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Edward's P.O.V.

Another day of school and it has been very boring, I have no idea why I insisted to attend college again, but I did. Well at least this time I am obtaining a master's degree instead of a bachelors. Well it gives me something to do and it does teach Trinity and Sarah that despite being immortal having an education is important, now if only Jacob would take his education seriously. I love him and ever since the kids were born he has grown more mature, but he doesn't take school that seriously which rubs off on Sarah, who feels that it is alright not to do homework or even pay attention in class. I know soon that Carlisle and Esme are going to be called about her academic situation and her attitude in general.

I love my daughter and have tried to teach her many different lessons in her short life, but for some reason she thinks just because she is a vampire she is entitled to everything in the world. She is going to have to learn that the world doesn't revolve around her, but with Embry as her soul mate that is going to be hard.

And my son, he just feels as if the rest of the world and possibly his own family is stupid, nothing I can do about that but try to let him see that despite being a half breed life is about something.

Pulling up to the mailbox, I take the bills and junk mail, but also a gold lined envelope with Gabriel's name on it. Frowning I tear it open and read.

Dear Gabriel,

The other members of the Volturi and I have found it interesting that you would make contact with us regarding your situation. Despite not having your breeding, I can understand that a unique specimen as yourself would feel unsure about where you belong in this world. With the permission of your parents, I invite you and your sister to come to Volterra, Italy, so that we may speak in person. In spite of our history with your family that I am sure you are aware of; in no way will you or your sister will be physically or mentally harmed on your visit. Gabriel, I do believe that you have a gift that is not being nurtured at this current time that will only hinder you in the upcoming future. Please make contact when you read this letter to confirm if you will come.



A fierce hiss escapes my throat, I want to rip up the letter, but I need to confront my youngest child. Quickly I drive up the driveway and run into the house, to find my son engrossed in a game of chess with Jasper as Jacob, Emmett and the others gathered around the living room doing other activities such as reading or playing video games or a board game.

"Gabriel-Mason Ephraim Cullen-Black!" Despite hearing his full name, my son in a disrespectful manner chooses to ignore me and concentrate on his game. "Gabriel!"

"Edward what is wrong with you?" asked Jake pausing his game and pulling off his headset so he can communicate with his teammates from around the world.

"This is what is wrong?" I thrust the letter into his hands.

His dark eyes grow black as his muscles tense and his skin darken. Throwing down the letter he literally pulls our son away from his game. "What did you do?" he said almost screaming in his face.

Gabe's eyes grew dark as well as he tried to struggle out of Jake's grasp but to no effort. "What are you talking about; I'm in the middle of a game." Even with confidence in his face, I can hear fear, since it was rare that Jake was ever angry at him.

"What's going on?" asked Jasper.

"Why did you contact the Volturi?" Jacob yelled.

All sound left the room as the rest of the family eyes grew big and just stared at Gabriel, who didn't seem to care and acted as if it was normal.

"Dude Gabe have you lost your mind?" asked Emmett.

"No I haven't. I contacted them because I need any idea about where I belong in this world. And if you must know I have also contact Grandfather Billy, who will be coming in the next few days to check up on me. What did they say?"

"That's none of your business," said Jake.

"Yes it is. I am the one that contacted them and I have the right to know what they said about my situation."

The look on Jacob's face is one that I have not seen on him in years. I can feel his rage building towards our son if I didn't know him so well, I would be afraid he would lash out at Gabe.

"Gabriel, you belong with this family," said Carlisle gently taking him from Jacob's grasp.

"My family. My family. This is not a family; I'm not a part of this, no matter what all of you say. You say that Sarah, Trinity and I are special, but we're not we're sinful creatures, abominations against God and science."

"That is enough Gabriel." I take him out of Carlisle's arms. "You are not an abomination and whatever issues you are having it is best to talk with me or Jacob instead of going to the Volturi, who wanted to kill you when you were first born."

"Why should I listen to you? You have no idea about what I'm going through."

"I would have an idea if you spoke about it."

"Fine." He managed to get out of my grasp and drop down to the floor. Crossing his arms, he stared me straight in the eyes. "I'm ten, but I feel like I'm in my twenties. All of you never treat me as what I feel. I cannot relate to anyone in school or to anyone in this family. And no matter what you say I'm a freak."


"Shut up Edward. Just shut up, I'm a freak an unholy reunion from two supposedly mystical creatures. I shouldn't exist and neither should Sarah and Trinity. Sarah never told you this, but when we were in dad we had a conscious and we somehow knew what was happening on the outside. And all the crap dad went through made me not want to come into the world."

