Previously: "Why me?" Buffy demanded.

"You don't seem like the researching type. At least this way, you can be useful" and he was gone without another moments hesitation.

Buffy looked down at Anna and was suddenly so angry with the man walking away; she could have chased him down and punched his lights out.

She bent over and picked up Anna "I'll show him…" she grumbled as she carried the body up a flight of stairs and found a bedroom at the top of the landing.

"He'll be sorry" she placed Anna's body on the bed, making sure she looked comfortable enough and then stormed out of the room, looking for the man that seemed to despise her so much

Chapter 3

Van Helsing had made it to the tower and was watching Carl work away on the family albums and the paintings, etc. He was sitting in a chair opposite him and was beginning to feel his rear go numb. In an effort to stop that, he shifted in the seat, only to feel sharp discomfort in his rib area.

Intrigued as to what could cause such pain, he shrugged off his jacket and pulled up his vest and shirt, and was amazed with what he saw.

There, on just under his ribs, lay a blossoming bruise. The Buffy girl had done well. The bruise was going to become very dark because right now it stung a lot.

Van Helsing pulled down his shirt just as he heard the sound of feet walking up the stairs to the tower.

"Anything?" he asked Carl, who just shook his head.

"Not yet" was his reply.

Van Helsing sighed. He was going to have to wait until Carl found something before he could chase after Dracula and kill him. Well he didn't have to, but it did seem like a good idea.

That just meant more time spent here, and with a certain blonde no less.

The certain blonde Buffy finally made it to the landing at the top of the stairs. There had been more than she had anticipated and now she was as angry as what she had been, she just needed to sit down for a minute or two.

"So this is where you like to hide" Buffy teased both of the men.

Van Helsing sniffed. "Hardly. I was about to go patrol. Make sure the house is safe"

Buffy nodded "I did that in Sunnydale, except it was the whole town. I'll come too"

Van Helsing held out a hand "No. You stay here with Carl. Make sure he stays safe"

Carl looked up from his book and glared at Van Helsing. It wasn't as if he couldn't protect himself, he just preferred to have company. Van Helsing missed the glare and continued back towards the stairs.

As he walked, he winced slightly. One of his pistols had knocked against the bruise on his ribs. Buffy noticed it too.

"What's wrong with your ribs?"

"You!" he answered gruffly as he descended the staircase.

Buffy's anger reared it's ugly head again as she made her way over to the chair the 'fearless vampire killer' had just occupied.

"I'm just trying to help," she grumbled to herself. Carl heard her and sighed while putting down the book he was currently reading.

"He may seem, umm, unaccommodating right now," Carl explained. "But when you get to know him, he's quite the charmer. It just takes time"

Buffy laughed half-heartedly "And what if I don't have time? What do I do then?"

Carl was confused "What do you mean 'if you don't have time'?"

Buffy shook her head. "Just a figure of speech. Never mind"

Carl returned to his book and Buffy just sat there. She looked out of the window at some stage and noted it was a full moon tonight; that meant werewolves. She wondered if there were any here. 'If there are vampires, there has to be werewolves' she thought. She wasn't looking forward to meeting them either if they were anything like the bat vampires she saw earlier.

They sat like this for about an hour. Buffy and Carl talking about nothing in particular; Carl boring Buffy with facts, though she would never admit it, and Buffy sharing some of her experiences with the monk.

"Well actually I'm just a friar" Carl had said, hoping that she would stop accidentally calling him a 'monk'.

"Sorry. I did it again, didn't I?" Buffy kept forgetting that he wasn't a 'monk'. She was trying her best.

"You'll get there" Carl chuckled as he continued reading.

There was a thump from somewhere in the castle and it caught both Carl and Buffy's attention.

"What was that?" Carl quivered. He hated things like this. The noises that sound and you never know what they are until it are too late. He was never good with scary stories, how was he meant to survive this?

"I dunno. But whatever it was, wasn't human" Buffy stared at the door, almost expecting something to come rushing at them.

"How can you tell?" Carl was nearly hiding under the table.

"That noise was way too loud to be a human"

Carl saw sense in that statement and nodded, whilst trying to become as invisible as possible.

Buffy's slayer senses kicked in. She had to find out what the noise was and she had to protect the people in this house; which included Van Helsing and Anna as well as herself and Carl.

"Stay here and lock the door behind me ok?" Buffy instructed the friar.

He nodded and placed the book down on the table as he shakily rose from his seat.

Buffy made sure she still had her stake with her; it was in her jacket pocket, and then looked for something a bit longer. She spied another suit of armour in the corner of the room.

"Perfect" She grinned and she lifted the sword out of its grip. The armour creaked in protest, but Buffy prevailed.

"Stay ok?" Buffy told Carl and still, he nodded.

She stepped out of the tower room and looked back when she reached the landing and glanced down towards the ground from a nearby window. It was really high up. Buffy gulped; she knew she had to do this.

