Hidden from Sight by Betty Bokor
Mary/Marshall. Mary wakes up after the shooting and everything starts to change.
Spoilers: All episodes, including Second Season Finale.
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A.N. This is one of the stories I lost completely when I last moved, but, thanks to the miracle of backup, I got a chance to download it and I wrote a little epilogue for it, telling about them ten years after, as I had before I lost it. I am sure this is not what I wrote then, but it works for me now and I wanted to have it there before the series ends tonight. I hope neither disappoints…

I will try to do the same with the other story I have for them. Thanks for staying all the way!

Hidden from Sight

Chapter 41

As she drove toward the school, Mary tried to figure out how she would deal with the principal. The truth was that she was very proud of her son for having stopped a bully. What was going to be hard to explain was why said son had the knowledge –the expertise– to subdue a bigger student who was already known to be violent and who had been at the time beating up someone else. The principal knew both his parents were U.S. marshals, but it was still going to be a difficult conversation. Especially since she particularly liked the fact that the bully had ended up face down on the floor, with an arm twisted behind his back and with one of her son's knees holding him down… Way to go, kiddo…

If she thought about it, her whole family was difficult to explain. Her ten year old son –the one she was coming to bail out– was a skinny but extraordinarily tall kid who had won every spelling bee, geo-bee, or any other bee flying around at his grade level. And he would have beaten any of the older kids, too, because he was bright and resourceful. But she had no hope that he would ever add much more flesh to those bones. Between Marshall's and her father's genes, he had no chance.

Oh, her father. That had been hard to explain, too. That had been a real can of worms, like opening Pandora's Box –Pandora's jar actually– and the consequences affected her until that very day, but it had been worth it to have closure about it.

"Pandora's jar?" She suddenly thought. Wow… She had been married to the doofus for too long. She should have never been able to make such distinction. It was just not right.

She smiled. The day she had met Marshall she would have bet her life on not ever being even attracted to him. Much less marrying him and having three kids with him. And three just because she had started too old –over forty– to have kids and she had almost not made it during the last pregnancy. They would have many more if it were possible. They were all great kids.

Her seven year old was different than the eldest. It looked like he was going to be tall, too, but there was nothing scrawny about him. And he had no patience with- Truthfully, he had no patience with much. She saw herself on him and some days she felt proud and some days she worried to death.

Now, her little girl was just precious. Five years old and Jinx's favorite student at the dance school. Delicate and charming, she could spew encyclopedia facts like the best. Like her dad… She would never tell Marshall, but she loved it.

She loved all three of her kids and she loved him, but it still surprised her every day the depth of feelings he inspired on her. She trusted him with her life –she had for the longest time– but it went far beyond that. He had proven to her that not everybody leaves. He had proven that it was okay to invest feelings on someone, that there were people who could be trusted, that there were men who did not cheat, betray, or abandon. She was happy that he was in charge of a WitSec office now, because there was less danger in his everyday activities. It was still dangerous, but a little less, and that was good, because the thought of losing him was one of the scariest she could have.

She was also happy about still being a marshal and working by his side. What she had never expected was to also enjoy training new agents for the program. She was good at it and she was more patient that she ever dreamt herself capable of being. Or she had changed, because of Marshall and the children, just a little bit, like he cautiously liked to say.

In any case, she thought as she parked the car in front of the school, her son had done nothing wrong. She would take care of the problem and go back to her happy life. Because she was happy. They were happy and, though most her and Marshall's professional life was spent hidden from sight, her amazing family life was out in the open.