Author Notes: Hello! This is yet another story born from two separate conversations, one with Sagakure and the other with Blackened Wing. Trust me, a thousand plot bunnies can spring right out of nowhere when you converse with these two awesome writers! It's a two shot TougaxKaname lemon, actually! –nervous smile- It's based off the ending chapters of Blackened Wing's gloriously angsty and wonderful Blood Moon story so if you've not read that yet, you should, and don't forget to leave her reviews!

The summary below is a spoiler for Blood Moon Chapter 27 onwards:

Kaname and Zero are staying at a lovely secluded villa in the country. They have admitted caring about each other but not gone further than that. Kaname hired Yagari to start training Zero again. The one eyed hunter knows about Kaname protecting Zero, sparring with him and even biting him but a spiteful comment by Seiji Sato leads to Yagari finding out that Kaname has been bedding Zero as well. The one eyed hunter is understandably livid since he doesn't know of the true care and trust in their relationship and thinks that Kaname is just using Zero in return for letting him drink his pure blood to keep him sane. To Yagari's shock and disappointment, Zero unexpectedly defends Kaname and prevents his sensei from going to kill the pureblood. Disillusioned and angry, Yagari decides to leave the villa despite his earlier promise to train Zero up.

In this AU, Kaname accidentally finds out from a servant (exactly who it is isn't important) that a furious Yagari is packing up to leave. Already stressed out and frustrated by the circumstances surrounding Yuuki's death and tired after his conversation with Diachi Sato, Kaname is now worried about how devastated Zero must be at having his own teacher desert him yet again. Kaname goes to the guesthouse to try to talk Yagari out of leaving. Please note that the awesome ZeroxKaname lemon didn't happen here and Kaname isn't weak from a vampire hunter self-inflicted injury nor is he sunburned :D. Needless to say, the outcome is as unexpected for him as it is for Yagari when two very stubborn and determined characters clash headlong with each other, all for the love of the same boy – Zero Kiryuu.

Appreciation: To Sagakure for getting me very interested on the idea in one of her posts on LJ and to Blackened Wing for her kind permission in allowing me to use her story as the background and of course for her inspiring words and lovely support that led to this. Thank you, my dears! -hugs the two of you- The characters of Kaname Kuran, Zero Kiryuu and Touga Yagari are taken off Blood Moon so my apologies if they are pictured any differently here.

Summary: An AU story based off of Blood Moon. Misunderstandings, prejudice and desperation lead to an explosive confrontation between Kaname Kuran and Touga Yagari. Both men would do anything for Zero, even selling themselves to the enemy. Yaoi lemon. TougaxKaname.

Rating: 'M'

Disclaimer: Vampire Knight could only and does belong to the great Matsuri Hino.

-- Story Start --

The sun was rising steadily as Kaname arrived at the guesthouse. He knocked quietly on the door, steeling himself to appear outwardly calm and in control, his features as implacable as always. He might be mentally exhausted and frustrated by his conversation with Diachi Sato earlier, he might be furious with Yagari's unexpected action and worried about how upset Zero must be but Kaname kept his emotions well hidden. Meeting someone he didn't like and fully trust, and a seasoned hunter at that practically demanded that he stay physically and mentally alert.

Even though all the windows in the guesthouse were tightly shut, Kaname could still smell the noxious fumes from the cigarettes Yagari loved to smoke but he paid it no heed. Booted footsteps sounded clearly on the polished wooden flooring inside and a few seconds later, the front door was wrenched wide open. More of the smoky stale air poured out, stinging Kaname's sensitive eyes and nostrils.

A deeply frowning Touga Yagari stood there, framed in the doorway and already dressed in his long leather duster and hat as if about to leave. He didn't appear at all surprised to see Kaname outside his door. Yagari had already known who was approaching the guesthouse since the pureblood's presence registered very strongly in his hunter senses and he narrowed his eye at his unwelcome visitor.

"What the hell do you want now, vampire?" he growled out, looking just about ready to kill someone. Kaname had already steeled himself for a less than pleasant greeting but the sheer amount of animosity in that deep, gravelly voice threw him for a bit. Yes, they disliked and mistrusted each other intensely but there had always been a token veneer of civility in their meetings before...

"I would like to have a word with you," Kaname stated calmly. Yagari's scowl darkened even more if that was possible but after a moment, he stepped back and waved a hand in an exaggerated, sarcastic manner. Kaname walked into the guesthouse with his head up and his shoulders back, trying not to choke on the stale, smoke filled air. Despite the need for fresh air, he closed the door, not wanting anyone to eavesdrop on their conversation since this was just between Yagari and him. The one eyed hunter had turned on a couple of table lamps, lighting up the interior with a soft, yellow glow.

"Why are you leaving?" Kaname asked as calmly as he could. "Surely the Hunter Association can't have given you a new assignment...?"

He knew they had not, he had made sure Yagari's calendar had been cleared but he couldn't think of another reason for the hunter's sudden departure. After all, from what little Zero had told Kaname, it sounded like the training was coming along well and Kaname knew his lover looked up to his sensei too much to ever annoy or insult him.

Yagari snorted rudely, the harsh sound grating in the silence. "You know damned well why I'm leaving," he growled angrily. "I heard about the actual relationship you have with Zero."

It was abundantly clear from his disgusted tone that Yagari was talking about the physical aspect of it and Kaname very nearly blanched at the unexpected words. Who had told Yagari this? Surely it couldn't be Zero – Kaname was willing to be anything he had that the boy would rather cut his tongue out than disclose intimate details about what they did behind closed doors...

Yagari raised one sardonic eyebrow at Kaname's surprise, his lip curling in derision. "Surprised?" he asked sardonically. "One of your pureblood guests came by earlier when I was with Zero and he was kind enough to disclose a few 'details' about what you indulge in at Zero's expense."

The icy tone spoke volumes about how Yagari felt about the disclosure and Kaname's eyes closed briefly in despair.

Seiji again! Damn that spoiled bastard!!

Kaname could guess Seiji's relish at giving out such information just as clearly as he could picture Zero's mortification and Yagari's shock. Still, he knew the latter cared very deeply for Zero. Kaname didn't think that Yagari actually needed to know about the genuine care and trust between Zero and himself but he realised he had to make the one eyed hunter understand that Zero was fine with this and that he wasn't being forced into this position... not now, not after all they had gone through together.

"Zero and I have... an arrangement," Kaname began carefully but Yagari's lip curled in disdain as he cut him short.