"May the gods smile upon you" Carl attempted to give her strength.

Buffy smiled kindly. "Thanks. Lock the door ok?"

Carl nodded and began to shut the door as Buffy began to descend the stairs.

"May the gods smile upon you" Carl breathed again.


Anna groaned and slowly rubbed her head as the thunder boomed and rain dripped down the glass window. She didn't remember going to sleep. Slowly she opened her eyes and sat up on the bed, which she had been laid out on. She could think of no other when she said the following words.

"Van Helsing!"

He had gassed her in order to stop her form going and hunting the monster, Dracula. Surely there was something else he could have done instead of gassing her? Upon thinking about it for a second or two, she figured that she would have much rathered to have woken up like this than to be tied up somewhere. That's what he would have resorted to.

Anna lifted herself off of the bed and began to walk, almost run, away from the room in order to find the man. She exited the bedroom with a speed she didn't know she possessed and turned into the hallway.

As she passed one of the many foyers, she heard the sound of chains rattle and began to investigate. It could be Van Helsing; it could not. She was going to find out though. She marched through the foyer and threw open the doors on the other side which led to another hallway.

"Van Helsing?" she called. As she took two or three steps into the hallway to discover it dark. She returned to the foyer to grab a lamp and then proceeded. She was no further than a few metres into the room when she heard a door slam somewhere. She picked up what appeared to be an axe of some sort and then proceeded on her investigation; axe in one hand, lamp in the other and her senses on high alert.

She advanced a few more paces until she thought she was able to swing and hit the intruder with the axe and so she jumped into view. There was nothing there except for an open window. Anna sighed and placed the axe down on a nearby table and closed the window.

As she glanced down she noticed wet footprints on the floor. But they weren't human; these footprints belonged to a werewolf.

"Hey you're up!" Buffy exclaimed as she came round the corner. She had tried to be as quiet as possible in order to give her the upper hand against these creatures. She made Anna jump.

"Oh my!" Anna had been startled by the blonde and was lucky she didn't have the axe in her hand. She could have chopped Buffy to bits.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you" Buffy looked sheepish but that soon faded when she noticed the prints on the floor.

"Werewolf?" Buffy asked.

"I think so" Anna picked up a pistol off a table and loaded it.

"Do you know this werewolf?" Buffy asked further as she stood and watched Anna pick and choose her pistol and load it.

"I'm not sure. My brother was taken by one though," Anna admitted.

Buffy felt a sudden twinge of sympathy for this woman. She couldn't imagine what life would be like if she lost Dawn. "I'm sorry," she said.

"I will see him again. The rest of my family too" Anna brushed Buffy's comment aside. She didn't want sympathy right now.

They both stood back to back and began to slowly walk around the room. The werewolf couldn't have gotten far.

They had gotten very far themselves, when they heard the sound of dripping water on the floor.

They turned to find a few drops of something just fall and hit the floor and so they slowly looked up.

The werewolf roared and Anna fired her pistol in its direction as both women fled.

As they ran past a window, neither one of them realized that the full moon was being covered with cloud.

They fled to another part of the room and tried to hide behind a pillar, while they looked for the creature.

Anna turned and gasped as she was grabbed by something. Buffy swung around with the sword, ready to plunge it into some werewolf flesh if needed.

"Velkan?" Anna asked.

"Anna" the man replied.

Anna raised a hand to his face and looked as though she was about to cry. "Oh my God, you're alive"

Velkan gripped her hand, happy to see her, then realized something and shook it off with a panicked look on his face. "No. Anna, I only have a moment" he gripped her elbows.

"But there's a werewolf" Anan was cut off.

"Listen to me! I know Dracula's secret. He has a…" The guy looked as if she had just swallowed something really gross. Looks like he's going to have a fit thought Buffy as he let go of Anna and began to walk backwards with his hand outstretched.

Anna took a step forward "Velkan?"

Velkan looked pained. "Please"

It suddenly made sense to both women. Valken was the werewolf. "No!" Anna fought back tears. Buffy was too shocked to move and Anna had no intentions of it.

Valken began to roar and climb up the wall as if he had no control over his limbs at all. He writhed on the wall and then managed to look out of the window that Anna and Buffy had passed. The clouds were beginning to uncover the moon. He turned his head back with great effort and stared at Anna. "Run, Anna"

She didn't move at first as he began to grow fur and wolf-y features right in front of the pair. His screams full of pain.

Velken tore at his flesh, peeling it to reveal wolf's fur. While doing so he made choking sounds. It was enough to make Buffy ill, but luckily she hadn't eaten much at all since she got here.

"No" Anna began to sob.

Velken's transformation was complete and he now roared at the girls and was fully intending to kill them.

"Anna!" Van Helsing yelled from somewhere behind them and the werewolf glanced his way. Buffy snapped to action and dragged Anna aside, hopefully out of the way, so Van Helsing could have the floor to himself.

Van Helsing raised the gun, ready to fire, but the werewolf jumped out of the nearby window.

