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"Why do your patients like you so much?"

"I give them candy."

I tried not to think of her like that today. It was after all only a year ago. Michael was a good man, a good husband. He was a friend. She is a friend. That was how he needed to think of her, especially today. She needed a friend.

I tried not to think of her like that today, but I had to wonder how many pieces of candy it would take to get her to like me. She is a friend so of course she likes me but not like that. This brings me back to why I shouldn't think of her that way. As for why today, because it was only a year ago and she needs a friend today. So I must leave the thought of how many pieces of candy it would take to another day.

I am tired and it has been a long day. Even longer for Christina I imagine. She once again comes into my mind as always. I tried to keep myself busy so as not to think about her, but she is impossible to avoid. I did succeed in not thinking of her like that as much as I usually do.

I should probably go home. It is late, how late I'm not sure. 12:03. I guess it is early the next day. This means I can think of her in that way. I am in the safety of my office and she is no longer in the hospital. So this brings me to the question I had earlier, yesterday, of candy. Because the simple fact is I would become Willy Wanka if that is what it takes. She is worth it.

She reminds me of my candies. She is hard, tough. Though not unbreakable, as was proved by Michael's death. Which I know every time I come across a broken piece I am disappointed, saddened even. When I see her broken, certainly saddens me. Yet no matter hard or tough they are still sweet and have the sole intention of bringing good to people. Sometimes being rather destructive in their quest to do so, as my dentist often reminds me. He claims I enjoy too much often not appreciating the risk of it. Yes, she is most certainly just like my candy. Always trying to do the right thing, no matter the consequences, and I enjoy her far too much. I have taken the hits more times than I should have, or more than a simple friend would. I have nearly lost my own job more than once, but as Christina likes to say, "Doctors don't get fired."

Maybe she is the reason I have such an affinity for candy. If I had a psychology degree I am sure I would tell myself that I am using the candy as a substitution for what I want but can't have. However, the difference I see between my candy and Christina, other than that I have one and not the other is that where I can have too much candy, I can't see myself ever having too much Christina. I can't imagine life without her. So I will keep her as a friend. Where I can't actually be Willy Wanka, I will have to continue to give her the candy I can produce in the forms of friendship, support, and of course, job protection.

I really should go home because I know she will give me a hard time if she knows I slept on my office couch, again and Christina Hawthorne is a force to be reckoned with.