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Songfic based on the song I need a hero, originally an Edward/Bella fic but I changed a few words in the lyrics to make it an Alice/Bella one.

Pairing: Alice/Bella


Bella has been subjected to verbal, physical and sexual abuse her whole life. She has never known what it was like to be truly loved. Looking out her window like any other night she sees a mysterious stranger, their eyes golden, their skin pale... Can the beautiful stranger save her?... Or will she have to take things into her own hands?


Where have all good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where's the street-wise Hercules
To fight the rising odds?

Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and turn and dream of what I need

Charlie quietly opened the door holding the baton from his police belt in his hands. Bella sat on her bed waiting for the pain that was forced on her every night.

"I see you have not made your bed again Bells" he said with a sickening smirk as he moved closer to the numb girl. "You know what happens when you don't make you bed" he said and before Bella could unscramble all the words in her head she felt the baton smashing down on her face as he Charlie pushed her onto her bed. "All I want is to be the father of a girl that does what she is told is that so much to ask?" He said hitting his daughter in between words.

When he had stopped, Bella heard him panting. With her eyes closed and tears running down her face she finally let out her breath when she heard the slam of her door. Bella didn't really feel the pain anymore, but she felt the pain of having no one to look after you, no one to help her. Her own dad did this to her, if the person who was supposed to protect her did this what chance did she have?

No, Bella knew the answer... there was no Hercules, no white knight. There wasn't anyone like that, no man like that at least. She moved over to her bed looking out the window she went to look out every night after this happened. She had no idea why she did this, maybe to see if anyone would see her face, bloody as it is, and save her. Only this time she saw a small girl staring back up at her instead of the usual darkness and emptiness.

The girl who Bella saw as utterly beautiful had skin as pale as hers, eyes that were a deep golden colour she could see from where she was standing, she had jet black hair arrayed in short spikes and the fragile human had no chance of breaking the eye contact between the pair, she was too mesmerised and too weak.

Alice looked at the girl above her intensely studying the fresh bruises covering her pale face, the blood running onto her lips and down her chin. The nerve of her own father to do this to do this to his own daughter, to the girl she cared about so much without reason to angered her. The vampire's vision had brought her here to help the girl she cared for so much without even knowing her. She already knew the humans name but she could of never predicted was the effect Bella could have on her, she felt nothing like it before, she had smelt nothing like this before, nothing could compare to that humans blood.

The normally in-control vampire felt her throat starting to burn with such a thirst she had to wrap her slender hands around her next to try and cool the burning down. She had never been this hungry, she had never thirsted for a humans blood as much as she did now. It scared her; she knew her eyes were as black as her hair was at this moment. Bella saw this too, though only a second of the golden pupils changing dramatically to black before the strange girl ran towards the trees in an almost unhuman speed.

Bella stood there motionless, she wanted that girl to come back, she stood there for at least a whole hour before sighing and giving up. She sat on the edge of her bed that was unmade as always, she didn't have the care anymore to make it each morning after Charlie came in, she couldn't care less anymore that Charlie hit her for not making it, regardless of if she did make it or not he would always find a reason to hit her.

Bella had left Renee and Phil after being repeatedly raped by her mum's new boyfriend every night. Once when she had finally mustered up enough courage she had told her mum, but Renee would rather be with her boyfriend then her own child she had taken care of for 17 years, and so Bella was sent to her fathers who lived in Forks, Bella hated it, the rain, the coldness she couldn't stand it even after being there for almost a year. One more thing she couldn't stand for the most part, the thing she only started to stand was the beatings, one of the reasons her mum had left Charlie in the first place.

Without bothering to pick her doona up of the ground the exhausted human laid her head against the pillow at the end of her bed slipping into a restless sleep. Instead of the usual nightmares she had, she saw that girl... that girl from earlier in her bedroom holding her hand, kissing her deeply. This kiss she dreamt was so full of passion the sleeping girl could actually feel it, she thought it was real. To her disappointment she woke up with a jolt and that girl was nowhere to be seen. Her hand instantly went to her temples that were throbbing. The headache had threatened to take over her, making it difficult to open her eyes and to even move but somehow despite the girls condition she managed.

