-Seto! Please! D-don't leave hickeys down there! What if someone sees-!?"

The brunet lifted his gaze to his face, eyes darkening possessively. "They shouldn't be looking down here to see. You are mine."

"Ah…!" He blushed as the older boy released one of his legs in favor of doing something else that ended with a snap, leaving it to slide back to the bed while the other was still held up. It was sort of uncomfortable, but as his nose was filled with the scent of strawberries and he felt the brunet's fingers pressing at his entrance, he realized that it was necessary—because he wasn't about to do this without lube. "Seto…"

Seto moaned again softly as he looked down at the blond's face. "If you could see your eyes now… I would die to see your eyes so filled with passion… How did no one snatch you up sooner…?"

"…W-would ya have approached me like ya did that day even if someone had?" Joey asked weakly, only to mewl again as the brunet's fingertips brushed his prostate. "Oh!"

"Of course." The older boy smirked. "It would just be another obstacle to overcome—which would make finally having you all the sweeter. Especially if I'm the first one to see you like this." Rubbing the blond's prostate again, he moaned quietly as the younger teen's hips jerked upward. "…I want to be the only one to ever see you like this."

Joey gasped and gripped the sheets tightly as the brunet wriggled a third finger into him. "Oh, God, what are ya doin' t' me?! I'm so hot-!"

"Good." Seto stretched the blond's channel a little bit more, then reached for the tube of lube to cover his erection with it. Once that was done, he reached up and caught the blond's chin, forcing him to look up at him. "Puppy, look at me."

The younger boy blinked up at him hazily. "…Seto…?"

"I won't lie to you. This is going to hurt." He leaned down and gently brushed his hair out of his eyes. "But it will feel better. Do you trust me?"

Joey's brows furrowed together in confusion. "'course I trust ya, Seto. Ya wouldn't try t' hurt me, would ya?"

"…No, but…"

"Then what's the problem?" The blond scowled. "Ya took your fingers out. Ya better replace them with somethin' or I'm gonna take care of myse—ha!" He gasped as the brunet pulled his legs over his shoulders and positioned himself to plunge into him. "Seto!"

Seto reached up to clasp hands with him and frowned. "If it hurts too badly, squeeze my hands."

The younger boy hesitated before nodding a little. "Okay."

"Try to stay relaxed, puppy."

Joey rolled his eyes absently. First he tells him it's going to hurt, then he says to relax? Yeah, right, uh huh. He squeaked and bit his bottom lip as the brunet began to press into him, squeezing his hands tightly. "Ooh…! Ooooh! Seto, you're too big!"

"Shh… Just relax, puppy. It will feel better," the brunet promised, leaning down to place kisses along his neck. "Just trust me."

The younger boy squeezed his eyes shut and nodded weakly. "'kay. A-are ya all the way in yet?"

Seto kissed him gently to try and distract him. "Almost. Just a little more."

"I-It hurts…" He didn't want to cry—Seto was trying so hard to make this so good for him—but it hurt so badly that he didn't know what else to do. "S-Seto…"

The brunet sighed and released one of his hands to brush his tears away. "I'm sorry, puppy."

"Ah!" The younger boy whimpered and reached his around to dig his nails into the brunet's back. Once he realized what he was doing, however, he hurriedly relaxed his hand. "I'm sorry, Seto!"

Seto grunted a little, then hugged him closer and began shifting his hips. "It's okay, Joey. Dig your nails in if you have to."

"I don't wanna, it's just—ha!" Joey threw his head back weakly, eyes widening as he felt the brunet's cock brush his prostate. "Ah… Seto…! Right there!"

…This would take a little movement on his part. The brunet just wasn't sure if he could do that without further hurting his puppy. "Are you sure, puppy?"

The blond nodded quickly. "Yes, yes-! Please more!"

Seto sighed, then braced himself against the bed and began pulling out of him. "It'll still hurt for a few minutes."

"Don'tcaredon'tcaredon'tcare!" Tossing his head back, he pushed his hips upward and groaned. It still hurt, but when Seto had touched his prostate, it had felt better. "Morepleasepleaseplease!" He gasped as the brunet's hips snapped back toward him and impaled him again. "Ah-! J-just a little more—Seto—"

The brunet growled in frustration and thrust into him harder; he felt immediately guilty for it, however, when the younger boy whimpered and grabbed his shoulders. "…Sorry, puppy…"

"No, it's okay—that was good—" Joey sobbed weakly. "Ya hit that spot—ya said it'll feel better! It's okay, just keep hittin' that spot!" He dragged his nails down the brunet's back and groaned. "Please!"

