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Here is the sequel; it's going to deal more with Jacob, Edward, their children and relationship. Also Alice, Jasper and Leah and their child will be featured a lot. The Volturi makes a comeback and loads of drama. So please enjoy this first chapter.

Edward's P.O.V.

Even if it is just our family, Alice had to plan a big wedding for Jacob, me, her, Jasper and Leah. Legally none of us can get officially married now, but it's something to please her. She decorated the entire house and had all of us get matching outfits. Sarah got to be our flower girl, while Gabe was the ring bearer. Sarah is thrilled to wear her little white dress and throw flowers at everyone. As the sky shows a beautiful sunset, Carlisle proceeds over the ceremony, first he starts with me and Jacob. We stand under white arch with rare tropical flowers creates the pleasant atmosphere. "Edward, do you take Jacob to be your husband, soul mate , and the father of your children as long as you two shall live?"

"I do," I say looking over at the love of my life. He has never looked so beautiful.

"And do you, Jacob take Edward to be your husband, soul mate, and the father of your children as long as you two shall live?"

"I do."

"I now pronounce you two bonded for life." Jacob and I then had a passionate kiss. Once we were done, Carlisle does the same with Alice, Jasper and Leah. "Do you Jasper take Alice and Leah to be you wives to have and to hold as long as the three of you shall live?"

"I do,"

"And do you Alice take Jasper and Leah to be your husband and wife to have and to hold as long as the three of you shall live?"

With excitement, Alice says. "I do.

"And do you Leah take Jasper and Alice to be your husband and wife to have and to hold as long as the three of you shall live?"

Leah pauses for a second, but gives a confident. "I do."

"I pronounce the three of you married."

The three of them kiss. Afterward we have a reception, Alice got the biggest wedding cake, she could find, but only Jake, Leah, Seth and Gabe could eat it. As we toast our new marriages, Rosalie and Emmett announce that they will be heading to Norway to live there for awhile, as a surprise they say that Seth will be going with them.

"What, Seth are you sure that you want to go with them?" Leah asks.

"Yes, please Leah, I'll be safe and won't do anything bad."

"Ok, you can go." Even if she was okay by the notion; the look on her face shows that she was sad to know that her little brother would be leaving.

The rest of the wedding is spent with all of us dancing and having a good time. For the first time since our first date, I dance with Jacob. Placing his head on my shoulder, we slow dance. "I love you, Jake."

"I do to," he says with some sadness in his voice.

"What's wrong?"

"I just wish that mom was here and dad as well."

"Jake, I bet your mom is smiling from heaven at us and the twins. I'm sure your dad will come around one day to see that we belong together."

"I hope so."

"Jake, don't be sad," I say kissing his forehead.

"Sorry I won't."

Feeling a tug on my pants, I see Sarah looking up at us. "Want to dance with daddy and papa," she demands. Picking her up, we let her dance in-between us. Not feeling complete, Jake gets Gabe, so our first dance is as a complete family.


Jacob's P.O.V.

It's only been four months since we found out Leah was pregnant, but god she has turned into the biggest bitch ever. I thought her transformation was bad, but the way she acted then is nothing compared to now. I understand the pregnancy is hard, but damn I can't stand her anymore. Coming back with a thing of strawberry ice cream and dill pickles, I walk into Leah's room where she is set up watching t.v. with the twins. If Alice and Jasper weren't at school they would be doing this. Hell, I wish that Rosalie, Emmett, and Seth weren't in Norway, so at least they could go through this. It is a good thing Alice and Jasper do not sleep, so they can rush out at the middle of the night and get Leah her strange cravings. Now it is the middle of the day on a Tuesday and I'm getting her stuff. "Here, one carton of ice cream and a jar of pickles."

"Thanks," she says as she takes one of the pickles out, deeps into the ice cream and starts to eat it. I think I'm going to be sick. "Jake, get me some mustard."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, you act like you didn't have strange cravings while you were pregnant."

"I didn't. At least we know this kid will be a wolf, with its appetite." Something just comes to mind. "Hey, I went through my bones breaking, why the hell aren't you?"

"Maybe because I don't talk about it, plus I heal so fast there is no point in mentioning it to Alice and Jasper. You won't will you?"

"No, unless it gets to serious." I know she doesn't want them to worry too much about her, but so far this pregnancy has been hard on Leah. Carlisle theorized is that because her reproduction system that was frozen had to suddenly come back on problems were bound to happen like her being bedridden a lot, massive pains and vomiting.

