Teen Titans: The Great Trek

CHAPTER 1: Where No Titan Has Gone Before

"…It's been unusually gloomy for the past five hours now…", Beast Boy thought. His thoughts carried on for several more minutes before it slipped into his mind that he hadn't eaten in even longer. "Damn I need a snack", he said to himself quietly. And with that he switched off the TV, morphed into an eagle and flew over to the fridge.


Raven, for the last hour and a half, had been reading a book silently in her room. The silence in her bedroom only added to the pleasure of reading her favourite book, "…The Hellbound Heart…", it had been the first time in three weeks that she had been able to sit down and read, without interruption from any of the other Titans.


Cyborg, for the last FIVE hours had been cleaning the T-Car, Every nook and cranny of it, like he suffered with OCD. And at last he had finally finished cleaning it. "There we are", he muttered. He loved his car more than life itself.


Robin & Starfire were on a date to the zoo. It was their second date as a couple, and by far the most quiet. Usually their dates consisted of being chased by fans for a while. And then there were the fans that flirted, they were even worse. Robin on one occasion had to pull Starfire away from a female fan, because she nearly hurt the poor girl, just because the girl grabbed Robin's Ass for one brief moment. But despite that, this date was great.


Beast Boy sat watching TV again, while he quietly munched on his Tofu sandwich. But he wouldn't enjoy it for much longer, because what he saw next on the TV would change his life forever.


"RAVEN". Beast Boy's scream, nearly made her jump out of her skin. But before she could reply, Beast Boy screamed again. "Get here now!", He screamed.


Robin's communicator rang. "Talk to me", He said. It was Raven. "Robin, you'd better get here now", she said. "Why? What's wrong?", He replied. "No time to explain. Just get here. NOW.", She barked at him.


Robin rushed into the living room of Titan's tower with Starfire in hand. "Alright. What's going on?", He asked. Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg all pointed to the TV screen. Robin turned his head towards it.

On the screen was a news report showing footage of what looked like a Lightning storm in space. "Oh my God", Robin muttered. "They've been showing it for ages now", Beast Boy said. "Nobody has a clue what it is. But I think it's some kind of Black Hole", Cyborg added in, while totally distracted by what was on the screen.

And with that, everything around the room began to glow and hum. "What the Hell?", Cyborg shouted, as they began to fade away. Raven looked at Beast Boy, and Beast Boy at Raven.

"ROBIN", Screamed Cyborg.

And with that, they were gone.


As soon as it started, it had finished.

The Titans looked directly at two people who where in the room with them, the two people operating at a control desk, one man and one woman, both of them in some sort of red shirt and black pants uniform. "WHERE ARE WE?", Robin screamed at the female.

At that moment a set of doors, at the corner of the weird room opened up, and three men walked in, the men dressed in clothes similar to the ones that that two operators were wearing except, Two of the new men were in blue shirts and one was in gold.

"Who the hell are you? And where are we?", Cyborg asked in a very hostile tone, to the man in the gold shirt.

"I'm, Captain James T. Kirk, and you're all on the Federation Starship Enterprise", He said. "Now if you don't mind me asking. Who the hell are you all, and what are you doing on my ship?", He asked in the same hostile tone that Cyborg had used on Him.

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