All of our eyes dart towards Sarah and nodded her head slowly. "Our link was already established and we could feel all of Daddy's anguish. Gabe wanted to originally be born and we were going to stay in until Gabe was fully developed. But with everything that happened Gabe decided it was best if he didn't come into the world, so the decision was made that I come into the world and that he would probably die from being born to early. But he stayed alive something he has been bitter about from day one."

"Tell me Gabriel do you want to kill yourself?" asked Jacob.

For the first time, Gabe's eyes held a twinge of fear. "No, suicide is a coward's way out."

"So you decided as a fetus that you didn't want to be born, sounds like being a coward to me since you didn't want to experience the world." Jake surprises me sometimes with his intellect.

"You don't understand."

"Then make us understand Gabriel."

"No I don't. I don't have to do anything to make you understand because none of you can make me feel any better." Turning he tried to run out of the room, if Jake didn't grab him and pull him into a bone crushing hug. "Let me go."

"Not until you tell us Gabriel."

"NO! I can't."


In a few seconds the once tense atmosphere became more relaxed and my son's struggling started to die down. Placing Gabe's head on his shoulder, Jake rubbed his back and whispered to him in Quileute. Despite claiming that he is an adult, he wraps his arms around Jake's neck and a very faint sob escapes his lips. Immediately his face contorts as he realizes what he had done, but he doesn't try to escape from Jake's grasp.

Jake looked at him and then decided to leave the room with me following right behind them.

Jacob's P.O.V.

Taking Gabe outside of the house, his small body tries to hold back all his emotions, but I heard his sob and know he is about to break down. Since it is still nice outside, I take him behind the house and lay him on my chest like I used to do when he was little. All that stopped by the time he was five and said that he was too old for such a bonding act. Edward is the type to talk about his problems, but right now Gabe doesn't need to talk he just needs the feeling that he has someone with him. Edward stands off a few feet away watching, I know it pains him that he cannot comfort Gabriel.

With gently rubbing and whispering, he falls asleep, but not before I feel his tears on my neck. Taking him back to the house, Edward and I tuck him into bed.

"What are we going to do?" I asked.

"I don't want to admit it, but he needs psychological help. But since your dad is coming, maybe he can help a little."

"My dad can't come."

"Jake it has been over six years. The two of you need to make up. Not for yourself, but for Gabriel; I don't want him to resent us and not talk to us for years."

"Alright, I will."

Wrapping his arms around me, we kissed. "Thanks." He pulls me over to the bed and the two of us sit on both sides of Gabriel, quietly we talk until Sarah comes in. "Yes honey."

"I'm sorry I never said anything about Gabriel." I beckon her to the bed, so she climbs in and lays close to me, gently Edward pulls Gabriel towards himself. "Please forgive me."

"We do and we know that you and Gabe have a strong connection," Edward said. "But if Gabe was depressed you should have said something earlier."

"Yes sir and I kind of gave him the idea to contact the Volturi, but I didn't think he would actually contact them, I thought only grandpa."

"Well we will deal with it."

Gabe's P.O.V.

They say they love me, but I can't believe that sometimes. After my outburst, Edward and dad have been spending more time with me trying to get me to open up to them about my feelings and even if I want to I can never truly express my feelings. I've heard them talking about getting me counseling, but there is no psychologist alive that could help me without knowing my family background. Jasper has been trying to help, and I do enjoy talking to him, but he doesn't help that much. The only good thing is that today grandpa is coming.

Hm, I should finish getting ready. It has been years since I last saw him and I want to look like an adult then a child, so I carefully pick out my clothes and comb my hair.

"Dude it's just your granddad, I hardly doubt he will care how you look."

"Shut up Trinity. I most present myself perfectly to gain Grandfather's respect."

My cousin just scoffs as she sits on the bed staring at me. Edward and father do not think I open up to anyone, but I do for Trinity for some reason, maybe because she is the most normal out of the three of us, okay not normal. She is not like Sarah who has the delusion that finding her soul mate is the best thing in the world. Trinity is more realistic about life, which she picked up from Leah.

"You do know he is near right?"


"Yes, mother's smell is becoming stronger along with us. He still smells the same." Grandfather refused to be picked up from any of the vampires and Dad didn't want to do it, so Leah just did. The sound of a car braking and doors opening and shuffling hits my ears. Despite being excited to see him, I calm myself and slowly walk out of my room with Trinity following behind. Together we head downstairs and stand patiently in the foyer waiting for him to come inside we are joined by other members of the family all except for dad who is playing on his computer engrossed by some popular MMORPG.

