Summary: By an accident, Harry, Hermione and Ron go back in time. However, when they go back to their time, they bring a few familiar people with them.

Lily examined Ashley closely.

The dark-haired, dark-eyed girl was so...normal. She did her homework at 7pm every night. She played Quidditch at 6pm every Sunday and Tuesday. She went to bed at 11.45pm sharp. And she had just transferred from "Exira Academy of Magickal Arts", which was, in fact, not a real school at all.

It was far too normal. Her exam results were always around 65 marks. She was not pretty, or ugly. She was just plain average. Nothing, nothing at all, stood out about her. It was like she was trying to deliberately be unnoticed.

She stared after the girl for a minute, then sighed and continued doing her homework, not noticing that the girl's eyes had flashed scarlet before disappearing into the shadows.


Ashley felt the golden Galleon in her pocket burn. She quickly took off her Glamour Charm before turning around to face...nothing.

"Take off the Cloak, guys," she said quietly. Two boys appeared. The raven-haired boy quickly stowed the cloak in his pocket.

"The Room of Requirement," she said softly.

"Hermione, how are we supposed to get back?" the redhead asked, rather impatiently. 'Ashley' scowled.

"I don't know. Maybe we could wish to be back in our time?" the raven-haired boy that resembled James Potter suggested.

"Great idea. Uhh...I want us to be back in 1997," 'Ashley' said. There was a swirl of colours. A crowd of teenagers were in there.

"Harry! Hermione! Ron! Are you okay?" A blonde cried. They nodded.

"We're fine, Lavender. We should be at the Great Hall for the feast now. Let's go before that Umbridge finds us!" the redhead said darkly. They quickly raced out of the room.

Five minutes later, four very dazed fifth years stumbled out f the room. Unknowingly, the trio had taken Harry's parents, godfather and ex-Defence professor to the future.