"An arrangement? Are you telling me that Zero's agreeable to you biting him, beating him up and screwing him in bed? Yeah. Sure," Yagari sneered, his voice as cold as the look in his eye. Kaname clenched his jaw tight. He knew Yagari's words were intended to anger and taunt him but he refused to let the other succeed in this matter. He had to get Yagari on his side.

"What we do in private is not important. But you agreed to stay for a month to train Zero up," he continued calmly.

Yagari almost choked on his fury - Kaname's calm dismissal and reminder rendered him practically speechless with shock. How dare the damned pureblood make it sound like he had reneged on his promise when Kaname had been abusing Zero all this while? Just who was the villain here, damnit?!

"Get someone else to teach him," Yagari rasped out angrily before swinging around. He felt that if he had to look at Kaname for a second longer, he would throw caution to the winds and strangle him right here and now, to hell with whether he would succeed or not. How dare Kaname order him like this? So he had hired him – so what? As far as Yagari was concerned, that agreement was now null and void because of what Kaname had done – and to the best of his knowledge, was still doing – to Zero.

The intense pain in the master hunter's heart reached a whole new level. Yes, Kaname was a pureblood and as such, he had rights and privileges that no one – or at least, no one in the vampire world – would dare question but Yagari wouldn't stand for it. He wasn't part of that world and he didn't give two hoots as to what Kaname was or was not entailed to. Did the pureblood really expect him to just turn a blind eye to Zero's abuse and pretend like nothing was happening? He... he couldn't!

"I won't," Kaname replied coolly. "You're the best there is and I... I want Zero to have the best."

Yagari paused but he didn't turn around, breathing agitatedly. Damn vampires and their sweet talking ways. No wonder Zero was still labouring under an assumption that his benefactor actually cared for him. Unluckily for Kaname though, Yagari was no rookie. He had been around and he was the last hunter to fall for a few well chosen and well spoken words and the surface impression that Zero was being protected. Yagari knew better. He took a deep breath, keeping his hands tightly fisted.

"The best that money can buy?" he bit out. There was no answer and slowly, Yagari turned around. Kaname stood there, looking directly at him. His hands were also clenched into fists by his sides but he was obviously making a monumental effort to keep calm. Yagari snorted. So both of them would like to strangle each other – what else was new?

"Zero looks up to you. That is another reason why I want you to continue teaching him."

Yagari stared at Kaname. He didn't get it. Sure he knew he was the best hunter around and yes, he had known Zero since he and his brother were small but why was the pureblood so darned insistent that it was he and not another hunter who taught Zero?

Kaname saw the confusion in Yagari's steely blue eye even though the latter tried to hide it and suddenly, the pureblood's shoulders slumped. It all came down to the truth, didn't it? He could hire Yagari but not order him around. He could tell him what he wanted him to do but not guarantee that it would turn out the exact way he wanted. He could not threaten this tough, one eyed hunter or scare him into doing what he wanted. Yagari was his own man. The only thing Kaname had to work with was his obvious love for Zero. The pureblood had counted on that being enough to keep Yagari here but in lieu of this latest revelation, it looked like even that wasn't enough.

"Because I want what's best for Zero," Kaname found himself talking again, but noticeably softer this time. He was tired and frustrated from his earlier meeting with Diachi Sato. Kaname wanted to scream and shout and lash out with words and objects but... what was the use? When it came to Touga Yagari, none of that mattered. If anything, a show of pureblood power and arrogance would only make things worse.

Yagari crossed his muscular arms and planted his booted feet apart. "Why?" he asked. Short and to the point, no mincing around – that was Yagari's style, all right.

Kaname swallowed, a vaguely trapped look entering his eyes without his knowledge. He was a pureblood, he should always be seen as invincible and capable but right now, right at this minute, he was so tired and he was depressed. All he wanted was to love Zero – why was that so hard? Why did everyone think he had an ulterior motive? Why was it so difficult to believe that he had a heart, and that he wanted someone to have it? Was it such an inconceivable notion that even a pureblood like him wanted a safe place to lay down his burdens and rest his head once in a while, even if he knew that the one person he longed for cared for him but did not love him in that manner? Did he really have to disclose everything before he was believed?

"Because... I love him," Kaname finally whispered, his head and shoulders drooping slightly with the weight of his confession. It wasn't because he was ashamed of loving Zero, no – he was proud of it, proud of the value and the wonderful, honest, honourable character of the person he loved – but Kaname was used to keeping his feelings hidden and he had only just recently acknowledged how important Zero was to him. This was all still new and raw to him but one thing was certain.

Laugh at me if you will, Yagari. I am not ashamed of how I feel about Zero.

And Yagari did laugh - a loud bark of derision and disbelief. Kaname held back a wince at the harsh, grating sound and quickly squared his shoulders but he wasn't sure if he was successful at hiding his momentary loss of control.

"You love Zero?" Yagari's deep voice was rich with sarcasm and disbelief. "You are a vampire and a pureblood. Your kind is not capable of loving anyone!"

No! That was not true...

Kaname's parents were purebloods and they had loved each other with a devotion that nothing could tear apart... not even death. But why would Yagari believe him, anyway? Kaname kept silent and his very silence seemed to goad Yagari.

"So that's why you treat Zero like a punching bag and that's why you screw him in bed? Because you love him?" Yagari bit out in the same disbelieving tone. He swallowed hard, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down. "I should have seen this coming," he admitted in a low, hoarse voice. "I should have known that Zero being under your care meant you taking advantage of him anyway you could...."

Kaname shook his head immediately, dark eyes blazing. "No, you're wrong, Yagari! I'm not taking advantage of Zero and he knows it!"

Yagari took a threatening step forward, large hands curling into tight fists. He had never been afraid of a vampire, be it a raving and ravenous Level E or an angry pureblood. He wasn't about to start now.

"How dare you stand there and say that, damned vampire?" he rasped out. "Do you think I'm stupid? Did you really stop to ask Zero if being screwed in bed was his idea of fun? If he didn't resist at all, then it's because he knows he's got no choice!"

He's got no choice!

Of all the words or phrases Yagari had to use, it had to be that one. The words and the hard, taunting tone in which they were said hit Kaname hard, forcing a small gasp of shock from his lips. No - he had never forced Zero, never! He had made sure that Zero found ultimate bliss and full pleasure from each and every one of their intimate encounters...

But in a way, the one eyed hunter's words were true. Kaname had never knowingly forced Zero but for many, many months not too very long ago, Zero had thought that he didn't have a choice, that he had to offer his body to Kaname on a regular basis in return for the pure blood he took from him. It was absolutely untrue but even though that misunderstanding had been cleared up, it still hurt. Kaname had tried so hard to lessen Zero's pain at losing Yuuki, even taking the burden onto himself and ignoring his own hurt. The knowledge that he had only hurt his lover even more was hard to take.

