Chapter One: Summer Begins.

As Harry and his friends entered King's Cross station, they ran into a rather large problem known as Vernon Dursley. Harry started struggling as the large man led him to a car which had the rest of his relatives in it. Hermione ran to her parents, who had arranged to drop Harry off at Sanctuary as Kiara was in the middle of organising things for Harry's return and subsequent incarceration (as Harry called it). Sheryl and David quickly made their way over, only to be left in a cloud of dust, as the car sped away. Hermione let out a moan as her friend disappeared. She then turned to her parents.

"Sorry, Mum, Dad, but I'm not going to be the one to tell Master Lyn that we lost her padawan," she said. Her parents turned slightly green before agreeing that the best thing to do would be to call Kiara and tell her what happened. That settled they got in their own car and drove home.

Harry in the meantime was thoroughly annoyed and also rather bruised. His "uncle" had practically thrown him in the backseat and his cousin, Dudley, who Harry thought was going to die of a massive coronary one day soon, was busy seeing if he could get him to react by basically pinching, punching or even kicking him. Fed up, Harry turned and snapped

"Cease that immediately!" He then closed his mouth in horror.

"Sheesh', he thought. 'I open my mouth but it's my master that pops out. Oh, the shame.' To his relief, though, Dudley did cease hurting him.

When they got back to Number Four Privet Drive, the place that Dumbledore had dropped him off at so long ago, things got steadily worse for Harry. He stared at the place that his master had told him about, and then at the people she had saved him from. He was even gladder that he had grown up with Kiara, for although she could be strict at times, she did love him, and made sure she showed it.

'I wonder what I would have been like if I had grown up here' he thought as Vernon (Harry refused to call him Uncle) Dursley grabbed his arm and hauled him inside.

"Now see here boy," Vernon started, "we've been told to take you in by that freak of a Headmaster at that freak school you go to, so there won't be any complaints. He told us to get this Jedi nonsense out of your head so we will. No funny business with either that stick of yours or any hand waving. You're no Jedi and you'd do well to remember that."

Harry seethed in rage but he controlled himself, remembering what Anakin had taught him just before term ended. Kiara had agreed to the lessons, and would teach him how to control the bond, while Anakin taught him to detach his emotions. He breathed deeply, feeling himself calm as he released his anger to the Force. Looking up he met the bully's eyes, before asking, still calmly, "Where am I to sleep then?"

Harry was shown upstairs to what could be described as a prison cell, There was bars on the window, a small bed was in the corner, the floor was bare and there were seven different locks on the outside of the door. Harry stared in disbelief before he was shoved through the door and it was shut behind him. As he sat down he heard the sound of the locks clicking into place and felt grateful that Hedwig always flew ahead to Sanctuary at the end of each year. He then snickered when he imagined Hermione and her parents having to explain to his master exactly what had happened. Poor them.

Hermione and her parents had indeed had a bad time explaining what had occurred. At the end of it, they were treated to the very alarming sight of a Jedi Master on the warpath. She told them to stay at Sanctuary and then started rummaging through her desk. Pulling out several legal documents, she tucked them into her robe pocket before turning to grab the Floo powder. Before she could leave, Hermione asked a question.

"Umm, Master Lyn, where are you going" she asked rather timidly. Kiara seemed different from when she'd met her before. That Jedi had been relaxed and easy going, now she was purposeful and determined, with an aura of power around her that said quite clearly "Don't mess with me." Kiara turned to Hermione and smiled slightly before answering.

"First I'm going to the Ministry to file official charges against Dumbledore, and then I'm going to implement Operation Jedi Rescue," she said. When confused looks were sent her way she sighed and elaborated. "I'm going to get my son back. Harry thinks of me as his surrogate mother, no matter what he calls me. The feeling is mutual. He's my padawan, yes, but he's also my adopted son. I won't leave him with those people any longer than I can help it." Growling slightly she stepped into the fireplace and vanished from view.

"I almost feel sorry for Dumbledore," Hermione said distantly. Her parents looked at each other, silently agreeing.

While all this was going on, Harry was experiencing the worst time of his life. The Dursleys made no effort to show him any kindness and only grudgingly allowed him to use the bathroom when he needed it. He sat back on his bed after the latest trip, hungry, and wishing he'd eaten on the way back from Hogwarts. He idly wondered what was happening, and wondered whether Hermione had survived the experience of informing his master of his kidnapping. He chuckled softly, Kiara would never hurt Hermione, but she could be scary when annoyed. He looked up as Petunia entered, some sort of drug and a syringe in her hands. He had no time to try and pull away, as Vernon and Dudley, who had entered behind Petunia, restrained him. He felt a sharp sting in his arm, and then blackness rolled over him. His last thought before losing consciousness was that his master was not going to be happy that he had allowed this to happen.