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Rito was a rather normal teenager, brown hair and brown eyes, nothing particularly special. He did have some rather extraordinary friends though, i.e. his alien ex-fiancée, who would freely declare her love for him, to his everlasting shock. Her name was Lala; she had long pink hair, green eyes, and just so happened to be the princess of the galaxy. Most people would find this an amazing thing, but not Rito. Why? Because he already had a crush on a girl, her name was Sairenji Haruna and she was Lala's best friend (human). However, after getting him into a lot of troubling situations with her, he began to fall for her, and right now he was at a point where he just didn't know how he felt or who he loved anymore.

Right now Lala was indulging in a common Earth activity, a sleep-over party. This spelled instant trouble to Rito, as Lala, Sairenji, Kotegawa, Run, Mio and Risa were all there, in his living room, wearing nothing but pyjamas. Suddenly feeling very hot under his bed covers, Rito sat up, knocking them off so he could let the cool night air wash over him.

The reason for Rito's worry, besides the obvious, was Risa. After two years of friendship he knew what she could be like, and this idea was cemented by her actions a couple of weeks ago. This was why he could say without a shadow of a doubt that she and Mio would try something, either to him directly, or through Lala. Sometimes he was thankful for Lala's innocence, as he had come to realise that if she was any less pure, she might have been more sexually aggressive. Considering the daily torture she accidentally put him through, that thought was terrifying to Rito. However, at times like these he cursed it as it left her open to being manipulated, something Risa delighted in taking advantage of.

Adding Run to equation just doubled his worry as she would also try something, and while Risa would only go as far as heavy teasing(probably… hopefully), Run would molest him in his sleep if given the chance. Those twos' presences', plus thoughts of Momo sneaking into his bed again, kept him awake. After all, paranoia is a good motivator for staying up late at night.

His only real hope was that Kotegawa could keep them both in line, but he didn't put much faith in her achieving that when she was the only voice of reason.

With these thoughts swimming in his mind, Rito just barely caught the sound of creaking floorboards from outside his door, followed soon after by the sounds of whispering, before finally going quiet again as the creaking moved further and further away.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Rito decided to investigate lest it come back to bite him in the ass later on and crept down the stairs soon after. He wasn't at all going to spy on the girls, not at all. He was just going to find out what that noise was and then immediately head back, and seeing as he didn't want to disturb them, better to not to let them know, so quiet was the best course of action. It will probably take a while to as well, so he better be ready for the long haul. Yep, he wasn't spying at all. Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that you lucky bastard.

Peeking into the living room, Rito quickly realized that the noise earlier was Mikan, Nana and Momo sneaking down to join the group of girls who were chattering, even though they said they wouldn't. Well, he hadn't really expected them to listen anyway and in some ways this was a relief. Hopefully Run and Risa would be less likely to try something with his and Lala's younger sisters there, and if either of them did, Mikan and Nana would put a stop to it.

Reassured by this new development, Rito turned, intending to make his way back to his room before a snippet of overheard conversation stopped him in his tracks.

"Hey Mikan, you know Yuuki-kun best right, who does he like the most?" The voice of Kotegawa rolled out, the person he was least expecting to ask such a question.

This sent his mind racing, as Mikan knew of his crush on Haruna-chan, but she didn't know about his current feelings on the matter. If she gave away his feelings for Haruna-chan, it could become a disaster. Lala would be upset, and really the thought of a crying Lala sent a stab of pain through his heart. His relationship with Haruna would change, probably for the worse as she would be less comfortable around him, maybe even end up hating him. This thought made him sick to his stomach. Hopefully Mikan, his loyal little sister, would keep it to herself.

"Hmm, that's not a question I thought you would ask Kotegawa-san, what interest could you possibly have in this matter?" Mikan asked, diverting the topic of conversation away from him and onto her. Rito sent her a silent thank you for this.

"W-w-what are you talking about, why would I care?" Yui was quick to say, her face red in what most would say was anger, but Mikan recognised as embarrassment.

"Well, you did ask so you must be at least curious, right?" she said, continuing to press. Unfortunately this course of action back fired, as most of the girls were now more fixated on the answer to Yui's original question than why she asked it.

Lala was quick to jump I and ask, "Waah, Mikan, you know who Rito likes, don't you?"

This caught the other girls' attention, "What are you talking about Lala-san?" Haruna questioned.

"Hmm, it was when we first met and I decided to marry Rito, he told me there was someone else he liked. Now that I think about it I never did find out who it was. I wonder if he still likes them."

This revelation caused many different reactions within the group, the two main ones being 'Marriage, what the hell is she talking about' and 'Oh, so Yuuki-kun already has someone in mind, I wonder who she is?'

Kotegawa was the most vocal, "Marriage, what are you talking about, you're too young for marriage."

"Yeah, this is the first time you've mentioned this Lala-chi. What are you talking about?" Mio added.

"Is it? I thought you knew. Rito and I were engaged, but in the end I decided that it would be unfair to force him into marriage against his will, so I ended the arrangement." Lala explained.

"Only un-officially though," Nana corrected, "in the official records you two are still going to wed."

"We are? I didn't know that."

"Yeah, Rito's practically been adopted by Papa, he must of really left a good impression. Rito is now regarded as the next ruler of the galaxy and any attempts on his life will be dealt with like an attempt on the life of a member of the royal family." Momo recited, before continuing with, "That's why you haven't had to deal with any more fiancé candidates, as far as the records go you're taken and there is nothing they can do about it."

"Ah, but you or Rito can still back out, it's not really a done deal, everyone just thinks it is." Nana concluded.

This explanation only caused more questions though, mainly to do with the word royal.

"Eh, you're royalty!?" said just about everyone.

"Yep, didn't I tell you Papa is the king of Deviluke and ruler of the galaxy?"

Her friends just shock their heads, eyes wide in surprise, prompting Momo to sigh, "Just what are you telling your friends Onee-sama?"

"Well Rito and Peke told me to keep it secret in the beginning, and I guess I just forgot that they didn't know. Whoops."

Suddenly excited, Risa and Mio jumped Lala and started bombarding her with questions about life as a princess, to which she answered with "It was really boring and lonely." They also asked why she came to Earth and Lala ending up explaining to them about the fiancé candidates and the events that led to her staying, including how Rito saved her and deciding that he was the one for her.

"Hey, where is Peke? I haven't seen her since Rito left." Haruna inquired.

"Actually, I don't know. I'm not wearing her, so she could be resting in my room, but it is kinda odd that she's not here." Lala answered.

"Oh, sorry about that Lala-chi, I asked her to keep an eye on Rito for me, and come down when she's sure he's asleep. I guess he's still awake, so she's still watching him." explained Risa.

"Hmm, why would you do that?"

"No reason," she replied with a devilish grin, causing not a single girl to believe her, well except for Lala.

Hearing this news, Rito panicked, spun around from his spying position and found him self face to face with a floating Peke. Her expression said it all, she was pissed off.