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Summary: Since not being able to go on their Caribbean holiday and have been on the Fijian cruise the group are now going to Brazil. What will this holiday hold in store for them and what will happen when they get home and why is Yugi in hospital and ashamed of himself.


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~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~ Chapter 1 ~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~

Yugi was having the time of his life. They had just arrived in Brazil having come from Fiji after their 2week boat cruise. He had seen new cultures and had joined and pulled his entire group up when there was dancing and things to participate in. They had gone swimming and snorkelling when they reached an island on their last day. Yugi spent half the day in the sun before spending the last half a day laying in a hammock with Yami. Marik and Malik and snuck up and taken photo's off them when they were asleep. Bakura and Marik had decided to run down part of the beach strip naked just for fun and to annoy everyone there. But it had just caused everyone to laugh seeing they had gotten to know the two mischief-makers.

Now they were in Natal which is a city in Brazil and were heading to their hotel. When they arrived they were greeted and escorted to their room which was a large pent house at the top of the hotel and had three separate bedrooms. Yugi, Ryou and Malik squealed and ran into a room each and jumped onto a bed before running out to see the view from the balcony.

Around them on one side was mountains and on the other ocean. They were staying in this hotel for a week before packing and heading inland to see the Amazon that the boys so wanted to see. They would spend 5 days exploring the wilderness of the Amazon. From day boat cruises one going up the river and one going down the river. To day hikes up the river and down and up a mountain range.

While they were in this hotel they would explore the capital. Enjoy a few festivals, do some shopping, go to a couple of beaches and some other things.

Yugi smiled looking over the balcony and felt arms wrap around his waist. Yugi looked up and smiled at him and leaned back against him. Yami leaned down and kissed along the top of the necklace he'd made that was around Yugi's neck. Yugi giggled softly.

"Looking forward to all of this Yugi?"


"Come on let's get some sleep. Tomorrow we'll go out and see some things."


Yami led Yugi back into the hotel room and into their room and closed the door. Yugi smiled and laid down in the middle of the bed. His hands lay near his head and his legs were spread open slightly. Yami smirked and climbed over him and trapped him underneath his body. Yugi smiled at him as Yami leaned down and kissed him gently. Yugi moaned softly and wrapped his legs around Yami's back and pulled him down on top of him. Yami pulled back and looked at Yugi smiling and gave him a peak on the lips before climbing off him and lay down next to him. Yugi smiled and curled up next to him and hugged him gently.

"Come on let's have a shower than we can go to bed."

"Aww but we just laid down."

"Come on Yugi. We can lie down again later."

Yugi groaned and sat up and walked into the bathroom causing Yami to chuckle and follow after him.


Bakura dragged Ryou into their room and tossed him gently onto the bed and climbed over him. Ryou smiled and Bakura held his arms over his head and leaned down and sucked on his neck. Ryou moaned softly and turned his head to the side to give Bakura more room. Bakura soon trailed marks along Ryou's neck when the door opened and closed. Bakura looked up to see Marik and Malik walking over, Ryou didn't seeing he was trying to regain his breathe.

Marik smirked and climbed on the bed and leaned down and started sucking on another part of Ryou's neck and hard. Ryou jumped and moaned softly. He'd already learned the differences with the three of them. Malik would be soft and gentle, Marik was hard and rough and Bakura was in between the two.

Malik smiled and climbed on the bed and helped Bakura undress him. Ryou jumped when his pants were pulled right off and tried to protest but Marik took his mouth and kissed him to distract him. Bakura had undone his pants and pulled them right off leaving him in his boxers. Malik was busy undoing his shirt. Ryou whimpered in the kiss when he lost his boxers. Marik pulled away and gazed down at Ryou's body that now only had his shirt lying over his shoulders.

"What in the world?" Ryou gasped.

Bakura shrugged seeing that Marik had pounced on Malik before Ryou spoke and was busy stripping him and what looked like raping his mouth. Malik was trying to get his hands free to strip Marik but he couldn't. Ryou looked at Bakura who took his shirt off and then his pants leaving him in nothing.

"Who ever said I would allow you three to take me." Ryou said.

