Something I wrote for Takatolover16


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It was evening when Takato walked home from the park. He was tired and didn't really looked where he went. Suddenly he bumped into someone and after a couple of sorry's between the two, Takato looked the blond boy in the eyes. Never he had seen such beautiful blue eyes. The blond introduced himself as TK whilst offering his hand. "Wawawa" was all Takato could say. TK was amused and said hey, you 'd like to go to a hotspring with me? Takato snapped out of it, and without wondering who TK was, and stuff, he just followed him. TK couldn't stop looking at Takato, He felt awesome, having bumped in to that cute, chocolate brown haired goggle boy. "What's your name?" He asked softly. Takato looked up. "T-t-t-takato."

When they arrived TK asked if there were little hotsprings where they could relax without being disturbed

They undressed and TK enjoyed looking at the clumsy Takato struggling with his clothes. He was already undressed and takato was still in difficulties. "Hey relax, let me help you.." He began with Takato's shoes, socks and then he slowly unzipped Takato's pants and slipped them off. Then he helped takato to take of his sweater and t-shirt. Then he turned around to go to the tub. "T-t-TK why did you stop?" TK turned around blushing "I don't have to help you with the rest do I?" Now also Takato blushed "Heh, no indeed" But TK turned around. and got again on his knees before Takato and yet he helped takato out of his tight boxers. He got up and gave him a towel, blushing...

So they had slid into the hotspring, And both they closed their eyes for a moment enjoying the warmth. Then TK got closer to Takato grabbing softly his hand. Takato suddenly opened his eyes, yet he didn't pull back his hand. He just looked at TK who said: "you're really the cutest boy I've ever met." They already blushed from the heat but still Takato got a little redder. Then he pulled his hand free and swung his arms around TK's neck and pressed a passionate kiss on the blond's lips.... ^^

Now also TK swung his arms around Takato's neck and answered the kiss, pulling Takato very very close to him and they sat there enjoying, skin against skin, together, as ONE FOREVER^^