One plus One does equal three


Why oh why did it cross my mind that the best place in the whole world to hide from my problem would be Antarctica? Okay so it wasn't exactly just my idea but I had bowed down to their request. It wasn't like I was alone. I had Esme and Leah with me, making sure that the four of us where safe and warm, while my three mates went head to head with those that wanted to see me dead.

Sometimes I sit here listening to the wind howl as I question my sanity and the events that led up to this point in my life. I might as well start with the most obvious question, why did I agree to let Alice throw me a birthday party in the first place? I hated to even remember my birthday it just meant I was getting yet another year older and who wants to be reminded about that?

The second question and one I would still love the answer to is why did Edward all ways have to over react to everything? I so much as sneezed and he would start to panic.

Finally and the most important question is WHY THE HELL WAS I STUPID ENOUGH TO GO AFTER HIM? I mean he left me in the middle of the woods, broke my heart and drove me to the brink of hell and yet I was stupid enough to go after him.

Okay let me go back to my 18th Birthday you all know what happened, I got a paper cut, Jasper supposably came at me, Edward throw me into the table and so on and so forth you know the story so let jump to the point where Alice shows up but she didn't come alone she brought Jasper and Carlisle with her and that's when everything started to get messy.