It was Monday morning, 7 am but she would not be going to school. Charlie had made her drop out so it was easier to hide the abuse. She made it down into the kitchen but it wasn't without effort. The headache had gotten worse. She got out some paracetamol drinking almost a litre of water until she was satisfied sinking down onto the couch without having to fear her dad as he was at work. She turned on the TV but in no time she began to get agitated. She couldn't stand being in this old house she needed to get out if only for a few hours.

Bella found herself at the local supermarket, why she walked there she didn't have one clue, she didn't think about much these days. She didn't plan anything for one reason; there was nothing to plan, she wasn't allowed out, she wasn't allowed to call anyone she wasn't even supposed to watch TV. Alice found it hard to see the human, her human because of this. But she only met her a day ago, she was patient wasn't she? With protecting Bella she wasn't.

Bella didn't go into the shop instead going behind the supermarket relaxing against the wall, happy and was strangely having fun being somewhere else other than that house. But nearby unknown to her a few boys wanted to have some fun for themselves, the same boys that had tormented her during her brief time at Forks high, touching her, flirting with her and groping her. The group started walking towards the back of the shop to smoke stumbling on the way, but once they got there they found Bella bruised. It was a coincidence that they had found Bella the one day she left the house, and right after they drank alcohol, heaps of it. The boys whispered amongst themselves smiling.

"Hey baby! We haven't seen you for a while." Bella quickly whipped her head towards the boys instantly recognising who they were. Josh, David and peter. Shit she thought to herself quickly becoming tense. She could smell the stench of the alcohol from there. Looking away from the boys she started walking away quickly. Peter smirked to himself even if he was drunk, it didn't mean he couldn't run. He couldn't resist her. Sure Bella wasn't the most beautiful girl here but something about her made him want her. He grabbed her arm and threw her down onto the pavement.

"Where do you think you're going huh?" Peter smirked holding her down with his foot on Bella's chest. Bella thought she would be more worried, maybe at least a little but she wasn't worried one bit. She didn't care, she knew what they wanted, like what all men she knew wanted from her. She wasn't new to this kind of thing, men taking advantage of her.

She had never known what it was to be truly loved, the first 14 years of her life was being verbally abused by Charlie until her mum left him only to quickly hook up with a low class baseball player who started to rape the already troubled Bella until she was kicked out and sent back to Charlie, who now combined the verbal abuse with physical abuse. She didn't have any friends, that was nothing new, she had never had any friends.

So now she let them do what she wanted to her, feeling them on top of her, in her, groping her she just blocked it all out. David on the other hand was howling with excitement as he raped her, he wasn't new to this, none of the boys there were. This is what they did for fun. Bella grunted as they held her against the ground staying still not moving against it, not even when they got off her.

"Don't worry baby, we'll take you to meet a few of our other friends" Josh promised. Bella wasn't listening at all; she just stayed there against the pavement with her pants pulled down still blocking everything out not even feeling the boys drag her into a car.

Josh dragged the unresisting girl into an empty house, unknown to them it was the Cullen's house, a group of vampires that had recently moved out after only being there for a few months. Bella had never met them while she was in her house, and the boys only found it by chance, with all the possessions of the previous owners still in the house. They dragged her upstairs into a room, a room of which had a giant walk-in closet full of designer clothes...

The smell Bella smelt caused her to jolt violently in Josh's grip, it was a sweet smell, something she had never smelt before, like those eyes she saw the other day, how they changed so quickly she had never seen eyes like that before. Bella came to life thrashing violently in his grip until she was held down by 5 men, 2 of them were unknown by her, they looked older maybe around 25. But even though they were unknown by her, they knew her. And they knew why she was here. For their own fun. But their idea of fun was very different to Bella's.

They held her down once again and she turned her head away still thrashing. Her eyes led themselves onto a photo on a dresser, it was that girl, the beautiful girl Bella saw out her window, the dresser was covered with photos of her with other beautiful people, then her eyes moved across to the door while she felt them thrusting into her and sneering, she didn't worry about that, all she was thinking about was that girl. Her name was scrawled across the door in an elegant font. Alice's Room. "Alice" Bella breathed out smiling completely paying no attention to the men raping her not until they grabbed her face and forced it away from the pictures.

Bella didn't like this at all, without thinking she grabbed one of the naked guy's legs and brought her teeth snapping down onto his cock. Josh howled in pain the blood already spurting out of the bite. He couldn't control his anger through his panic; he reacted by bringing his fist down onto the bruised girls face over and over as he whimpered in pain. The others joined in as Bella fought back relentlessly but against 5 guys she had no chance.

