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Shirayuki saw him wearily pace back and forth in their room, she rolled her eyes but she knew if he caught it, he would scold her even worse. She tried to speak out and yell at him for being so stupid, but then she reminded herself, she was going to 'die' in about one hour. She opened her mouth and cleared her throat.

"You know, you shouldn't pace around so much, I'm afraid you are going to run holes into the ground." She said weakly and Hyorinmaru stopped and arched a brow.

"I'm just worried, and you should be resting." He calmly said and Shirayuki rolled her icy blue eyes.

"Well then, you should stop pacing and at least spend some time together with me." Shirayuki said and Hyorinmaru sighed.

"I'm scared." He blurted out slowly and Shirayuki shook her head. Her white tresses falling over, she didn't put her hair up in clips anymore, why try to look pretty when you are going to fake your death?

"Well don't be, I promise you, you'll be fine." She said in a gentle tone and Hyorinmaru gave up before he went onto the bed and wrapped her arms around her lovingly and she rested her head against his collar bone. Her hands placed on his.

"Why, why, do you have to leave me now?" He whispered and Shirayuki turned her head and kissed his cheek.

"I know, two hundred years don't seem long as husband and wife do they?" She asked as she looked down at the pretty gem on her ring finger and the gold band around his.

"No they don't." He muttered and Shirayuki slapped him on the chest weakly. She didn't like the idea of dying, in truth, it really didn't seem long.

"It's going to be alright…everybody dies." She said pathetically, what could she offer to him?

"Not everybody, I should get going, it's almost time." He said moping around with his head bowed down. She sighed and looked down.

"I know, go, I'll be right here." She said smiling at him and he forced a smile on his face and it completely disappeared as he left and Shirayuki sighed. Life just seemed to hate her.

'Shirayuki, it's almost time that we succeed into our plans.' Rukia's voice rang out in her mind and Shirayuki swallowed.

'I'll die when you die Rukia.' Shirayuki replied back and Rukia's presence wasn't in her mind anymore. Shirayuki looked at the clock, ten minutes until show time, it was funny. She hated the damn undead demons and Minazuki. She never wanted to see them or hurt Hyorinmaru and the others, but what she was going to do, was going to put them into more danger. It was for the best though. She saw the zanpaktous roll into the room and look at her with mourning eyes. Shirayuki moaned mentally, she and Rukia stayed up all night secretly for the past two years reciting what they were going to say. Even though it wouldn't get through to them for a while…they would understand. They all surrounded the bed that Shirayuki laid on and Hyorinmaru kneeled to the ground and Shirayuki smiled as she held out her hand. Hyorinmaru took her hand and Shirayuki looked at the clock and Rukia started her speech. Shirayuki opened her mouth to talk and Hyorinmaru gave her a small glare.

"You shouldn't talk; you'll lose your strength." Hyorinmaru scolded and Shirayuki chuckled weakly. Hyorinmaru was a little upset when he learned that Minazuki couldn't heal her 'sickness.' In fact, she gave her and Rukia a 'disease' that couldn't be cured unless Shirayuki took it away herself. It didn't do anything to them. It just made them look bad on the outside.

"You just say that because you know what's going to happen." Shirayuki faked a cough and Hyorinmaru gripped her hand tighter.

"Seriously, I'm telling you what to do so you will survive." Hyorinmaru said gently and Shirayuki smiled.

"Don't be upset Hyorinmaru, you know Minazuki did her best, and Unohana the same with Rukia, but we can't change the world now can we?" She asked and Hyorinmaru sighed.

"I just wish you could stay longer on this earth with me." He said and Shirayuki sighed.

"I know, and I wish I could, but I can't." She said, and raised her hand up to his cheek and cupped it, his hand cupping the one on his cheek.

"Please don't leave Shirayuki, we need you, I need you!" He cried desperately and Shirayuki chuckled.

"You know I love you with all of my heart, and I wish I could stay. But Hyorinmaru, life can't go the way we want. You know I want to stay with you forever." She said, tears shining over and threatening to drop.

"I wish it did." He muttered and Shirayuki chuckled.

