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Chapter Fifteen: The Lemurs' Quest

"Ok. So you're saying that no one wants to help de royal me?" asked Julien.

FINALLY! We're actually getting somewhere! "yep," Answered Maurice.


And while the king of lemurs argued with his advisor, Mort was sitting on the ground thinking of a plan. He scrunched his eyes closed and VERY slowly, the gears in his tiny brain began to turn... "IDEA!" he happily shouted, and thus gained the attention of both Julien and Maurice.

"Mort." Began Julien calmly, "how many times have I told you not to interrupt de royal king when I am argu-"

Unfortunately Mort wasn't listening. "the penguins have useful stuff in their home!" he announced, "maybe we can use it?"

"Mort I don't think that's such a good idea," replied Maurice, "the penguins have a whole lotta booby traps set up-"

But Julien interrupted him before he could finish. "MORT! Dat's de single most greatest of ideas you've ever had! In fact, it's de only good idea you've ever had!"

Mort smiled with content, "tankyou."

"but King Julien, the traps-"

"Enough Maurice!" Julien yelled, "we're going to de penguin's home to watch de TV-err..I mean to get stuff!"

And with that the lemurs headed towards the penguin habitat.

Meanwhile, Somewhere in the Sewers..

The stout penguin stood frozen in his cage. His eyes consisted of a disturbing vacancy, hollowed out as if someone had emptied the penguin of his life. Besides his haunted eyes, his features lay paralyzed in silent grief and the only remarkable sound that could be heard was his heart beating steadily against his petrified chest. Shadows veiled almost his entire body save for his feathery face which appeared paler than usual, and his blank expression, which gave him a nearly ghostly appearance.

Poor Skipah, thought Private sadly. The leader had remained in his stationary position ever since the rats had carried Marlene's cage out of the room. Private had a small hunch that Skipper cared about the otter more than what he exhibited, and therefore he knew of the calamity his leader was going through.

As if on cue Skipper let out a sad sigh from within his cage. Instantly pity for the pained penguin seized Private's affectionate heart and all of a sudden the young penguin had the urge to hug Skipper. All he needs is a hug, the child thought happily, hugs can cure anything.

But to Private's dismay, he couldn't hug Skipper because they were in separate cages. So as an alternative, he turned around and hugged the closest living individual near him; Kowalski.

Kowalski froze in alarm as the younger penguin's flippers wrapped themselves tightly around his body. "err.. Private, this seems a little uncalled for.." he managed to murmur.

Private's flippers flopped back to his side dejectedly, "sorry K'wolski" he mumbled, and then turned to gesture towards their crestfallen leader. "I think Skipah needs a hug."

Kowalski sighed, and shook his head softly, "No Private," he spoke, "what he requires is much more than a hug."

…"Skipper!" she yelled in fear, "go away!" she desperately tried to scream, but her throat had closed up, and all she managed to do was let out a squeak…

Marlene yelped in surprise at the illustration on the wall outside of her cage. It's so familiar…

The otter's eyes remained glued to the wall, as her body convulsed with cold fear. The wall was like a screen, the scene projected on its surface as if it were a movie…

Skipper continued to the fight the beast, obviously losing. Once again his body made impact with the wall, and the monster laughed at the penguin's futile efforts…

It was so clear! So real… Her arms clutched her body as she shivered from an invisible draft. Even the frail whiskers on her furred face seemed to tremble with dread. But the image refused to leave the walls…

I'm losing my mind, she thought mirthlessly. Every time her gaze met the wall the nightmare seemed to return with full vigor. Marlene refused to endure another vision of the terrifying scene, so she forced her eyes to fixate on her cage's ceiling.

Unfortunately, another equally familiar image began to paint itself across her vision, as if the ceiling was simply a blank canvas waiting for the arrival of the atrocious paint.

In this manner Marlene's subconscious spilled out before her in a splash of iridescent color. She watched horrified as the merciless artist within her own cranium began to weave its scene.