She kept kicking over and over swinging her arms around as they all kicked her and punched her, Josh had a knife and he was going to get Bella back for what she did. He stabbed the knife down into her thigh persistently until her eyes closed and she went limp.

Alice had just came back from hunting when she smelt it, that girl Bella. She was close. She then had a vision of guys picking Bella up from her room. "Bella!" She called out her voice filled with urgency before she raced into her house. Bella opened her eyes hearing a shrill yell from someone; their voice was as beautiful as the pixie-like girl she had seen. Her eyes moved over to the door and she saw her, she couldn't believe her own eyes, how could she? "Alice..?" She questioned trying to get herself up without success.

Alice was in shock she felt her hands trembling. She was slightly startled her throat wasn't burning at all, all she felt was worry. "Oh god... Bella what did they do to you?" Alice whispered seeing Bella with her pants pulled down, her panties covered in blood, her face all bloody. The quick vampire rushed over to Bella pressing her hand up against Bella's bloody forehead. "It's okay Bella, It's okay" The vampire whispered easily picking the human who was much heavier than her up as if she was a feather. All Bella could do was smile, the pain subsiding while she was in Alice's cool arms, they were like ice to Bella but she didn't care, in fact she liked it.

Despite Alice asking her to, Bella didn't close her eyes she couldn't take her eyes off Alice. Alice didn't know it but she was Bella's saviour. Bella had fallen for her instantly, perhaps it was just how weak Bella was, how much she yearned for someone to help her and for someone like Alice to help her, the first person to genuinely care for her. Even throughout the pain and the trees whipping past; all Bella could focus on was Alice, the worry in her protectors eyes real.

Suddenly Alice stopped. "Bella sleep" she whispered pressing her lips against Bella's forehead. While one of the vampires hands ran through her long hair. "Please for me..." Alice whispered sounding distressed. Bella couldn't disobey this person right now, not Alice. She closed her eyes and muttered "I love you" much to the vampires surprise. Alice couldn't help smiling down at the girl after she said this before she started running towards the hospital again.

As Bella slept, twitching and squirming as nightmares took over her Alice stayed right next to her holding the girls hand. Bella was broken, in more than one way. Of all the years Alice had been here, she had never felt the love she had for Bella before. She had never seen a girl so dead inside either; she knew how careful she had to be with her. One wrong word would ruin everything. Alice smelt Bella's father, she growled softly. Bella had been here for 2 days resting and only now he came. Alice wanted to rip his throat out which she could have done so easily but she had no intention of leaving Bella's side, she even ate a sandwich though it made the vampire sick, a nurse had offered to her after seeing her not eat for a day.

She allowed the father to come up next to her but she closed her eyes struggling to keep her emotions in check. "Well, well... who are you?" he asked with a smile.

"Alice." The vampire replied hastily wanting him to leave this instant. Charlie looked down at the girl whose name he had found out to be Alice gripping his daughters hand tightly this made him curious about the pair's relationship.

"So what do you have to do with my daughter?" he asked knowing despite her answer Bella would still get punished once she got home. He already started planning it. Alice had already seen what he was planning, seeing Bella once again beaten despite her injuries. She already knew all of Bella's injuries, new and old.

"I'm her friend" the vampire whispered turning her head away from the man and onto Bella's face.

Alice's father, a friend of Charlies and the doctor once again at Forks after leaving only a few weeks ago walked in. He was startled seeing his adopted daughter there but he didn't show it. He knew Alice didn't do this, maybe if Edward was sitting next to the patient he could have but not Alice.

"Hello Charlie, Alice" He greeted them looking over the clipboard on Bella's condition in his hands. He wasn't pleased.

"Isabella is going to be fine, the stab wounds in her leg aren't infected and her ribs will heal. She just needs a lot of rest. And the police will investigate the rape," He said with a smile and Charlie smiled knowing he could take care of the rape allegations at the police station. He opened his mouth to speak but the doctor cut him off "But according to the x-rays she has suffered extensive injuries over a long period of time, perhaps maybe around a year. That is when she came to Forks isn't it?" the doctor asked suddenly sounding as if he was interrogating Charlie.

