Chapter Fourteen: The End of the Year

A few days after the Ministry visit, an official notice came out in the Daily Prophet, declaring Sirius Black innocent. Most people noticed that this was the second time this notice had been issued and were amused to realise that Fudge had been forced into making a public statement to the effect that he'd been wrong and his deepest apologies were extended to Sirius, for not believing the Aurors the first time.

The residents of Sanctuary had mixed reactions to this. Sirius was amused and annoyed, Kiara was just annoyed and said that it was about time Fudge acknowledged the truth, Harry was just happy that Sirius could walk down Diagon Alley without being arrested, while the others were caught somewhere in the middle.

School had ended a day after the visit from the Ministry, so Harry was lounging round the living room, cuddling Hermione and throwing things at Sirius when he made several suggestive comments about them. The lounging around was practically ordered by Kiara as she said that if he didn't get some time to himself, to relax, then he would soon get ahead of her lesson plans for him. Harry wasn't even allowed to look at his schoolbooks except for doing the summer homework. McGonagall and Flitwick had also given him a break, saying that he was now halfway through the fourth year work and he could start work on the second half a couple of weeks before going back to Hogwarts. The plan was to have him at least ending fourth year work near the start of the year, and then have him go through fifth year work during class. Of course, he would still be attending the extra lessons, where he would get further ahead, but he would slow the pace down a bit. The OWL exams had already been arranged, and he would join the fifth years for the OWL exams in Charms and Transfiguration at the end of next year. Harry could hardly wait.

"How is relaxing suiting you, Harry?" Fred asked from where he'd just Flooed in.

Harry looked up and smiled. "Very well thanks, Fleetfoot, how are the pranks going?"

Fred winked, looked round for any nearby adults (the only one present was Sirius and he loved pranks anyway), and then sat down.

"This is an order form for Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes," he whispered. "We've been working on this all year and developing new products this summer. Also, apparently Dad is getting tickets to the final of the Quidditch World Cup this summer. Want to come?"

Harry's eyes lit up and he said "Yes." Fred winked at him again before disappearing through the Floo. Harry sighed, before settling down with Hermione and falling into a doze, dreaming about all the things he was going to do that summer, the biggest of which would be the Quidditch World Cup.

The End