Even now, Kaname was haunted by his mistake and each time he remembered it, he was even more resolved to make sure that Zero never got hurt again. Never by his actions anymore. And if the only thing he had to sacrifice was his pride then Kaname would do it. For Zero.

Kaname's head came up and he looked at Yagari, finally allowing the hunter to see the naked emotions in his eyes without his customary mask shielding them. He felt so naked like this, so frighteningly vulnerable in front of a hunter. His pureblood senses were screaming at him to cover up, to show nothing of his feelings that would render him weak in front of the enemy... but Kaname shut them out with the sheer force of his will.

"Look at me and tell me if you still think I'm lying to you," he said quietly. "I love Zero. What we have... what we do... it's not just me taking from him. It's me giving back to him as well. Yes, I take Zero in bed but what that idiot Seiji doesn't know - what very, very few people know in fact, is that Zero takes me too. And each time he does, I want him to... with all my heart."

Kaname's voice was quiet but ringing with truth even if stating the words to someone like Yagari made him flush deeply. It was such a gross invasion of his privacy but one that he disclosed willingly. His pride meant nothing if he could convince Yagari of his feelings for Zero and get the elder hunter to stay on. Yagari was staring at him as if he couldn't believe his ears and Kaname allowed himself a faint smile.

"I have given myself to Zero in many, many ways, Yagari. Go ask him yourself if you don't believe my words. I don't have to do it and you know it. But I still do. I love Zero. He is not my toy or a diversion. He is my life."

Yagari swallowed, shaking his head as if stunned. He hardly even heard the last couple of sentences. All he could focus on was the unbelievable fact that Kaname, a pureblood vampire, had allowed a Level D to take him and to top him. Apparently, more than just once, too.

No. Impossible.

Yagari folded his arms across his chest, trying hard not to be convinced by the blazing conviction in Kaname's eyes.

"Words are easy to say, Kuran," he drawled.

Nice try... but I'm not buying it.

Kaname saw the unspoken words in Yagari's eye and he exhaled in sudden, angry frustration. Why was everything so difficult? He hated disclosing any aspect of his personal life to anyone but the one time he did, he was met with scepticism and disbelief. What more did he have to do to prove himself? Kaname thought in frustration. Wasn't what he had done proof enough? He had given Zero a life, a place to call his own, his wealth and protection at his disposal... everything that was his to give, his blood, even his own heart and body. What more proof could Zero's sensei possibly want from him?

Kaname felt his shoulders slump again. He felt drained. Exhausted. He had run out of options. He had nothing left to convince Yagari to stay on and Zero - Zero had to be crushed by his own teacher's rejection of him. Why couldn't they ever catch a break?

Yagari had been staring at Kaname this time. He didn't believe vampires and he shouldn't believe this one. He distrusted them all but God help him, the look in those dark eyes had looked so damned sincere. Yagari turned away and hardened his heart. He should leave right now – another five minutes of staring into those dark, mesmerising eyes and next thing he knew, he would be groveling at the pureblood's feet...

"Wait – Yagari..."

Despite his resolve, Yagari turned back on hearing that quiet, tired voice.

"What more can I do to convince you that I really love Zero? That will make you change your mind and continue training him up?"

Kaname's voice was no longer strong or filled with confidence. He tried to hold his voice steady but he was begging and he knew it. "Tell me," he requested, trying to make his voice sound reasonable. It still came out sounding pathetically weak, though.

Yagari hesitated uncharacteristically. Then he shook his head hard as if to clear his thoughts and turned away again. Kaname's heart gave a sudden lurch inside his chest. No... he could not allow this to happen. He could not let Zero face anymore rejection like this. It just wasn't fair to him. Before Yagari could even finish turning around, Kaname was there beside him, both hands still held carefully and unthreateningly by his sides.

"All right. If you don't want to tell me, then test me. Test me, Yagari if you don't believe me."

Kaname's breathing had quickened and his face was painted with a light, attractive flush. He hated begging but he had no other choice. If Yagari wanted him down on his knees then he would do it... as long as the one eyed hunter agreed to go on teaching Zero and to accept him as his student. Whatever Yagari wanted, Kaname would do it.

Yagari paused, taken aback. He had taken a half step behind when Kaname materialised right in front of him but the pureblood's words quickly calmed his initial alarm. For some reason, Kaname was serious in wanting to convince him of this and Yagari just couldn't understand why. Why would he bother to go to such lengths to spare Zero's pride? Was it actually possible that what he said was true? About him loving Zero and about their relationship having a more equal footing than what he'd thought?

No – impossible! And yet...

Despite himself, Yagari was drawn to the picture Kaname made at that moment. The way he had spoken, the words tumbling out fast and desperate, the equally desperate look in his eyes, the attractive flush that shaded his cheeks... everything about Kaname right at this moment, even the way he stood there caught Yagari's attention and held it fast. The hunter had always believed the pureblood to be as proud and arrogant as they came and Kaname had certainly never said or done anything to prove him wrong. In addition to that cool arrogance, there was always that latent sensuality and almost feminine beauty and outward perfection about Kaname that Yagari found kind of... disturbing. Kaname Kuran was a male, damnit, he shouldn't look this good! But physical beauty was something all vampires possessed in varying degrees, regardless of their class or whether they were born or turned.

Kaname was watching Yagari closely and his heart started to quicken with hope as he saw the uncertain conflict flickering in that single blue eye. Yes... perhaps, there was hope that Yagari would change his mind after all, if the pureblood played his cards right.

"Test me," Kaname repeated, more firmly and more confidently this time. "I'll do anything."

Yagari blinked, coming out of his thoughts. "Anything?" he echoed. Was Kaname actually serious about this, about wanting to prove that other pureblood's words wrong? And the words that Seiji spoke earlier came back again, taunting Yagari with mental images that he did not want to see – images of an unwilling Zero being held down and taken by Kaname. Helpless... in tears and in pain... bound by debt if not by will. Anger and disgust flared up in Yagari's heart again, almost choking him. No. Kaname was just playing with him again. Vampires were masters of deception and he had almost been caught. Furious for even believing half of what Kaname had said, Yagari pressed his lips into a thin line.

"You want me to test you, Kuran? Fine, I will. That bastard told me Zero was your bed toy but you tell me he's not. There's no way I can tell who's right and who's wrong but you can. If you're telling the truth about letting Zero top you in bed, then you'll let me do the same thing back to you."