"Thanks, with the mustard, I want a bologna sandwich with avocados."

Looking over at Gabe and Sarah, they have the expressions of disgust on their faces. I feel the same way. "That's disgusting; I'm not about to make such a sandwich."

"I got you tacos and a variety of other foods."

"So at least I ate normal stuff, besides you're not helpless."

"Didn't Alice threaten that you have to attend to my ever whim?"

Damn she just had to bring that up. The day right after we did find out about the new baby. Alice stated that Leah was to be pampered through the entire pregnancy and if we didn't she threaten us with physical harm. "Yes, I'll do it."

"Me go," says Gabe. Picking him up, I take us to the kitchen. Every since he started, Gabe doesn't talk that much only in rare occasions when he wants something or he displeased. I think he feels overshadowed by Sarah, who talks whenever she has the chance. She is currently learning how to speak French, so most of the time she walks around the house speaking French.

Sitting him in his highchair and giving him a cookie to teeth on. Painstakingly I make Leah's sandwich. "Good thing we're not eating this mess," I tell him.

"No, nas…" Gabe agrees as cookie pieces go everywhere.

"Yep nasty." Finishing the sandwich, I take it and Gabe back upstairs. The minute I give it to Leah, she devours it in a few bites. I'm feel like I'm going to puke. "Happy?"

"Yes, now…"

"Now what?"

"I feel sick," suddenly she vomits everywhere. When I was pregnant, I didn't vomit as much as she does. She does it about three times every few days.

"Ew," Sarah says wrinkling her nose, but like an adult she grabs a napkin and tries to clean up the mess, until I snatch her away.

"Jake," Leah vomits more this time her regular puke is combined with blood.

"Shit," this is something we've never seen before. Grabbing my cell, I quickly phone Esme who was at her volunteer job. Then I call Carlisle. Leah just keeps vomiting more blood and complains about stomach pain. "Are you having the baby?"

"What no," she manages to get out, then the vomiting stops. Getting up, she goes to take a shower, while I'm here cleaning up her mess. Never thought I would have to play slave to her. As I'm stripping the sheets, Esme appears distraught.

"She's in the shower." I say.

"Did anything else happen?"

"No, just massive amounts of vomit and blood."

Esme face is grim. "Go clean up and I'll deal with this."

Not having to be told twice, I take a shower, get the kids cleaned and chill in the living room with Leah, who drinks two gallons of water. "Don't pee on yourself."

"Asshole," she says hitting my head with a pillow.

Hitting her back, we get into a massive pillow fight, until Alice rushes in. "Stop, you may harm the baby," she cries.

"We weren't doing anything reckless," says Leah, but seeing Alice's face her joking manner leaves her. Alice wants this baby more than anything. "Sorry."

"It's okay, I overreacted. Are you alright, Carlisle called and said you were sick?"

"Nothing, I couldn't handle." Better not to tell Alice and Jasper about the blood, so they don't freak out.

"If you are ill, it would be wise that you told us," said Jasper.

"I'm fine, just a little vomiting."

"Well, you should rest." Jasper then picks Leah up and heads upstairs with her with Alice following behind.

Going to Edward, I start to kiss him. "How was school?"

"Good, you should go."

"No that's okay. I've been stuck with Leah all day, can we do something?"

"Yes," he says. With the twins with us, we go outside. I teach Sarah the fine art of hunting, while Edward and Gabe watch. Unlike her brother, Sarah can't stand the taste of food, so we have to rely on blood for her nourishment. I don't like the idea that much, especially with her blood lust for humans, but I can't do anything about. Hopefully she'll grow out of it. After hunting we head back to the house to find Alice and Jasper distraught.

"What's happening," I ask.

"Leah started complaining of stomach pains, so Carlisle is performing an ultrasound on her," Alice cried. Jasper takes her into his arms. It's a good thing; Carlisle has a entire room filled with medical equipment.

An hour of waiting goes by, Carlisle finally comes down with Leah holding on to him. Setting her on the nearest couch he delivers his news. "The reasons for the pains are that like you Jake, the baby is growing at an astounding rate and her body is not adjusting as fast. If this continues, I will try to take the baby out early, but I don't want to attempt it too soon.

"Did you find out the sex," asked Jasper.

"Well, I should let Leah reveal that."

With a smile, Leah says. "It's a girl."

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