Marik turned to him and smirked. "I didn't see you complaining earlier."

Marik pounced and started to grind his clothed lower body against Ryou's naked one. Ryou gasped and whimpered trying to push back against him. Marik groaned softly and pressed down harder and Ryou cried out and grasped onto his arms.

Bakura growled and pulled Marik back and climbed on top of him and started to strip him down. Ryou lay there panting and trying to regain any thought. Malik smiled and crawled over and leaned down and kissed his chest softly before laying beside him. Once Bakura had stripped Marik he looked at the two youngsters before looking to Marik.

"Want to take Ryou this time I think he may let you."

"If he will I would love to."

Bakura climbed off and crawled over to Ryou and laid down over him causing Ryou to look up at him. Bakura smiled and kissed him gently. Ryou moaned and wrapped his arms around Bakura's neck and kissed him back. When Bakura pulled back he left his lips close enough so they ghosted across Ryou's when he spoke.

"Is it alright if Marik takes you this time? He'll do what you asked."

"Bakura...h-he so much...b-bigger than you and Malik."

"It won't hurt too much I promise. You can take me if you want or Malik. I'm sure he'd love that."

"Yeah Ryou pretty please take me."

"B-B-B-But I d-d-d-don't k-k-know w-w-what t-t-to d-d-do."

"We'll help you. You'll do fine Ryou." Bakura said softly and sat beside him and hugged him gently.

"Alright, I-I'll do it."

Malik smiled and pounced on Ryou, and in the process Bakura as well, hugging him. Ryou nervously smiled and saw Marik sitting off to the side of them. Ryou bit his lip and nodded and Marik smiled and moved closer and kissed his cheek.

Marik pulled Malik off Ryou and Bakura proceeded to prepare Ryou and Marik did the same to Malik. When both were prepared Malik lay at the top of the bed and spread his legs for Ryou. Bakura gently guided him into position.

"Now just gently slid in Ryou. Malik wrap your legs around Ryou's waist." Bakura said.

Malik wrapped his legs around Ryou and Ryou slowly pushed in. Bakura watched as Ryou whimpered and Malik flinched a little but other than that was fine. Ryou was soon sitting fully in him and was shaking softly. Ryou's mouth was open slightly and his eyes were closed. Marik crawled in behind him since Bakura had licked him up and down and wrapped his arms around Ryou's waist.

"Ryou lean over Malik. It'll be easier on you."

Ryou did as asked and leaned over Malik causing both to moan softly. Marik gently rubbed his back and pressed his engorged penis to Ryou's entrance. Ryou jumped slightly and Marik looked to Bakura seeing he couldn't see Ryou's face. Bakura nodded and Marik started to press in and gasped at the tightness and Ryou let out a cry of pain before biting his lip. Marik had stopped at the cry and looked at Bakura again a little distressed. Bakura nodded and Marik continued pushing in before Ryou's arms gave out and he fell on to Malik's chest, his knees were the only thing keeping him up. This again stopped Marik from going further.

"D-Don't...stop." Ryou whimpered.

Bakura sat up and gently started to life Ryou's chest up. "Arch your back Ryou."

Ryou shakily did so and soon Marik was all the way in and gasping softly. Ryou was lying against Malik's chest again trying to calm down from the very large penis inside him. After a few minutes Ryou slowly started to sit up a little and Marik leaned over and gently pulled Ryou to sit against his chest, both moaning at the movement and Malik as well. Marik gently rubbed Ryou's stomach in circles and rested his head on Ryou's shoulder.

"You ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine. It's just big."

Marik smirked and nuzzled his head lightly. "I know it is. Bakura found it very enjoyable as well." Bakura growled and so wanted to hit him but decided against it. "You know you do Bakura."

Ryou was trying to keep calm seeing the warmth wrapped around his penis and the very large penis inside him giving him double the pleasure. Bakura looked at Ryou's face that was trying to keep calm. Bakura smiled and crawled over to Ryou and knelt beside the three of them. Bakura gently cupped his face and made him look at him. Ryou blinked slightly and smiled at him.

"You're ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine Bakura."

