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Shirayuki and Tobiume were sitting by a lovely pond that was filled with many colorful koi; they were in scenery of cherry blossom trees. Shirayuki was listening to Tobiume talk about Hyorinmaru.

"He's so handsome, with that cross on his face, he looks so hot!" Tobiume said Shirayuki chuckled; talking to Tobiume who was talking about Hyorinmaru and his looks was the same as talking to a child with a crush on a boy. Tobiume talked like a child and sometimes acted like one, maybe because of her height.

"Tobiume, you speak so highly of him, I'm guessing you like him?" Shirayuki asked, Tobiume blushed and nodded,

"I do, like I said, he's hot, don't you think so Shirayuki?" Shirayuki nodded,

"I agree, but I do not like him like that, we are friends." Shirayuki spoke honestly, the wind picked up, making the breeze flow through Shirayuki's hair and picked up her elegant robes to sway in the north. Tobiume kicked her legs up and down,

"Do you think you can try to help us get together?" Tobiume asked hopefully, Shirayuki chuckled and patted her head,

"I'll try, I don't make any promises though…and oh…Hyorinmaru, you are here, you seem so distressed. What's the matter?" Shirayuki asked, she smirked, she knew exactly what was going on with him and why he looked even more annoyed today.

"Hello Shirayuki, hello Tobiume, you know what's been going on Shirayuki, so don't ask me questions like that." Shirayuki giggled, Tobiume didn't get it though,

"Where are they doing this now, I don't want to watch them, it would be rather disturbing intruding on them wouldn't you think so?" Shirayuki asked, Hyorinmaru sighed as he sat himself next to Shirayuki,

"They are in his bedroom I believe, I tried to talk to him, but he's preoccupied by your master." Tobiume still didn't get it,

"What are you two talking about?" Tobiume asked innocently. Shirayuki looked at her and chuckled,

"Just keep listening Tobiume, you'll learn." Tobiume nodded and went back to kicking her feet up and down. Hyorinmaru sighed,

"I swear he does this every night, I wonder how your master hasn't gotten sick of it yet." Hyorinmaru said with a bitter tone.

"She told me he's very good in bed, that's what keeps her coming back." Shirayuki giggled,

"That's disgusting, I try to talk to him while I think he's doing paperwork and there is he is, practically ripping her clothes off in his office." Hyorinmaru said as he lay down with his arms behind his head.

"She told me he's very experienced, you know what they say Hyorinmaru, they say if the master is good in bed so is their zanpaktou." Shirayuki commented as she hid her giggles behind her long white sleeve, Tobiume knew what they were talking about, Hyorinmaru tsked,

"You shouldn't think that way Shirayuki, don't tell me you believe that, I wouldn't want some pervert to go after you, you know how Kazeshini is." Hyorinmaru asked, Shirayuki shook her head,

"You know very well I can take care of myself, maybe I should peer on them, just to take a peek." Shirayuki joked and Hyorinmaru grabbed her arm,

"Do not look at them right now, I saw them, I think I'm scarred for life." Shirayuki giggled as she freed her, the wind picked up and cherry blossom petals floated around, signaling Senbonzakura's presence. Shirayuki stood up,

"Come on Senbonzakura, pick up your pace, your entrance is rather slow." Shirayuki said with amusement as Senbonzakura came into view with his arms crossed.

"It is not slow, I was taking my time Shirayuki, you scold me on my speed all the time, have you not forgotten that my master's speed is incredible? Second to the goddess of flash step, I don't think that's slow." Shirayuki simply rolled her eyes,

"You are right; I shouldn't be scolding my master's older brother's zanpaktou. Well, I think I should be taking my leave now, it's almost her curfew, come on Hyorinmaru, and I need to drag you along too." Hyorinmaru groaned and wouldn't get out of his spot; Shirayuki pursed her lips and put a finger to her lips to tell everybody to be quiet. She quietly kissed her hand making ice crackle and form out her palm, Hyorinmaru heard this and that got him up, he glared at his best friend.

"That is unnecessary force Shirayuki, you know not to use ice to make me get up, and I don't want to go there." Hyorinmaru said stubbornly as he turned his head and crossed his arms. Shirayuki closed her eyes and reopened them,

"Unless you want me to freeze you, I suggest you come along with me, now." Shirayuki said as she narrowed her eyes, Senbonzakura dragged Tobiume along with her, she whined,

"Why did you drag me Senbonzakura? Nothing is going to happen." Tobiume whined, Senbonzakura gave a sharp hiss,

"When she narrows her eye, that means she's going to use an attack, you need to stay back, it's wise." Senbonzakura said as both nodded and went away. Shirayuki extended her fingers and send a block of ice at Hyorinmaru who quickly turned around and stopped it. He scowled,

"I told you those were unnecessary, fine; I'm coming, let's go." Hyorinmaru gave in and Shirayuki smiled, both went into their master's mind to both take them out of their current state so Rukia could return to the Kuchiki household without questioning, when that was done, Hyorinmaru and Shirayuki decided to take a stroll around the zanpaktou's inner worlds. Shirayuki folded her hands together and hid them in her sleeves. They passed by Zabimaru and Tenken.

"You know, what's wrong with our masters hooking up and playing with each other's body all the time? I find it relaxing so they don't nag us." Shirayuki said, Hyorinmaru,

"It's different for me though, all he ever thinks of is playing with Rukia." Shirayuki giggled,

"And all she ever thinks of is ripping of Hitsugaya's clothes." Hyorinmaru narrowed his eyes,

"I swear he is a horny pervert nowadays." Hyorinmaru said with disgust filling the air. Shirayuki laughed, her laugh was like tinkling bells in the wind.

