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10 ways to piss off cloud

NO.10- Ask him why he doesn't have is own theme music in VII?

NO.9- Tell him to make up his mind whether he is in love with Tifa or Aeris.

NO.8- Ask if the fact that he is still fond of/in love with Aeris counts as necrophilia?

NO.7- Ask if he always does what the voices in his head tell him to do?

NO.6- Ask if he ever called Barret back after that 'one night stand' at the gold saucer?

NO.5- Tell him he should pay Vincent to give him lessons on how to angst the right way.

NO.4- Ask what in name of FUCK was that big muscly guy doing to him while he was passed out in the Honey Bee Inn?

NO.3- Ask if he liked pretending to be a girl?

NO.2- If that's the case ask him to talk to Kuja for some tips.

NO.1- Tell him Sephiroth's sword his longer and therefore better than his.

Also for anyone that cares (i doubt that there are many) i'll be uploading a new chapter of first threat soon...ish.