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Dumbledore's eyes were fixed on being in front of him, before him stood non other than The Shadow. Despite The Shadow's short stature the cloaked form seemed to possess a nearly palpable power. The folds of the black material gave the impression that they hid some great secret. Even the Shadow's posture and movements told of skill, grace, and power.

The Headmaster's eyes grew wide as a bright blade was unsheathed from behind the creature's back. Its gleam a stark contrast from the rest of the darkness. Even in the dim light the metal flashed brilliantly, its mirror shine reflecting even the faintest lights. Then The Shadow vanished. The old man turned to look seeing the Unspeakables suddenly taken by surprise.

This was the second time watching the scene from the memories of the Unspeakables. However now he viewed from the memories of Murdock. He continues to watch as The Shadow escaped with Peeves and then after a few minutes were eventually spotted again.

Even though he had seen it before Dumbledore was still taken back by The Shadow's unexpected dive out the window. Murdock and William continued after Peeves even after Maylee followed The Shadow. It seemed as though they would capture the little spirit as he eventually ran into another of MayLee's barriers. However just as William raised his wand Peeves uttered, "Oh, he got it." and vanished through a wall, leaving the two men unable to follow.

Albus pulled himself out of the memory followed by the three Unspeakables. Each of them seemed to be contemplating what they had seen.

"I am afraid I have no experience or knowledge of what we just viewed in the memories. Any ideas?" Albus said, as he stroked his beard.

"You have no idea." Murdock scoffed.

"There's not much to go on." William said, his voice even. "The Headmaster contacted our department knowing almost nothing himself. Poltergeists we know how to deal with. With The Shadow we had little knowledge and still have, next to nothing to go on."

"Quite a mystery isn't it." MayLee said.

"Haha." Murdock muttered humorlessly, to the little joke about their jobs. "If anyone here would have a clue it would be you."

Maylee sighed as she was put on the spot. "Well what do we know maybe that will help."

"I'm guessing you want more than wears black, and has a sword." William stated.

"Maybe, but sometimes small things can help. "MayLee said." Like the sword now that I was able to review the memories I see that it was a katana, a type of sword that originated in Japan."

"How does that help?" Murdock sighed.

"It might, a puzzle cannot be completed without all its pieces." Dumbledore spoke up. "We know very little and anything could help us uncover something."

"The Shadow is a he."Said Murdock after a few moments of contemplation. "Peeves let it slip when the barrier fell. If we could get Peeves we would be able to find out so much more I'm sure."

Dumbledore nodded slowly. "Yes, while I would like that as well I doubt another attempt any more successful than before. Peeves and The Shadow will doubtless know of your new attempt and even if we did capture Peeves how would we ensure he gave us the information we wanted? Can you torture a ghost, or dose it with truth serum?"

The Unspeakables stood silent for a few moments before. William spoke again. "It's your call Headmaster. We don't want to go home empty handed, but at the same time this is your school."

"Thank you William for now I will consider everything that has happened here, I suggest that the three of you go home. I'm sure that you have family over for the holidays that you would like to return to."

William nodded and Murdock's frame seemed to sink slightly. However Maylee stepped forward.

"Headmaster I must protest." Maylee huffed. "This is something that should not be left alone, as mentioned before this is a school full of children. While the Shadow has not caused anyone any harm that does not mean he can't or won't."

"Yes I agree." The Headmaster nodded wisely. "The children's safety is a great concern for me but I can't close the school because of something we know so little about."

Maylee's face took a look of deliberation. "I would like to request staying at the school without my team for observation and additional safety for the school."

William and Dumbledore's eyebrows rose in surprise.

"I'm sorry my dear but I don't know if I can grant such a request, and I don't know how your department leaders would feel about leaving you here alone. There's also magic in place could complicate you here in such a fashion, If you were an employee of Hogwarts, that wouldn't be a problem." Dumbledore said.

William thought for a moment before speaking. "I don't know about all of that but I'm sure that the Head of the Department won't like the idea of leaving this as it is. So if the Headmaster is willing we might be able to work it out, perhaps you could become employee of both Hogwarts and The Department of Mysteries?"

"Surely something can be done that will be beneficial to us all." Dumbledore said as a smile slowly appeared on his elderly face.

The last days of winter break were uneventful. Regardless Harry and Peeves both laid low. With the help of enhanced senses and Agrona Harry learned that both of the male Unspeakables had left the castle but the woman was staying behind. From what Harry could tell from her faint spirit-energy she was not up up to anything involving spirits, but there was only so much he could tell from simply sensing her.

Ron seemed to still be confused about his own emotions. Whenever Harry entered the room Ron's face would cycle through a multiple emotions until finally scrunching up and resting at stubborn childish anger. Ron's demeanor did not go unnoticed by the Inquisitive Weasley Twin but besides a few looks pointed looks between them and Harry that the young Soul Reaper waved off nothing became of it.