Seto sighed but thrust into him again, making the blond whimper again, but then he was moaning and tossing his head wantonly. "God, you're so beautiful."

"Oh, Seto… Yes… Ah… Uhn! Faster!" The younger boy blushed and bit his bottom lip. "Ah, Seto—This feels so—" His breath hitched as the brunet grasped his until then neglected erection and began to stroke it in time with his thrusts. "Oh God-! Seto, you're gonna make me—Oh God, oh God, I'm gonna come!"

The brunet moaned and tightened his grip on him. "Good, because honestly… being inside you feels so much different than I imagined and I don't think I'll last much longer…"

Joey groaned and shook his head. "But Seto—I wanna do this just a little longer-!" He gasped again as the older boy thrust into him even harder, then let out a shriek as another few strokes of his hand had him climaxing and turning into a puddle of goo as, on top of the pleasure of orgasm, the brunet kept striking his prostate. "OhmyGod!"

"Fuck-!" Seto grunted as the blond's already tight channel clamped down on him and thrust into him a few more times before reaching his own climax. Stiffening, he braced himself with his arms so he didn't crush him. "Ah… God… It's different when you love someone…"

The blond sighed, eyes fluttering for a few seconds before he looked up at him. "…How many partners in bed have ya had?"

"Enough. I was a single businessman, Joey. I had to take out stress somehow," the brunet muttered, looking away from him. "I wore a condom with everyone else, though. Didn't want to catch anything and give it to my puppy, after all."

"…I dunno whether I'm glad or hurt," the younger boy answered quietly. "I mean, I knew ya wouldn't be a virgin, but… How many partners have ya had? Are ya gonna have?"

Seto looked back at him sharply and scowled. "It doesn't matter how many I've had before. I didn't love them and I dropped them as soon as I tired of them. All that was was sex. This… this was making love. And as long as I'm with you, I will never have any other partners. Probably not for a while after we break up, if you ever do."

Joey frowned in confusion. "Whatta ya mean if I ever do? Wouldn't it be if we ever break up?"

"I don't intend to ever break up with you." The brunet leaned down to press a kiss to his forehead, then sighed. "No, you'll have to break up with me. I love you too much to set you free of my own will, but… I love you enough to let you go when you ask."

The younger boy blushed brightly, eyes widening in shock. "S-Seto—"

"And that's why I wanted to make this special," the brunet continued. "Sex was never special. But… making love to you… I wanted it to be special for you, and… I wanted it to be special for me."

"…Ya stupid romantic jerk," the blond mumbled, turning his gaze away. "I just can't stay mad at ya when ya say such sweet things." He shot the older boy a glare. "But I'll agree not to ask about your former partners if ya promise not t' ask about mine."

Seto blinked. "…But puppy, you're a virgin."

Joey snorted and looked away from him. "Just because I've never had sex doesn't mean I haven't dated."

"…I demand to know who my possible competition might be, so I can keep you away from them."

"…Bite me, rich boy."

The brunet sighed, then gently pulled out of him and groaned. "Mm, puppy…"

Joey blushed again and looked up at him in surprise as he stood up and began walking toward the bathroom. "…Seto?"

"I refuse to sleep in a sticky mess. Besides, if I don't blow these candles out soon, the fire alarm will go off."

The blond blinked after him in surprise, then smiled and relaxed onto the bed. He allowed the older boy to come back and clean him up, then watched as he began blowing out the candles. Once they were all out, he opened the curtain to let in a little moonlight.

Joey cuddled up to him as he got back into bed and sighed, nuzzling his chest a little. "Well… I guess that was okay."

Seto raised an eyebrow and glanced down at him, smiling slightly. "Oh, just okay?"

"Well, the pain was a little of a downer," the blond replied honestly, before looking up at him. "But I'll get used t' it and then all of our sex will be fantastic."

The older boy snorted. "Thanks, puppy. I'm glad you regard me so highly."

"Hmm, not so much you," Joey replied, smiling playfully as he trailed a hand down the brunet's stomach. "I'm regarding Little Seto highly."

Seto frowned. "Little?"

"Hmm, you're right, I should give it another name." The blond tapped his chin thoughtfully, holding back the urge to smile at the horrified expression on his lover's face. "Hmm… I'll call it… Dragon. Because it's big and hot and ya control it so well."

"…I like it but it's still creepy," the CEO stated, scowling at him. "Don't name my dick. It's just weird."

Joey sighed and rolled his eyes, settling down to finally get some rest. "Fine, I won't. I think ya secretly wanna gloat though," he mumbled, laying his head on the brunet's chest as he drifted to sleep.

Seto had to smile. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't secret pleased with the new name.