All Bottled Up

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Sakura Haruno hated her life. Despised it with every ounce of her shattered heart. Most people would question her sanity, but they new better against it. After all how could she not have a perfect life?

Sakura surpassed the fifth Hokage, Tsunade. She's made it to Anbu. She's the strongest kunoichi in the medical field, and on top of that she can make the earth tremble beneath her will. Sure, Sasuke walked out on her, and her parents got ambushed, but life couldn't be completely fair.

Here's how Sakura saw it. She surpassed the Tsunade, sure. But she's still not strong enough to bring Sasuke home. That to Sakura is failing. She's made it to Anbu, yeah. But what's the use if all they needed her in was the medical field. She couldn't get any stronger by that. And she can make the earth tremble beneath her will. But there is a limit. Knowing that she might never see her parents again, didn't make her feel any better. And when Sasuke walked out on her, it sent her world crashing down.

Sakura put on a happy face everyday, for the sake of Naruto and her friends. But inside she was dying. She couldn't deny the face that she still had feelings for that stupid traitor. He was still making her feel annoying and weak, and he wasn't even there.

But, since she still had hope he was coming back, she made it through the day. Sakura sighed, and put her happy mask on. She headed out of her apartment into the crowded streets of Konoha.


Sakura was walking towards the hospital, to make her daily rounds. She suddenly stopped when Shizune was making her way towards her.

"Sakura, Tsunade needs to see you in her office right away." Shizune said.

Sakura nodded, and gave Shizune a fake smile. Nobody has ever seen through her façade except for Sai, but that was typical of him. He's too observant.

Shizune returned the smile, and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Wondering what Tsunade might want with her, she headed towards the Hokage Tower. What could Tsunade possibly want with her? A mission? Yeah, that was probably it. Before she knew it Sakura found herself in front of the fifth's office. She saw Naruto sitting impatiently outside her office.

"Good morning, Naruto!" Sakura said cheerfully as she could.

Naruto looked up from the floor, and a huge grin spread across his face.

"GOOD MORNING, SAKURA-CHAN!" He yelled loud enough to cause her ears to ring.

"Naruto, you baka, keep it down! Tsunade might be in a meeting." Sakura chided, as she hit him over the head.

"AH, Sakura-chan, that hurt!" Naruto whined.

'Stupid, Naruto.' Sakura thought, but she couldn't help from smiling. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when she heard a 'come in' from Tsunade. Sakura opened, and held the door out for Naruto.

Tsunade has the 'I-need-sake' look on her face. She looked at Sakura, then looked at Naruto, and looked at Sakura, again.

Tsunade took a deep breath, and started speaking.

"As you may or may not know, Sasuke and his new team have returned." Tsunade said, as she waited for Sakura and Naruto to process the information.

At first it was silent. The air was thick with tension. And of course, Naruto broke it.

"WHAT?" Naruto asked, disbelieving.

"Don't make me repeat myself Naruto," Tsunade said.

"I know for a fact that you know his 'goals' in life" Tsunade continued.

"To kill Itatchi, which has been done and to revive his clan."

Sakura couldn't believe it. Sasuke was…back? Tsunade said something about probation, and eight months, but she didn't want to listen anymore. Uchiha, left her and Naruto for five years, and he has the right to come back, like nothing's happened? Sure, Sakura had always wanted him to come back, and as expected she was angry. But she didn't know, in reality, that's she'd be this furious.

"Sakura you've been quiet," Tsunade said.

"Is there something you would like to say?" She asked.

Tsunade knew about Sakura's feelings towards Sasuke, but she had never asked her about them. Tsunade knew that is was a touchy subject, therefore never asked Sakura about it.

Sakura snapped out of her trance. She put on one of her famous fake smiles and said,

"I'm glad he's back."

Tsunade stared at Sakura intently.

"Very well," She said.

"Team Hebi is at the Uchiha compound, if you would like to see him. Dismissed." Tsunade said as she waved her hand.

"I need sake." She muttered, as Naruto and Sakura slammed the door shut.


Sakura Pov

As soon as we were out the door Naruto looked at me with curious eyes. He asked me if I was going to go visit him. I thought about it, and decided against it. I needed time to let the information sink in. I told him I had a group of seriously injured ninjas that I needed to attend to immediately, which wasn't completely a lie. I did have to attend to injured ninjas, but none of the injuries are serious.

He looked at me again with sad eyes, and said that he wanted to go see teme. I gave him one of my fake smiles, and said good bye. Then Naruto sped of toward the Uchiha compound.

I slowly turned the other way, and headed towards my apartment. There are three ways I usually dealt with my problems. The first way is to face it head on, and in this case it was close to impossible. The second way is to cuddle with my blankets and stare out the window with my mouth open. I had a feeling that wouldn't help much. The third way is to preoccupy my mind with something else. It was the best option, so I changed my direction to the hospital.

What I saw next was not what I was prepared for.

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