Chapter 1

Buffy looked towards the horizon. It was the first time she'd been able to see through all the trees and she was impressed with what she saw, though it wasn't ideal.

In front of her stood a massive abyss, and on the other side, she could faintly make out a small village. Wherever the hell she had ended up, she hoped it wasn't some alternate reality where everyone she thought she knew were demons and vampires. She couldn't face killing them, even in an alternate reality.

She fished around in her pocket for her phone and pulled it out. No reception.

"Crap. That is so not good" Buffy mumbled.

She sighed and placed it back in her pocket. It was getting dark and she hoped she would make it to the village before then. She had no idea of what lurked in the shadows here, and even though she was a slayer, she wasn't willing to find out just yet.

With a new determination, she braced herself against the oncoming cold and set off.


Willow sat on the couch worrying. It had been less than two hours since Buffy disappeared without a word. One minute she was talking to her about having a girly night, the next she was gone. Poof! Just with no smoke.

She had no idea where she had gone; which was bad because Willow was meant to be helping Buffy prep for the exam type thing Giles was planning for her. Well if Giles was actually going to give her one. They'd had an argument of some sort and Buffy had been ranting about it, as well as yelling at Spike to keep the TV volume down. Spike.

"Spike?" the witch called. There was no answer. She ventured into the lounge room where he had last been. The TV remained on, but there was no signal. Just static. Willow walked form room to room calling for the vampire, knowing he was here somewhere. It was broad daylight outside and she knew for a fact that he would have a little too much fun making Buffy's life miserable right now and would decide to stay. He had to be in the house somewhere. She checked the study, the kitchen where she had left her potion that she had been dabbling with, Joyce's old room, Dawn's room, everywhere. The last place she expected to find Spike was curled up half naked in Buffy's bed with her underwear in hand.

"Spike have you… Oh" she was shocked at the sight before her. it wasn't everyday that she saw something like this.

Spike sat up and smirked. "Like what you see Red?"

Willow blushed then remembered what she was originally going to ask him. "Have you seen Buffy? I can't find her"

Spike ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head. "Not since she told me t' keep it down, down stairs"

"Oh ok. I'll let you get back to… er, whatever you were doing" Willow ducked out the door as quick as she could.

Spike shrugged and decided to try to sleep. He lay back down and was soon asleep with Buffy's underwear lying next to him.

Willow wandered outside and found Xander, Dawn and Tara all doing some sort of yoga. As soon as Xander saw her approach however, he stopped.

"Don't mind me" she laughed and Xander shrugged.

"I'm too manly man to do this" he gestured at the other two, who now also stopped what they were doing. This was Willow's moment to ask.

"Have you guys seen Buffy. She was in the kitchen a second ago"

They all shook their heads. So none of them had seen Buffy either. "Maybe she went out to see Giles?" Dawn suggested and Tara nodded.

It was Willow's turn to shake her head "She had an argument with him earlier"

"W-well s-she went to say sorry?" Tara suggested.

"She was too worked up about it" Willow explained. "It's very un-Buffy"

Everyone saw reason in that. It was un-Buffy to do something like that.

"Ok well let's backtrack" Xander headed back to the house with everyone following. "What were you doing?"

"And I was standing here" Willow stood whee she had been before whilst talking to Buffy.

"And the Buffster was here?" Xander stood where Buffy had been. Willow nodded.

"T-then what?" Tara asked.

"Then she went to yell at Spike, he left and she didn't come back," she stated.

"A-and what were you d-doing?" Tara approached the clearly distressed Willow and rubbed her on the back for support.

"And I was saying this" Willow pointed to a piece of paper "As I put the raven's feather in"

Tara looked at the paper and gasped. Everyone else just looked confused.

"What? What is it?" Xander asked.

"What did I do wrong?" Willow knew that for a reaction like that, she must have done something wrong.

"Y-you c-created a p-portal" Tara murmured. It was A grade magic, but Willow wasn't trying to do that. She had been trying to create a sleeping tonic for Buffy. She was sleeping less and less these days and had been complaining of how tired she'd been.

"Ok. So I created a portal-ly thing. We'll find her" Willow tried to reassure herself.

"You could have sent her anywhere Will" Xander reminded her of the time they had sent Vampire Willow back to her alternate universe.