Kaname's eyes widened in complete shock, mouth falling open.


"No!" he refused immediately before he even had time to think. It was a knee jerk reaction – the very idea of submitting to someone who was not Zero was extremely disturbing and repulsive to Kaname. The fact that it was someone he very much disliked, and a vampire hunter to boot, only made it far, far worse. Yagari nodded grimly – Kaname had asked for this and he was going to call the pureblood's bluff. That's all it was, anyway...

"If you love Zero as much as you say, let me take you just once. If you do that, I'll know you're serious and I'll stay to train Zero. As much as I can."

No! No, there has to be another way...

Kaname's head spun with the sudden, gut churning, heart dropping feeling that he had made an even bigger mistake this time.

"Is there no other way..." he found himself saying faintly, before his pureblood pride surged back and Kaname snapped his mouth shut. Yagari shook his head grimly, crossing his arms again.


At that moment, Kaname knew he had sealed his own fate. Still, he squared his shoulders. At least this was a mistake he recognised immediately and he knew exactly how to rectify it even if... Kaname swallowed convulsively.

Zero, my body belongs to you as does my heart. I want you to be truly happy, I want you to have a life you can call your own. Please forgive me. I'm only doing this because I love you.

Yagari's lip curled in derision as he took in the stunned look in Kaname's eyes.

"Changed your mind?" he taunted but there was a strange twinge of regret that he didn't understand. Unexpectedly, the idea that initially seemed very repulsive to Yagari – that of bedding a vampire, a pureblood, and a male, no less – now seemed strangely tempting to him. He didn't understand why.

Perhaps it was because he knew he was the one in power now, the one calling the shots. Perhaps it was because he had always hated Kaname and had longed for a chance to take him down a peg or two. Perhaps it was just his ingrained hunter senses, demanding the requisite pound of flesh from its enemy before he agreed to the other's demands. Perhaps it was simply because was Kaname Kuran, hated pureblood, was still an intensely attractive figure with that perfect face and perfect body, always exuding that compelling aura of grace, power and vampire sensuality.

Whatever the actual reason was, Yagari suddenly found that at this very moment, he did want to take Kaname and the very idea itself made his body tingle with awareness and anticipation. Yagari was a healthy male, after all. He had been living here for the past weeks and wasn't close to anyone except Zero. All the servants here were also vampires and utterly loyal to their master. There wasn't much Yagari could do to relieve his natural bodily urges save for his right hand. Kaname was still standing there, seemingly at a loss of words and the one eyed hunter quickly squashed the strange feelings churning inside him.

"Yep, didn't think you'd actually go through with it," he replied, his tone intentionally dry and dripping with sarcasm. He turned around to walk back to the bedroom where he had left his bag and rifle.

Just get the hell out of here, man. What were you thinking, that Kuran actually had a heart? And you are no better yourself, so horny that you'd actually bed the enemy?!


Yagari stopped but he didn't turn around and he didn't understand why his heart was suddenly pounding hard in his chest.

"First, you have to promise me no tricks and no usage of any hunter weapons or spells." Kaname's calm voice laid down the rules and Yagari could only blink his one eye at him. What - was Kaname actually agreeing to go through with this?

Yagari hesitated – the thought of taking the pureblood after he had been relieved of his unnatural healing, speed and strength was a very tempting one but that would not be fair play. Besides, they were just testing each other, for goodness' sake, Kaname couldn't possibly be serious!

Sure, why not play along for a while? Just to see how far the pureblood would take his act, of course.

"Fine," Yagari agreed tersely. "And you have to promise not to use your strength or mind tricks on me in turn," he warned as he neared the pureblood. Kaname gave a terse nod in reply.

"It would be pointless to wound or kill you when I want you to continue training Zero, would it?" he pointed out coolly. The very fact that what he said made perfect sense burned Yagari and he flushed a little. So Kaname was adamant in playing his little game, was he? Fine.

"Strip," Yagari ordered.

Kaname froze at that coldly voiced command, his entire body instinctively rebelling at having to obey a hunter who was not Zero.

"Here?" he asked instead and cursed silently when the word came out sounding embarrassingly uncertain.


Kaname made up his mind that he wasn't going to prolong this. It was pointless, anyway, when he had already made up his mind. The sooner he got it over with, the better.

"Fine," he bit out as well. Still, it was a couple of moments more before he could bring himself to even move. Kaname started to take off his clothes right where he stood, not hurriedly, but not delaying either, taking off each article of clothing and methodically folding it and placing it on a nearby armchair as he stripped – jacket, tie, shirt, trousers. Finally, he slipped off his leather shoes and socks and stood there in just his underwear.

Yagari watched him in an uneasy silence throughout, his hands trembling slightly. The pureblood was one hell of an actor, he'd give him that. Yagari waited until Kaname had taken off his socks before he started shedding his own long coat, shirt, jeans and boots with far greater speed and less finesse than the pureblood had, letting them all drop onto the floor. Another moment of silence passed, filled with an unvoiced challenge and sheer male stubbornness. Then both men stepped out of their underwear as the moment dragged itself out. Neither of them wanted to be the first to back down and inevitably, their gazes were automatically drawn to each other's maleness, gauging the other's reaction.

Yagari was embarrassingly semi erect but Kaname was not. For some reason, this just made the hunter even more annoyed. He placed his large hands on his bare hips and jerked his chin towards the small wooden table along the wall where he took his solitary meals.

"Lie down on the table," he ordered.

Another order. Fine. Kaname turned his head and eyed the table silently but made no comment as he walked over to stand beside it with his usual, unhurried grace, head held regally high, shoulders back. Inside, he was burning with shame but he refused to let it show. So Yagari thought he didn't even deserve the comfort of a bed? Fine!

Yagari stalked over to the table as well, his gaze on the slight flexing of the pureblood's toned rear, uneasily wondering at which moment Kaname would choose to end this charade. He was surprised that the proud pureblood had actually stooped to stripping for him. Still, it was no skin off Yagari's nose and the longer Kaname drew this out, the more chances he had of touching that amazingly graceful figure with that perfect, porcelain skin... Yagari drew his breath in sharply to stop his disturbing thoughts from going any further, feeling a trickle of sweat going down his back. He didn't like the way his thoughts were making him feel hot and aroused. He didn't like it at all.