"Before…before I go, I need to tell you all something…it's very important." Shirayuki coughed and all of the zanpaktous listened. "I know, we found about the Minazuki and the whole undead demons thing three hundred years ago. I know we all took damage from that, it's just like living the whole Aizen incident over. But…they are strong…and I'm afraid, because I'm going to die… All of you, you might think I'm foolish for saying this, but I'm not. In five years…there will be a war." Shirayuki rushed out and everybody widened their eyes.

"Shirayuki, don't say things like that." Hyorinmaru said gently and Ryujin Jakka nodded.

"I agree Shirayuki, we can't simply believe you because of what Minazuki and her master announced, they could be weaklings just threatening the Soul Society." Ryujin Jakka added and Shirayuki coughed.

"You do not know the extent of their powers because you have never seen Minazuki the way I've seen her, please believe me. Also, if you don't believe me right now, I don't care. What I'm trying to tell you is, is…not to die. Even when times get tough, like every war always does, do not lose faith. Stick your chests out and proudly, you are zanpaktous and we help our masters. Also…Hyorinmaru…I know, when time comes, you'll want to go after the head master's zanpaktou, I have one thing to tell you." Shirayuki said the last thing coldly and Hyorinmaru's eyes met up with hers.

"What is it Shirayuki?" Hyorinmaru asked softly and Shirayuki coughed.

"Do not die. I know you'll want to join me in death. Do not, I promise you, if you do just to be with me, I'll kill you myself again in death. Am I clear?" Shirayuki asked sternly and Hyorinmaru nodded weakly. Shirayuki turned to see Hyorinmaru's face, it was turning slowly into grief and Shirayuki gripped his hand tighter and smiled a little bit. "You know Hyorinmaru…before I died…I always wanted to kiss my husband, if he was still here…please fulfill my last wishes." Shirayuki asked as Hyorinmaru tried to protest.

"You are weak…I don't want to harm you." He pointed out hurriedly and Shirayuki shook her head and chuckled.

"Don't worry." Shirayuki said as she raised her hand and cupped his cheek and he bent down and pressed his cooling lips to her cooler ones and Shirayuki felt Rukia tugging at her to 'die.' Her time was up. Shirayuki had to go. "I'm…sorry…" Shirayuki whispered against his lips before she closed her eyes and she felt Hyorinmaru grasp onto her limp hand. He separated from her lips quickly and let out a strangled sob. Shirayuki stood standing far above with Rukia and Rukia looked down and Shirayuki heard her sniffle and wipe away some tears and Shirayuki turned.

"It'll be alright Rukia." Shirayuki said comfortingly and Rukia cried like a little child and ran into Shirayuki's arms.

"I didn't want to say to him the words I said." Rukia sobbed and Shirayuki held her.

Rukia's speech, at the ending:

Rukia scanned the room and saw Hitsugaya's face, and everybody's face filled with mourning. Even Ichigo, Chad, Ishida, and Orihime had come. They all kneeled while Rukia lied down. She had told them about the war. She knew they wouldn't believe them, but she knew they would when they released war. She looked at her brother's face and saw he was mourning, he let his emotionless mask fall for once and she could read her brother's face.

"Rukia, please don't go." Hitsugaya begged and Rukia breathed in deeply.

"I have to, don't make this harder." Rukia sighed out and Hitsugaya gripped her hand tighter.

"Five hundred years don't seem long enough." Hitsugaya let out and Rukia turned to him and grasped his hand.

"I know…but these five hundred years, they have made me happier than I could have ever been. I'm grateful that I had you and my brother; my friends love me and support me. It was all beautiful and I'm blessed to have you guys behind me. Though, I cannot ever repay all of you for everything you have done. And…" Rukia's voice cracked. "I'm so sorry I wasn't able to live…long enough to repay that debt. I'm so…sorry." Rukia's voice faded out and Rukia…was pronounced 'dead.' Byakuya let out a little sob; they were just like the same words Hisana had said to him in her last final moments. Now, Hitsugaya and everybody could feel the pain as her body laid uselessly, a fake body made of ice.

End of speech…

"It's alright Rukia, we did what was best." Shirayuki said as Rukia dried up her tears.

"It hurts so much Shirayuki." Rukia said and Shirayuki and both stood facing forward with grim determination.

"We should get going, we cannot waste time anymore." Shirayuki said and stepped forward and Rukia along with her.

"We can't…not anymore."

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