It was Skipper again, but staring at her… his eyes so empty and vacant… the otter blinked, but the image never wavered. It was the scene from earlier that day, and something was absent in the haunted gleam of his eyes…

She shuddered as another reminder of what had occurred chilled her to the bone. Skipper's going to fight the rat. She repeated it again and again in her mind, refusing to invoke any resulting scenario she could think of. She had to accept it.

the monster bit its teeth into the penguin, and threw its body against the wall. Ripe blood was now oozing quickly from Skipper's wounds, but he still managed to sit up, his flipper covering the open gash in his chest. Skipper was now gasping, and hunched over in a pool of his own blood; his beak split open and eyes locked with Marlene's, desperately trying to communicate to her his last words…

The otter held her head dejectedly in her paws as she fought the images from her mind. But they only came back with force akin to an express train. The express train must have taken a detour over her head, because it started to throb like her heartbeat itself, and she began to recognize the signs of a headache near the center of her forehead.

At last she collapsed to her knees in the cage, and the tears in her eyes flowed freely down her cheeks.

"I don't understand…"she murmured to the darkness.

In the Meantime..

"Kings first!" cried Julien excitedly; The empty bowl of sardines parted to reveal the secret entrance to the HQ which he promptly jumped through.

Mort imitated the king's actions, but Maurice slid cautiously down the ladder. The last time they'd visited the HQ when it'd been empty, they'd been bombarded by booby traps.

"Hurry up Maurice!" shouted the ring tailed lemur from inside the HQ, "de royal king does not have all day!"

After what seemed like a lifetime, the advisor's feet finally made contact with the cold floor of the penguins' HQ.

"well it is about de time!" muttered Julien exasperatedly, "Maurice, you are such de slow-pokey!"

Maurice cracked one eye open slowly, to discover a very bored King Julien standing in front of him with paws on his hips.

But Maurice paid no attention; his focus was on the HQ. It'd been a week or so since they had visited it last but it still looked the same as before. On one side there resided a table and makeshift chairs made out of cinderblocks, while on the other side was a door that served as an entrance to the sewers. In the far end of the room stood Kowalski's lab, decorated with numerous test-tubes filled with a variety of colored liquids, which were most likely harmful to their health.

Maurice sighed as he stepped forward and blinked; the place felt so empty and eerie without the penguins. So why hadn't he noticed before? He supposed it was because he was too focused on Julien's needs maybe… That, and the fact that he didn't exactly object to getting free food. That aside, he suddenly became overwhelmed with the feeling of guilt.

Julien, though, sighed exasperatedly before turning around and heading towards the large television screen. Maurice thought he heard the king mumble something, but dismissed it when Julien began bowing in front of the TV.

"OH MIGHTY BOX FROM THE SKY SPIRITS!" Julien exclaimed on his knees, arms waving in the air. "YOUR KING HAS COME TO RESCUE YOU FROM DE PESKY PENGUINS!" the king of lemurs waited a second for the screen to flick on before he began again.

"GREAT BOX! YOU MUST TURN ON FOR US TO RESCUE YOU!" he praised, and added a few more bows in for good measure.

After the King re-phrased his speech for the third time, his patients was running short. "WHY WON'T YOU TURN ON FOR YOUR KING???" he shouted to the irritatingly blank screen.

"what??" Julien stood back from the TV appalled from its lack of 'response', "OH, I'M NOT ATTRACTIVE ENOUGH TO TURN YOU ON?? YOU ARE WRONG! I AM DE DEVILISHLY HANDSOME LEMUR KING!"

Mort stifled a snicker, and Maurice slapped his forehead.

Julien huffed with fury, his yellow eyes growing so wide that Maurice could nearly see tiny flames flickering within the king's pupils. "NO ONE INSULTS DE KING!" yelled the ring-tailed lemur in an intimidating voice, "PREPARE TO SUFFER!!" Julien raised his leg up threateningly..