The table was a rectangular one, the longer side aligned with the wall. Kaname moved the nearest chair away and lay on the table parallel to the wall, supporting his upper body on his elbows and letting his long legs dangle off the edge. Yagari grunted at this and moved closer, purposefully nudging his way between those knees and nodding in satisfaction when he realised the table was actually of the perfect height for him to claim the pureblood. Then Yagari paused, disconcerted. For an unforgivable moment there, he had actually forgotten that this was just a verbal challenge that would end at any moment. Of course it would.

Kaname swallowed hard at the sight of the muscular, nude and aroused hunter standing between his legs. It was disquieting to feel naked and so vulnerable now but Kaname said nothing, forcing himself to remain still as the hunter's large and roughened hands grabbed the backs of his knees and pulled them even further apart. Stay calm, Kaname cautioned himself grimly. This was just a charade and any moment now, Yagari would realise that he was serious and concede defeat.

Unfortunately, the hunter was a bit disconcerted when Kaname actually allowed him to stand between his legs without striking at him or pushing him away. Wasn't... wasn't Kaname going to stop him now? No, it looked like he was waiting for Yagari to stop first... Well, like hell he would!

Disgusted with himself for even thinking of backing down from a challenge issued by a vampire, Yagari spat into his right hand. He was more aroused now than before but not sufficiently for his erection to secrete moisture, due to his own nervousness. He had never done this to someone of the same gender before – as far as he was concerned, anything sexual between two males was an unnatural act - but he couldn't say he hadn't ever done it to a female...

Kaname set his jaw and kept stubbornly silent as his legs were brought up and his heels pushed back to rest on the table, next to the smoothly rounded edge. Yagari's desire to prove the pureblood wrong at this point was far stronger than his natural feelings of disgust and Kaname soon felt wet, strong fingers probing at his entrance. It was a horribly degrading position for a pureblood to find himself in, at the mercy of his enemy. Far worse than that was the undeniable fact that it was all of his own choosing.

Kaname knew the challenge had gone far enough. Too far, in fact, but he knew he could not stop now without completely losing face in front of the hunter. Yagari would never let him leave this down and more importantly, Zero would lose his sensei and the only other person who cared for him. No, Kaname knew he would not stop this, no matter how mortifying it was. The only thing he could hope for is for Yagari to change his mind.

Unfortunately, the one eyed hunter's fingers didn't feel like they were about to stop. They pushed into him one after another with purposeful intent. Two fingers going in at once was a bit too much to take and Kaname sucked in a sharp, deep breath. He lay down flat on the table so that he could straighten his arms and grip the shorter edge of the table that his heels were resting on, one hand on either side of his hips. He eased up only when the polished wood started to crack a little under his fingers. Yagari was obviously skilled at this and as he scissored his fingers, Kaname realised he was being stretched properly if painfully.

The one eyed hunter's breathing increased as he worked his fingers within the pureblood's body. Kaname was very, very tight but the heat was strangely welcoming rather than repulsive. In fact, Yagari found he was actually getting more and more turned on by this... as long as he didn't think too much of whose body it was that his fingers were buried in right at this very moment. Kaname's breath blew out in a sudden rush as those fingers scissored even wider. Yagari's movements were rough, rougher than Zero had ever been, even when he was dead drunk after that party hosted by the Diachis. Kaname was understandably not aroused right now and the prepping hurt a lot.

"You might ease up a little," he finally hissed, unable to keep quiet anymore. The wood under his palms was splintering again. "Otherwise, I'll bleed and my staff will be able to sense it. They will come to investigate."

Actually, they wouldn't since he was wearing the scent charm bracelet and even if he weren't, it was none of their business but Kaname saw no reason to enlighten Yagari on this fact. A sudden thought chilled the pureblood at that moment though, almost robbing him of breath. But someone else would be able to scent his blood and that someone would have no qualms about investigating why his lover was bleeding...

"Especially Zero," Kaname added. Thankfully, his words had the desired effect and the two hurting fingers stopped instantly. The last thing Yagari wanted was his student walking in on this and automatically, his fingers gentled as they started prepping more carefully this time. Kaname let out a silent sigh of relief and very, very cautiously relaxed onto the polished table top as he unclenched his hands from the edge of the table. Yagari chanced a glance at him as his fingers continued stretching the pureblood. Kaname was looking back at him calmly and the hunter realised that as crazy as it sounded, the pureblood wasn't going to stop him. This wasn't just a game or a challenge to him.

This. Was. Real.

Yagari stopped again, almost yanking his fingers out of that hot, tight body in pure shock. Was Kaname serious about this? No, he couldn't be...!

Kaname saw Yagari's hesitation and a fist of worry clenched his heart. No, he had already decided on this. He had decided that Zero's future was worth anything, even his pride and he didn't want the one eyed hunter to renege on his promise.

"You're not getting cold feet now, are you, Yagari?" Kaname goaded him, forcing himself to sound cold and taunting. "Why, never taken a male before?" he added in the same disdainful tone that he knew would rub the hunter completely the wrong way. At the same time, Kaname prayed inwardly that his pureblood psychology would not betray him now and turn the pain and shame of this coupling into unwanted pleasure, the way it was programmed to do. Kaname wasn't with Zero now and he would rather it stayed an experience filled with pain and disgust so that he needn't feel any additional guilt at betraying his lover. There was enough weighing his heart down as it was.

"Well?" Kaname said tersely through gritted teeth. "What the hell are you waiting for? A written invitation to enter?!"

Don't change your mind, Yagari. Damnit, you cannot change your mind about this...

Yagari scowled darkly, his face flushing angrily at the taunting words. He gripped Kaname's pale thighs and held them even wider apart.

Well, damnit all to hell then – Kuran was practically begging to be taken!

The one eyed hunter positioned his swiftly re-hardening arousal against the moist entrance he had prepped and pushed forward hard without any warning, going past the initial barrier that protected Kaname's body. The pureblood cried out at once, his back arching at the sudden, painful invasion. He tried to stifle the sound by clenching his jaws together but Yagari saw that and the fact that Kaname was trying to be quiet made the hunter even more annoyed.

Yagari gave another thrust, pushing himself a couple of inches deeper. Kaname's back arched once more and he tried to swallow back a gasp, agonising pain shooting up from his rear and causing his eyes to water. Yagari's shock earlier meant he hadn't had time to add a third finger to prep Kaname and since the stiffened flesh pushing into him now was definitely bigger than two fingers, it was starting to tear Kaname's flesh. It didn't matter that the tears repaired almost instantly, they still hurt. Kaname squeezed his moist eyes shut, his breath coming out in fast and shallow pants. He could feel his vampire senses starting to engage, starting the automatic reversal of pain into pleasure and he froze in horror, muscles tensing as if he could stop it from happening.

