"I thought you weren' allowed to pick me up from school no more, Mama," Bridge piped up curiously as she led him outside. "Daddy said so."

She made a face before flashing him a warm smile, squeezing his hand. "Well this is a special occasion, Baby."

"It is?" He tilted his head. "What is it?"

She smiled, winking at him. "You'll see. It's a surprise."

"Good surprise?" he asked warily. "Or Daddy's surprises for Uncle Jason surprise?"

She laughed, giving his hand another squeeze. "Good surprise. You'll like it Baby, I promise," she

assured him.

"'kay," he agreed warily. "But if Daddy and Uncle Jason are both there, you can go first, 'kay?"

"Bridge." A hand shook his shoulder gently. "Bridge, wake up."

He opened his eyes, blinking slowly. "Daddy?" he mumbled. "'re you done yet?"

Daddy Adam smiled. "Yeah, we're done," he promised. He reached out, running a hand over Bridge's hair. "I'm sorry it took so long. We thought it'd be faster than this."

"What'd be faster?" he yawned.

He blinked as a plastic card was held in front of his face.

His brow furrowed. "Ca ... Califour-n'a Driver's ... Li - "

"Not that part," his daddy corrected, pointing further down.

He blinked. Stared, and blinked again. "Adam ... Park ... Carson?" he read slowly. He looked up, wide-eyed.

"I'm telling you man, Taylor Carson is way better," Daddy Zack announced loudly as he and Daddy Rocky came toward them.

Daddy Rocky shook his head. "You're just saying that 'cause there's two of you, which is cheating," he argued.

He yelped as Mama's hand smacked the back of his head from behind. "Getting married is cheating?" she demanded.

Daddy Rocky rolled his eyes. "You know, six months ago when you two got married, you swore you weren't changing your name at all."

"That was six months ago," Mama retorted.

Bridge stared. "I ... I don' ... " He shook his head, confused.

Daddy Zack crouched down in front of him, smiling warmly. "Well, we all talked about it, and we decided that you're right. Since we're all a family, we should all have the same last name," he explained. "It'd be a little confusing at S.P.D. if we all went by just Carson though, so your mama and I are the Taylor Carsons, and your daddies added Carson to the last names they already had."

Daddy Adam coughed. "And we filled out paperwork to make your mom and Daddy Zack as guardians, instead of just god-parents. And Daddy Rocky and I did the same for Heart."

Daddy Rocky smiled at Bridge, wrapping his arms around Daddy Adam and Mama. "So now we really are one big happy family," he declared.

"So what do you say, buddy?" Daddy Zack finished, grinning at him. "Will you adopt us?"

Bridge blinked rapidly for several minutes. He tried to say something, but the words wouldn't come out. He shook his head and tried again, but nothing happened.

Daddy Zack frowned, concern flickering through his aura. "Bridge? You okay there, buddy?"

He opened his mouth again, but his throat seemed to have closed up. Instead he swallowed, tugging off one off his gloves and reaching for Daddy Zack's hand. His daddy's hand was warm, and he tightened his fingers around Daddy's bigger hand.

His daddy blinked rapidly for a moment. "Oh. Wow .... " he murmured. He blinked again, and finally leaned forward to give Bridge a hug. "Yeah. I'm happy too, buddy," he murmured, squeezing gently. "Thanks for adopting me."

Bridge smiled as the tears in his eyes finally spilled over, resting his chin on his daddy's shoulder. He still couldn't talk, so he closed his eyes and let Daddy Zack feel just how happy he really was.

Everything around them continued to sparkle.