A Delicate Matter Requiring Some Edification
A Drabblet by Heist


They had been married for three years when Mr. Darcy felt the subject sufficiently deceased to be brought up without overmuch embarrassment.


"Yes Darcy?"

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was 'the last man in the world you could ever marry'?"

Elizabeth flushed deeply and swatted a hand at her husband. "Must you bring this up now? I obviously still don't hold with that opinion."

"I'm genuinely curious!" he insisted. "It has dwelt in my mind for some years now. 'From the moment you first met me,' you said. For one so easy of manner and open-minded, that your dislike of me should be made immovable from the very beginning is decidedly odd."

She covered her face in mortification. "You still remember that?" she groaned between her fingers. She rose from her seat and paced anxiously about the room. "Of course you would remember that," Elizabeth mumbled, "no one remembers a slight like you do."

"Relax, my dear," said Darcy. "I assure you I bear you no grudge. Though it is—"

"I was angry!" Elizabeth cried. "You must allow me that I rightly believed you to be solely responsible for my sister's unhappiness, the particulars of which I had only learned the hour before!"

Darcy frowned, and took on the severe pensive look that Elizabeth had thought gone after they wed. "I must protest. It wasn't solely my fault."

"It was nigh on," Elizabeth said. "And I don't hear you protesting any of the other charges. You at least don't deny you were insufferable."

He raised his brows. "Insufferable?" he asked, bemused. "I wouldn't say it so bluntly."

Elizabeth's eyes sparkled with silent humor. "As you are well aware, you are not me, and I can say it however bluntly I feel inclined to do. You were insufferable, and I was fully justified in refusing you."

"I suppose you were. I was not a man I would take pride in at that time, even if you were inclined to be prejudiced." His lips quirked into a quiet half-smile. "I have changed though, haven't I Lizzy?"

She nodded graciously, a gesture which was completely contradicted by her next statement. "Of course. You became even more insufferable, and I couldn't in good conscience refuse you if you were going to make yourself miserable along with everyone else."

Darcy openly cracked a grin. "If I am insufferable, it is because you make me so, woman." He rose from his seat and silenced her with a thoroughly passionate kiss.

She gaped at him for a moment, and he allowed himself to laugh. "I am always surprised by how well that works."

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes and backed away. "I was wrong, Mr. Darcy, you haven't changed a whit since I've known you. You are impossible, proud, uncouth, horrid…"

Darcy pulled her back into his arms and dropped a light kiss on her nose. "Ahh, but Lizzy, you wouldn't have me any other way."

She did not feel particularly inclined to agree with him, though that was the very sentiment running through her mind.

"Insufferable man!"


Notes: Rediscovered! I had entirely forgot about this until I was cleaning out my hard drive of extraneous ficbitsies. Enjoy.