Oh no.... no, please, no pleasure! Damnit, only pain... please, I want only pain...

Ignorant of the pureblood's silent, desperate prayers, Yagari thrust forward again and again, grunting each time he seated himself deeper in the very tight body laid out on the table solely for his taking. It felt really, really good... Yagari's head spun with the sheer, unimaginable bliss as his rock hard arousal was gripped tightly, almost lovingly by the body he was now plundering.

Grasping Kaname's pale thighs hard enough to bruise the skin, Yagari gave another two punishing thrusts and seated himself completely at last, hips pressed flush against Kaname's rear. The pureblood continued to keep his eyes squeezed shut, the mortification in his heart burning brighter than the physical pain right now. That last couple of thrusts had been even harder than the previous ones but just as Kaname had feared, they were accompanied by sudden, unwelcome pleasure. This was what he had been afraid of and as he felt his flesh harden involuntarily, Kaname flushed deeply with shame. With the unmistakable evidence of his growing arousal, how could Yagari believe his love for Zero now?

Damn his pureblood psychology!

- o -

Back in his room, Zero stepped out of the shower, reaching for a clean towel. Then he froze. An unexpected echo of pain had tingled softly in the bond he shared with Kaname.

Kaname? Are... are you OK?

Despite knowing that Kaname had somehow shut him out earlier, Zero couldn't help feeling concerned. Kaname was very rarely in pain and they were at their villa – a place that he should be perfectly safe in. Besides, the two pureblood brothers had already left some time ago. Zero started to dry his hair, paying close attention to the bond but it was silent now and he couldn't sense anything from it anymore – it was as if Kaname had shut him out again.

Zero frowned. What was going on?

- o -

Kaname kept himself utterly still, willing the warm, thick waves of desire in his body to recede even though it was disguising the pain of Yagari's possession. He was careless enough to disregard the bond he had with Zero earlier when Yagari first penetrated him but he blocked that out now. He couldn't let Zero sense any strong emotion from him, whether it was desire or pain. He didn't want the boy to come looking for him now – that would be tantamount to suicide.

Yagari cursed softly to himself as he looked down at the naked body on the table, that he was now fully and completely buried in. The guesthouse was stuffy since he had already shut off the air conditioning in preparation to leave and with the windows shut as well, the air was stale and warm. Kaname's pale and perfect skin was now damp with perspiration and flushed with sheer, unintentional desire, his dark, tousled hair clinging to his face and neck. Yagari was perspiring just as freely but he ignored the fact, all his attention focused on the impossibly gorgeous being he was now claiming. It was an impossible enough scenario to picture, a hunter taking a pureblood with only enmity on both sides. But when that act came with said pureblood's full permission – it was utterly mind boggling.

Yet it was happening right now and here they were, engaging in this utterly, completely forbidden act...

Yagari pulled out slightly and pushed into Kaname again, reveling in the delicious friction and in the unintentional gasp he pulled from Kaname. Despite his hatred of vampires and his disbelief of the pureblood, there was just no denying the incredible allure of that sensual, lithe body he was taking. Lost in pleasure, Yagari repeated his thrusts, his large hands holding the slender pale thighs well apart, groaning softly each time his hips slammed home and the tightness of the pureblood's body threatened to undo him.

Kaname hated himself for every single sound that escaped past his lip. He tried to hold himself rigid but there was no escaping the unwilling and increasing pleasure he felt at their coupling. It was inevitable. After all, Yagari was rough with him but he was not actually raping him and he had prepped him earlier if not thoroughly. Kaname was a willing participant in this act, he had submitted of his own free will even if he hated it with every fibre of his being. His pureblood heritage was turning the pain to pleasure, making sure he enjoyed it to the full.

But even though his body was shivering in bliss and his arousal was engorged with need... it was still wrong. Kaname's body may relish each hard thrust Yagari was dealing him, it may crave the full stretch of that hard, throbbing erection but his heart hated it with a passion he could not even begin to put into words. Kaname hated that he was not in the position to call the shots here. He hated that he had bargained his body to gain Yagari's trust and agreement. But most of all, Kaname hated the fact that the person taking him now with such cold ruthlessness... was not Zero. If it was Zero, then Kaname wouldn't care how he was claimed... He wouldn't feel like he had just sold himself and dirtied himself for his lover's sake.

Kaname squeezed his eyes shut in despair. He could almost feel his heart breaking inside him. He tried to control himself, he had already surrendered his body to this hunter but he could at least control its responses, couldn't he? But he couldn't... Kaname just couldn't stop his breath from hitching each time Yagari's hard length invaded him and he couldn't stop his sobbing breath each time his insides were filled to almost bursting and he most assuredly couldn't stop the weak, scalding tears from escaping his eyes.

Yagari was now pushing Kaname hard back and forth on the table, lost in pleasure but after a while, he noticed something on the pureblood's face that glistened in the soft lighting. Stunned, the hunter released one of Kaname's knees without knowing what he was doing. He bent forward slightly, causing the pureblood to groan softly as the changed angle accidentally struck another place in his tender insides.

A moment later, something soft touched his face and Kaname's eyes fluttered open. Yagari was looking down at him with his dark, tangled curls framing his face and a look of almost scared wonder in his single eye. Kaname blinked in confusion as he finally realised they had stopped moving. Then he realised something else - the gentle touch on his face was actually Yagari's finger, tracking one of the moist tear tracks that had run from the corner of his eye into his hair above his ear.

"You're crying..." Yagari stated the obvious in a voice that almost shook.

No. Really?

Kaname couldn't help the sarcastic thought that flashed through his mind. Was it so surprising that he would shed tears? Or that he could?

"I am not crying," he replied as coldly as he could. It was a blatant lie, of course, and Yagari's lips tightened as he snatched his hand away.

"I'm only doing this since you offered, vampire," he rasped and withdrawing once more, gave another brutal thrust of his hips to drive home the point. Kaname barely stifled the startled cry in his throat when the second thrust came, even harder than before.

"I just wanted to know how far you would go to lie to me."

Now that was an unfair statement, Kaname found himself thinking with almost macabre amusement despite his mental anguish and despite the physical pounding his body was receiving.

"Then the fact that I'm letting you claim me as we speak should be proof enough for you that I'm not," he managed as coolly at he could, his sentence breaking off in parts each time Yagari jerked hard into him. The hunter froze again, his single blue eye wide. That was true. Kaname had already surrendered his body... so – so –

Oh my God.