Soon enough Grandfather is wheeled in by Leah; he does look a bit older, but nothing to serious. I hold back the notion of jumping into his lap and giving him a giant hug.

"Gabriel come here." Immediately I go to him, but before I can say anything he easily lifts me into his lap and gives me a big hug. "It has been too long; you are the exact replica of your Grandfather Ephraim." Hearing those words make me smile a little.

"It is a pleasure to see you again Grandfather, I thank you for replying to my letter."

"Of course I would. You have the blood of a proud race following within you; it is only right that I come here and give you some guidance." From the corner of my eye, I see Edward clench his jaw in frustration. "Where is your father?" Of course he means Dad; he doesn't acknowledge the fact that two males produced me and Sarah.

"Daddy is finishing up something," Sarah said giving him her biggest smile hoping that she'll impress him for once in her life. "He'll be out in a second, how are you grandfather? I missed you so much." It is clear in her eyes that she wants him to express some type of love towards her or even physical affection like a handshake or hug, but it doesn't happen."

"Good, Trinity," he said turning his attention to my cousin who he loves more than my own sister, because she is less vampire. "I see you more than my own grandchildren."

"I know right." She hugged him and received one back. Unlike my parents, Leah, Alice and Jasper allow her to visit the reservation, when Leah needs to see her mom and Seth. "So I know you brought it right?"

"Brought what, a noogie."


"I know your grandmother wouldn't allow me to leave without it. Leah my bag." He reaches inside and pulls out an old book. "Harry was my best friend and I'm sure he would have loved to see you grow up. I think he knew that he was going to die early, so that's why he wrote down all of his thoughts that he felt that his grandchild or grandchildren should know."


"You're welcome."

"Billy would you like to go relax after your flight?" asked Edward lifting me up. Grandfather gives him a glare wanting to say something nasty, but doesn't.

"No, I'm quite fine I rather see Jacob, but thank you for your offer."

Wiggling out of his grasp, I drop down to the floor and have him follow me to dad.

Sarah's P.O.V.

Why doesn't he love me? I know that I am more vampire, but I also have his blood following through me. So far, granddad has been here for two days, but he has only spoken three sentences to me. He focuses all of his attention to Gabriel and Trinity. It hurts knowing that he doesn't love me like he does them, but he is stubborn. Papa says that it is going to take time for him to fully accept me, but he Granddad is human and can die at any second. I can't wait years for him to love him.

Going into the library, Grandfather is reading and for once he is by himself. Gabe and Trinity had gone with Leah to run a few errands and the rest of the family are out doing their own things except for daddy who is on the computer playing a game. Right now is the perfect opportunity for us to talk to each other.

"Grandfather what are you reading?" He ignores me. "The Help, I heard that was a really good book." He still ignores me. Please will you talk to me?" Ignore. Sitting across from him, I made myself comfortable and start to ramble about life. "Embry wants to set up a date to marry me, but I'm not too sure yet if I'm ready to be married when I turn eighteen. I want to convince him to travel, especially to California. I don't sparkle, so I can't see why my parents are so adamant about living in sunnier places. I think the sun would do the family some good, but they don't ever listen to me."

"Do you ever close your mouth?"

"Yes, but I'm only doing this to gain some attention from you. I have done nothing since I was born, but love you and you treat me like I'm nothing."

When he doesn't answer in frustration, I pull the book out of his hands and throw it across the room. "Do you think throwing a tantrum will make me love you?" he asked.


"You carry the name of my wife and unlike your brother you represent everything that tore my family apart. If the Cullens hadn't come back to Forks, then Jacob wouldn't have turned into a wolf and he wouldn't have fallen in love."

"But Gabriel and Trinity wouldn't have been born."

"Yes they would have and in a more normal way."

"What about me?"

"If you hadn't been born I would be happy about it, but you're here and no matter what you do or say I will never love you, because of what you are."

As he turns away, I try to hold back my tears. I can't give him the satisfaction of seeing me upset. Not thinking, I want him to know that being a vampire is not that bad, before I even know it I grab him and bite his neck injecting venom, until I pull out and notice what I have done. "Daddy!"

Jacob's P.O.V.

Hearing my daughter scream, I quickly run to her and find my dad holding his neck as he screamed as if he was on fire. "What happened?"

"I didn't mean to," she cried hysterically. "I just wanted him to understand that…that…"


"I bit him."

My face paled as I just stared at her. "Well suck out the venom."

"I tried it didn't work."

"Then go get Edward or one of the others run as fast as you can."

Nodding she did what she was told, as I took care of dad. His screaming is the worst sound that I have ever heard. Immediately the changes happen before my eyes to escape he stands up and tries to run, but falls.

