Assembly at Winston Girls High School, Virginia was an average, mostly boring affair just like at other schools.

Students sat in lines together with the rest of their classes, teachers stood up, looking around for any talkers, fiddlers or turners and the speakers stood at the front podium either reading their lines nervously or standing straight-postured waiting for their turn to speak.

Twelfth grade student Tori Lockhart sat slumped in her chair, looking as though if she slid any lower she'd fall right off. With her arms crossed she looked as though she was about to fall asleep.

Along with the other students around her Tori found it all very boring until she saw the principal had been called forward to speak.

Watching Principal Hardy, Tori kept a close eye, well as close as possible from where she was sitting, on the microphone held in the principal's hand.

Hardy was known throughout the school as being an extremely hygienic person, so much so she found that everything she used couldn't be touched by anyone's hands but her own.

She never let others touch her stationary, computer, desk, books and even the door if they hadn't washed their hands or even, at times, worn gloves. If someone did happen to touch Hardy's stuff with unwashed hands there would be dire consequences for that certain person.

Tori found that out the hard way when she grabbed a book off of Hardy's book shelf while Tori was waiting for the principal to sign her detention slip.

Hardy freaked and doubled Tori's detention to two months. As most of the people in her year know, Tori was not the type of person to forget something like that and she also never seemed to care about the consequences of her actions, unfortunately for Hardy, she found that out the hard way. Hardy has had paintballs thrown at her, her doorknob slightly electrified, her office trashed; all Tori's doings, but Hardy hadn't let the rest of the school know about this, she didn't want the whole school knowing how she couldn't handle one student. This brings us back to the microphone.

As Hardy held up her very own sanitised microphone to her mouth she spoke to the whole school about the 'safety in wearing school uniform' and as the rest of the student body slumped around her Tori seemed way too interested in what Hardy had to say.

When Hardy got to the point of 'why people like an organised environment' she stopped suddenly and at the same time Tori bolted right up in her seat as though watching a dramatic touchdown in a football game.

Everyone else sat up too as the principal's screeches could be heard slightly through the speakers and it took a while for them all to realise what was happening.

The principal's lips had become stuck to the mouth piece of the microphone and before she knew it Tori let out a yell of victory out to the crowd.

Everyone turned to look at Tori who quickly slid back onto her chair, unnecessarily pretending she hadn't done anything wrong.

It took about fifteen minutes for the principal's lips to be pried apart from the microphone and afterwards everyone, except for Tori, had been sent to class.

Without the use of a microphone, Hardy screamed out across the hall.

"Tori Lockhart! My… office… now!" She bellowed and Tori almost ran to the principal's office, finding that it was not the time to be slow.

'How much trouble could I be in?' Tori thought as she waited outside the office. The principal's only payback for these types of instances was a detention, but Tori felt as though Hardy was bottling up something.

All thoughts were erased from Tori's mind as she heard the sound of clicking heels coming her way. Her back wrenched up as she leant against the wall just near the doorway.

As soon as Hardy came into view she stopped as she eyed Tori.

After slamming the door open quickly Hardy squinted her eyes crossly at Tori and quickly yelped, "In." After which Tori obliged and stepped into the all too familiar principal's office.

"Sit." Said the principal with the same pitch in her voice as before and Tori sat on one of the two leather seats in front of the desk.

The principal didn't speak for about five minutes, as she started rifling through the neat piles of papers on her desk, when suddenly the phone rang.

Hardy picked the phone up straight away to answer it, speaking in a completely different tone of voice from the one she used previously.

"Hello, Principal Hardy of Winston Girls High School speaking." She droned through the phone and Tori could faintly hear a male voice babbling through the other end.

"Good to know. I'll tell her." Hardy looked up at Tori when she said that. "Goodbye." She hung up the phone and looked at Tori with what appeared to be the angriest face she could master.

"That was your father." Hardy explained of the telephone call.

"What did hewant?" Tori asked starting to become nervous, every time her father got involved in her school life it always turned out bad; in fact, he is the reason Tori was sent to an all girls school.

"The school messaged him to call, after that little stunt you pulled." Hardy informed. "He's on his way here."

Tori rolled her eyes frustratingly, knowing that her father coming to the school wasn't going to be a good thing.