"She has had too many fractures and broken bones to count. Each one of her ribs have been fractured at least once, her collar bone looks as it has been shattered on an occasion. Dislocated shoulders.... and I could keep going on but I'd rather hear what you have to say chief." He said his tone not caring for once.

Charlie began to panic and both Carlisle the doctor and Alice could hear his heart rate increasing, the beads of sweat on his face, his lip trembling. "It musta' been those boys... yes! The boys that bothered Bella in school causing her to drop out. I should have done something, look what they did to my poor Bella. I always heard loud music, rock music which she never listened to play in her room but I was too lazy to go check. I... I did this to her, I let them do this" Charlie stuttered covering his face with his hands. Both Carlisle and Alice saw through his lies.

"I'm still required to send a report to child services just in case" Carlisle said looking over at Alice and nodding. Alice went blank and into a vision.

Charlie was on the phone smirking "Yeah billy, its Charlie. A favour, there is going to be a file sent to you about Bella, just mark me as safe or whatever and file it for me"

"Thanks I owe you one" Charlie said before hanging up and walking up the stairs in his home with a little smile on his face and his hand on his police belt walking into Bella's room where she sat on the edge of the bed.

Alice couldn't take it, she couldn't let that pig hurt Bella. She grabbed Charlie and threw him onto the ground not leaving Bella's side for one second. "Stay away from Bella!" She said in a threatening manner.

Charlie was shocked. "You just assaulted a police officer" he said putting his hand on his belt.
"And you have assaulted Bella for nearly a year!" Alice said looking directly at him, her voice raised. "I know everything, and I can prove it. Just leave her alone!"

"Your concern for my daughter is unneeded I will make sure those boys won't hurt her again and make sure you don't go near my daughter again" Charlie said with a frown picking himself up.

"You can't control her forever" Alice whispered turning her gaze back to the sleeping girl stroking the girl's cheek with her cool hand. She would keep Bella safe no matter what it took.

"Carlisle get your daughter away from her" Charlie ordered but Alice didn't budge. "Alice" Carlisle whispered, "it's okay I'll be here" Carlisle reassured his daughter.

"No, I don't want you or any member of your family near her" Charlie growled and Bella heard it. Her eyes opened and she immediately saw Alice staring right back at her stroking the sleepy girl's cheek with her hand. "Alice..." Bella sighed in relief before Charlie came in her line of sight. Her breathing halted and she flinched closing her eyes.

"Alice, you heard Charlie we have to leave" Carlisle whispered dreading having to leave Bella alone with her father. Alice didn't listen "shhh Bella, it's okay I won't let anyone hurt you... again" she said soothingly. Charlie had to get her away from his daughter. He grabbed hold of Alice's shirt and pulled her out of the chair and away from Bella's grip.

"Get out!" he yelled causing Bella to whimper and flinch again.

"Alice, it's alright come on" Carlisle whispered. "Please let go of my daughter chief" he said politely glaring at Charlie until his grip loosened and Alice stepped away from him looking back at Bella. "It's okay Bella, don't worry I won't let anything happen to you" Alice said seeing Bella open her eyes to look at her before the vampire followed her father out the door.

Alice stood against the door listening to every word Charlie said. Being a vampire gave her much better hearing than humans.

"Bella, you better not tell anyone what happened" Charlie whispered to Bella. "If I find out you did there will be trouble, you won't be pretty anymore" he threatened.

"You deserved to be raped and beaten by those boys" Charlie laughed. All Bella could think of was that she wasn't pretty at all. She allowed her father to threaten her without interrupting him or else she would be slapped, she knew that. She believed Alice when she said she wouldn't let anything happen to her, but she knew Alice wasn't able to keep her safe every minute of the day

Alice heard every word and she couldn't help the growls erupting from her mouth, a few of them startling the nurses that walked past her.

"You're getting discharged and coming home with me now" Charlie said grabbing Bella's wrist and yanking her onto the floor where Bella crashed onto her shoulder yelping in pain. Alice winced knowing she wasn't able to go back in. She saw Charlie pulling Bella out the door and to the receptionist signing her out. Bella kept her gaze on Alice and saw her mouth the words it's okay. Bella shook her head whispering "I need you" although barely audible Alice heard it and the look on Bella's face broke her un-beating heart as she was pulled away out the hospital door as Alice sat there.

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