"I-it will take s-some time," Tara admitted. "First we have t-to find out what you created the portal with"

"Well she went out there" Dawn pointed at the lounge room and they all walked out to investigate.

The only thing alive, so to speak, in there was the static TV.


She had walked faster than she had anticipated. The trees had thinned and she was just coming up to the little village now. Only it wasn't peaceful like it had been from the abyss/ cliff. There were screaming people feeling from all directions.

"So not a good sign," Buffy said to herself as she surveyed the area. There were a few fires and some carnage, but mostly it was just frightened people running everywhere. Why were they so scared? She was lucky she always had a stake with her; it might come in handy while here.

As she made her way further into the village, she saw that a man and a woman were having a 'face off'. The guy was ruggedly handsome; looked a little like Spike because of the duster he was wearing. But it wasn't black; it was brown. His hair was longer too. There was an exact preciseness of his movements, as she found out as she watched him fire his cross bow at the woman. She turned into a great big bat and took to the skies. Buffy was amazed. "And I thought there was nothing to worry about" she scoffed.

Boy had she been wrong. She had managed to convince herself that she would be fine while here.

The bat swooped at the guy and Buffy couldn't help but feel the urge to help him as he ran towards water.

She ran to his side, stake in hand. He dipped his crossbow arrow into the water and swung around expecting to find the vampire, Marishka. He was mistaken. All he saw was a strangely dressed blonde girl with a stake in hand. Why?

"Get down!" He yelled as the bat swooped; Buffy ducked and barely escaped from the talons.

The bat wheeled in the air, getting ready to attack again. But instead of going for the guy with the crossbow, she aimed for Buffy.

Talons seized her shoulders and Buffy could feel the ground giving way. She could also feel a pair of hands grabbing at her feet, attempting to keep her near ground.

Thinking quickly, Buffy rammed her one and only stake into the creature's foot. It screamed with pain and released her, causing her to fall on whoever had been holding her feet.

They rolled across the ground, Buffy finally coming to rest on someone's chest. She glanced at the face and saw that the face was not impressed. The handsome man rolled her off his chest and made a mad scramble for his crossbow, which he had dropped in an attempt to save her. Buffy just sat and watched.

The bat wheeled for another attack, failed as it was shot with the arrow dipped in water. Buffy guessed it must have been holy water as he had missed the heart by centimetres.

The creature wailed and exploded, leaving both Buffy and the man covered in a greenish substance.

In the distance she could hear two more creatures shriek and saw them take to the skies, heading as far away from the village as they could; towards a castle in the distance.

Buffy stood and brushed the dirt and dust of her clothing. She was sick of this place and wanted nothing more than her own bed. But she knew that was impossible. She had no way of getting out of here. Where was Willow?

Just then another woman appeared around the corner of a building. She was dressed in tight black pants, corset and white shirt with some red pattern and a beautiful jacket. Her hair was long, dark brown and curly.

The villagers were annoyed at the man who had just saved their lives. His monk friend too. Buffy had the weird sense of déjà vu but couldn't quite place where she had seen all this. It was familiar.

"They will come back for vengeance," A villager yelled.

"I think it's deserved him a drink" the woman with the jacket said to the man in the duster.

He thanked her and began to follow her when he realised there was still someone stupid he had to scold. He found Buffy and approached her.

"What do you think you were doing?' he growled. "You could have gotten us killed!"

"Someone's grouchy. I was only helping" Buffy defended herself. "After all, that's what a vampire slayer does. Slays vampires"

She received a look as if she were daft but the man humoured her.

"Do you know who I am? And why are you dressed so strangely?" he questioned.

She had forgotten that she was wearing a low cut top and leather pants. Not very inconspicuous.

"No I don't know who you are. But I'm Buffy Summers and I'm a vampire slayer. What year is it?" she asked.

"I, am Van Helsing, Miss Summers" He stated matter of factly. "And it is the nineteenth century"

Buffy felt as if her eyes were about to pop out of her skull. Nineteenth century? Oh boy!

Van Helsing grew bored with the conversation he was having and began to walk back to his monk friend and the woman and together they began to walk away.

Buffy quickly came to her senses and began to chase after them.

"Hey! Wait up!"


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