"Are you alright?" Van Helsing asked as he rushed to Anna and Buffy's side. Both weren't capable of speech just yet. One had lost a brother, and the other had just seen a werewolf scarier than Oz.

Van Helsing raced to the window and opened it, pistol raised, but the werewolf was already making its way across the river just past the castle's boundaries.

Just then Carl rushed in. The absence of everyone had made him anxious and in the end, curiosity had won him over. He sniffed the air. "Why does it smell of wet dog in here?"

Van Helsing turned form the window and began running towards him. "Werewolf!"

Carl reached into his robe. "Oh right. You'll be needing silver bullets then" and he threw to the figure racing past him.

"Well done!" Van Helsing caught the packet of bullets and continued on his way.

Anna looked from the spot where her brother had transformed, to the spot where Carl had just thrown the bullets to Van Helsing.

"Don't worry" Buffy began. "I'm sure he'll find him" she hugged Anna around the shoulders in an attempt to comfort someone who was going to lose her brother twice.

"And kill him!" Anna shrugged the arm off, picked up a pistol and raced after Van Helsing.

Buffy turned to Carl and he just shrugged. Together they returned back to the tower.


Van Helsing was loading silver bullets into his pistol and carefully walking the surrounding streets. There was a blanket of fog and visibility was difficult.

A shadow walked behind him, and he sensed it, turning the gun in it's direction, but there was nothing to be seen.

"Who's hunting whom?" he said aloud, fully intending for Velken to hear it. Nothing happened. He began to walk backwards, pistol still raised. He came to a bend in the road and he jumped behind a wall, right next to a coffin with the undertaker in it staring out at the sky.

"Nice night" he said as Van Helsing jumped in front of him with the pistol pointed at his heart.

"This is a bit tight for me…" he said referring to the coffin he had just been in. "But for you, it is a perfect fit" he held his hands out, sizing up Helsing's shoulders. Van Helsing turned and looked at the coffin.

"What a coincidence" the undertaker said whiles walking towards an open grave. "I see the wolfman hasn't killed you yet"

"Don't worry. He's getting to it" Van Helsing muttered as the undertaker picked up a shovel. "You don't seem too bothered by him," Van Helsing observed.

"Oh I'm no threat to him" the undertaker explained as he began to continue digging the grave. "I'm just the one who cleans up after him, if you get my meaning"

Van Helsing approached the man shoveling and asked "Little late to be digging graves, isn't it?"

The undertaker shrugged. "Never too late to dig graves.

You never know when you'll need a fresh one." And he swung the shovel at the back of Van Helsing's head. Van Helsing caught the shovel and pointed the pistol at him.

Oh, sorry. It's just my nature." The undertaker smiled, then his eyes widened and Van Helsing moved out of the way just as werewolf Velken came rushing in. the werewolf pounced and killing, and dropping the undertaker into the fresh grave, while he leapt a good fifty/sixty feet away. Velken shook himself off and roared at the vampire killer. Van Helsing raised his pistol as a "No!" sounded.

He fired and missed his target because Anna had bumped his arm out of the way. Velken ran off.

"Move!" Van Helsing chased after the werewolf.

"No!" Anna cried again as her brother escaped over a rooftop.

Van Helsing turned on Anna and began to choke her. "Why?" he yelled. Anna just managed to get out "You're choking me!"

"Give me reason not to" he threatened.

"I can't. If people knew…" Van Helsing growled and released her; Anna gasped for breath.

He took a few steps away so he wouldn't be tempted to choke her again. "He's not your brother anymore Anna!" he yelled.

Anna looked hurt. "You knew?"


Anna's hurt turned to rage. "Before or after I stopped you from shooting him?"

"Before" Van Helsing turned to her.

"And still you tried to kill him!" she cried as she shoved him in the chest. It hurt, mostly because she had hit the bruise, but Van Helsing didn't let her see his pain.

"He's a werewolf! He's gonna kill people!" he tried to make her see reason.

"He can't help it! It's not his fault!" she screamed back at him.

"I know, but he'll do it anyway!" Van Helsing screamed back.

Anna looked disgusted "Do you understand forgiveness?" she asked him.

His face softened slightly "Yes. I ask for it often"

"They say Dracula has a cure," Anna explained. "If there's a chance I can save my brother...I'm going after it" Anna began to turn away.

"No" Van Helsing grabbed her arm. "I need to find Dracula!"

"And I need to find my brother!" Anna spat back. "He gave his life for me. He's the only family I have left.

I despise Dracula more than you can ever imagine.

He has taken everything from me, leaving me alone in this world" she turned away and fought tears once again.

Van Helsing went to comfort her by raising an arm, but then sighed and turned away as well. In the end he gave in. "To have memories of those you loved and lost... is perhaps harder than to have no memories at all." He murmured as he turned back to face her. She wasn't looking, but she was listening. "All right" he said to her and she turned to face him. "We'll look for your brother"