"I've had enough!" Hardy hissed suddenly. "I hope you're happy." She indicated to Tori who just shrugged. "Now the entire school must think I can't handle one silly little girl."

"I'm seventeen!" Tori interrupted, angry at the notion that she was a little girl.

"Well start acting like it! Grow-up for goodness sake!"

"This coming from an old woman who won't let anyone touch her junk unless they're wearing gloves!"

"It's called cleanliness. Who knows how many germs you little tarts are carrying around this school?"

"Compared to a sixty year old cat lady." Tori jabbed, forgetting that she was talking to the school principal and letting everything out.

"Enough!" Hardy tried to finalise the argument, seemingly insulted by Tori's last statement. "When I was your age I knew exactly how to treat my elders. It's called respect young lady and hopefully when your father gets here we'll sort out a way to teach you that respect."

Tori didn't like the sound of that last bit and remained silent as she witnessed Hardy rifle through her file.

"It says here you were suspended at least six times at your old school." Hardy read out to Tori, who just shrugged her shoulders again not caring about that piece of information. "Do you not have any idea how to control yourself?"

Tori didn't know what to say to that comment. All she knew was those six suspensions were the reason she was in this place.

Just after Tori came up with a reply Hardy's intercom buzzed and a female voice spoke through it.

"Principal Hardy, Mr Lockhart is here to see you." The woman said and Tori's back tensed up again when she realised her dad was about to walk through the door.

"Send him right in." Answered Hardy, unable to hide the satisfaction on her face, and the office remained silent for less than a minute when someone banged on the door and the principal got up and opened the door to reveal a tall, greying man, Tori's father.

Warren Lockhart walked in without a word until his eyes made their way to a guilty and curious looking Tori.

"What did she do this time?" Mr Lockhart asked, the expression on his face looking nothing but serious.

"Your daughter super-glued my lips to my own microphone in front of the entire school." The principal said and Mr Lockhart looked back at his daughter, unsurprisingly unamused.

"But it's not just that…" Hardy continued and Tori's father looked back at her, "from the first day she stepped in this school she has caused me and a few of her teachers, as reported to me, nothing but grief. From rifling unallowed through my books to having paintballs thrown in my direction to even having the doorknob to my office electrified."

Mr Lockhart's eyes widened at the last part. Even he was unaware that his daughter was capable of such things. Tori slumped in her chair when her father turned to look at her disappointingly.

"I suggest you take control of your daughter Mr Lockhart or she'll have a criminal record under her name." Mr Lockhart seemed as though he had already made that decision for himself.

"I completely agree with you." He assured his daughter's principal. Tori gritted her teeth at the fact that her father was taking her enemy's side, even if the enemy was slightly right. "After sending her here in the first place I thought she would've learnt her lesson."

"What are you saying dad?" Tori asked feeling more worried by the minute.

"I'm saying you should just give up school if you really don't want to be here." Those words burned Tori like a hot iron and she could tell by the look in her father's eyes that she was a disappointment.

"But I can't leave school if I want to be a lawyer…"

"Ha!" Hardy let out a cold laugh as though Tori was joking. "You a lawyer?"

"My grades are high enough." Tori assured, feeling insulted.

"Yes, but unless you change your attitude college is out of the question." The principal was apparently enjoying the fact that she was getting the upper-hand over Tori.

"Exactly," Mr Lockhart continued to agree with what the principal had to say.

"I can't change how I am just like that." Said Tori crossing her arms.

"If you wanted to you could." Her father barked, disbelieving that Tori would want to change the way she is.

"I have an idea." Said the principal and both Lockharts turned to face her. "I have a friend who's a principal at a school which runs a… program for students. It might help her." Tori could tell the principal was being slightly misleading in the way she said the word program. She also didn't like hearing the words 'help her' as it felt as though they wanted her to go see a psychiatrist.

"She'll do it." Mr Lockhart answered before Tori could contemplate an answer.

"Very well. I'll organise everything myself." Hardy said, obviously happy to be ridding her school of Tori.

"But… wait!" Tori screeched as he dad got up off of his seat and walked out the door.

"No!" Hollered her father as she followed him out. "I've had enough Tori. Your principal was right, anymore of these stunts and you'll be locked up in juvenile detention. It's either this or I'm pulling you out of school." He finished and walked away before Tori could speak for herself.