His screaming is blood curdling, but I deal with it until finally Edward, Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett show up. Emmett helps me restrain dad as Jasper sends out a calming emotion to at least calm dad down. It helps a little, but dad is still in pain as the venom runs through his body. Dad screams start to cease as his eyes start to close as he falls asleep. Gently Emmett carries dad to one of the extra bedroom and lays him in bed, while I stay at his side.

In the matter of an hour, Dad's skin grows pale, but not like the Cullens, just like he hasn't been in the sun for days. His canine teeth become longer and sharper; I can barely feel in any heat from his body, his heart and breathing have stopped. To humans they would say that he was dead, but to everyone I am associated with he is now a vampire.

For awhile I stay with dad, until Edward comes to me saying that Carlisle has called a family meeting. I am hesitant to leave Dad, but Edward kisses me and assures that he will be alright by himself for a few minutes. Nodding I get up and follow him downstairs to the living room where everyone except for Gabe and Trinity look grim. It is obvious they were not told about what had happened. Sarah is curled up in a chair with tears running down her face and for the first time her eyes and face are red. I love by baby girl, but right now I do not go to her, but to my son and put him into my lap. I know he is going to have a hard time when he finds out what happened. Edward goes to Sarah and holds her in his arms.

"The reason I called this meeting," Carlisle said. "Is because we have another member to our coven and we need to figure out how to help him when his transformation is over."

"Who is it?" asked Trinity excited.

Carlisle doesn't flat out say it as he looks at me and then Edward. Gabe who is very perceptive catches the worry in all of our eyes. "What's going on, who changed?"

No one says anything, until Edward gets up and sits by me and Gabe. Slowly he takes our son's hands into his. "Gabe, your grandfather is now a vampire."

"What? It's not true!" he shouted yanking his hands from Edward. "Grandfather would never allow something like that to happen to him."

Holding him tight, I said, "Gabe there was an accident that turned your grandfather."

"What accident no one would do that except…" he pulls away from me and runs right up to Sarah. "You didn't did you?"

"Gabe I…"

The realization dawned on him. "Just because he didn't love you, doesn't mean you can ruin his life. You're so selfish turning him into your kind."

"It's your kind to."

"You destroyed everything. I hate you," he screamed. "I hate you; you're such a selfish little bitch."

In no time flat, Edward had Gabe in his lap and brought a stinging hand onto his bottom. "You don't ever call your sister that word and what she did was an accident."

"No it wasn't. She's lying if she said it wasn't." Hot tears run down his face not only from the spanking, but for his grandfather. "Please tell me it's not true," he sobbed. Edward doesn't say anything as he pulls Gabe into a hug. Edward just rocks him until his sobs disappeared, but he kept his face buried into his chest.

"What are we going to do Carlisle?" Jasper asked. "There is a high chance that Billy will try to kill himself."

"And that is his decision to make, but the fact that he is sleeping makes me think that he is turning into a hybrid."

"What?" Everyone said.

If Carlisle wore glasses, I'm sure he would be adjusting them right now. "Well if any vampires had inhabited Forks when Billy was a child there would be no doubt that he would have turned into a wolf, so the wolf traits are still in his blood, just never been activated. When the venom was injected into Billy, I think it is causing a reaction where the wolf genes are becoming present, but the vampire ones are more dominate. In other words, I believe like Sarah, he will be mostly vampire with a few wolf and human traits, such as the sleeping.

"But his heart has stopped," I pointed out.

"But he still has a little body heat once he wakes up we will learn more. Jacob, I must stress to you that it is important that you be there for emotional and mental support when he comes to."

"I will."

"Good until he wakes up everyone will monitor him for an hour and if anything happens let everyone else know."

Everyone mumbled and got up; since he is my father I start the watch first. Carlisle says that dark rooms help with a newly transformed vampire, so I sit in a dark room right by dad's side. Despite him being asleep it's funny not to hear his snores anymore or his chest rising up and down letting me know that he is alive.

Billy's P.O.V.

My body is on fire, but I can't remember anything that happened before, I do know that Jacob is beside me. My throat is dry, but a sweet smell hits my nice making me extremely thirsty. Setting up I see Jake and that smell is coming from him.

"Dad, you're up."

"Yes what happened and get me something to drink." He hesitates for a second before handing me some water. Quickly I guzzle it, but spit it out immediately. "Disgusting."

"I'm going to be right back," he said running out.

In less than a minute Carlisle and Edward come back with him, Carlisle hands me a glass of red juice with the sweet smell. Guzzling it down, it seems to fill me up and tasted better then the water. "More."

"Not now Billy do you remember what happened?" Carlisle asked.