"wait- NO! your majesty," yelled Maurice with realization of what was about to happen, "DON'T TOUCH IT!"

But King Julien's leg came swinging down and with a loud FWAP! Made contact with the TV right below the screen.

Maurice's eyes squeezed shut and by instinct he crouched low underneath the penguins' table as he waited for the booby traps and pain to begin. Surprisingly, all he could hear was Mort's high pitched angst-stricken screams; "DE FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETT!!"

The advisor opened both his eyes, and crawled out of his feeble crouching position. That's strange, he thought…

Julien, who had been hopping around on one leg clutching his throbbing foot and wailing that the box had "cursed" him, was now whooping with victory because by coincidence he'd kicked the "on" button of the TV.

As images flashed across the screen, Julien promptly sat down and let the animations numb his mind.

But Maurice was still alarmed about the absence of pain and suffering going on. Where are all the booby traps? He wondered warily… the penguins always have booby traps... what's going on? Even though Julien had dropped any act of being on guard (and was now slouching in front of the TV screen sipping from a "borrowed" juice box), Maurice remained alert. The situation was highly suspicious.

Julien interrupted his advisor's thoughts as he flicked impatiently through different action channels and soap operas. Finally he reached a channel that was "worthy of being watched by the king" as he phrased it to Mort (who had found the remote and happily given it to his king).

Before long a blood curdling song began to fill the HQ. "YOU'VE GOT THE BEEEEEEEEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!!"

Maurice covered his ears to muffle out the horrible noise. "your highness!" he shouted over the screeching sound, "COULD YOU POSSIBLY TURN IT DOWN?"

"WHAT'S THAT?" replied Julien, oblivious to the ear-splitting screeches, "YOU'RE ASKING ME TO TURN IT UP? OK!" and he proceeded to bring the volume up to its maximum.

"WHAT- NO!!! TURN IT DOWN!!" shouted the advisor, now literally being blown away by the awful sound.

"Maurice!" Julien shouted back frustrated, "no one tells de king what to do. Besides, my royal ears can hardly make out what it is that you are saying." Finally the king reached over and turned the volume down. "Now what is it that your annoying mouth is trying to say?"

"I think we should stop wasting time, and begin searching for things we can use to rescue the penguins." His advisor replied, his ears still ringing.

"But doesn't Chico always carry the weapon-like stuffs in his tummy?" Julien inquired.

"His name's Rico." Sighed Maurice, "and yes, but I have a feeling the penguins must keep an emergency hoard of weapons somewhere in the HQ ya know?"

In the meantime Mort had located Rico's secret stash of beans. "BEEEEEEEEENS!!!" he squealed with delight before pouncing and beginning to salivate on one of the silver cans.

"fine. Maurice." Replied Julien annoyed, "we'll do de boring stuff dat you want to do to save de pesky penguins." He waved his arms in a mocking manner as he pronounced "penguins".

"Alright then." Grinned Maurice, glad that he was taking charge for once, "Mort," he addressed the tiny lemur stuck in a can of beans, "why don't you look around the bunks?"

"Good idea," beamed Julien, "and I de royal king shall raid de fridge! Er.. I mean search de fridge!"

Maurice ignored the king's reply, as he himself began to sort through Kowalski's lab.

Soon the three lemurs were sifting through all of the penguins' items on a quest to find things they could use as weapons.

Julien cried out in anguish when he discovered that the fridge was only stocked with "DE FISHY SMELLING FISH!" he pinched his nose with distaste, "what does a king have to do to get de decent foods around here?"

While the king wailed, Maurice was searching for loose bricks in the walls and trap doors when his eyes landed on something that didn't belong. Sitting on one of the cinderblocks used for chairs was a ripe yellow banana.

"Huh? What's this doing here?" he exclaimed out loud.

"What's doing where?" Julien asked as he strolled over to where Maurice was standing sipping his juice box, "and why doesn't de Royal King know about it?"

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