That meant that what he said was the truth, that Kaname really would do anything for Zero, even barter his pureblood body like this. So in actual fact... it meant that Kaname Kuran did love Zero. Didn't it?

Yagari hated being proven wrong, even it was a mere possibility. He hated it more than almost anything else. Kaname Kuran may have lowered his pride enough to beg a hunter but it was Yagari who felt utterly foolish now, even if it was his body impaling the young pureblood prince at this very moment. No, Yagari tried to tell himself. Kaname couldn't possibly be in love with Zero.

Perhaps, despite his pureblood status and that better-than-you look, perhaps Kaname was just a horny vampire who got off on just about anything, including being taken by a hunter. Yes, that made more sense than the other option that Yagari found even harder to swallow – that of Kaname Kuran being in love with his student, a hunter turned vampire with no prospects in his life and nothing to offer in return.

Desperate to prove his newest theory right to alleviate the uncomfortable tendrils of shame and regret that were starting to spread inside his heart, Yagari grabbed the pale, spread thighs again and hauled them even further apart, until they were almost aligned with one another. He gave another brutal thrust and accidentally brushed against Kaname's prostate, due to the slightly arched angle of his hips. Kaname stiffened and uttered a surprised, stifled scream. It was a special place he wanted only Zero to touch. Only Zero and no one else.

No...! Not there...

"Nope," the hunter hissed out angrily between heavy, ragged puffs of breath. "You're still lying when in fact, you're just whoring yourself."

Yagari deliberately waited until the brown red eyes widened in shock and rage, thrust home again and then continued in a low, harsh tone. "I wonder what Zero would say if he could see you know, whoring your body to the enemy like this..."

Yagari gave an even harder thrust right after the words left his mouth, hitting the same spot as before. He was gratified when Kaname uttered another strangled scream, almost choking in rage and bliss at the same time as his body shuddered hard. But before Yagari could move again, Kaname followed it up with a fierce snarl and bared his fangs at him, long, slender but strong fingers reaching up to curl around the hunter's throat with pureblood strength.

"Zero must never, ever know of this!" Kaname hissed angrily.

Yagari couldn't answer – his windpipe was being slowly but surely crushed and the only sound that came out was a rattling, gasping effort to drag air into his overworked and starved lungs, his heart beating frantically. He bent forward in desperation, pain flaring in his neck, his own fingers tightening automatically on Kaname's knees and pushing them into the pureblood's chest as he thrust forward again, making Kaname gasp again, his vice-like grip loosening involuntarily.

Yagari was already seeing stars when his bruised throat was suddenly released and he fell forward again, only his desperate his hold on Kaname's knees keeping him from falling directly onto the pureblood. Yagari spent the next few seconds dragging stale but precious air into his lungs in huge, desperate gulps, coughing and unintentionally breathing in Kaname's scent as he did so.

Damn this pureblood! He had almost choked the life out of him! Yagari swore again, losing whatever strange thoughts of kindness he had felt a minute or so ago. He was going to ride Kaname and ride him hard. Accordingly, Yagari pushed the pureblood's knees back as far as they could go and started pounding into him, hitting the same spot each time and making that slender body under his buck and writhe helplessly.

Yagari's face was set and grim with satisfaction as he took that tight body again and again. He no longer cared to listen to words. Words were misleading especially when spoken by any bloodsucker. Nope, he was just going to act and that was it. Yagari's anger fueled by his lust was a heady mix, sending more blood rushing towards his groin and pooling there as his breath left his pulled back lips in harsh gusts, almost forcibly expelled each time he slammed into the pureblood. Not long now... and Yagari was determined to make Kaname come, just to prove that the pureblood did get off from this sort of thing.

A few head spinning moments had passed before Yagari actually heard the soft, barely stifled sobs coming from the figure below him. The unexpected sounds were soft amidst the harsh breathing coming from both their mouths but despite the driving need of his body, Yagari froze on the spot yet again, his sweat slicked chest heaving raggedly.

Kaname was mortified when he realised Yagari had heard him and was witnessing this humiliating display of weakness. Quickly, he pressed a hand to his mouth but it was already too late. Yagari's words had hurt the beleaguered pureblood far more deeply than they would otherwise have. In a different situation, Kaname would have been only enraged, furious. Murderous, even. But not now, not when he was already in the vulnerable position of being taken and brutally at that. It was one thing to submit your body of your own free will, it was quite another thing to have the action so grossly misunderstood. Kaname had bartered both his pride and body to secure Yagari's agreement but again, it was never enough. Instead of finally being believed that he was someone who truly loved Zero Kiryuu, he was labeled a whore instead.

Kaname found himself at his wit's end. Did Yagari honestly think he wanted anyone to bed him? He was a pureblood, damnit! But more importantly than that, he had Zero! Kaname didn't know how else to convince anybody and Diachi Sato's words came back to taunt him. So perhaps even Zero didn't fully trust him then?

No. No! Kaname refused to believe it. Zero cared for him, Zero would never leave him. Kaname took a deep breath and dashed a none too steady hand across his eyes.

"It boggles the mind to think how unbelievably stupid you can be, Yagari," he rasped softly, unable to keep his voice from trembling. "To think I could ever want anyone other than Zero to take me like this! Why on earth would I want anyone else when I already have the one I love?"

Kaname paused to take a breath, fangs still out and eyes burning crimson with cold anger. "I don't care what you think of me. Your opinion doesn't matter – only Zero's does. But you gave me your promise to train him up and I'm going to hold you onto that. Nothing else matters, Yagari, do you hear me? No one but Zero! You can think what you like of me but don't you ever call me that to my face again and don't you ever even think of using that name with Zero."

Yagari's eye widened. The words that Kaname were saying... when he had nothing left to lose. Could it be that he had actually misjudged this pureblood after all? Could it be that impossible as it seemed, Kaname was really in love with Zero then? Yagari opened his mouth to speak and closed it again, looking suddenly uncertain. Kaname saw the doubts in the hunter's gaze and sighed, barely even aware that his body was relaxing in the wake of giving rein to his heartfelt emotions.

"Is it so difficult, Yagari?" he murmured in a despairing tone. "Is it so difficult to imagine that someone other than you could grow to love Zero... even if that person is a pureblood?"

Yagari had to swallow at that. No, of course it wasn't difficult – anyone could love Zero or fall in love with him. Anyone... so why hadn't he believed that this pureblood could do the same?

"I... you – you do love him," Yagari finally whispered, trusting the unbelievable at last. Kaname nodded, the barest hint of a smile on his face as he saw the truth in the hunter's eye.

