Here we are with another bedtimestory, this time the lucky two are Tai kamiya (or Yagami ^^) and Takuya Kanbara




It was on an early autom evening... It was already dark but Tai was playing soccer on his own on a field illuminated by one single spotlight´╗┐

He didn't knew he was being watched from the side by a boy almost the same age as him. Takuya had been standing there for a while now, intrigued by that cute boy with his big hair and goggles. He wanted to play too but didn't really dared to ask.

Tai wanted to try a move but stepped upon the ball and slipped away falling on his head. Takuya a bit shocked ran out of the darkness onto the field to find Tai unconscious.

When Tai opened his eyes he didn't knew where he was. Then he saw Takuya who was going throug some stuff.

"hey who are you and where am I?" Tai asked

"Oh, 'r you awake?" Takuya asked surprised and went to sit besides Tai who was laying in Takuya's bed.

Looking right into this strangers face gave Tai a blush on his cheeks. 'Wow, he, he looks so cute...'

Takuya saw the blush on Tai's face... He grinned but acted as if he didn't noticed. Instead he asked: "How's your head?"

Now Tai remembered what happened. "It's alright I think." He tried to get out of the bed but when he placed his bare feet down a sharp pain went through his left ankle "auwtch"

"Oh yes, I almost forgot, you bruised it when you slipped..." Takuya said.

"You could've told me before I tried to get up." Tai said a bit angered. Takuya kneeled down and took Tai's foot in his hands and softly massaged the sore spot. "Feeling better?" he asked The blush on Tai's face returned and as startled as he was he almost whispered when he said "yes, thank you".

"Now lay back down again, kay?" Takuya said softly. "Anyway's I'm Takuya." He smiled

"I, I'm Tai" Tai said and cursed himself cause he was so impressed by Takuya

Takuya got his face closer to Tai's and whispered "you know for a boy you have beautiful eyes, you know that?"

This surprised Tai so much he couldn't say a thing and he blushed some more. Then unexpectedly he felt Takuya's soft lips on his. His eyes widened but then he felt so warm inside, such a good feeling he closed his eyes and went with it.....

softly fade out to black.....

Hope you enjoyed ^^ let me know what you think