"Who wouldn't be if they were acting like our masters, oh dear, its Kazeshini hide me before I use Hakuren on him." Shirayuki joked, Kazeshini walked right in front of them.

"How are you two love birds doing?" Kazeshini asked with his weapon slung over his shoulder, people didn't know why he bothered even carrying around his weapon, probably just instinct.

"Kazeshini, it seems like I have to correct you again, I and Hyorinmaru are in no romantic relationship, and our relationship is purely friendship." Shirayuki said, Kazeshini snorted,

"If that's the case, why don't you hang out with me than him?" Kazeshini hinted, Shirayuki sighed, ice came over his weapon and mouth, and she smiled,

"I'm sorry, but I have to politely decline you, thank you for your time though, I appreciate it." Shirayuki added gently before she tugged on Hyorinmaru's long sleeve to go. When Kazeshini was out of eyesight, Hyorinmaru laughed,

"You don't have to go form ice on the poor man; he was just trying to get you on a date, what's wrong with that?" Hyorinmaru asked while laughing. Shirayuki just shook her head in distaste,

"I'd rather not, that fool's attitude scares me, and his voice is so weird, plus, I have a different taste in men that does not include him." Shirayuki said, Hyorinmaru raised a brow,

"Then, what is your taste in men may I ask?" Hyorinmaru asked Shirayuki just raised a brow; this was an odd question between friends.

"I don't know, I still have to wait, it's been ages since someone has asked me out, I remember Zangetsu, I think that was the worse time of my life, I don't know what Rukia saw in his master before, but I know she's rather content with your master." Shirayuki hinted, Hyorinmaru closed his eyes and shook his head,

"Don't even mention that, I find it rather disgusting, even though everybody knows of their relationship." Hyorinmaru said, both stopped and sat down when they reached an area where all of the other zanpaktous had gathered.

"It seems like you still do not accept their relationship, I accepted it long ago, whatever makes my master happy, and I'm happy. You are such an idiot, why can't you just accept it, is it because you love her instead." Shirayuki teased, she saw one of Hyorinmaru's vein pop, and "This is quite unheard of a zanpaktou falling in love with a human, if this is true, then you will become quite a legend. Would you think of that? My friend, falling for my master, it's unheard." Shirayuki teased and got a sharp poke in the ribs by an annoyed Hyorinmaru, she whined a little bit,

"That is not true and you know it, I'm just…overwhelmed, my master doesn't even train with me anymore, it's saddening, I need some sort of action, I cannot take it any longer." Hyorinmaru complained, Shirayuki just laughed,

"All of you men, needing to be drawn now and then, why can't you be patient like us women? We don't have the urge to drawn when are masters neglect drawing us." Shirayuki said,

"Well, that's men, besides, if we aren't like that, who's going to protect the pretty women like you?" Hyorinmaru teased, Shirayuki pursed her lips,

"You know full well I can protect myself! I have the reputation of being the most beautiful sword in all of Sereitei, with that, I have skill, and I am not some helpless girl who just happened to have petty powers." Shirayuki said, Hyorinmaru chuckled,

"It's funny getting you all angry like this; I like it, not your normal calm self." Hyorinmaru said and earned himself a slap on his chest by an angry Shirayuki,

"I'm always like this. I have to go now Hyorinmaru, my master is calling me to go talk, and I'm supposing another talk on how incredible your master is I'll give you full detail when I come back." Shirayuki teased and Hyorinmaru got a mortified look on his face,

"Please do not inform me, I would rather keep your girl talks to yourself." Hyorinmaru begged, Shirayuki giggled,

"If you insist, I shall be going." Shirayuki said as she stood up and then disappeared. Shirayuki appeared in Rukia's inner mind, it was like a palace made of ice, nothing would chip or melt, Shirayuki sat down waiting for Rukia's presence. She finally showed up and Shirayuki stood, she took off her outer robes, leaving her single robe that was much more comfortable.

"What did you want to talk to me about Rukia?" Shirayuki asked as she gestured for Rukia to come closer and sit across from her.

"Why did you break me up from Hitsugaya tonight? You know that my curfew wasn't until another thirty minutes, it only takes me ten minutes to get there." Rukia whined, Shirayuki chuckled,

"Don't worry, as much as I know you enjoy your free time with Hyorinmaru's master, I had to, Senbonzakura came, I figured that your brother wanted to talk about something important to you?" Shirayuki asked, Rukia nodded hesitantly,

"Yes he did. He asked me if I wanted my curfew extended so I can spend more time with Hitsugaya, I said yes and then he told me good night." Rukia said, Shirayuki smirked,

"I guess Hyorinmaru will be more than upset now, he hates it that his master keeps on neglecting him." Shirayuki said, Rukia laughed,

"Wouldn't it be great if you and Hyorinmaru got together? I can see it." Rukia said, Shirayuki raised an amused brow and then waved her hand,

"It's nothing like that at all, we are just close friends, and besides, I think Tobiume would kill me if we ever did do something like that, she likes Hyorinmaru a lot." Shirayuki confided in Rukia, Rukia tapped her chin,

"Now that you talk about Tobiume, Momo has been getting a little more possessive over Hitsugaya, when I'm around, she'll try to drag him away from me, but he politely declines so he can spend time with me." Rukia said, Shirayuki nodded,

"Maybe Momo has feelings for Hitsugaya?" Shirayuki asked, Rukia nodded,

"Most likely if she's going to be like that, I haven't seen her like this before, I think she hates that me and Hitsugaya are together." Rukia thought, Shirayuki nodded,

"She feels jealousy, I'd advise you to keep your guard up, I don't want to see you getting hurt, is that all Rukia?" Shirayuki asked, Rukia nodded and without another word, Shirayuki and Rukia took their separate ways.

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