"I do. I do love Zero. With my heart... with my life," he whispered, too unguarded now to even think of hiding the hot moisture that had started to fill his eyes again. He had never before shown this unstoppable weakness to anyone else but Zero but Kaname was at the end of his tether, desperate as never before to convince the one other person who loved Zero perhaps almost as much as he himself did.

Yagari's gaze fell, as if he too, found it sacrilegious to look upon a pureblood's tears. His hands were still holding Kaname's knees to his chest and somewhat automatically, he pushed forward again, letting the friction of thrusting into that tight body stiffen his slowly softening erection. It was a far gentler motion than his other ones had been but he surged in just as deeply and brushed up against that same spot just the same.

"Unh..." Kaname's head tilted back on the table on a gasp of sheer surprise. The latest pause that their conversation had caused had allowed his body to completely adjust to Yagari's possession and with his accelerated pureblood healing, there was no longer any pain, only sheer, sensual pleasure as he was filled once more.

"I... apologise, Kuran," Yagari finally muttered, somehow not quite daring to meet the other's gaze as he drew back for another thrust.

"I... accept," Kaname gasped, his hips thrusting up of its own volition as Yagari pushed into him again, the friction also causing the pureblood's length to re-firm almost instantly.

There was a strange, newfound understanding between them now that they realised they were on the same side when it came to Zero's safety, wellbeing and happiness. Well, Kaname had always known it but with Yagari aware of this at last, that understanding morphed naturally into a mutual, consensual need to find sexual release together as if it would somehow help to seal the fragile trust they now had, rather like how two adversaries might shake hands to settle a dispute or a disagreement.

Yagari released Kaname's hips and leaned forward to brace both hands on the table on either side of Kaname's shoulders. The exquisitely tight heat of the beautiful body under his and the sheer, dizzying relief he felt at knowing Zero was actually in very good hands when he had fared the very worst, was fast pushing the one eyed hunter to the edge of control. Swearing softly but not at Kaname this time, Yagari shifted his weight onto one hand and curled his other around the pureblood's straining, now weeping length. The hunter had started this so he would finish it but he was determined to take Kaname along with him.

Not out of spite.

Not out of prejudice or even anger but out of respect.


And sheer, simple goodwill.

With that new resolve in mind, Yagari pumped Kaname's engorged length hard and the pureblood screamed softly in pleasure, desperate for release – release from all the frustration, anger and hurt still crowding his heart. Kaname's slender fingers were now unconsciously gripping the hunter's straining biceps as their bodies bucked wildly together, pushing them closer and closer to their respective orgasms.

Yagari's stomach and thigh muscles were rock hard with tension and his imminent orgasm but he suddenly realised that he couldn't and he didn't want to come inside Kaname. He knew now that this pureblood belonged to Zero and Yagari refused to taint what was his student's. Even as that realisation came to him, the fierce and unstoppable contractions of Kaname's orgasm were already ripping through that pale, lithe body and the pureblood cried out hoarsely as the unbearably gut clenching tension in his body snapped and he erupted all at once in Yagari's tight fist. Strong, repeated convulsions were now squeezing the hunter's arousal mercilessly, making him groan in both panic and delight.

Hastily, Yagari pulled out of Kaname's body. Still automatically fisting the panting, writhing and jerking pureblood, he came a second or two later, spurting his seed all over his partner's body, marking his neck, chest and stomach. In that moment of utter, shocking bliss, the earth could have exploded and they would not have noticed.

Yagari and Kaname panted hard in the aftermath of their orgasms, their bodies trembling with ecstasy. It wasn't the best lay they had had since there was no love lost between them but coming so close on the heels of their respective confessions and with the several pauses in between as they fought their way to a mutual understanding, it was an awesome enough experience to leave both of them shaken and vulnerable for several long moments after that. The physical release had taken away the last of Yagari's anger and the last of Kaname's frustration and both men felt exhausted and physically satisfied if not emotionally fulfilled.

Yagari released Kaname's still firm length, head bowed over the pureblood's rapidly rising and falling chest, tangled curls hiding his face. His muscular arms were trembling as they supported his weight. Yagari didn't think it was right to collapse onto Kaname and to expect the other to hold him. After all, Kaname wasn't his but Zero's.

As the rippling trembles lessened and pounding hearts slowed down, Yagari lifted his head only to find the wine red eyes already looking back up at him. There was a small splotch of milky substance on one of Kaname's smooth, flushed cheeks and guiltily realising it was his, Yagari swiped it off with a trembling finger, the movement very gentle now, almost... tender.

"Zero must never know about this," Kaname said firmly if still a little breathlessly, his low voice a mix of pain, guilt and resolve. It held a quiet strength Yagari could, and did, respect. For a pureblood to give himself to someone he distrusted and disliked intensely like how Kaname just had, not to gain something for himself but for someone else... and for that someone else to be the only person Yagari himself would die for... yes, at that moment, Yagari respected Kaname Kuran. A lot.

"I agree," Yagari replied and nodded. His throat was curiously tight and somewhat awkwardly, he straightened up. Kaname's glowing, flushed skin had other, larger splotches of his passion and Yagari flushed even more guiltily as Kaname started to lever himself up onto his elbows. They both needed to wash and change before anyone could drop in on them.

Kaname's throat tightened with a mix of satisfaction and misery. One more secret to hide from Zero, even if he had achieved what he had set out to get – Yagari's agreement to continue teaching the young hunter. Kaname tried to think of this positively. Yes, he had bargained his body but what he had gotten in return was even better because Yagari now knew how he felt about Zero and the pureblood was sure the one eyed hunter would never tell anyone else about this.

Deep down, Kaname still felt horribly soiled and dirty but he stubbornly told himself it was for a good cause. It was for Zero. Always for Zero and only for him.

"Well, we should get wash-" Kaname started but he never got to finish his sentence. Sudden alarm flared through him and he froze, for a moment not even knowing why. A second later, the front door of the guesthouse swung open and time went into sudden, slow motion as Kaname's eyes shot up to meet Yagari's single eye, seeing the blazing alarm that he knew was reflected in his own gaze.

Oh no...

"S-sensei? Kaname?!"

A dearly familiar voice that quivered in shock and disbelief sounded from the open doorway. Both men swung their heads in that direction, their slowing down hearts speeding up and then dropping right down to the floor with a swiftness that left them feeling almost physically sick with dread.

Zero stood frozen there, looking back at them. His wide, silvery amethyst eyes were filled with utter shock, unbelievable pain and betrayal of the deepest, gravest kind.

-- To Be Continued --