"All I remember is Sarah and me talking." Jake moved close to Edward wanting to talk, but no words came out. "What happened?"

"Well Billy."

"While you were talking a rogue vampire came upon the house and attacked you. Sarah tried to protect you, but she was overpowered and the vampire bit you," said Jacob.

"I was bitten, what happened to the rogue?"

"He is dead, once we found out what happened. Leah, Edward and I tracked him down and killed him."

It is a little hard to digest the information, but they wouldn't lie about such a thing. "She tried to protect me?"

"Yes of course she would."

"Billy, you need to rest some more," Carlisle said.

"I feel really tired, does that happen with vampires."

"Not all the time, but it is different for your case. Please try and sleep and we'll explain more when you awake."

"Can I get more of that red stuff or is it blood?"

"Its blood, yes once you wake up again."

Nodding I start to feel weak again and lay back down in the matter of seconds I slip into darkness.

Edward's P.O.V.

"Jacob why would you say that?" After Billy went back to sleep, Carlisle called another emergency family meeting, now we're just waiting for everyone to show up.

My husband looked at his feet and then back up at me. "So he wouldn't try to kill Sarah the second he found out. I know it was wrong to lie to him, but Edward I had to."

"I understand, but we can't keep lying to him."

"I know, just for right now so he can get used to everything, before we tell the truth."

"Alright." I take him into my arms and kiss him.

"Must you in front of everyone," said Rosalie coming up to us with the rest of the family. I could reply with a smart ass remark, but now is not the time.

Everyone sits down and Jake and I make sure that we're near our kids. Carlisle explains about the new developments and that the story that was made up and how it was important that none of us speak of it until it is felt that Billy could handle the truth without trying to kill Sarah. Almost everyone nods in agreement, except for my son.

"Why do we have to lie?" Gabe shouted. "This whole damn family is built on lies and I'm not going to do it."

"Gabriel, it is to protect your sister," said Esme.

"Well she should have never bit him. I'm not going to lie to him."

Quickly I take him into my arms, but he struggles. "Gabriel, we don't want to lie for him either, but for right now while he is adjusting we don't want to say anything about Sarah." In desperation he tries to bite me to get away forgetting that his teeth can't do any damage. "Gabriel that is enough."

"No it's not. I don't care what any of you say; I'm going to tell him the truth."

"Gabe sometimes telling the truth at the current causes more problems than waiting," said Carlisle.

Of course Gabriel didn't like the explanation as his face screwed up. "Maybe having Gabriel around Billy at this crucial time is not for the best," said Leah. Everyone looked at her since this was the first time she ever spoke out at a family meeting. "What I mean since Gabe is much smaller and not as strong as Trinity or Sarah there is no way that he could protect himself if Billy did attack him, because of his more human side.

"Leah my dad wouldn't do that," said Jake.

"But you don't know that. None of us knows what he might be capable of doing and since Gabe is the most vulnerable one in the house, maybe he should go live somewhere else at least for the next few months. Not only will it protect him, but Sarah as well because Billy won't find out until he is ready to accept the truth."

She is right and it is a good idea. "If we did do this," I said, "where would he go and who would he be with?"

Alice, who has been strangely quiet the entire time, just stared at Leah. "Isn't it obvious who would be the right person to go with him? It's Leah. She already poses as his mother for the school records and Billy does need Jake more than ever now."

"But she already left once," interjected Trinity. "Not again. No I won't go without my mother again."

"If I go then I would come back when the time is right," Leah explained. "What I did years ago was a mistake, but this idea is to protect the family. But this is not my decision."

"If I can use the time that I'm gone to find myself then I agree to go and not tell Grandfather," Gabe said. "And I just want only Leah to go with me."

"But why should you take my mother away? You always get what you want."

"I do not."

"Yes you do, I'm not going to allow you to take my mother away for undetermined amount of time, because you are threatening to tell Billy about what happened."

"It is not a threat, I will tell him because everyone in this family chooses to be liars."

"Enough!" Jake yelled making both of them jump. "Gabriel, you will not say anything to your Grandfather before he is ready to know. I don't want any of your explanations about how you would do it. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"As for the situation at hand, Leah take Gabe and let him find himself for the next year while we deal with Dad. Sarah, it is your responsibility to help guide your Grandfather through the newborn stage. When Dad is out of the stage, then we will tell him and it will be his decision if he wants to continue with this life or if he wants to end it."

I am proud of my husband for taking charge; however by the look in his eyes he doesn't like his decision. Nobody disagrees with Jake, not even Trinity. At the end of the meeting, we make our plans for the next coming year.