Ryou kissed him gently before leaning back against Marik and shivered slightly. Malik was whining softly seeing he really wanted some sort of action. Bakura chuckled and knew he hadn't been prepared but it didn't matter too much for him. Bakura straddled Malik's stomach and leaned over and gently started sucking on Malik's cock. Malik bucked his hips and Ryou gasped softly and whimpered while Malik was moaning. Bakura smirked and let go and quickly sat up and positioned himself over Malik and slid him in him. Malik screamed and tried to buck his hips again but couldn't. Ryou was whimpering since Malik tightened a little around him. Marik gently soothed him while Malik tried to recover.

"Bakura you asshole."

Bakura chuckled softly and reached down and fiddled with Malik's balls, causing him to moan softly. Bakura smirked and looked at Ryou and Marik and nodded.

"Bakura hold him for a second."

Bakura held Ryou's hips while Ryou grabbed onto Bakura's upper arms. Marik gently slid back out nearly all the way before pushing back in and Ryou moaned softly. Marik continued and slowly increased the pace and each time Marik pushed into Ryou, Ryou pushed into Malik who moaned. Bakura smiled and started to moved up and down on Malik's shaft. Ryou's head was leaning against Marik's shoulder while he held onto anything he could which turned out to be Marik's legs. Ryou was screaming with each movement and Malik was continuously moaning and withering on the bed.

"Ryou I don't think I can hold back."

"Don't...than...I...won't...break." Ryou gasped out.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you Ryou."

Marik didn't hold back than and slammed straight in causing Ryou to scream and slam into Malik who screamed and bucked his hips and slammed into Bakura as he came down. Bakura gave a chocked groan slash scream. Ryou's hands were brought around by Bakura and wrapped around his shaft and Ryou started to pump it. Ryou soon screamed and accidently squeezed and jerked Bakura causing his release. Bakura groaned and tightened around Malik. Ryou gasped when Malik tightened around him Ryou constricted around Marik. Marik groaned and thrusted in harder into Ryou who screamed and released in Malik and tightened even more around Marik who thrusted in one last time and released.

Ryou whimpered as he came down and started swaying lightly and Bakura quickly grabbed onto him and held him up. Marik shook slightly and pulled out of Ryou and took him in his arms and laid him down on the bed. Bakura climbed off Malik and laid down beside him, his arms wrapped around Malik's waist.

"Shit Ryou I'm sorry." Marik said softly.


"He's bleeding."

Malik and Bakura sat up and looked down and saw Ryou's thighs covered in blood. Ryou was pretty close to being asleep and a small smile on his face. Marik looked at what he'd done sadly and leaned down and nuzzled Ryou's neck.

"I'm very sorry Ryou."


"You're bottom is bleeding."

"Oh..." Ryou said tiredly.

"I think he just wants to sleep." Bakura chuckled. "Don't worry Marik I doubt he'll be mad."

Marik got out of the bed and walked into the bathroom and started the bath and came back out and gently picked up Ryou who was nearly asleep causing him to whine. Marik smiled and walked back in and moved into the bath and sat Ryou gently on his lap in the water and laid Ryou's head on his shoulder and gently started to wash him off.

Bakura and Malik watched as Marik disappeared and walked over to the door and peered in and watched Marik. Bakura smiled seeing Marik gently clean Ryou off of blood. Bakura turned and tossed the sheets off the bed and onto the floor and threw some fresh ones on and settled back in bed. Malik smiled and jumped on the bed and laid his head on Bakura's chest.

During the boat cruise Malik used the time to get to know Bakura more and Ryou did the same with Marik. They agreed that once they knew each other enough they would let them take them but not until then. So Bakura and Ryou would sleep together and have sex and Marik and Malik did the same.

Marik came back in ten minutes later with both of them dry and Ryou fast asleep in his arms, his head resting comfortably on his shoulder. Malik smiled and Marik slid in beside Malik and laid Ryou down next to him. Ryou turned and cuddled up next to Malik before resting comfortably. Marik and Bakura smiled and Malik wrapped his arms around Ryou's waist and hugged him gently.

~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~ End of Chapter 1 ~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~

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