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Chapter 55


Yugi yawned softly and stretched his body as he woke the next morning Yami and Atemu were on either side of him and their arms were wrapped around him firmly and securely so he didn't know how much of a chance he stood to be able to get out. Yugi looked at Atemu closely and noticed his breathing changed and he continued to stare at him for a few minutes before his eyes snapped open with a smirk. Yugi jumped slightly at this having not expecting Atemu to actually be awake.

"Morning Yugi."

"Morning. Did you have to do that?"


"You woke me up by making him jump." Yami said behind Yugi who jumped again.

"Well it was about time you woke up Yami. Besides you just made him jump again so you can't blame me."

Yugi squirmed his way out of Yami's hands and down the bed till he was at the end. Yugi scrambled to his feet and looked back at his boyfriends on the bed who were looking a little put out as he had left the bed. Yugi smiled before turning and going to the bathroom. Atemu and Yami looked at each other before scrambling off the bed after him.


Yugi was hunkered down over books by the time Yami and Atemu had finished getting ready for the day as they were planning to take Yugi out for the day now that they were finally able to enjoy their time alone without fear of something happening. What they didn't plan on was Yugi studying when they came downstairs.

"Yugi are you serious?"

"What? I have assessments and tests to study for."


"I really need to do this. I have taken so much time off I'm surprised that they haven't dropped me."

"That's because Seto stopped that." A voice said behind them.

"What?" Yugi said as he turned to his grandfather. "What do you mean?"

"They called the shop during the day asking for you and Seto was here at the time and instantly stopped them from dropping you from the course. Basically you have however long you need to complete those subjects then your course continues as normal. Knowing you, you won't need any extra time. You still have half the semester left to complete them."

"So you can take a few hours to enjoy your time with your boyfriends." Atemu said as he walked over and grabbed Yugi under his arms and hulled him away from the table and out the door.


"You can spend a few hours with your boyfriends and then we'll let you study. We go back to work tomorrow and you are at uni so we won't get to spend a lot of time together." Atemu said.

"But we've spent the whole time at the cabin together." Yugi whined, though he was touched that they thought of it. "You mean to tell me you haven't gotten sick of spending time together?"

Atemu and Yami leaned in close so they was little space in between them. Yugi blushed furiously feeling them this close.

"We could never get sick of spending time with you." Yami said softly in his ear.


Yugi felt them pull away before he was once again escorted down the sidewalk.


A few hours later they were walking back to the game shop. They had spent the majority of the time in the park before getting lunch and then heading back as promised so Yugi could study. Yugi was thinking back to this morning when they got in close to him. He had previously been thinking on how to repay them for dragging him away from his study, even though he didn't appreciate it that much. But his thoughts then went to the first part of their walk when they had first dragged him out.

When they were in so close to him if felt like they were trying to send a different message to him, even if that wasn't what they were trying to do. Yugi had felt slightly aroused at them being that close to him and speaking as they had. He hadn't even felt the slightest bit afraid of them doing that. Even what he was thinking now didn't scare him as much as it had before.

Yugi smiled at that thought as they reached the shop only to find it locked. Yugi frowned as he pulled out his keys and unlocked the game shop entrance and found all the lights out. Yugi hurried up the stairs and into the living room of the building and found a note on the coffee table that was facing the stairs with Yugi's name on it. Quickly picking it up Yugi unfolded the letter.


I know you've only just gotten back and I really did want to spend time with you but Professor Hawkins invited me on a new dig that he is going on and it is one that we were both looking for, for a long, long time. I will give you a call when I land in Egypt.

Atemu and Yami,

You best look after my grandson while I'm away, I know you will but just in case it's not clear. Hurt him and you will pay. I'm sure there are plenty of people that will line up if you do. I'll be the one at the end to finish it.

Look after each other and I will talk to you soon.


"Well..." Yami said. "That was unexpected."


"How long will he be away?"

"I don't know. Could be a couple of months or more, but I'll continue to hear from him during that time."

"He still goes on digs at his age? Dedicated."

"He may be old but he's still young at heart. Besides he won't be digging or anything. Just looking at artefacts and looking at scripts on walls and such. Nothing that would be of danger to his health."

Yugi wandered back downstairs quickly to lock the place up. He'd open the shop on weekends but not today as he planned to do something else. Yugi wandered back upstairs and didn't see Atemu or Yami anywhere so wandering through the top level Yugi arrived at Atemu's room and found them both on the bed kissing and talking. While this was what they were doing they were also undressing each other.

Yugi blushed as he saw what they were doing. He didn't blame them for doing what they were doing. Considering he was hadn't been really been comfortable with anything other than kissing he knew they were sexually frustrated at some level and they needed some sort of release if they couldn't get anything for him.

Yugi stood quietly in the doorway for a few minutes as they both wrestled their shirts off while they still tried dominating their kiss. When Yami pulled away and went to attach himself to Atemu's neck he opened his eyes to see Yugi standing there watching.


Atemu jumped at this and turned around to see a blushing Yugi standing in the door way. Atemu quickly climbed off the bed with Yami beside him both looking for their shirts which were actually by the bedroom door. Yugi walked in further and shut the door behind him causing both to look up in surprise.

"You know we do have the house to ourselves for a while." Yugi said softly as his face heated up at the intense stares he was getting.

Yugi walked over and wrapped his arms around Atemu's neck and kissed him on lips, thankful that it snapped at least one of them out of their shock. Atemu wrapped his arms around his waist and held him closer as he kissed back before pulling away. Yugi turned to Yami who was still just staring in shock before doing the same to him bringing him out of his shock. Yugi stepped back to look at them both with a shy smile.

"Yugi what are you talking about?"

"I know you both are a little frustrated that you can't go further than kissing with me. I can see it. Believe it or not so am I."

"Yugi we can wait till you are more than ready."

Yugi smiled and crawled onto the bed and looked back to them with a smirk on his face. Atemu and Yami were frowning at him, confused.

"Well are you going to join me or shall I enjoy this big bed by myself?"

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