The rest of the students eventually came back from Christmas Holiday. At the New Year Feast the Headmaster Introduced the female Unspeakable as MayLee Cheng and that she would be staying for at least the rest of the year as an assistant professor to Professor Binns. Despite being told that she was simply an assistant many of the students thought that The Shadow had gotten the school a new History of Magic teacher.

As it turned out History of Magic was one of the first classes that Harry had once classes started again. Hermione seemed to be particularly excited.

"I wonder if Professor Cheng will be teaching us anything?" Hermione excitedly wondered out-loud. "Its exciting that someone so young is able get a position as a assistant professor."

"What's up Hermione?" Seamus asked. "I thought you actually enjoyed The Professor's dull drone."

"I find the material he teaches interesting enough to stay awake, unlike most of you." She replied pointedly.

"I don't know how you can say that Hermione?" Dean said incredulously. "I would think that something like as neat as the goblin rebellions would be cool. I mean I always enjoyed that kind of stuff in primary school, but Binn's makes even the most spectacular battles boring. Why are we still learning about them we have been learning about them all year, can't we learn something more relevant?"

Ron sighed as he replied to Dean's question. "When Binns died it much more relevant history than it is today, and you better get used to also. From what my brothers say he will be teaching mostly be teaching about the goblin rebellions until O.W.L.s "

"To be fair there were a lot of them." Lavender said.

Harry and the rest of the students entered the room and saw Maylee in a back corner watching the students come in. Harry sat down and using all of his senses he tried to find out more about the woman as he could without arousing her suspicion.

MayLee was unaware that she was under such scrutiny. So far the young Unspeakable was quietly pondering her position here at Hogwarts. The Assistant Professor position was simply a cover for her to stay at the school and continue investigating the situation involving The Shadow and the other spirits here. History was actually one of her favorite subjects when she was in school in China. However the subject here at Hogwarts left much to be desired and she had only been through one class so far. Binns was absolutely the most boring ghost she had ever encountered, and that was saying something since being incorporeal made one's unlife dull already.

That was not to say that everything at Hogwarts was lacking. She was able to talk with most of the teachers at Hogwarts and from what she learned she could safely say that some of the teachers were spectacular, others seemed to be laughable. Flitwick, Sprout and McGonagall Seemed be great teachers as well as having masteries in their particular subjects. Snape was an internationally know Potions Master but from the rumors she heard his teaching methods were lacking. Binns' class was so far boring and out of date. She was considering that if things did not improve she would create her own curriculum and silence the ghost and teach the class herself despite her being an assistant. Astronomy seemed to be adequate but she was curious why it was a required subject until fifth year when Divination, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy: the subjects that were the most relevant to Astronomy were optional. Defense Against the Dark Arts seemed to be a subject in need of help because the rumored curse on the subject could very well be real since no teacher had lasted more than a year for several decades.

The third year electives also seemed to face the same problems as the core classes. Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Care of Magical Creatures seemed be fine be fine. However Muggle Studies seemed to be greatly lacking, England already seemed to be further behind much of the magical world when is came to modernization. The the Professor Charity Burbage seemed to teach the subject the same way a muggle foreign language teacher who's only experience with a language was spending six months in a foreign country 40 years ago. Finally, from what MayLee had heard about Divination it was very different from what she had learned. While she hadn't met Professor Trelawney she seemed to focus only on the future part of divination.

Some thing were better about Hogwarts than the school she went to. The castle was amazing and sung with magic and energy. While she could not say that it was particularly a good thing the student population was much smaller from her school, which should permit the teacher to give students more attention.

In fact she did not get much attention until they discovered her talent with spiritual creatures. Her teachers told her that she had a gift that was as rare as a true seer, if perhaps not as useful. Asia was one of the few places where a few species of magical, and spiritual creature existed. MayLee had the ability to sense these creatures as well as interact with them to a point. It took years of intense study as well as some magical augmentation to focus her talent.

Soon after graduation her family moved to England in order to take advantage of the economical vacuum that was leftover from their magical civil war. MayLee was able to find a job in The Department of Mysteries after she explained her talent to the Ministry. She personally had more experience with spiritual creatures than all of the department but she was happy being placed on the small team with Murdock and William. It was rather boring work that focused on the study of spiritual creatures rather than control or capture. However they were called in whenever there was a ghoul or some other spirit that the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures couldn't deal with.

There were so few varieties of spirits here in Europe, but this Shadow was unlike anything she had ever heard of. She was almost certain that it was a spirit of some time, whether a magically created one or an extremely rare unknown species she was not sure. One thing was certain it had human or near human levels of intelligence. While she was staying at Hogwarts William and Murdock were back at the Ministry trying to find out any clue about The Shadow. She had also sent a letter to her teachers back In China to see if they had any information.

The Shadow had seemingly done nothing after the encounter him. She doubted that they had driven him away from the school, and while she did not bet often she would bet that it wouldn't be long until he showed up again.

MayLee Sighed quietly as she prepared herself to do nothing for a boring class.

Little did MayLee know that the Shadow was sitting in the same room as her.


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